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Old 01-24-2010, 09:05 PM
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i liked the episode opened a lot of questions and t Damon and Elena i thought that was really cute right now Elena needed to get away doesn't mean she hates Stefan she t=stills loves him she just needed to let loose and Damon knows how to have fun so she went along with it cause she knows deep down he wouldn't hurt her . i seen now that they are friends now more then anything else which i like i support the friendship bit not the together bit i love stefan

Avenge the fallen.
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Old 01-25-2010, 10:11 PM
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This episode was okay, although i don't believe it lived up to all the hype they had been promoting this episode to be.
And it was the only last 10 minutes that saved the episode for me.

Sure i liked the Stefan/Bonnie and Stefan/Grams scenes, those were good and i loved Stefan jumping down and then back up from the tomb.
And the DE scenes didn't royally annoy me, i didn't think much of them at all.. kinda boring actually
Everytime i watch the scene when Damon kills Bree, i cannot bare to watch that.. its just so.. ugh..
But Damon DID deserve everything he got when Lee came and ambushed him, beating the crap out of him. I cheered.
Because he can't think that he can do these kind of things and there not to be any reprecautions from it..the people he kills, they have family, girlfriends or boyfriends.. people who might even be vampires wanting revenge like Lee here.
Though i kinda thought the ending.. was a little too easy? Like he just walked away just like that.. Seemed a little bit too anti climax imo. So i kinda hope that we get to see Lee again at some point, even though i won't hold my breath.
And when Lee told Elena about how if you want to be with the one you love forever, then you have to live forever.. i think that.. kinda made her think about some things..

I enjoyed jeremy/Anna, even though i felt some of the scenes were filler for this episode.
But i loved that we saw some flashbacks with Alaric and found out that Damon killed his wife, which explains why he is in town. I can't wait to see what happens with that.

And my favourite scene, is no surprise to anyone i imagine.. is the SE scene. It clears some things up which im sure some of us had been wondering.
As one of the issues in this fandom was that about whether or not Stefan saw Elena as Katherine. And this just showed that he never saw her as Katherine, he has known from the beginning.
I didn't feel it was creepy that he had been getting to know her from afar. And when he revealed that he rescued her from the accident.. gosh, that was so romantic and he is totally the reason she is alive right now.
It all makes sense.
But the shocks didn't stop there, when he revealed that she is adopted. That i didn't see coming at all, but that also does make some sense actually.
But makes me wonder why did her birth parents give her up? and why would her parents not tell her that she was adopted and make sure Jenna not tell her either?

I'm hoping this coming week will be better.
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Old 01-26-2010, 05:16 AM
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^ yer this shows always gets better though

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Old 12-17-2016, 10:54 PM
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Alaric and Isobel flashbacks! YAY. Even though she was horrible I still loved them together. I loved their chemistry. The ending scene with Alaric staring at Damon was cool.

Stefan/Bonnie scenes were great, if not a little boring, but still enjoyed them.

Same goes for Jeremy/Anna. I’m just not the biggest Anna fan. She came off sporadic and a bit creepy to me.

SE are just ughhh. OF COURSE Stefan is the one that saved her from the accident. Its all just so forced. Like, come on. I don’t really know how I got through these episodes back then with any sort of hope based on how they were being written. Thank God it all turned out completely different. Elena being adopted was interesting I guess but a bit anti-climatic how it was revealed. SE are just so mopey and and blah idK.

DE WERE THE BEST PARTTTTTT. OMG DAMON SAVING ELENA IS SERIOUSLY ONE OF THE BEST MOMENTS EVER. So much damn chemistry there and Damon finally did something good for Elena. Of course kidnaping her after wasn’t so great but I mean…

DE in Georgia were so adorable. Damon rushing to her to see if she was okay after she got out of the car was so sweet. This episode really was the start of everything for them. Damon convincing her to step away from her life for five minutes and her agreeing. (Although it doesn’t make sense that she would. lol)

The DE bar scene was really cute and flirty and it was nice to see Elena laughing. Her questioning whether his nice act was real was interesting too because you can tell she wanted to be real deep down.

The second bar scene was FREAKING CUTE. Seeing Elena have fun was great and Damon was just laughing at her it was glorious. I truly think this is where he started to really fall for her as well and completely separate her from Katherine. Damon frantically searching for Elena after she went missing was so cute too.

ELENA SAVING DAMON OMG YESSSSS. She was even crying in the scene…. Such a phenomenal scene. And to sort of give my explanation as to why Elena not only saved him but stayed on the trip with him is because its not like shes trying to date Damon. Hes Stefan’s brother. So her judgement for Stefan is a lot stronger in these early episodes. I think shes just trying to pull out/see the good in Damon FOR Stefan at this point.

(btw so many guest stars and familiar faces in all these TVD episodes. There have been a lot of famous people in then haven’t there? lol)

Damon drinking Elena’s drink for her and her little smile. Her realizing he went to college. Bree thinking that DE were dating, talking about sex… So much fun to watch play out.

The ending scene was adorable as well. “You’re not the worst company in the world Elena.” I also love how she said she used to be more fun. It kinda makes you think about the future of their rleaitonsihp and the fun they do have together. I also loved the “I saved your life” comment. ALSO lets remember that they spent at least like 6 hours i the car together.
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Old 12-18-2016, 01:37 PM
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^ All you said about Delena, this episode was pure gold for them, and they were just at the beginning I loved this side of Damon that he showed her in this episode, only to her in that moment, the big bad vampire having fun with this human girl, bickering and making snarky comments like they were already friends
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