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Alexa 12-24-2017 02:50 PM

❊ ❊ ❊ Secret Santa 2017 ❊ ❊ ❊ | Fa la la la la la la la la. . . .
S e c r e t S a n t a
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for participating in this years secret santa!
Remember to be gracious and thankful for whatever you receive.
This is about the t h o u g h t and effort that someone put into your gift.

Enjoy! And remember...

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Alexa 12-24-2017 02:56 PM



Dearest Kate...

Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa!

A tasty haiku, just for you...

A personalized message from Bellamy Blake, from 6 zillion years in the future:

I don't know them but here you go:

A special Christmas wallpaper:
Full size

Did someone say icons? Ho ho ho

Thank you for joining our board and for all the posting you do, you start great discussions and you are super enthusiastic about survivors. Can't wait to see what you have to say when the show is back on the air! Here's to a great 2018.

Hope you have a merry Christmas!

Alexa 12-24-2017 02:59 PM


Enjoy the arts I made and the modern AU drabbles I wrote for you!


A carefree Bellamy and Clarke relax in front of a warm fireplace,
She lounges back against his chest; his arms loosely drape over her.
Both of them sip hot cocoa, admiring their beautifully decorated
golden Christmas tree and laughing when Bellamy makes a dirty joke
about how Clarke can be his "ho ho ho" for Christmas if she wants to.


Bellamy Blake is the best dad ever, so he decides to dress up
as Santa to surprise his daughter on Christmas Eve. He even
goes so far as to stuff pillows underneath the jacket to give
himself a belly. Unfortunately, his daughter is scared, cries,
and he has to take the suit off to calm her down. However,
later that evening when their daughter is fast asleep, Clarke
dresses up as Mrs. Claus and tells him to put his suit back on.


Clarke is determined to cook a turkey for Christmas dinner,
even though it's just her and Bellamy eating it. Bellamy
knows his girlfriend can't cook and fully anticipates that it
will be a disaster, so he buys a backup turkey. When the
turkey Clarke has in the oven is blackened beyond the point
of no return, Bellamy tells her they'll have turkey tomorrow
instead. And this time, he'll do all the cooking for her.


Enjoying the perks of being a college student on winter break,
Bellamy and Clarke splurge and go to a Mumford & Sons concert.
Bellamy pretends to know the words to every song while Clarke
actually does know them. She watches the band, but he just
watches her, smiling, perfectly content. When they get home,
he takes out his guitar, sits down in the living room with her,
and plays Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" while she sings along.


Christmas has passed, but it's not yet New Year's, so Clarke doesn't
know what to think when she arrives home from a long day of work
to see a full spaghetti dinner on her kitchen table. When she asks
Bellamy what the special occasion is, he tells her he just wanted
to surprise her. Halfway through the dinner, he reaches down into
his pocket and pulls out a small box. And that's the real surprise.


After the dog Clarke insisted they get chews up all of his favorite
books, Bellamy is devastated. Luckily, Clarke comes to the rescue
at Christmastime when she buys him the complete collection of
Harry Potter books. She's never understood the appeal of the
series, but when Bellamy insists that she read the first chapter,
she gets hooked. The next morning, expecting to wake up and
find his girlfriend cozying up next to him on their day off, Bellamy
is shocked to walk out into the living room and see her sitting by
the fireplace, a glass of wine in her hand, an open book in her lap.


This year, Clarke is determined to have the best Christmas lights
in the neighborhood, so she sketches out a plan and tasks Bellamy
with putting them all up. Even though he falls off the ladder a few
times, nothing serious is broken, and he brings her vision to life.
Every neighbor is insanely jealous, and Clarke just loves that.


New Year's might mean a midnight countdown for some, but for Bellamy,
it means one thing and one thing only: a chance to see Notre Dame,
the Fighting Irish, play in a game that could advance them to the college
football championship. Come game time, he and Clarke settle in on the couch,
both of them still in their pajamas, and watch his favorite team demolish
the competition. Bellamy couldn't be happier. Perfect game, and even though
Clarke doesn't know much about football, she's the perfect girl to watch with.

Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season, Sonja!
I have so enjoyed having you around the board this year.
I could not ask for a nicer, more positive person to post with.

Thank you for all that you bring to our fandom and this board.
You are an integral member of the FanForum 100 family now, and we
are so very lucky to have you. Wishing you the best in 2017!

Alexa 12-24-2017 03:01 PM



Since you said your favorite color is green, you are getting all the green, my girl :D
I made you some goodies :D
Click on the 2 banners to go to a bigger version, they're made to fit a 1920*1280 screen.
They can be resized for you if needed :hug:

I hope you're liking your gifts! :)
Happy Holidays dear Paulina!

Alexa 12-24-2017 03:06 PM



Enjoy an Advent Calendar on me! Goodies for each day. :)
(Click HERE to be taken to the Calendar)


(A pm with a link to the certificate will arive once you have guessed correctly. ;))

Your SS

Alexa 12-24-2017 03:14 PM





"We know what you're doing."

"Well congrats then, your eyes work." Bellamy said as he gestured to the obvious sight of tools on the table.

"Yes. I mean no. I mean, we know what you're up to with Clarke Griffin."

With a sigh, Bellamy placed his things on the table and turned to completely face the two teenagers. "And?"

"And we'd like to help you," the Asian boy said.

At that Bellamy crossed his arms. "I don't need any help."

"Really? I didn't realize that Clarke threatening to tear you limb from limb earlier actually meant she'd love to go out with you."

"Fine, say I do need help. What's in it for you two?"

"My friend Monty here, has a thing-" "I'm in love with her." he interjected. "-For Clarke's cousin Harper."

"In love huh? Right."

It was clear then to Monty and Jasper that Bellamy Blake was just as cynical about feelings as Clarke.

"You do know that Finn Collins only wants to screw Harper right? He doesn't actually care about her at all." Jasper pointed out. "While Monty here would be thrilled to walk down the hall holding her hand."

That earned them both a raised eyebrow.

"I know her favorite everything. Color, food, school subject. You name it, I know it."

Bellamy narrowed his eyes at the two boys. "Does Harper even know you exist?"


Skeptical, Bellamy moved his glaze to the lanky white boy. "Monty's her French tutor, so yeah, she knows. "

"We can help you win Clarke over. And when we do, you'll get Monty the date instead of douche-bag Collins."

Bellamy seemed to think about something for a minute.

"French tutor huh?"

"Uh yeah, why?"

"My sister, she's a freshman, and practically failing French. It's the one class I can't-"

Before he could finish his sentence Monty blurted out, "I'll help her get an A!"

"You help me get the Princess, and my sister an A, I'll get you that date. Deal?"



He wasn't used to wearing suits, but he figured he could stand to wear this one for the next hour or so. At least Octavia hadn't cinched the tie so tight that he couldn't breathe. He had the car cleaned and the CD secured in the player for later. Now he just needed the flowers and he was ready to make this fantasy of Clarke's come true.

Luckily, there was a florist shop only a few blocks away. They weren't busy so he was able to grab a bouquet of red roses and get back on the road in a matter of minutes.

Once he was just a few streets away from Clarke's apartment building, he hit play on the opera music CD Clarke had given him for just this occasion. He ignored the weird looks from the other drivers. What they thought didn't matter, it was Clarke's happiness that he was concerned with.

Bellamy didn't have a sunroof in his car like the limo had in the movie so he simply parked and got out. Looking up at the building, he spotted a familiar blonde head sticking out of a window from high above.

"Bellamy!" She called out.

"Of course the princess lives in the top floor apartment!" he joked.

"Bellamy, come on, it's not like it's a high-rise!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming," he grumbled as he headed towards the fire escape. He maneuvered his way up, the stems of the roses between his teeth. Clarke eagerly pulled her hair out of it's tie and moved down onto the top level of the fire escape. As soon as he reached her, Clarke took the roses from his mouth with one hand and grabbed onto his jacket with the other.

"The roses are beautiful Bell."

"Not as beautiful as you."

"Oh so now you're okay with being cheesy?"

Instead of answering, he pulled her into a kiss. Soon her arms were wrapped around his neck, as she hungrily returned his affections. Unfortunately, the need to breathe to caused them to pull away.

"So what happens after I climb up to 'rescue you'?" Bellamy asked.

"Well this is 2017, so I rescue you right back by pulling you off that old fire escape before it collapses under you and inside for dinner and desert."

"What's for dinner?"

"The pizza should be here any minute. "As for dessert, well...." she dragged her fingers done his chest. "You indulged my Pretty Woman fantasy and you even wore a tie...."


"And what, if you don't know the answer, they can just kick you out of class?!"

"Ah, you have Professor Indra Woods then."

Clarke nodded. "What did she do to you?"

"Made me cry." he freely admitted. "Not in class though. I waited til I got back to my dorm."

"Oh great." She sat back against the bench. "Are all the professors this bad?"

"Depends. Who else you have?"

"I have Wallace, Jaha, and Sinclair. "

"Speak up in Wallace's class. He likes hearing opinions. Might not want to sit up front in Jaha's class. He tends to spit when he gets going. And Sinclair, always read the notes. He tends to use that stuff for his tests."

"Thank you." She smiled. He smiled back.


Clarke angrily wiped at the tears rolling down her face. She didn't want anyone to see her like this. She was almost out of the building when of course she had to run into Bellamy.

The smile on his face dropped at the sight of her tear-stained face. "Clarke, what happened?!"

"I"m quitting!" She moved toward the doors but he blocked her.

"Quitting? Why?"

"Law school, Finn, taking this internship, everything was just a mistake."

"What are you talking about? You earned this job Clarke."

"No Bellamy, I didn't! Wallace just hit on me! So the only reason he gave me this internship is because of my body."

"He did what?!" Now Bellamy was getting angry.

"So I'm leaving. I'll just go home and back to design school. I'm sick of trying to be something that I so clearly am not."

"What about trying to be who you are Clarke?" he argued. "Forgot about Wallace! You can do this, all of it. Law school, this internship. Stay! Prove Wallace and anyone else who thinks your just a pretty face wrong!"


"I said you're fired Wallace!" Harper yelled. "I have a new lawyer."

In a case of excellent timing, Clarke walked in right then.

"Clarke's your new lawyer?" he exclaimed incredulous. "But she can't be. She doesn't have a law degree."

"She doesn't need one," Monty Green pipped up from where he sat behind them all. "Just needs a practicing attorney to assist."

"Good luck with that. I won't do it."

"I'll do it!" Bellamy volunteered.

"Do it and you're fired," Wallace issued.

"Well then I quit!"

Angrily, Wallace stalked out of the court-room.

Clarke, with no actual help from Bellamy, went onto win the case.

A lot happened in those remaining two years. Clarke, Emori, and Raven became the best of friends. Finn, no longer having Raven or his friends to help him, dropped out of Harvard after another semester. Bellamy found a prestigious law firm to work at and was doing well there. Clarke had a job interview scheduled for the following week.

She would be going into that interview sported a gorgeous princess cut ring on her left hand.


"Mom's never even dated anyone," Madi informed her twin. "What about Dad?"

"Nope. He says Aunt Octavia and Harper, that's our housekeeper but she's really more like our family friend who lives in our house, are all the women he needs."

It was then that Julia noticed the time. "It's 3AM Madi! We really should get to bed."

Madi agreed so they settled down on their bed. But while Julia was able to drift to sleep, Madi lay there wide awake for an hour hour before.....

"I have the best idea ever!" Madi exclaimed as she sat up in the bed and reached for the lap on her nightstand.

"No....light.....too bright....early."

With a huff, Madi ripped the covers back the other side of the bed. "Julia, this is important!"

"This had better be good!" She sat up, crossing both her arms and her legs as she turned to face her sister.

"Oh it is. You want to know what Mom's like right? And I'm dying to meet Dad!"


"Let's switch places! When camp's over, you'll go back to Mom as me while Dad will meet me at the airport."

"Mom will know I'm not you as soon as I have to ask where my room is." Julia quickly pointed out.

At that Madi seemed to deflate. "Good point."

"Unless....." "Unless what?"

"We'll teach each other to be each other!"

And so it began.....


It began with:
"I just wanted the truth to come out." "It was lies on top of lies on top of lies to bury the truth. " "You do what you have to do for family." "I mean, this was the President's sister-" "If you're asking if I'd had it to do over again, would I still help Bellamy? The answer is yes."

Cut to:
"She was a young, wild-child imprisoned for a horrible murder and he was the brother desperate to prove her innocent or get her out by any means." Lester Holt started narrating. "This is Prison Break on Dateline."

"Bellamy, it's coming on!" "Hey, it's showtime man." "Someone turn the volume up!" Jasper complained amid all the calling. "Get in here Blake!" "Bell?!" "Where is he?!"

"I'll go find him," Dr. Clarke Griffin said as she gave up her seat on the couch to go look for her husband. She easily found him sitting on the edge of their bed. She stood there in the doorway watching him for a few seconds. He sat up, his arms down by his side and hands curled into fists around the bedspread.

"Bellamy, honey, what's up? Everyone's here to watch the show tonight."

He didn't seem to hear her. "Bell?" she raised her voice this time.

He looked up at that. "Oh, uh, yeah, right. I'll, I'll be right there."

Clarke shut the door behind her as she moved into the room to sit beside him, knocking her shoulder against his on purpose.
"What's up hubby?"

"Hubby?" He gave her his famous side eye and smirk. " I thought that might make you smile."

Uncurling a fist from the bedspread, he reached out to take her hand in his. They remained silent and still but that was just fine. For so long, they had been unable to be still. Stillness was something they both were beginning to grow use to once more.

"I don't want to watch it." His voice was so low, she almost didn't hear him whisper the words.

"Okay. Why?"

"I don't need to watch something I lived through." He dropped her hand, got up, and started pacing. Pacing like she had seen him do several times over the course of their time on the run. "Going through Hell once is enough."

" True, but then why did you agree to be on it?" Clarke asked.

"Because Octavia, Jasper, you, everyone, wanted to do it!" He hollered as he turned to face her.

She rose to her feet. "Hey, don't yell at me! We could have done the damn show without you but you said you'd do it."

"Well I shouldn't have!"

"Clearly!" Clarke paused for a moment. She knew from previous times that yelling at each other would get them nowhere. So instead of continuing this fight, she simply said, "Bellamy, after everything that happened, everything you experienced, you don't have to do anything that you don't want to. I will never make you do anything you don't want to! If you don't want to watch it, you don't have to. We can go for a drive or to get some Vanilla Ice Cream." He made a face at that. "Or stay right here and have crazy, hot sex. Really it's your choice." she half-joked.


"Always, you know that."

"I'm pretty exhausted. Can we just sleep? We can have that crazy, hot sex tomorrow night. Promise."

She smiled softly. "Sure Bellamy, sure."

Sometime later when Jasper had been ordered by Octavia to check on them, he finds his former cell mate asleep, one tattooed arm sticking out around his favorite prison doctor's waist. She too is asleep.

Jasper just shuts the door and goes back to the living room.

How it ends:
"So now that's it's over, the truth is out, and you've got your freedom, what are you going to do?" The reporter asked.

"Suffice to say, he's getting more than just a world's best brother mug for his birthday," Octavia's voice came out of the TV as the special episode of Dateline started to come to an end.


"So I’m following the map that leads to you
The map that leads to you
Ain't nothing I can do
The map that leads to you
Following, following, following to you"

When her boyfriend said he had a special plan for their anniversary, this was not at all what high school art teacher Clarke Griffin had imagined. The 'this' in question, began with a hand-drawn map. So far the map had lead her to Polis High School, the 50's style dinner they traded in the fancy restaurant for on their first date, and then to the museum where she'd help him chaperone his students over a year ago. Now it had sent her to Ark Park, the city's local camp ground. Clarke and Bellamy had been there a few times over the year they'd been dating.

"So this is probably going to sound strange, but my boyfriend gave me this map and after this wild goose of clues, it lead me here," Clarke explained to the first camp employee she found.

"You must be Clarke." the kind, older gentleman said. "Bellamy told me everything. He gave me this final map to give to you."

"Final one, good. Thanks."

The last diagram lead her to a loft complex, where she happily found Bellamy waiting.

"Hey Princess," he greeted her with a nervous smile.

"Bell, what are we doing here?"

He ignored the question for a minute. "Did you enjoy your walk down memory lane?"

"It was definitely an interesting way to spend the afternoon."

"You know what all these places have in common? They all feel like home to me. Or they could. Do you remember what you said when we first saw this loft? You said the view from the balcony is incredible and then you launched into this whole spiel about how you could imagine me cooking in that kitchen and how perfect the lighting would be for your drawing, etc. I realized then that all those things you were describing, I want them. But I only want them with you."

He paused, looking at her face to see if she knew where he was going with this.

"I want to wake up with your hair on my pillow and fall asleep with you in my arms. I want us to go home after a long day together. I want to grade papers at our table and share our bathroom. I want you with a drawing pad in hand on our couch. I want-"

"Yes!" Clarke practically hurled herself at him, pressing her lips against his in a passionate kiss.

Breaking the kiss to breathe, she rested her forehead against his. "I love you Bellamy."

He smiled. "I love you too."


"It's dark in a cold December, but I've got you to keep me warm."

Bellamy quickly shut the door behind him before turning to take off his jacket, boots, and gloves.

"Have something to say to me?" Clarke stood there against the wall with her arms crossed, an expected look on her face.

"You were right."


"About all the snow. Happy now Princess?"

A smile. "Thank you. Now come on!" She grabbed his hand and practically dragged him into the large living room.

"What is this?" He asked. There in front of him on the floor was piles of blankets and pillows. A rather large stack of DVDs sat in the middle of the table as well as some board games along with various size bags of different chips and other junk foods. His old copy of The Odyssey graced the edge.

"This is me trying to spend some quality time with my boyfriend. I know we've both been busy with work and stuff lately so we haven't had any real time together recently. And yes, seeing each other first in the morning and sleeping in the bed together doesn't count Bellamy! I feel like we've hardly seen each other lately. And with all the snow, I just thought-"

"We'd have ourselves a lazy snow day like we did when we were kids."

"Well, yeah."

"Clarke, that sounds perfect." He pulled her in close for a quick kiss. "So what's first, movie or game?"


Eventually the snow stopped falling and they grew tired of watching movies so they ventured outside. A snow ball fight gave way to building their own Frosty, complete with a scarf, a hat, mittens, buttons for eyes, and a carrot for a nose. Afterwards, they took a shower together ("I'm freezing Bell!" "Let me warm you up!") and baked a freezer pizza for dinner.

Later when the falling snow made a comeback, causing the power to go out, they curled up together in front of the roaring fireplace, happy and content. Bellamy read from his book, firelight helping him to see the words and the sheer bliss on his girlfriend's face. It would be the memory of days like these that would get them through the biggest fights and hardest times they would soon face.


Starting on their first Christmas together, Bellamy Blake surprised his girlfriend Clarke with a new personal Christmas ornament. The first one was a ornament of Mrs. Claus knitting. The sight of it had launched Clarke into explaining how they'd first met in the yard aisle at an arts and craft store.

The second year it was a Smurf, a painter smurf to be exact. (It was the closest to an artist ornament they had, he'd explained. "I do love blue," had been her reply.

The third Christmas she received a cute reindeer dressed in Lakers's gear. There was also tickets for them to go to a Lakers's game along with a Lakers's sweatshirt. They enjoyed the game even though the Lakers's lost.

Last year it was an ornament of The Wizard of Oz that once the cord was pulled, it would play "Somewhere over the Rainbow." That one made Clarke and Abby both tear-up a bit, as they remembered going to old showings of that classic movie with Abby's Mother who had passed away a few months before.

But this year, this year the ornament was going to be the most important one of them all. The day after their tree went up, Bellamy added a plastic ornament balled filled with red and green M&Ms to one side of the tree. Clarke was under strict orders not to touch it. Until now.

Picking it off the tree branch, he nervously handed it over. "Dump out the M&Ms," he explained.

Opening the top of the ornament, Clarke poured the candies into her palm, freezing when she saw the diamond ring laying there.


Bellamy took the ring from her and got down on one knee. "Clarke, we don't go three days without a fight or an insult. You're the first to point out my mistakes. I woke up this morning with your hair in my mouth, the cap open on the toothpaste, and your hair in the shower drain, yet again. But I'm good with all of that, because it means you're here with me. I want you with me always. I love you more than anything else. Will you marry me?"

She nodded furiously. "Yes! Yes! "Yes!" "Yes!"


"I need you to distract me." Clarke blurted out as soon as they were in the passenger car. "Just like talk to me the whole time or something."


"Because I want to get to know you?" she asked.

He seemed amused. "Are you asking me to get to know me Clarke?"

"Yes?" She then made the mistake at looking down. Quickly she put both hands onto the bar and shut her eyes. They weren't even off the ground yet and already she knew this wasn't going to end well for her.

"Clarke, hey, are you okay?" Bellamy asked, concerned.

The two had met about an hour before when Clarke, who had been unwilling dragged to the amusement park by her best friend Raven and her boyfriend, had run into Bellamy. It turned out that Murphy and Bellamy knew each other from working at the same bar a few months beforehand. Bellamy, having been ditched by his sister and her boyfriend, decided to hang out with the three of them. Raven had the so-called brilliant idea of riding the Ferris wheel.

"Okay, so I might have failed to mention that I'm afraid of heights and don't really enjoy amusement parks."

"Then why did you come here? Or get on this ride?" Bellamy questioned.

"Raven thought she could force me into getting over my fear by making me ride all these rides. Clearly, it's not working!"

"Here," he gentled grabbed her arm and guided her backwards against the seat.

"Thank you."

"Welcome. So what do you want to know?"

"Tell me about your sister or why you're not a bartender anymore. List your favorite everything. Just something!"

As the wheel slowly moved, Bellamy launched into a funny story involving Murphy, whip-cream, cherry soda, and a drunk bachelorette party. Everything was going along well until the wheel came to a screeching halt.....right as they reached the very top.

As Clarke tried hard not to start to panic, Bellamy decided to do the only real he could think to do.

He kissed her.

Clarke paused for nothing more than a second before kissing him back.


Their daughter is nine and finally tall enough when she rides that Ferris wheel for the first time. Clarke is safe on the ground with her little brother.


"I don’t believe in an afterlife," he confessed to a priest in lifetime number thirty-seven. Five days later he was hit by a car.

"I still fully expect to see him again," she'd explained to her father in lifetime number eleven, just days before cancer took her from her soulmate at the age of seventeen.

Ages, names, stations in life, way of death, always changed. Their sometimes animosity, constant friendship, partnership, devotion to each other, that always remained. So does the way their hands fit together like they were pieces of a puzzle, the comforting nature of even the slightest of caresses, the way they always seemed to keep their balance with only each other. Whole conversations can be had without a word spoken. This is the constant way of soulmates.

Lifetime number twenty-eight lasted the longest, a grand total of short four years. Lifetime number ten lasts the shortest time frame of three months before he loses her. They've been doctors, teachers, soldiers, children, lawyers, royalty.

And above all: The most permanent and stable piece each other could even have.

This lifetime:
Her name is Clarke, she has blue eyes and blonde hair. She's an artist in what little free time she gets and a leader for her people always. He has deep, dark, brown eyes and a dusting of freckles across his skin. Bellamy, he's called this time. He's spent most of this lifetime playing keeper of a sister. He's good with a gun unlike his former self.

The first time her hand found it's way to his, she thought about how completely they fit together. It was a quick, fleeting thought that went as quickly as it came. After all, they had lives to protect and this was not the time to dwell on such things.

Her hand, painted with dried blood and dirt, was unsteady as it reached for his. His fingers easily slid down her fingers, curving over the side of her palm to tightly hold her still.

There's such serious shared history with them now. Her head wrote ninety-eight names on the page, her heart added his after. Her refusal to do the same for herself drove him to the pen and paper. A hand on the shoulder in solidity with a hand over it out of gratitude came after.


"Hey Mr. Griffin, I wanted to talk to you about, no that's not right-Mr. Griffin, I love your daughter with all-Is it okay if I ask-I want to-," Bellamy mumbled under his breath as he walked from his car up to the door of 520 Hazel Avenue. Stopping at the door, he wiped his palms against his pants a few times and took a deep breath before knocking. Soon the door opened to reveal one Jake Griffin, head engineer at Ark Technology and the father of Bellamy's girlfriend of almost four years, Clarke. The older man instantly smiled at the sight of him.

"Bellamy, hi. This is a nice surprise. Come in, come in," he greeted him while motioning the younger man inside. "So what brings you by?"

"Hi Mr. Griffin." Another deep breath in. "I need to talk to you about something. It's important."

Jake eyed him. "Let's go into the living room and chat."

Once in the living room, the two men sat down, Bellamy on the couch while Jake settled down across from him in his old, favorite chair.

"So what's on your mind Bellamy?"

"I love Clarke sir. She makes me happy even when she's driving me crazy, which happens a lot. The past three years have been the happiest years of my life and I think Clarke would say the same. So with your blessing, I'd like to ask Clarke to marry me."

Jake sat there, looking at Bellamy for a minute before wordless getting to his feet and leaving the room. "Be right back!" he shouted over his shoulder as he headed for the stairs.

Bellamy just stayed there for a few minutes, nervously playing with his sleeves and then the pillows on the couch.

"Found it!" Came a shout from the stairs as Jake headed back down to his daughter's would be fiancé.


"My Mother's engagement ring," Jake corrected as he joined Bellamy on the couch. He held up the ring in question for the darker-haired man to see.

"It's beautiful Mr. Griffin." And it truly was. It was a heart shaped gem stone on a silver band that little stones running the length of the band.

"My Father found this ring while he was overseas during World War II," he started to explain. "He always said that when he saw it, he was reminded that he had so much to return home to. He kept it with him throughout the war and as soon as he saw my mother, he proposed on the spot. My parents passed away a few months before Clarke was born but they both made it clear that they wanted me to pass this ring onto my son someday. Well I never had a son," He looked at Bellamy, "Until now."

"Mr. Griffin, are you sure? I mean, about the ring, it's a family heirloom!"

"Clarke liked to play dress up as a child. This ring was one of many pieces of jewelry that she'd wind up putting on. And while she's stopped playing dress up, she's never stopped loving this ring or it's story. It seems only fitting that she get to wear it for good now."

"Thank you Mr. Griffin, you really have no idea how much this means to me, to Clarke."

"We're going to be family Bellamy, so I think it's time you called me Jake."

Bellamy smiled. "Jake, thank you."

"So when are you popping the question?"

"Our anniversary's coming up. I thought I'd ask her then."

"Fancy restaurant?"

"No, actually I was thinking...."


Three weeks later, Clarke called bursting with excitement and gratitude. Many years later, she would pass that ring onto her own grandson.


Bellamy knew at an early age that Clarke could not cook. It discovered this the hard way with their mutual favorite food, Mac & Cheese. That first attempt, at age 10, lead to a trip to the hospital for them both.

She tried many times over the years. There were burned boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese, noodles that never actually made it into the cheese sauce, baked to a crisp oven versions.

Bellamy's ability to cook was a point of contention at age seventeen.

But then at age twenty-three, Clarke signed herself up for a cooking class. While her ability to bake was still an issue afterwards, her cooking stills vastly improved.

Which bought the two to the present day age of twenty-eight, where Clarke decided that her special way to giving Bellamy life changing news was with making homemade Mac & Cheese with baby elbow macaroni.

Unfortunately, for her, it didn't figure it out on his own. But he was thrilled by the news of their impending parenthood.

In a terrible case of irony, Clarke found Mac & Cheese disgusting during pregnancy.

Bonus Videos: Here below is some videos of your favorites :)

Alexa 12-24-2017 03:18 PM



My dear Paula. I was initially fearful of what kind of gift I would send to my person. I’m not the artistic type here. ;) I was so h a p p y to learn that it was you and the task became very easy to concur. I know my girl. :D I hope that you enjoy the Linctavia shirt in good health. Anyway, it’s been an absolute p l e a s u r e getting to know you over the last year. I’ve come to learn what a kind, wonderful caring person that you are. This place wouldn’t be the same without you. Our opinions may not always match in this crazy world of television but we’re respectful of each other’s differences with humor and warmth. I look forward to many more great conversations with you. I hope to see our f r i e n d s h i p proposer through the crazy landscape of the 100 as we continue to navigate the boards. Enjoy the shirt!
May you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Much Love! :hug:

Paula's words about her shirt:

"I received it last night!
And it is amazeballs!!!"

Alexa 12-24-2017 03:19 PM



🎄 m e r r y c h r i s t m a s; Alexa! 🎄



reblog link ❤


And last but certainly not least ... have a little bit of Bob +
Richard over here ...

... and KJ:


Alexa 12-24-2017 03:20 PM


Alexa 12-24-2017 03:25 PM



Alexa 12-24-2017 03:27 PM


Remember to keep who you had a secret until everyone has guessed. I obviously wont be guessing because I already know who had to me! I haven't looked mine over yet but will give it a proper read through and comment later on.... :)

(if I screwed something up while posting please let me know so I can fix it.)

Also I didn't keep any credits for ME in anyone's post because it ruined the surprise. You can credit me with whatever arts after names are revealed.

Such a cool mix of different gifts! I loved seeing what everyone came up, so cool!

I also have a few extra goodies for a few people that were not posted so stick around for those. :)

April7739 12-24-2017 03:35 PM

Oh my gosh, that elf thing at the end of Lisa’s is everything. :rotfl:

These are all so awesome! I have a good idea of who did some of them, but I’m a bit clueless as to mine. It says “another year has passed,” so that would imply that I’ve known my Secret Santa for a while now. So maybe . . . Paula?

And I’m getting a gift certificate? :eek: Thank you, Secret Santa!

girl under the floor 12-24-2017 03:38 PM

I got an actual shirt through the mail :thud: Thanks for that! :hug: :)

I haven't taken a good pic yet :look: (I did take a pic, but I look like crap :lol: )
So I will post a pic in a day or two :nod: :flowers:

April, I have the same :lol: I think I can guess some of the others, but not mine (yet) :lol: :D my first guess would be Sonja though :)

Thanks for setting it all up Alexa :hug:
I will have to give all of it proper attention tomorrow evening, cause I need to get up early tomorrow morning and really need sleep now :yawn:

BlueDog9 12-24-2017 03:44 PM

I :love: mine so thanks SS!

Lisa's elf thing is funny. And Sonja having the characters talk about her was a funny and creative touch so kudos to her SS. I think we all did a good job on our SS's. :D

CanIcallYouKate 12-24-2017 04:05 PM

These are all so wonderful guys, I am completely blown away :love:

Merry Christmas!

Awesome job getting this all set up and done, Alexa :back_hug:

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