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The Vampire & The Witch [D♥B] #100: No more hesitation, it's a Celebration!

{100} o n e h u n d r e d.t h r e a d s
vampire witch
welcome to the damon salvatore & bonnie bennett appreciation thread

they were just two people,
damon and bonnie, who had
to do the best they could.

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made by LuckyRabbit

she was thinking about that
moment when they had been
kneeling over stefan and he
had looked so young. when
they had been just damon
and bonnie at the edge
of the world
. she thought,
for one instant, that she
saw stars in those black
eyes. and she could sense
in him something- some ferment
of feelings like longing
confusion and fear and anger
all mixed.

Bonnie Bennett has always had a bad feeling about the Salvatore brothers. So, when the elder, Damon, approaches her on Halloween night asking for Caroline's whereabouts, she takes it upon herself to protect her friend. Little did she know that the encounter would turn eerie. Damon's attention unconsciously focuses on the pendant hanging from her neck. The 'piece of junk' she called it. He demands it be returned to its rightful owner, but is faced with much resistance. Bonnie informs him that she would give it back to Caroline, who will then decide whether Damon will get the necklace back. Normally, he would enjoy a game like this, but there was too much at stake for him. He tries to grab it off her neck, and is burned, much to his surprise. There was more to that Bonnie girl than meets the eye. Bonnie had no idea what had just happened, and she wasn't about to find out, so she bolted. What was so important about the necklace anyways? She soon finds out. It belonged to one of her ancestors, Emily, who had been a handmaiden to Katherine. Grams tells her that she must never take it off under any circumstances.

Damon compels Caroline to get the necklace back from Bonnie. After a regrettable confrontation with Caroline, Bonnie manages to hold onto the crystal. She begins to dream about Emily.

Bonnie's dreams become nightmares, sometimes resulting with her waking up at the graveyard, so she decides to get rid of the necklace claiming it was at fault for her misery. During their girl's night in, Caroline proposes they have a séance and invite Emily to come out. This turns out for the worst. Emily takes possession of Bonnie's body, and proceeds to go to Old Fell's Church. There, she unexpectedly meets an angry Damon. He wants his compensation. (Apparently, Emily promised to save Katherine with the necklace if Damon would swear to protect her bloodline.) Emily refuses to release Katherine from the tomb, and destroys the necklace. She leaves Bonnie's body after her mission is accomplished. Damon, enraged, attacks Bonnie, assuming Emily was still inside her, but before he could kill her, Stefan stops him. Elena finally tells Bonnie about the Salvatore brothers true identities.

With the necklace gone, and their secrets revealed, you may be asking yourself what's up next for Damon and Bonnie. Fret not DBers, their story is far from over. It's only just begun.
clip of the moment

courtesy of cwtelevision

Damon and Bonnie have so much chemistry that it feels like sparks flame... I love that they have a link
in with she can communicate with him, I love how whenever Bonnie is in trouble without thinking she calls to
Damon and that Damon would run to help her even when under the control of a powerful force. Another reason
I love them is that Bonnie is the only person that could open up his shell. As well the fact
that they both enjoyed the kiss and the fact that Damon was willing to get hit so that Bonnie could
not be injured. I also love that in the show that Damon was willing to let Bonnie help them with
the dishes.

Bonnie and Damon. The witch and the vampire. They are truly something unique and a pair that you do not
see everyday. In the book and in the show, you could feel the chemistry and the passion that they have
for one another. They have this bond that connects them and when you see them together, you can see that
it's the start of something epic. He's always there to save her and protect her. He cares for her and
he doesn't even know why. Although Bonnie probably wouldn't admit it, she cares for him too. Bonnie and Damon are
unlike any couple you have ever seen before and that's works for them. She's the angel to his devilish side.
When they're together, you can always expect something great and original to come out of it.

First let me start by saying Bamon is epic and have lots of chemistry. I became a Bonnie/Damon fan
without even seeing any scenes between them and also not knowing the history of the books. Once I saw the
Vampire Diaries first promo on the CW, while everyone else was probably hooked on Stefan/Elena or Elena/Damon, I
was hooked on Damon with Bonnie. I just saw the two separated, Bonnie was in a scene with Elena and
I saw Damon talking to Stefan and I put the two together in my head and I was like "they
would really look great together" so after that, I went to find out what their names were on the show
and I found it on a Vampire Diaries site, so then I started chatting with other Damon&Bonnie fans on
the Vampire Diaries Board on Fanforum. Now as I continue to watch the show, I know that's it's not just
about how great they look together: It's a Witch and a Vampire,and I'm so intrigued by that idea. I
really believe that Bonnie can handle him in a way no one else can, she's loyal and powerful and that
is exactly who Damon needs in his life, and Damon can also help her in a way. I think him
falling in love with Elena will not be good because I think he will always be reminded of Katherine and
he will just get himself in another love triangle that would cause more tension with Damon and Stefan, which I
don't want. I think he should just fall in love with someone completely different and who has no similarities as
Katherine does. A person who can surprise him and put him in his place anytime, and I think it can
be Bonnie who does it. I'm just tired of seeing the Mortal turning the bad Vampire (or bad guy) good;
I just want to have something new that has never been done. The Witch and The Vampire falling in love.

I've always been a fan of the underdog couples; the ones who may be overlooked or over-shadowed. Very rarely,
these couples come out on top. I strongly believe that this is the case with Bonnie and Damon. The fact
that they are both supernatural in being makes their appeal even greater. They have a connection that nobody else has.
Damon may deny that he cares about her, and Bonnie can scream and yell that she's afraid of him all
she wants, but actions speak louder than words. She pulls the humanity out of Damon -- she's seen him at his
most vulnerable state, and even made him blush. Any girl that can do that to someone like Damon is definitely
a keeper. Sure, they may not the forefront of the books and of the show, but that's what makes them
perfect; little looks, touches, and kisses... the moments are so subtle, but sometimes those moments are the ones that make
the biggest difference.

I don’t remember how or exactly when I became a fan of Damon and Bonnie, but I can definitely say
that I’m glad that I did. All I knew was that it was quickly approaching the new TV season and
I needed a show to become invested in. I found it in The Vampire Diaries. Watching, I related to Bonnie
and what she was going through with discovering something new about herself. Damon is, of course, attractive but I felt
that deep down he was capable of caring for someone. Naturally, I felt drawn to these two deep characters, both
of them quickly becoming my favourites. I eventually found myself reading the books. Needless to say, the discovery of a
borderline relationship between Damon and Bonnie made my little shipper heart burst. Damon has always been seen as selfish and
unfeeling but whenever he’s around Bonnie, I couldn’t help but notice that he was more human than I’m sure he
felt comfortable admitting. Bonnie brought out a side of Damon that no one knew existed, extracting feelings from him that
no one else could. She broke the wall around his heart, without even trying and he endlessly brought her back
from the edge of death. I’ve always been captivated by couples that have been built up throughout the course of
a series and Damon and Bonnie definitely have that going for them.

Even if I had never read the books I would still ship Damon and Bonnie. Damon needs a strong female
character who would be able to handle him. And that is exactly who Bonnie is. Not to mention also a
witch. She is fearless and won't be up with Damon's crap. With only a few scenes together these two have
captured my heart. I can't wait to see what is in store for them.

made by nemapasara

Bonnie/Damon, Damon/Bonnie, Bamon, Donnie. There are many different names for this ship, but folks, all of them add
up to the same thing. Which is "Friggin Awesome". When we first meet Damon, he is just an evil, cruel,
sexy, badass vamp who looked upon humans as food and nothing more. Then rolls around The Dark Reunion, and Bonnie
enters the equation. Bonnie is a human (or should I say witch) who (and I'm going to quote Nightfall here)
"has never hurt a harmless thing for malice" (Nightfall, 147). They don't seem to really fit, do they? Well, yes.
Yes, they do. One of the main reasons the Bonnie/Damon relationship appeals to me (and I'm sure to many
people) is that she brings out the human side in Damon, the side that he would swear he didn't have.
He wants to protect her and keep her safe (but of course, he wants to do all of this while
still maintaining his badassness). He wants to be the vampire she goes to when she's in trouble, and though he
may pretend to be annoyed when she does call for help, he still does it without a second thought (except
for when he is controlled by Malach). He will not let any thing harm his little bird. He would rather
take a punch in the face from a stronger vampire than see her get hurt (Nightfall, 158). Some people (and
these people are definitely not Bamon fans) think that she is too young and immature, but I happen to disagree,
and apparently so does Damon. Because although he has an interest in beautiful, sexy Elena, Bonnie is (and now
I'm quoting Damon) "definitely a maiden" (Nightfall, 159)."

Bonnie and Damon would be a wonder together. She's a powerful witch & he's a powerful vampire. They are both
talented in their own rights. Not only that, but they could also balanced each other. He's damaged, but she's the
down-to-earth loyal to all her friends. He needs that light in his life...he needs her. It also
wouldn't hurt if occasionally he could teach her to let loose and get dirty together. And when their love grow,
it wouldn't be because of revenge or anything related to his brother or his past. It would be because he
truly felt for her as she felt for him. They would also already know each other stories because both have
never been the type to lie about their abilities or hide who they really are. Their love would be something
out of the supernatural world EPICness.

I fell in love with Damon and Bonnie because throughout the books all Damon's relationships, whether it were with his
brother or with Elena were selfish. But when it came to Bonnie, well something happened that he never expected. He
started to care for her, started to care about her which he has never done on his own accord (without
starting from revenge or getting back at someone). She makes him feel things he hasn't felt in a long time,
and she brings out the caring, unselfish side to him. These two may make an unlikely pairing, but it's something
bred from something pure, something special and rare. She is his saving grace, and he is someone who understands her
the way nobody else does. He makes her believe that she can accomplish anything, to show her that she doesn't
have to be afraid of who she is and the powers she posesses. And together they bring out all the
things in themselves they never knew existed.

I would love to have Damon & Bonnie be a couple because opposites attract, and she could teach him how to
love again & he could teach her open up & learn how to use her powers more & they would
be a great force to be reckoned with if anyone tried to mess with them! They could help save each
other from darkeness & bring light into each other's lives.

Not only are Damon and Bonnie the characters who have the most potential as a couple, they're not the typically
clichéd Vampire/Human relationship
. Everyone knows that Bonnie Bennett is the altruistic, innocent girl who will give her life for
the people she loves, and Damon Salvatore is the conniving, resident bad-boy of Mystic Falls who cares for no
one but himself. Their strong personalities completely contrast each other that when you put two and two together, they almost
complement. It's fantastic to see that, finally, a female character on the show can level with Damon. I mean, it's
not everyday you see him get burned and left speechless, right? What's great about these two is that as a
viewer, you will never get bored: Damon will definitely always try to charm her, but Bonnie will constantly resist him.
You really can't ignore their undeniable chemistry; it's there: in their dialogue, in their eyes, in their body language. Despite
Damon and Bonnie's lack of scenes together, they will be one of the most amazing couples on this show.

I became interested in Bonnie/Damon since the first episode. I liked Bonnie’s character because she seemed like this best
friend that every girl should have. In a lot of ways her friendship with Elena reminded me of my friendship
with my best friend. Then, I fell in love with Damon’s character whenever he made the funny joke about Stefan’s ‘grrr’
face. In my mind, I put the two together and thought of all the possibilities that could come out of
it. The thing that really attracted me to them was the unique pairing: Witch/Vampire. This type of coupling was
so fascinating to me because never before had it been done and there was so much that it could go
through and present to the world. And the bonus was that Ian and Kat made Bonnie and Damon so enjoyable
to watch. And when they finally had a scene together, their quirky banter completely sold me on the idea of
their pairing. These two brought both humor and emotion to their conversations that just pulled me in. They kept each
other on their toes. And I believe that Bonnie is really the only female capable of holding her own against
Damon. Not just because of her increasing powers, but because she didn’t shy away from the conflicts and dangers that
Damon brought. She would have her weak moment, then suck it up and move on. And Damon is the one
capable of bringing out the sassiness that resides inside of Bonnie that we only manage to catch glimpses of. In
my mind, they represent a real couple to me with all of these qualities. So, in my heart, Bamon will
always be my One True Pairing for Vampire Diaries. They are a unique pairing full of so many possibilities that
could spawn a whole new set of pairings and ideas. Bamon fan for life!

made by **Eternal**125

D: So, where'd Caroline run off to?
B: Do yourself a favor Damon, and don't ask me about Caroline.
D: Oh, Bonnie. So loyal.
B: Just stay away from her.
D: Where'd you get that?
B: From a friend.
D: Caroline...You know that's mine, don't you?
B: Not anymore!
D: Funny!.. I'd like it back, please.
B: I'm not giving it to you! I'll give it to Caroline, and she can give it to you if she feels like it.
D: Or, I can just take it right now.

D: Okay, it's your last chance.
B: I'm gonna scream.
D: Oh no, don't do that. Let's stay on point... Listen, I want my necklace.
B: You can't have it.
D: Well, I can't take it, but you can give it to me. I'm trying to help you.
B: I don't want your help.
D: Yeah, you do! You want my help, and you don't even know it. You know why, you little witch?
Because you've stumbled into something you need to stumble out of.
B: Just leave me alone, or I swear--
D: No, don't! No threats! Look, a) you hurt me last time; b) I wish you no harm.
Believe it or not Bonnie, I wanna protect you. Let me help you get Emily off your back.
B: How do you know about her?
D: I know a lot of things, and I know more about that crystal than you do, and I know that
she's using it to creep inside of you... Oh! See how scared you are? And you should be!
Because I will get that crystal even if I have to wait for Emily to give it to me herself.
So, the next time she comes out to play, you tell her that "a deal's a deal".

D: Hello, Emily. You look different.
B: I won't let you do it.
D: We had a deal.
B: Things are different now. I need to protect my family.
D: I protected your family. You owe me.
B: I know...I'm sorry.
D: You're about to be a lot more than that.

those fathomable black eyes were
filling the universe now. she
thought she could see stars
inside them

featuring music from
breaking benjamin, coldplay, lifehouse, mat kearney,
onerepublic, rosi golan, snow patrol, the submarines
+ more

click to download

taking over the world one country at a time

if you would like to be added to the map, please PM phoemster

the best thread killers

click to enlarge

made by BrathanSupporter
i love you.
i'm so glad you're
part of this team.

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001. Because they have amazing chemistry.
002. Because the idea of a Witch and a Vampire fascinates everyone.
003. Because he pushed her up against a car and seduced her.
004. Because he couldn't resist touching her hair.
005. Because she can't resist the bad boy forever.
006. Because she's his "Little Witch".
007. Because she was the first one to shock him.
008. Because the balance of Innocent and Badass will be perfect!
009. Because he made a promise to protect her, and old habits die hard.
010. Because she can't get the "homicidal vampire" out of her mind.
011. Because she will be the one to challenge him in a way that makes his blood boil, and his heart ache for love again.
012. Because no love story worth telling comes without drama. Consider Bamon drama central.
013. Because not only are they beautiful, they're also bound by incredible supernatural gifts.
014. Because sooner or later, the angst ridden bad boy will need someone to light a fire under him to get over Katherine. Enter Bonnie.
015. Because Emily knew that she was meant to be with him, and that was the whole secret about the deal.
016. Because with just one look we could see how sorry he was for biting her.
017. Because the one scene in "Haunted" brought out the closeted fans.
018. Because on their first scene, she burned him.
019. Because she left him speechless.
020. Because she secretly enjoyed him touching her.
021. Because Bamonation is owning Vampire Diaries.
022. Because a lot of people put them together in their heads before they had one scene together.
023. Because he wanted to touch her.
024. Because she can be the one to understand his emotional pain.
025. Because he will let her lighten up and party more.
026. Because she will help him find pieces of his humanity.
027. Because the Witch is pissed enough to take on a Vampire.
028. Because people are ready for her to light his ass on fire.
029. Because with one webclip, people went from hating him to loving him with her.
030. Because with one webclip hundreds of fans came out of the closet.
031. Because what other couple could get this kind of response with just three scenes in total.
032. Because she doesn't mind getting sassy with him.
033. Because he is "sexy, older, danger guy" to her.
034. Because she admitted he was sexy.
035. Because she will be the ony female capable of kicking his ass.
036. Because they have such witty banter.
037. Because Bamon is leading polls for a lot of sites!
038. Because DB is a pairing we can all warm up to.
039. Because he's always been the one in control...until now.
040. Because he only has a nickname for her.
041. Because we all know that the witch outfit turned him on!
042. Because he tasted the sweetness of her blood.
043. Because he will forever be on her mind.
044. Because she is the fire that will scorch his heart.
045. Because he will show her that being different is okay.
046. Because she is the only one he wanted to protect.
047. Because who doesn't want to see the unique Vampire/Witch pairing?
048. Because he can save her and she can save him.
049. Because they both have nicknames for each other.
050. Because they're chemistry is undeniable!
051. Because out of everyone, he will need her the most.
052. Because she is more valuable to him than anyone else.
053. Because she alone has the power to grant his greatest wish.
054. Because they have a lot of Unresolved Sexual Tension.
055. Because she won't be fooled by his charm that easily.
056. Because a Vampire and a Witch is something new and refreshing.
057. Because the worst part of this TVD drought is not having them on our screens.
058. Because she is like no other woman he's been in love with before.
059. Because he needs a woman of great strength and character by his side. That woman is Bonnie.
060. Because she'll put a spell on him and there will be no turning back from there.
061. Because there is no point in denying viewers the smoldering, electrifying chemistry between IS and KG.
062. Because he makes her feel alive.
063. Because he is rooted in her family history.
064. Because without his protection, the Bennett's might not exist today.
065. Because she can't be a good girl forever and he is exactly what the doctor ordered for some edge.
066. Because KG did some research on DB.
067. Because when they finally get their chance, there will be no turning back.
068. Because only he can handle a powerful witch.
069. Because she is the fire to his ice.
070. Because they have funny, verbal sparring matches.
071. Because he is the only one who can cool her down.
072. Because when supernatural seductress and life-challenged Casanova collide, excitement will most definitely ensue.
073. Because after searching for an old flame, he will find a fire that burns even brighter in her.
074. Because the thought of Stefan as her eventual brother-in-law is sweeter than peach cobbler and fudge brownies combined.
075. Because there is no other female better equipped to handle his fury on the TVD canvas.
076. Because when they kiss, it will be sweet yet passionate, soft then deep with yearning, emotional and ravenous.
077. Because no other TVD pairing offers this much intriguing complexity.
078. Because we will continue to wait, knowing the best is yet to come!
079. Because they had less screentime than everyone, and yet people can't stop putting the two together.
080. Because Bamon fans are the most dedicated you would ever know!
081. Because he is her knight in black leather.
082. Because he will find her a challenge.
083. Because our screens will heat up every time they meet.
084. Because they are yin and yang.
085. Because he will give her a taste of the dark side.
086. Because she will give him a taste of the light side.
087. Because she will be his "Wonderwall".
088. Because she can be his fiery witch.
089. Because he will show her what true, passionate love is.
090. Because she will show him how wrong Katherine did him.
091. Because her love will be a gift from Heaven.
092. Because she will pull the Devil out of him.
093. Because around her, he becomes a gentleman.
094. Because she is the only one who can make him dazzled and confused.
095. Because for a Homicidal Vampire, he's more human around her then he is with anyone else.
096. Because he is her "Homicidal Vampire".
097. Because this pairing is an addiction that you can't resist.
098. Because Damon versus Bonnie will be one hell of a match.
099. Because he will crave the kind of loyalty she gives.
100. Because these 100 reasons we've come up with are merely a small display of just how intensely we feel about TVD's most drool worthy twosome.

in spite of herself, bonnie
was fascinated by the surge
of power
she felt from

click the titles to read

made by breakingdawn_

Because she is his Maiden and he is her Vampire.
Because he saved her.
Because Damon would want a strong Queen of Darkness, and who's better than Bonnie?
Because Bonnie wouldn't be afraid to put Damon in his place.
Because only a witch could tame Damon.
Because only Bonnie can break through Damon shields.
Because the witch can make the vampire feel pain
Because Bonnie can make Damon cry out loud.
Because her smile and his charm fit together perfectly.
Because nothing can break through his walls other than his Queen of Shadows.
Because Bonnie can do a spell to make Damon dance all night.
Because Damon and Bonnie makes us go crazy.
Because they've met their future soulmates in each other.
Because she feels his presence when he is near.
Because thinking about DB makes us giddy.
Because he will do anything to make sure she is not hurt.
Because Bonnie became Wendy and brought out Damon's inner Peter Pan.
Because Katerina said it would be cool if Bonnie and Damon got together.
Because they are not ordinary humans; they can relate to one another.
Because she'll love him for who he is.
Because the Bamon Sisterhood is going to knock your pants off!
Because Damon covered her body in the bathtub.
Because their kiss was like fireworks.
Because Damon has a thing for maidens.
Because Halloween is DB's official holiday.
Because the string pulling their hearts together is a never ending one.
Because whether or not they want to, they can't be themselves without one another.
Because Bonnie will know how to tame the "Beast".
Because no one can deny chemistry that strong. Not when it slaps you in the face...
Because Katerina said DB "really get into it".
Because she didn't fall for any of Damon's crap.
Because he wanted to taste Bonnie's candy.
Because "Seriously, when was the last time you saw Damon speechless?"
Because Damon learned a very valuable lesson: don't play with fire!
Because we want angst, romance, love and hotness and Bamon has the full package!
Because Bonnie pawned Damon.
Because it takes a lot to shock Damon, and Bonnie succeeded.
Because Halloween proved that they have history!
Because sassy/cocky, wouldn't they just be perfect together?
Because we love the way Damon said "Oh, Bonnie".
Because their second scene will be hotter than the first.
Because he asked, she declined - not falling for his charm like most people do!
Because he gave her a smile and she gave him the death glare *woot*
Because she left him breathless and alone.
Because she left him stunned and confused.
Because the Witch silenced the Vampire.
Because she burned his hand and will burn his heart.
Because she is the only one who didn't threats from Damon.
Because we were right, Damon's mistake was messing with the fire-starter.
Because Damon needs some ice for that burn.
Because Damon needs some ointment for that burn.
Because Damon can't let Bonnie be the girl who got away.
Because Bonnie bewitched Damon with her sassiness.
Because the Witch is strong enough to stand up to the Vampire.
Because he wanted to protect her but Emily was getting in the way.
Because he will be her first in many other things.
Because he was seducing "his little witch".
Because he swore to protect her.
Because Damon has been her protector from the day she was born.
Because regret flashed through his eyes after biting his "little witch".
Because chemistry like Bamon's shouldn't be wasted.
Because when he said "I want to protect you" he was sincere.
Because you can find love with the most unexpected person.
Because he wouldn't want everyone to find out she's a witch.
Because she could be the one to understand his emotional pain.
Because he was trying to seduce Bonnie without mind control.
Because he already has a nickname for her.
Because Damon knows she can burn him.
Because in the end the wait will all be worth it.
Because she wanted his help, and he knew it!
Because "I protected your family" ~ Damon Salvatore
Because Bonnie would be Damon's vampwitch.
Because he knows her better than she does.
Because Damon Salvatore finally met his match in Bonnie Bennett.
Because Damon forever holds apart of her.
Because there must be a future Bamon relationship or we'll all protest.
Because when they confess what's really there, it's going to be passionate as hell.
Because Vampire and Witch, che cosa più noi devono dire?
Because if Damon messes with Bonnie again, she'll stake him to a tree.
Because Bonnie is no longer scared of the homicidal vampire.
Because the moments between Damon and Bonnie are hot, intense and real!
Because Damon protects Bonnie to save himself and to seek redemption.
Because it's clear that Bonnie has gotten under his skin so it will be difficult to ignore her.
Because there is something hidden between them that some fans overlook - for now.
Because it was one of the only times that he wasn't actually lying to get what he wants.

Because why don't you and I get together take on the world and be together forever?
Because as soon you get that feeling, run to me.
Because when everything is made is to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.
Because I could be the one to take you home, baby we can rock the night alone.
Because no matter where my reckless soul takes me, baby you save me.
Because you're the angel who believes in me like nobody else.
Because take me away, a secret place, a sweet escape; take me away to better days.
Because why shouldn't we be with the one we truly love?
Because I've found all I've waited for and I couldn't ask for more.
Because everything you are is everything to me
Because if you need to fall apart, I can mend a broken heart.
Because I need you to guide me to safety.
Because I need your arms to drag me out of this darkness.
Because the daylight seems to want you just as much as I want you.
Because I want to hear you laugh like you really mean it.

{100th celebration || general}

click to enlarge; more available at damon&bonnie

by BrathanSupporter

by **Eternal**125

by queen.blair

the warmth was growing, rushing
out to all parts of
, from her fingertips to
the soles of her feet.
his lips were cool, like
silk, but everything else was
so warm. she didn't need
to be afraid; she could
just let go and float
on this

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by scarletletter05

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he smiled reprovingly, as if
they shared a secret.

made by queen.blair

Damon and Bonnie are portrayed by the amazingly talented and
gorgeous actors, Ian Somerhalder & Katerina Graham.

KG: Hey, Ian? Hey, it's Kat. Hey, sorry, I know you're probably, like, in the middle
of something. Will you do me, like, this huge favor? Alright. Um, I'm on the
f--, I'm on the, like, I'm doing this live chat with the fans. Will you just say hi?
Hold on, I'm gonna put you on speaker phone. Alright, shout out to everyone!
IS: Hey guys! What's up? It's Ian. Thank you so much for supporting us. Woo!
KG: Thanks, Ian. I love you. You're the best.
IS: Yeah, much love. Talk to you later, bye.
KG: Okay, bye.

i love you.
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part of this team.
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i love you.
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part of this team.
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TFTNT! OP is amazing!
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OMG! I'm so excited!
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PHOE, you know I lovvvve the OP!! TFTNT!
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AWESOME OPPPP 100 threads
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Thank you for the new thread and I love how you used a Princess and the Frog animation. It is very cute
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Tftnt Phoe!

The OP is amazing. Amazing job to everyone who worked on it.

We finally hit 100!
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The OP is amazing, congrats everyone.
Such hard work involved in making this memorable.. Its so great!
Max ♥ Liz
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100 thread, just wow
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Maaaannnnn, good job on geting to 100 everyone!
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made for you__

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I can't even tell you, the OP is simply beautiful! I absolutely love it!

Phoe, you did a fantastic job!

Oh and I beat Tia
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Can't stop looking at the amazing OP
The Q u e e n of the recast; and one of the Queens of Daytime television
who just happen to have 3 Emmy's to back her up.
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