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★ The Head & The Heart ★ {BellamyღClarke} #76 ~ The world may be doomed, but at least they aren't separated again!

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Eliza Taylor
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Kass Morgan
Cassandra Clare
Sarah Rees Brennan
Jarod Joseph
Michael Beach
Sachin Sahel
Leah Gibson
Paige Turco
Chelsey Reist
John Murphy
Abby Griffin

a rebel leader and his brave princess || slow dancing with the moon || seared with scars
home is where the heart is || rain || i need you, we need you || whiteness
the love songs of jose cuervo vol.1 || unexpected feelings

"Exhilaration fizzed through Clarke’s body. Before she realised what she was doing, she had thrown her arms around Bellamy. He joined in her laughter as he staggered backward, and wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her up and spinning her through the air. The colours of the clearing swirled, green and gold and blue all blurring until there was nothing in the world but Bellamy’s smile, lighting up his eyes. Finally he set her down gently on the ground. Be he didn’t loosen his grip. Instead he pulled her even closer, and before Clarke had time to catch her breath, his lips were on hers. A voice in her brain told her stop, but it was overpowered by the smell of skin and the pressure of touch. Clarke felt like she was melting into his arms, losing herself in the kiss. He tasted like joy, and joy tasted better on Earth."

Hand Holding
First Kiss
Kissing in the Rain
Swimming Together
Clarke calling Bellamy "Bell.."
Bellamy telling Clarke he trusts her
Clarke telling Bellamy she trusts him
Protective Bellamy
Forehead kiss
Comforting Each Other
Third Party Commenting on Clarke or Bellamy feelings
Having each other's backs

Why we LOVE Bellarke:
I ship Bellarke because their relationship transcends romance. While I certainly hope it goes in that direction someday, I also feel so grateful to Eliza, Bob, and the writers for giving us this beautiful dynamic between two characters whose bond is rooted in friendship, mutual admiration and respect, trust and loyalty, and support. These qualities make them different from so many of the other relationships between young people on television these days. In many ways, they represent the kind of healthy, positive, unconditional love I hope to one day share with someone. For this reason, they are MY rep, and I feel proud to say that. - April7739
Bellarke is not the typical romance. The had to lead first. They had to do what was best for their people first . They had to learn to work together and somewhere along the line that turned into something more. They are built on a foundation of trust, respect and loyalty. Something that is far too often overlooked. I fell in love with them over the little looks, the things they said without uttering one word. How they would give up anything to ensure the safety of the other. They are not the typical romance, they are something more. - Voldara
These are two people who have been through hell and could so easily have let the world they’re in break them. But they endure and keep going - in large part thanks to each other. Bellamy is a man who gives his all to care for others but is incredibly hard on himself. Clarke sees past his flaws to the good man he is. She believes in him and insists that he do the same. She draws strength from him while simultaneously strengthening him. In turn Bellamy accepts her strength and allows her to inspire him. As Clarke needs someone to trust Bellamy has given her that with his fierce loyalty. The trust, support, and respect these two share is both inspiring and humbling. - Kenni727
I love how deep their connection is. They both had to become leaders and that has formed them as a person. And then they had to work together as leaders and that has formed their connection. They have an understanding of each other on a level no one else has or can have. Because they were the only two in that position. Even if it's not romantic or never turns out to be romantic, their connection is deep, their love for each other is real. And it's like no other relationship I have ever seen on screen. - Brienna
Well, what can I say about Bellamy/Clarke? I’ve shipped for many, MANY years but I’ve never come across a pairing such as Bellarke. They’re unique in the sense that their bond transcends a simple, trivial romance and you just end up rooting for these two silly kids to have their happy ending – whatever that might entail. I’d love for them to be canon ultimately, but honestly being able to see such a deep, beautiful, intense relationship and partnership between these two is rewarding enough. So if it turns romantic, it’s just icing on the cake because as painful as this shipping journey has been so far, I wouldn’t give it up for anything because Bellamy/Clarke are so worth it. - Lionheart Queen
They trust each other. They need each other. Bellamy is Clarke's weakness. They do things t o g e t h e r. I've never seen a pairing that has so much respect for one another and that work so well together as a team. They are true leaders that know how to make the tough decisions. They are always there for one another and always encouraging one another. They don't have to be romantic to work well together. Their bond is so strong and I can't wait to see what happens later on. - Alexa

No light // Lovers that went wrong // Burn
It happens in a blink // Nitesky // You will never know
My blood // Walk in the woods // You could still be
It's where my demons hide // I need you // Don't let me go
Somebody to die for // Waiting game // Destroyer of worlds
Feel real // Hearts a mess // Wicked game // Once upon a dream
Latch // All of me // Salvation // Blood sport // Start a riot
Can't do it alone // I believe // Little do you know
What's a soul mate? // Saturn // All I Want

coming soon...

coming soon...

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By April7739

((Bellarke theme song))

#1: "Who we are, and who we need to be to survive are 2 very different things."
#2: "So help me God, if you say the people have a right to decide, I will..." "I was wrong before, ok? You were right."
#3: "You always did what you had to do to protect your sister. That's who you are."
#4: "I need you... You have to come back with me."
#5: "Our Princess has that effect." We know you meant YOUR Princess, Bellamy!"
#6 : "He tasted like joy, and joy tasted better on Earth."
#7: "He has an unspoken faith in her [Clarke's] perspective" - Lindsay Sperling
#8: "You did good here, Bellamy." "18 Dead." "82 Alive. You did good."
#9: “Clarke is the queen. He's [Bellamy] her knight.” - JR
#10: “Bellamy inspires the masses. Clarke inspires Bellamy.” - JR
#11: "The dynamic between Bellamy/Clarke is interesting...I'd certainly like to see that develop more." - Eliza
#12: "They are closer than a romantic relationship." – Bruce Miller
#13: They have such respect for each other, even though they don’t see the world the same way. – Bruce Miller
#14: "They are so different but together they are jusr amazing" - Eliza Taylor
#15: Clarke was one of the people who told him, “You have value.” – Bruce Miller
#16: "Whenever you're ready" ♥
#17: "That hug, tho. OH BOY." - Entertainment Weekly
#18: "When I last saw you, you were closing the dropship door... TO MY HEART." @AkelaCooper
#19: I love this reunion so much that I don’t even care that this hug is shipper fuel.-@JRothenbergTV
#20: "If your mom doesn't sanction a mission soon, I'm going by myself." "You won't be by yourself."
#21: The weight of that responsibility of “how do we save everyone,” only they know what that feels like.
#22: "Eventually, you love your Princess, and you'll do anything for her." -Jason Rothenberg
#23: "I can't lose you too, ok" - Clarke Griffin
#24: "And Bellamy? You came through. I knew you would." - Clarke
#25: "You Can't Hurry Love"
#26: Bellamy is the heart & Clarke is the brain. One without the other wouldn’t have survived.
#27: "They ended up so deeply connected." – Bruce Miller
#28: "How is this possible? How is she here? Finally, he just gives in and hugs her back." - 2x05 script
#29: "If you need forgiveness, I'll give that to you. You're forgiven. Please come inside."
#30: "...they’re a team. They compliment each other. They complete each other." - J.R.
#31: "Bellamy and Clarke are two halves of a whole. Their relationship is deep & powerful."
#32: "We'll ship them until the two-headed cows come home!"
#33: "They are the deepest and most interesting relationship on this show." - moviepilot
#34: "They are equals and partners and Bellamy did what he did so that Clarke would never feel alone."
#35: "It's clear that their emotions have grown for each other."
#36: "Now, they are bound together in a way that no two characters are on this show."
#37:"If Bellamy's actions in episode 2 aren't love then I don't know what is."
#38: "Have you recovered from the glory that was Bellarke? Those two will do anything for each other"
#39: "Bonds that cannot be severed or broken by distance or time. Bellamy & Clarke are a testament to that type of bond."
#40: "Clarke and Bellamy are each others 'true north' - it just may take them a while to get there..."
#41: "I'm sorry for leaving. But I knew I could ... because they had YOU."
#42: Separately, both can move mountains, but together they can bring them down.
#43: Home is where the Heart is.
#44: "Love is dangerous, it’s true. Love is a risk. But love is not a weakness."
#45: "They help each other, They rely on each other, She makes him a better person. She makes him believe in himself." - Bob Morley
#46: You remain my power, my pleasure, my pain.
#47: It takes a little patience and a little faith, but it's worth the wait.
#48: They say so much without saying anything at all.
#49: [About B+C] "To have a relationship like that with somebody else, it's quite a special thing" -BM
#50: The Head Gives the Heart Its Sight; the Heart Gives the Head Its Vision.
#51: Bellamy and Clarke in the same room after 84 years!? Can we get a HALLELUJIAH!
#52: It's not a matter of 'if', but 'when'.
#53: And THE HANDS *Be back later with coherent thoughts*
#54: Reunited and it feels so good!
#55: If the path I walk is beside you, I do not question where it leads.
#56: We will be monsters, alone in the world, but we will have each other.
#57: "You're out of your mind if you think I'm going to let you do this alone."
#58: "I was so angry at you for leaving....I don't want to feel that way anymore."
#59: They might not be able to forgive themselves, but they always forgive each other.
#60: I don't believe in much, but if I believe in one thing, just one thing, I believe in her.
#61: Like-minded lovers: "The foundation of a unifying marriage, a mental passion, a couple that works in perfect harmony."
#62: "We need each other Bellamy. The only way we're going to pull this off, is together ..."
#63: I'd crown myself the queen of desolation and rule with you by my side.
#64: Show me your scars and I will not walk away.
#65: You would have gone to hell for her, she would have stayed to burn with you.
#66: "These two people need each other in their lives, and they would do anything for one another" - V. of TV
#67: “I will keep you safe and sound when there's no one left to trust.”
#68: ngroemlnvkfgjek,s;cmdvndfdwm;fnlemdw
#69: "Her friends are her weakness. Start with Bellamy Blake."
#70. He is her biggest weakness, but he is also what keeps her strong.
#71. "Right now she is the only one who he cares about, and let’s just say that desperate times call for desperate measures.”
#72: I know everything you've done, but I still feel safe in your hands.
#73: "Are you willing to trust him with your life?" "No. But you'll be covering us. And I trust YOU."
#74: #Notreadyneverready #TeamGiveusanythingandeverything
#75: "I’ll get you out of here.”
#76: The world may be doomed, but at least they aren't separated again!


- "I'm here for you. I hear you have a gun." - Clarke
- "Follow me." "And why would I do that?"
- "You want them to follow you. And right now, they're thinking only one of us is scared."
- "The only way The Ark is gonna think I'm dead, is if I'm dead. Got it?" "Brave Princess."
- "Torture? This is not who we are." "It is now."
- "Get out of my way, Bellamy." "Be smart about this. Look at what we've achieved."
- "You can stop this. They'll listen to you."
- "I saw you in the woods with Atom. I know you're not a killer."
- "This is on you, Princess! You should have kept your mouth shut!"
- "If we're gonna survive down here, we need rules." "And who makes those rules?" "For now, we make the rules."
- "I'd recommend putting your shirt back on." "Why? Are you worried you won't be able to control yourself?"
- Clarke felt like she was melting into his arms, losing herself in the kiss.
- "What do you want me to say, Clarke?" "I want you to say that you're with us."
- "Bellamy is the heart and Clarke is the brain. They need each other. One without the other wouldn’t have survived."
- "Most of us are still alive. In large part, that is because of him, because of Bellamy."
- "We had to protect Bellamy." Clarke
- "Bellamy you have to find them." Clarke
- "They compliment each other. They complete each other. I think they both realize now that they are indispensable to the other." - Jason
- "These two characters certainly need each other, depend on each other and probably love each other in a very real way." - Jason
- "They really do need each other. They're not complete without each other." - Jason
- "Bellamy and Clarke have obviously grown to depend on each other, they need each other. They're like two sides of a coin." - Jason
- "I think that they do love each other, but it's not romantic yet, obviously. That doesn't mean it won't be someday." - Jason
- "It's clear that their emotions have grown for each other." - Jason
- "Firstly, this was a stunning scene. It was beautifully written, directed, and of course, acted. Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley connected in a way they have never done so before." - SpoilerTV
- "The genuine chemistry and love the characters have for each other was on show for all to see." - SpoilerTV
- "Bellamy and Clarke are two halves of a whole. I don’t really know what that whole consists of, or could consist of, but it’s obvious that their relationship is deep & powerful." - moviepilot
- "They compliment each other. They keep each other in check. They balance each other out." - moviepilot
- "Bellamy[...]doesn’t condemn her for her choices. He, instead, chooses to understand who she is and supports her." - moviepilot
- "It’s refreshing to see a female/male friendship like theirs blossom into something way more meaningful than the easy will they or won’t they sexual tension trope." - moviepilot
- "The unconditional trust, compassion, forgiveness, & understanding each possesses for the other makes theirs one of the most moving love stories in this, or any other work of fiction." - Rebecca Moore
- Now, they are bound together in a way that no two characters (apart from maybe Kane and Abby are, which is a nice parallel) are on this show. -
- "Right now she is the only one who he cares about, and let’s just say that desperate times call for desperate measures.”
- "I love Bellamy and Clarke's chemistry. I think we have a great onscreen thing."
- "The characters are intertwined for sure- they are drawn to each other in terms of their leadership qualities and Bob and Eliza have incredible chemistry, you can see it on screen for sure."— Aaron Ginsburg

- Clarke/Bellamy's hearts take them in interesting directions in Season 3 of #The100, but love how they still will do anything for each other.
- Their friendship is the foundation of what could become one of the greatest love stories on television.
- They’ve progressed from enemies to allies, from allies to friends, and from friends to most trusted confidants.
- You would be hard-pressed to find a character on this show that Clarke trusts more than Bellamy.
- Clarke and Bellamy will find their way back to each other.
- "When they come together, I don’t think it plays out how people will expect.” - Jason Rothenberg
- "Bellarkers won’t be happy, but no one is happy all the time. Eventually, they will be.” - Jason Rothenberg
- It was cathartic to see both of them lay their feelings out on the table after previously keeping their walls up.
- Bellarke was called the ship of memes. And it was. It really was.
- You love them as they are, flaws and all, because they are yours.
- Because good things come to those who wait.
- I'd burn the whole world down, if it meant keeping you safe.
- I'd climb a mountain of charred bodies and hold my hand out to pull you up.
- I need someone to stick by me through all of my sins, to uncomplicated the complicated things.
- Someone asked me to describe home and I almost said your name.
- I felt more at home in your two arms, than I ever did in my own house.
- We look at each other a little too long to be just friends.
- We need them as much as they need each other!
- In a time of overwhelming darkness, they became each other's light.
- Eventually.
- She took me heart I think she took my soul.
-“Bellamy is most vulnerable and open with his feelings with Clarke.” - Bob Morley
- "Their connection is bigger than platonically or romantically." - Voice of TV
- True intimacy happens when nothing is perfect.
- We might need therapy, but that's okay.
- We don't know what happened to that last thread, but we're not questioning it
-"And I trust YOU.”
-“You’re not the only one trying to save someone you care about.”
-“We’re not leaving. Clarke is in trouble."
-“We can’t lose Clarke!”
-“You care about him.”
-“But you worry about him more."
-“Too bad you were never that devoted to Gina.”
-“Please don’t do anything! I’ll stop fighting, just please don’t kill him!”
-“I was so angry at you for leaving. I don’t wanna feel that way anymore.”
-“You can’t run Bellamy. You have to come back with me.”
-“I’ll get you out of here.”
-“Five minutes ago they were willing to fight and die for you. You inspire them."
- She trusts him so much that she will walk into the fire, and BELIEVE that she will walk back out again, because Bellamy has her back. - Natalie Crown
- Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who just bring out the most. Of everything.
- Clarke is telling him, as they have told each other before: “You are not alone in this.”
- Your soul is fire, my soul was ice. I thought I’d freeze you, but you’ve left me melted, inside out.
- But…IF anything were to make Clarke give up, I think it might be Bellamy dying. - Natalie Crown
- You don't have to say I love you to say I love you.
- "I love Bellamy and Clarke's chemistry. I think we have a great onscreen thing."
- "The characters are intertwined for sure- they are drawn to each other in terms of their leadership qualities." — Aaron Ginsburg
- "Bob and Eliza have incredible chemistry, you can see it on screen for sure." — Aaron Ginsburg

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| 076

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Thank you SO MUCH for the new thread, Sarah!

My computer needs to rest.

Hell, I need to rest. I've been a part of 3 thread kills today. I got a lot of blood on my hands. (Just like Bellarke. )

Goodnight, you guys!
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Thank you for the new thread, Sarah!

I LOVE this title!!
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sorry dp

Fanforum is killing me tonight.

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No problem, April. Sleep well ... you did a fab job and helped with 3 thread kills today.

And thanks Jessy. Also nice that you got to be part of the killsquad tonight.

Okay this has been nice but I'm going to go crash for a while now that the thread is up. Plus FF is being wonky and SUPER slow again.

Alexa, we can change the Scene of the Moment but I'd rather do it later when I'm more awake. Too paranoid about deleting codes.

From the old thread:

Originally Posted by jessystorm (View Post)
I agree Sarah. I think the last two episodes really showed us this dynamic. Bellamy was totally contrary of Clarke's plan at the beginning of 3x15, contrary again later because he didn't trust Roan (but changing his mind when he understood she was actually trusting him) and supportive in this episode because he knew it was their only option. They are partners who trust and rely on each other to get the job done. Bellamy trusted Clarke to be able to shut down ALIE and Clarke trusted Bellamy in handling the situation out there. They are a team.
Word. This is a true team, not one that crumbles when it doesn't suit the agenda of one person *cough. One that challenges the other when they think the other person has a crappy plan but when it comes down to it, they ultimately trust the other to make whatever crappy plan work ... with their support.

Originally Posted by jessystorm (View Post)
Yep, it's like certain people don't have healthy friendships in their life. Your best friend is not always the person who supports you but even the one who call you out on your BS when you need it. Both Bellamy and Clarke aren't delicate flowers who don't need some reality check from time to time. Also disagreeing sometimes help a relationship grow.
Exactly. They're both FAR from being delicate little flowers which need to be coddled and treated like they might break, they know how to take the harsh reality because that's what they have had to do since they were young. And disagreeing, like you said, makes you grow as a person. A person like that drives you to BE a better person, to do better, to never accept anything less than your absolute best. I'd much rather that than one who blindly goes along with whatever the other person says because that is just not a healthy relationship.

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3 kills Sarah!

we need the hands in the OP though!!!!

I can quote the OP and change it then send the entire op to you?
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I love this:


And now that i think about it, the season finales actually reflected what would have happened in the season after between Bellamy and Clarke. In 1x13 she decided to close the door of the dropship, sacrificing Bellamy and in s2 she sent him on a very dangerous mission at MW, basically sacrificing him for the greater good. In 2x16 she left and they both went into different directions and in fact in s3 they both took two different directions until 3B, with two different storylines. So if we follow this logic, it means that the fact that they were together in 3x16 implies that they are going to be together for most s4 at least, leading their people. I think it will also be interesting to see if the final shot with Octavia walking away, Clarke looking at Bellamy and Bellamy looking shocked at Octavia is going to be some sort of storyline for s4, with Octavia being completely separated from all of them emotionally, Bellamy trying to be there for her while Clarke will be there for Bellamy. But i'm probably reaching here, we'll see

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Sure Alexa, but only if it's not too much trouble. Otherwise, just send me the links and I'll check a few times before I edit the OP.

Interesting thoughts Jessy, I certainly hope the fact that BC are standing side-by-side instead of apart in the finale bodes well for the direction they each take in S4, individually AND together. Guess we'll find out in ... 9 months.

Okay heading off now. Talk to you all later.

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Goodnight to everyone who goes!

I LOVE how she looked at him here:

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Sarah there are a few things to change in there, so I will just do the whole thing and then send you the whole OP... it'll be a lot easier!

Gonna get ready to post all the icons!
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I fell asleep. Tftnt!

let's find a place where happiness begins
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Thanks for the new thread.
I'm losing my mind, but you seem fine.

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Thank you for the new thread!
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I still feel weird about last nights episode.
I'm losing my mind, but you seem fine.

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This was so cute

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