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Old 06-14-2018, 03:28 AM
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Oh I so agree, Marie and Paulina

Of all the things that could be at the core of the rift between Bellamy and Octavia, the writers chose to make this about his relationship with Echo (or at least put that in the foreground)?

I do share your frustration with Miller. Miller seems to get away with behavior looked down upon if Murphy does the same. Miller is looking out for himself, always backing whoever is in charge at whatever given time in the story. Yet he never faces the same flak for it. Why?

His comment to Jackson, that he loves him bc he is a healer not a fighter comes to mind. Has Miller actually stood up against TPTB to fight for his convictions?

He did back Kane in the revolution against Pike though...

But he also backed the Jahaha/ Clarke coalition in s04.

Aaaagh, there really are no good guys

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Old 06-14-2018, 06:43 AM
It just makes sense.

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We need a new thread. Could whomever starts bring some of these last posts over?

Glad you’re caught up, Paulina.

Originally Posted by Karma Police (View Post)
Yeah, of all the things they could be fighting about, it's his relationship with Echo. I feel like the writers decided to have Becho just to create conflict between the Blakes as if there was nothing else that could be used, like Octavia becoming a cult leader.
There are so many more important things for them to be fighting about, so I really hope it morphs as the season goes on and we get more of them addressing their own issues, which are far more interesting.

I like that Octavia mentioned Gina and that Echo almost kileld her. The show kind of glossed over that, when they decided to put Becho together. Six years have passed but I find it hard to believe Bellamy would want to be in a relationship with somebody who almost killed his sister. And the cage line was just odd and kind of revisionist history.
Yes! I’m not having problems adjusting to this Bellamy the way some people are, but the only adjustment that still troubles me a bit is this one. And revisionist history is a great way to describe the cage line. There was nothing romantic about anything that happened between them after that.

Anybody else have a problem with Miller? He's always following whoever is in charge, loyal to the person giving the orders not his people/friends. Same thing happened last season.
Sadly . . . yes. I’m not enjoying Miller much this season because he’s just been a loyal Wonkru member. I want to see him break out of that mentality. He showed in season 3 that he isn’t the type to just blindly follow whomever is in charge. I want to see that Miller again.
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Old 06-14-2018, 09:34 AM
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