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Old 03-21-2013, 03:11 PM
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Twin Flames|DღE|#1830:♫ I'm with you, I will catch you, when you feel like letting go,cause you're not alone ♫


T H E S O U L S ' J O U R N E Y H O M E

The love story of the god of storms and the goddess of fire...


T h e B e g i n n i n g . . .
Somewhere, two flames pucker into existence. Separated by the span of centuries, held apart by the promise of pain. But they never go out. Not when the darkness bears down upon them. Not when all the forces of nature tug at their strength. They burn on. And they will continue to burn on until they find one another.

They are Twin Flames. They are Damon and Elena.

They first meet, and the flames stirs. Blue eyes meet warm brown. Lips brush skin, the embers burn. But the path laid before them stretches on. He, the first flame, fashions himself as a monster. His heart is a withered husk within his chest, untouched by trust or by love for many years. She, the second flame, though she burns no less brightly; she feels something stir within her. But she brushes it aside. Her heart weighs heavy with grief.

Both hearts belong to others, or so they believe. This is not their time. They are only now starting their journey. A journey that promises to test all their resolve. A journey full of bitterness, anger, and sorrow. But a journey that will ultimately reward them with the truest love of all.

Their story is not a love story. It is something far greater. And this is only the beginning...


It was lovely, like flying, and her body knew every move to make.
They danced around and around that empty room, in perfect timing, together.
He was laughing down at her, his dark eyes glittering with enjoyment.
She felt so beautiful; so poised and alert and ready for anything.
She couldn't remember when she'd had this much fun.
The Struggle ~

● ● ●

Why do I love Damon and Elena? Easy;
They are fun, sexy, interesting and have an understanding of each other which they don't have with others.
They seemed to get each other almost instantly, yet it wasn't love at first sight.
Instead, their connection has built over time.
From an understanding, to friendship to their beautiful first kiss and beyond.
Their chemistry is smoking hot, but they also have a deeper connection.
He would sacrifice his life for her.
She would beg for his.
He is one of the people she loves and she helps him to find his long forgotten humanity.
All these years have been worth it for him because he got to meet her.
And she would do anything and everything to be with him in his last dying moments.
Yet they still have so much further to go.
They have so much potential yet to fulfill.
And I can't wait to see it play out.
Fay ~ (Titch22)

There aren't enough words to explain the amazingness of this couple.
Heck, what they are now, what they've become and how they'll continue to develop can't even be explained with words.
You have to feel it.
This couple wouldn't be as half as amazing if it weren't for the actors that portray these characters.
Ian and Nina do such a great job and they have this smoldering chemistry that you can basically feel on your screen.
Whenever their eyes meet, there's fire.
What I love the most about Delena is that they aren't even one bit rushed.
Their build up is literally flawless and it makes you extremely intrigued to look forward to what's next in store for them.
They started off hating each other and there was banter that over the time grew in something bigger, something meaningful.
One cannot deny that there's ~something~ going on between them, these two have an understanding like no other.
Elena easily brings out the humanity of Damon, she helped him become a better person and watching the journey of these characters growing both individually and together is inexplicable. It's the most beautiful thing on the show.
The build-up so far has been perfect, you can really tell that the writers are taking a good care of them and their relationship.
Now that we finally saw hints of Elena developing romantic feelings about Damon, you can only imagine how fanatic the rest of it will be.
Nat ~ (iLoveChair)

Why do I love Damon and Elena?

I guess it’s because the care and fullness of feelings and situations the writers used and still use to build up their relationship, making it progressing slowly, without forging it ahead.

You have two people who cannot be more different, and yet they are very similar.

A 170-years old-vampire whose life has been a lonely and lacking-of-love journey until now; who pretends not to feel, to be the bad guy, and yet he’s the most selfless person whose actions are based most of the time on love. And a 18-years-old human (now vampire!) girl who has already witnessed so much sadness and losses for her young age...caring, sweet, stubborn.

They met and they were practically enemies. But she bothered to know him, understand his reasons, believe in him; and he was fascinated by her and decided it was worth to change for her, become “the better man”. So they became best friends, confidents, allies; they speak always the truth to each other even when it’s brutal, they understand each other with a simple look, they challenge each other, have each other back, hurt each other, forgive each other, never give up on each other. She brings out his humanity, he makes her stronger and more smiling.

It’s never simple or banal or boring with them; it’s always a challenge, unpredictable, intense, real. There would always be obstacles and bumps in their road and maybe that’s the real beauty of them: that no matter what they will have to face, their relationship will always survive thanks to the solid bases it’s built on.
Anna~ (LabuanPearl88)

● ● ●

"If you're looking for somebody, I think you'd better look somewhere else."
He was looking at her oddly, with an expression she couldn't understand.
It was a mixture of annoyance and grudging respect—
and something else. Something hot and fierce that frightened her in a different way.
He waited until her hand was on the doorknob to answer,
and his voice was soft but serious, with no trace of amusement.
"Perhaps I've already found her... Elena."
~ The Awakening

'They work gorgeously together, whether they're fighting or kissing, it's always perfect.'
~ Blast

"Some things could matter again."
"I would’ve saved you, in a heartbeat. No question!"

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"I wanted it to be real."

"Because blood sharing is kind of personal"

"You can feel that there's something between her and Damon."
~ TVSquad


But then she remembered something else,
just a flash: looking up at Damon's face in the woods and feeling such—
such excitement, such affinity with him.
As if he understood the flame that burned inside her as nobody else ever could.
As if together they could do anything they liked, conquer the world or destroy it;
as if they were better than anyone else who had ever lived.
~ The Fury

● ● ●

That couple that captivates an audience of thousands with just a single glance toward one another.
That couple that people route for because their love is complex, forbidden, angsty, and real.
That couple that pushes you to the edge of your seat, waiting in anticipation to see what their next move will be.
That couple that gives you butterflies in your stomach and makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.
That couple that bleeds chemistry and passion through the television screen.
That couple that makes you scream and yell and cry and smile.
That couple that is destined to be together, drawn together, like two twin flames.
That couple is Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert, and their journey.. is only just beginning.
Crystal ~ (Creamsodaqueen)

I ship Damon & Elena, because their chemistry is so undeniable.
It’s explosive.
There is just something about them that draws you in like a magnet, and you have to keep watching like an addiction.
Their scenes demand attention.
Their looks and touches gives you shivers, and you just want to scream and jump up and down, while your eyes is still glued on the TV screen.
They have this understanding with each other.
She understands him. She gets him.
She has reawoken his human side.
He loves her, and he would do just about anything to protect her.
She is the only person that can affect him tremendously.
Marah ~ (Rickylious)

● ● ●

He wanted her to believe him, to trust him.
He didn’t want Elena as a one-night bleeder.
He wanted her to choose him.
His princess of darkness. That was what she was meant to be.
With him as king, consort, whatever she wished.
When she saw things more clearly, she would understand that it didn’t matter.
That nothing mattered except them being together.
Nightfall ~

"Damon's pretty sure that there's something brewing between him and Elena, and despite what Elena says, we're pretty sure he's right."
~ CWSource

"Because you're a vampire now. And part of you know that you're a lot more like me than you are like him."

"I really think Damon believes that everything he's done, every move that he's made he's done for love."

'I predict...'

A crow smashes into the windscreen. His crow. In answer to the prediction.

The Graveyard. A place that Elena finds comfort. The crow perches on her parents grave, and though it looks like any ordinary crow, something about it holds her attention. She shoos it away; it appears behind her. And then the fog rolls in. Elena's first instinct is fear. She starts to run, yet a part of her cannot resist looking back. She squints through the murk, and she sees a shadow. His eyes brush against hers for the first time, though she barely feels it. She turns away, for now.

'I see a man...there's fog...and a crow.'

He is her future. She just needs to follow her path to reach him.

[ continue here ]

"You and I, we have something, an understanding."

"Yeah, because I thought that he would understand."

"The walls keeping Damon and Elena apart are slowly chipping away."
~ tvgeekarmy

She let her head fall back and suddenly Damon found himself half-supporting her weight.
She was surrendering all thought of herself,
showing him that despite everything she still trusted him, still…
… still loved him.
~ Midnight

● ● ●

I love Damon and Elena because they aren't your typical couple.
They didn't look at each other and know right away that they were meant to be together.
Damon and Elena are about the slow burn.
Their relationship is so special because they have grown so much in such a short time.
They went from almost hating each other (or at least, Elena hating Damon) to mutually respecting each other and enjoying each other’s company.
Elena now sees Damon as a good friend, (with the possibility of more) and Damon is completely in love with her.
The build-up between the two over the first two seasons was amazing to watch and makes their relationship that much more meaningful.
I can’t wait to see where things go in season 3 with them. Both are finally coming to terms with how they feel and the tension will only keep building.
Nina and Ian have amazing chemistry that translates so well onscreen and their passion and intensity makes you want to root for them.
Andra ~ (Andra)

There are so many reasons why I love Damon and Elena that it's impossible to list them all.
Firstly, there's the amazing and undeniable chemistry Ian and Nina have that makes their scenes so natural and full of sexual tension.
Then there's the fact that they're only truly themselves when they're around each other.
She brings out his humanity and kindness and makes him want to be someone better simply by believing in him, something no one else had ever done before.
And in turn, he helps her let loose and brings out that fun, fiery and passionate side of her like no one else does.
They reveal the best in each other and understand one another without even needing words.
They have the chemistry, the connection, the build-up, and that's why Damon and Elena are the real OTP of the series
Rita ~ (Rita1516)

● ● ●

And then Elena remembered why she had come.
How could she have forgotten?
He was hurt.
His mind had summoned her here, battering her with shock waves of rage and pain.
She had come to help him because she belonged to him.
The Fury ~


"Damon loves that Elena stands up for herself & is willing to go toe to toe with him"
~ HeroineTV

"We'll survive this. We always survive. Trust me."

"I can’t stand the idea of you hating me forever."
"Elena and Damon complement each other and challenge each other."



She could not move or look away.
And this time she knew that it was no Power that he was using,
but simply the wildfire attraction between them.
It was useless to deny it; her body responded to his.
~ The Struggle

● ● ●

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved watching those movies, and those shows where a couple would scream passion, romance, angst and have that hint of tragedy to them all at the same time,
but always, I wanted to see something more, to feel something more from the couple.
That chemistry that would stick with you even after the episode was over, even after the show was over.
DE have left me with that feeling, and when I found out, it hit me like a ton of bricks.
It was here, everything that I wanted to see with a couple, was right before my eyes.
The greatest love stories that we know, Jack & Rose, Noah & Allie, Scarlett & Rhett, even Beauty & the Beast, have that timelessness to them,
and the fact that DE have been compared to them, that they share the same similar qualities, is astoundingly magical, and proves of how great they actually are.
They are going to be remembered, and they are going to be IT, even after the show is over, no matter what happens, they're going to leave behind a legacy, along with being on the cover of EW's best television couples.
I have been watching a timeless love story unfold, as have we all, and will continue to do so.
Their legacy and brilliance, will be known and remembered.
Timeless, absolutely timeless.
Mitra ~ (Mitra)

Damon and Elena's journey has been anything but easy.
They've had hardships hurled at them, put their lives on the line for each other time and time again, sometimes let each other down, but at the end of the day, no matter what, there always was and always will be a connection between the two.
They'll always care about each other deeply, whether or not they want to.
They have strong feelings for each other embedded in their hearts.
Whether those feelings are romantic or not, they are there, and they are undeniable.
The chemistry between Damon and Elena is electrifying and intense. Damon and Elena draw out sides of each other that no one else does.
Elena makes Damon human; she is his heart; she makes him selfless.
She makes him care. His humanity had been buried for over a century and never so much as scratched his surface, until he met Elena.
She understood his pain, she was kind to him. Damon lightens up Elena and brings out her fun side. He lets her step away from her problems for a while and live like a normal girl.
She saw the human buried deep inside of him when no one else did, she saw the man that just wanted love more than anything else.
He saw her as more than her manipulative doppelganger, he saw her kindness and that he could trust her.
No matter where their journey takes them, and no matter what the destination is, their connection will never be broken.
Their story will always be laced with an unbreakable connection.
Rachel ~ (standingintherain)

● ● ●

She was…damn it, she was everything .
Witty, enchanting, brave, smart…and beautiful.
And he knew that his eyes were saying all that
and that she wasn’t turning away.
~ Nightfall

"She was willing to call him on his crap & saw something in him that wasn't entirely evil."
~ Portrait Magazine

"Damon just sort of snuck up on me. He got under my skin and no matter what I do, I can't shake him."

"There is something going on between the two of us, and you know it."

His diabolical master plan is in motion, but then he sees her. She looks away quickly when she catches his eye. She knows she should not want to talk to him, and he does not need to talk to her. But he is drawn towards her anyway. He cannot resist.

'Consider this psychopaths feelings hurt.'

He places a hand over his heart, mocking her. He does not realise that one day his own words would mock him right back.

'Are you sure you didn't do anything else?'

Now she cannot resist. That moment is playing over in her mind, that moment when he appeared on her porch. If she accepts that he did as she asked, then she must accept that there is something good inside him.

'Elena, I took away his suffering.'

He says it with a smirk, but even he can't quite believe it.

[ continue here ]

"I like you now, just the way you are."
"Damon and Elena prove touching is overrated."
~ LA Times


Something was building between them, something that
frightened Elena with its power. […]
There was a dangerous glimmer in those dark eyes. "Don't push me, Elena."
She moved closer, so that she was almost touching him, and looked at him.
"I think," she said, "that maybe you need to be pushed."
The Struggle

● ● ●

Damon and Elena.
I mean, where do I even start?
These two really have it all in my eyes.
They have trust, honesty, an understanding of each other (including their faults), and probably my favorite, is that it’s real.
Their relationship doesn’t feel forced to me, it’s natural, and has been built up with time.
And I wouldn’t have it any other way given their circumstances.
He’s a vampire; she’s a human.
He kills people and has a lot of apathy.
She sees the good in people, and shows compassion to everyone she meets.
It would be wrong to say that they would’ve gotten along fine if they had just met each other knowing these things.
They needed time.
Time for him to realize that she was someone he could really trust despite his luck with his brother.
Someone that actually cared about him and thought he was worth saving.
She needed time to get past the fact that for the greater portion of his life he’s killed people with no remorse, and that was a part of who he was.
She saw past that, saw a part of him that was human, that still cared.
They came to know and understand each other, even better than they know themselves, IMO.
At the end of the day, they became friends, but with just a little something more.
Neither could explain, but there was something else there.
They've gone through hardships, including Damon attempting to kill Elena’s brother, Jeremy.
But we see now through all of their struggles, she still cares about him, more than ever as she keeps reminding him to be the better man, to keep fighting.
After all they’ve been through, she still cares about him?
I think that says a lot. Elena still needs time, as she hasn’t fully thought about her feelings yet and how strong they are.
But she’ll get there. And I cannot wait until that day.
I think their story is only just beginning, and let me tell you, it’ll be one for the ages.
Emma ~ (xXEmmaXx)

Damon & Elena are EPIC.
It hasn't been an easy road for either of them, but somewhere along the way, they found each other and here I found my OTP.
They have the most emotional storyline and some scenes are truly heartbreaking, but it’s what makes their story realistic and believable.
Over the seasons, they’ve had countless parallels in their dialogue and actions.
They have the same stubbornness, temper, and softness.
And because of this, even if they won’t always agree with each other, they understand each other on a level that no one else does.
His pain is her pain and her pain is his pain.
They are each other's saviors; both depend on each other more than they let on.
They respect and care about what the other thinks. They are equals who challenge each other.
I love that their banter in the books is the same on-screen: funny, flirty, and free.
Not only do they have the best conversations, but in scenes where there are no words, it's just as powerful because their eyes, hands, touching or not touching – their body language speak for them.
People need to take dancing and hugging and cuddling lessons from these two!
Whatever it is, anything they do feels natural.
He shows her how to have fun but can also bring out the Petrova fire in her, while she remains both his weakness and strength – the only person in his life who can send him off the deep end and the only one who can bring out his humanity.
They were made for each other.
The chemistry was there from the very beginning when he planted a kiss on her hand, but I started to ship them when he stroked her cheek while she was sleeping, in the third episode.
She became his home and he had found the one thing that was dearer to him than life itself.
Their story is unlike any other; a perfect slow burn. First bite: on her neck.
First kiss: on his lips.
Flawless couple is flawless.
I love Damon/Elena so much, they are my bbs.
I’m so far gone with this ship; I will ship them for eternity.
Melissa ~ (Brucas <3)

● ● ●

The difference, Elena’s native honesty told her,
was that she didn’t give a damn about any of the others.
But Damon was different.
When he kissed her she could feel the difference inside her.
Something she had never felt before…
Shadow Souls

"The pair have an innate understanding of one another – one that doesn’t require words."

"You're better than this!"
"I feel good. I want more."

"I know I don't deserve your forgiveness, but I need it."
"Yeah, but if it wasn’t for you."

"Like some dark guardian angel, Damon keeps proving his love to Elena."
~ Hitfix


She cared about Damon. She really did.
It was usually difficult being with him
because they were alike in so many ways.
Headstrong, each wanting their own way, passionate, impatient…
She and Damon were alike.
Shadow Souls

● ● ●

I love Damon and Elena, and it's not because they have amazing chemistry (which they do have) or because I love the good girl/bad boy thing.
Delena story is THE story of TVD for a number of reasons. Damon is a vampire who spent 145 with his humanity switch off.
A switch that a 17 years old girl turned back on.
Those two souls found each other in the most unexpected ways, and right from the start, a magical connection happened.
They shouldn’t care for each other.
They shouldn’t understand each other.
But they do.
Elena is the only person who sees the real Damon, and Damon is the only person who brings out the real Elena into the surface.
Elena doesn’t pretend when she is around him, and Damon leaves his guards down when he is around her.
Their relationship is a roller coaster of emotions: Love and hate mixed together with an amazing intensity.
Damon doesn’t want to feel, because he always ends up getting hurt.
He was always second best: for his father, for Katherine... And he doesn’t want to go through that again.
But he cannot control the way he feels about Elena.
Elena doesn’t want to have feelings for Damon.
Because he is her boyfriend’s brother; Because she doesn’t want to be like Katherine; Because Damon has done terrible things. But she cannot control her heart either.
Their journey is incredible.
This is what an “Epic love story” is all about.
It happens when the feelings are out of control.
It happens not because it “sounds right” but because it “feels right”.
It happens when the feelings are so strong that they overpower all logic.
Damon and Elena had never shared an “I love you speech”;
They just shared a real sweet kiss. But they already own our hearts, because their dynamic and their potential is just... out of this world.
Damon and Elena are the same people deep inside: Strong, passionate and willing to do anything for love.
They have to fight for each other.
They have to fight to get there.
And we will be here.
Every step of the way.
Nia ~ (niadk)

At this moment, there are approximately 38461304325719 reasons why I love Damon and Elena.
And the best part is they continue to keep that number growing every single episode.
But I believe that the main reason I ship them is that their relationship is realistic.
They didn't just happen overnight.
The best love stories take time to develop and build-up is Damon and Elena's specialty.
The beauty of it as viewers is that you get to see them mature as characters and as a couple to ship.
They've grown to trust each other because there has been no pretense since the beginning.
Elena knows about Damon's imperfections, being the evil brother, but she also knows that there is something more to him than meets the eye.
There is a humanity she has brought out of him.
Same goes for Damon, he knows about Elena's weaknesses being a mere human yet he sees the feisty and fierce Elena that he knows is emotionally strong.
They completely balance each other out.
And no one can deny the chemistry these two have.
The looks they keep on sharing can give an Electric Company a run for its money.
Everybody just sees it.
They are THAT intense.
Every scene, may it be extremely hot, romantic, tear-jerking or fun... they make it work.
They always do.
And the parallels... The necklace, the porch, the kitchen, the bed, the bourbon, the road trips, Teddy, saving each other's lives and other awesome parallels I haven't mentioned... these are endgame stuff.
No more denying.
They belong with each other.
While I believe the relationship Damon has with his brother is just as important, I must say that Elena and Damon's story is definitely the heart of the show.
Trish ~ (SaphSeraphine)

● ● ●

She wanted to follow.
Nothing was real. Didn’t he understand?
She could not imagine a universe, no matter how many dimensions there were,
without a Damon in it.
There was no world for her if there was no Damon.

"There’s something about Damon and Elena that gives the viewer the impression that they can read each other’s minds a bit."
~ Zap2it

"Yes, I worry about you. Why do you even have to hear me say it?"

She is expecting Stefan. She gets Damon instead.

Her eyes run over him, over every inch of bare skin, before she catches herself, and wrenches her eyes up to meet him. She suddenly feels very hot, as his eyes glimmer at her. But she covers it with a raised eyebrow. She folds her arms. She won't let him see that she is flustered.

'You look...'







'Wrecked. You look wrecked.'

She forces herself to focus, and she asks him how he's doing. Because she has been worried about him. She has been worried about this monster that is almost a friend.

His words slur, his eyes sparkle with mischief. He's in a playful mood. Elena is the light piercing his darkness.

His fingers slip on the buttons of his shirt, and he glances back at her, eyes round with need, lips turned down in a pout. He asks for her help. She fixes him with a frown, but she steps forward without hesitation, and as she stops in front of him, inches from his bare chest, the smallest smile betrays him.

Something bubbles up inside of her, a giddy feeling. Elena cannot explain why she does it, why she tells him. But she realises she wants too. She wants him to be happy with her. She's happy to share that moment with him.

'So, I met my birth mother.'

'Ugh. Who cares.'

He rolls his eyes, and Elena's widen.

But then he leans that little bit closer, and fixes his eyes on hers. His brighten, warming hers with their boldness. The air between them thickens.

'She left you. She sucks.'

Her lips part. That glow in her eyes is wonder.

She hears footsteps and the spell is broken. She shakes her head, and pushes her hair back. It's a nervous gesture. She says Stefan's name and hates that she sounds breathless.

As Damon leaves the room, he smirks. Looking Elena right in the eye, he buttons up his shirt with ease, and her cheeks burn. It had all been an act. An act to get her close. She spits fury. Her guilt for having been so compelled by Damon, making her blood boil that much more passionately.

[ continue here ]

"I'm here until the very end. I'm not leaving you."
"Something’s changed between Damon and me.
Much more than it ever used to be.

"I love how freely he'll admit his feelings for Elena now."
~ EW


Stefan was her lynchpin,
but Damon was the fiery breath beneath her wings.
However far she went,
Damon seemed to lure her on just a little farther.

● ● ●

Damon and Elena, Elena & Damon.... even sounds poetic, don't you think?
I feel there are no words to describe them.
Their relationship is so, so complex, sometimes they wish to kill each other because they drive each other insane, and sometimes they just want to comfort each other.
It is so interesting to watch every scene of them, no matter the length because this tension is always there.
They see each other as friends because "It will always be Stefan" but deep down we know that's not true and finally, after two seasons they are realizing that too.
It's been a difficult path for them so far.
They fight so much because they are both such passionate characters and that's the same reason why they are the best team when they are working together for a common goal.
They've been friends and enemies but the most important thing is they can't stay away from each other;
They are attracted to each other, and is not just physical.What they have started with an understatement, Elena gets Damon like no one else can and no one else will and Damon brings a side of Elena that few people have seen.
She is carefree and she actually smiles when she is with him. Like I said, they complete each other.
Damon is the freedom and the "5 minutes" to Elena's life and Elena is the light to all the darkness in Damon's life.
She is basically his humanity.
I can say without hesitation that there's so much potential for these two.
They have everything needed to be a never forgotten TV romance.
Caro ~ (heartless_soul)

I admit that what initially drew me to this pairing was how gorgeous they looked together,
but as their story began to unfold all those shallow (albeit understandable) reasons were tossed out the window.
From their very first meeting there was already that undeniable spark between them.
Damon picked up on the different side he brought out of Elena straight away: her spunk, attitude and overall BAMFness that we’ve continued to see throughout her journey in the series.
And in turn, Elena brought out the humanity he had been trying so hard to bury deep inside of him.
We got to see glimpses of this as early as their second meeting with each other and it has been an ongoing difficult and heartbreaking arc this season.
Their romance is epic, not because we’re told that but because it simply is.
Never have I witnessed a pairing with so much range and so many layers that encapsulate our Damon and Elena.
They have the passion, sweetness, angst, snark, humour, sexiness, longing, the light and the dark.
They break your heart while at the same time can make it soar, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Amongst all the pain and agony that these two incredible characters (and us as viewers) have to go through,
they continue to share such breathtaking and beautiful moments filled with gestures of how far they would go to save each other, confessions of love and a heart stopping yet tentative first kiss. Damon/Elena are hands down, the OTP of OTPs.
Steph² ~ (LittleDevotional)

● ● ●

Her fear drained away, and she laughed.
What was wrong with her, to have ever been afraid of him?
They understood each other very well.
The Struggle

"You have every right to hate me. I understand,
but you hated me before, and we became friends.

"I can’t deny that ever since I turned… my feelings for Damon have become more intense."

Fate whispers to the wolf,
“You cannot withstand the storm”
The wolf whispers back,
I am the storm"

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It seemed that there was no slightest motion she had made,
no briefest word that she had said,
that he had not noticed and locked in his heart as a treasure.

● ● ●

What can I say about Damon and Elena?
They are so unique and special for so many different reasons….
I guess I’ll mention a few of the main causes that make D&E so exceptional in order not to write pages and pages .
The first thing that drew me to them was how Elena became Damon’s humanity.
Elena finally made Damon to feel again, to be alive, to be happy, and to experience new emotions brought with the sentiment of REAL love.
Then, Damon made this for Elena in the sense that she had become just a shell of what she was after all the suffering she had to go through.
But Damon made her feel alive again, lit up that spark in her, that passion and fire so innate of her.
There is also the fact that Damon and Elena didn’t become a couple in just a short amount of time.
They had build-up… really SUBSTANTIAL build up.
They didn’t start in the best terms but Elena took time to care about Damon and Damon slowly and inevitable fell in love with her.
Elena later also fell inevitable in love with Damon (…and boy she tried to deny it).
She wasn’t expecting it of course… to fall in love with her boyfriend’s brother but “The heart wants what the heart wants”.
Moreover, there is the also the detail that DE are never boring (to us or to each other), they are unpredictable, they challenge themselves and they both spark that fire in each other.
Lastly, I must mention their chemistry and connection which are so strong, explosive and electric… it’s amazing to see them.
All of this explains why I love D&E so profoundly!
Roxy ~ (rrr222)

Love is not an easy road, it has many steps and bumps, it's not always butterflies and rainbows,
it's hard, really hard, but when you love someone enough, it's worth the fight.
Never have any words described DE better than those.
When Damon first came to town, he wanted to hurt Stefan and make him suffer by going after Elena, but it didn't work because soon after, he started to care about her, and protect her, and save her.
Elena makes him feel things he never thought he could feel, she brings out that humanity he has tried to bury and he fell in love with her.
And Damon brings out Elena's fun side, he tells her the truth, he makes her smile, he challenges, something that she needs.
DE have come so far from their first scenes, they have fought, they have laughed, they have loved, they have lost, but no matter where their journey takes them now, they will go through it together, no matter what.
Sara ~ (NBalways)

I love Delena for their strength and depth
I love them for their trust and unwavering devotion
Damon and Elena have seen each other at their worst and can still look one another in the eye and see a reason to believe
At their very core - Delena is faith and absolute acceptance
It's a love so real that it touches everything and everyone around it
Because it's them against the world
I ship Delena because it's a love that could never sink
Because for Damon and Elena, falling in love was never a choice
It was necessary..Like breathing
I love Delena because they ARE love
Jessica ~ (Fated 4 FayLee)

● ● ●

“Show me,” whispered Elena.
And she knew that something else in her mind was whispering too,
whispering different words. […] Whispering, I’m yours…
Shadow Souls

"There's a closeness between Elena and Damon that she might try to ignore and fight, but it’s obvious to everyone around them."
~ Julie Plec
"Damon, you’re so close. Don’t give up."

"Wanna know what I think? I don't think I've ever seen you more alive."

S e a s o n 1 P l a y l i s t
(1x01) OneRepublic - Say (All I Need)

(1x03) Moby - Temptation

(1x04) Sofi Bonde - Fallout

(1x07) Sanders Bohlke - The Weight of Us

(1x11) Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love

(1x11) Editors - An End Has a Start

(1x11) The Dandelions - On a Mission

(1x11) Julian Casablancas - Out of the Blue

(1x18) Paramore - Brick By Boring Brick

(1x19) Coldplay - Clocks

(1x19) Within Temptation - All I Need

(1x20) OneRepublic - Marchin On

(1x22) Lifehouse - It Is What It Is

(1x22) Stateless - Bloodstream

S e a s o n 2 P l a y l i s t
The Script - Breakeven (2x01)

OneRepublic & Sara Bareilles - Come Home (2x01)

Lifehouse - In Your Skin (2x03)

A Fine Frenzy - Ashes and Wine (2x03)

Kris Allen- I Need To Know (2x05)

Athlete - Wires (2x06)

Sleeperstar - I Was Wrong (2x08)

Rie Sinclair and Mike Suby - No Way Out (2x10)

Hurts - Stay (2x13)

Ryan Star - Losing Your Memory (2x13)

Trent Dabbs - Last Kiss (2x18)

Birdy - Skinny Love (2x21)

Levi Kreis - I Should Go (2x22)

S e a s o n 3 P l a y l i s t
(3x01) Andrew Belle - Make It Without You

(3x01) Martin Solveig and Dragonette - Hello

(3x02) Jason Walker - Echo

(3x03) Christina Perri - Distance

(3x04) Civil Twilight - Human

(3x05) Shady Bard - Torch Song

(3x06) Cary Brothers - Take Your Time

(3x08) James Vincent McMorrow - We Don't Eat

(3x10) Ross Copperman - Holding On, Letting Go

(3x11) The Naked and Famous - Punching In A Dream

(3x14) Hurts - Devotion

(3x14) Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love

(3x15) The Civil Wars - Poison & Wine

(3x16) Aidan Hawken - The Argument

(3x19) Civil Twilight - Dying To Be Born

(3x19) Florence + the Machine - Never Let Me Go

(3x19) Christel Alsos - When the Light Dies Out

(3x20) The Fray - Be Still

(3x21) Analogue Revolution - Light

S e a s o n 4 P l a y l i s t
Little Dragon - Twice (4x01)

Marina & The Diamonds - Fear and Loathing (4x02)

Calvin Harris - Feel so Close (4x04)

Anders Magna - Glamour (4x04)

Olivia Broadfield - Happening (4x04)

Fay Wolf - The Thread of the Thing (4x06)

Laura Veirs - Little Deschutes (4x07)

Ed Sheeran - Kiss me (4x07)

Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (4x08)

Morning Parade - Speechless (4x08)

Amy Stroup - Covering Your Tracks (4x09)

Bastille - Oblivion (4x09)

Snow Patrol - New York (4x10)

Phantogram - 16 Years (4x11)

Zola Jesus - Skin (4x11)

Mindy Smith & Matthew Perryman Jones - Anymore Of This (4x16)

"Somewhere along the way, you decided that I was worth saving."

"It's so obvious that Elena should be with Damon."
~ HollywoodLife


She reached for the candle, meaning to take it and leave him,
fighting off the dizziness that threatened to overcome her.
But before she could grasp it, he did something extraordinary.
He caught her reaching hand, not roughly but gently,
and held it in his cool slender fingers.
Then he turned her hand over, bent his dark head, and kissed her palm.
The Awakening

● ● ●

The chemistry and spark between Damon and Elena is enough to set the entire universe on fire.
Their bodies call out for each other, they can’t help but roam and devour each other’s faces with their eyes, absorbing every little detail there is.
The passion and raw desire is undeniable.
Their body language and attraction speaks volumes.
But this is not the only thing that makes me ship DE hardcore.
What makes my heart swell with joy is how selfless and determined they both are.
The love Damon has for Elena is endless, and his actions have definitely proved this.
There’s no one in the world Damon cares more about than Elena.
He wants to become the better man for her. He wants to be forgiven.
He wants to deserve her.
He will always choose her.
Elena understands him, she decided he was worth saving, and in the end of the day she’ll always forgive him.
She has fun around him; she can be herself and let things go.
They’re perfect for each other, because they’re like two pieces of a puzzle that are meant to fit together, forever and always.
Karla ~ (xKarlaCruz)

Damon and Elena have changed the world of tv forever with their epicness.
I have never seen a pairing so well written with such a beautiful journey.
Their relationship is based on trust and honesty. They have a chemistry that goes through the roof.
They are not one of these rushed couples that don't make sense.
They have had the best build-up ever so far and their journey is far from being over.
They love each other for what they really are, they have never hidden who they were from each other.
They bring out the best in each other.
They are better persons together.
He makes her happy and secure like no one else does.
She makes him care and feel like no one else does.
You can't deny what is going on there.
They belong together.
Pauline ~ (Pauline<3)

● ● ●

Even as Elena was sitting up and turning in her dream, she was holding out her arms.
This person belonged with her.
He was her magic, her solace, her best-beloved.
It didn’t matter how he’d gotten there, or what had happened before.
He was her soul’s eternal mate.
Shadow Souls

"Elena and Damon have grown ever closer. It's that kind of foundation upon which lasting relationships grow."
~ TVFanatic
"Why don't you let people see the good in you?"

"Come on, Damon. That’s a lie. You care."

He spots her. He feels strangely giddy, like a little boy again. He feels as far from a monster as he ever has since he turned. He takes a breath, and approaches. They will have to talk about it now.

'But you'll do it anyway, for Elena.'

Damon can say nothing to that, he can barely smirk.

Alone together. But Elena is distracted, Damon guesses. She is not full of excuses and apologies. She does not mention it, but it's burning him up inside. He prods her, pushing her to say something, but her eyes are dull with confusion. Then she tries to leave.

Damon grabs her arm, pulling her back to him.

'If you want to forget it happened, fine. But I can't.'

His lips are still tingling from the touch of hers. His eyes begin to drift again.But Jenna appears, and he steps back. He does not want to make this hard for Elena, he just wants to talk about it. He listens to them, listens to their confusion.

And that's when he feels a stake through his heart. It was Katherine that he kissed.

[ continue here ]

"Going after Elena? Bad move. You leave her alone or I’ll rip you to bits."
"How much do I love Damon trying to protect Elena from herself?"
~ daemonstv


But he'd been decent to her when she'd been confused and irrational.
He'd taken her to shelter; he'd kept her safe.
And he hadn't kissed her while she'd been in that horrifyingly vulnerable state.
He'd been… kind to her.
The Fury

● ● ●

I've never really been good at testimonies, but I felt that I should for Damon and Elena, even though I don't come to the thread as much as I use too.
I use to come to the thread every day.
It was the highlight of my day, seeing all the threads we pass, and what titles people come up with.
I've been lucky enough to see the first thread when the board was just opened, and even though I don't post as much as I did, I still find myself lurking.
My passion for the couple has not failed.
And it's because there is only one Damon and Elena; A couple who are flawed, and passionate, whether their together or apart.
But when you bring them together, they always seem to bring out so much.
With him, it's his humanity, with her it's reality.
Damon forces Elena to face the reality of her relationships, especially with Stefan.
Sometimes it's a bit over the top and those choices sometime, turn out to put a dent on their growing bond, but that's why they’re so great.
It makes every stare, every touch they make, whether it’s a hug or hands touching, that makes Damon and Elena's moments so special.
You never know what you’re going to get with them.
It’s why I love Damon and Elena so much.
It’s because you see themselves grow together.
Elena once said she didn't know what Love was, and neither did Damon, it's that statement that makes you think that they can discover it together.
They can find it in each other.
Damon, for over hundred years spent his life obsessed with someone, loving everyone around him but not getting it in return, until the moment he was dying and Elena said, she liked him for who he was, just the way he was.
Elena wouldn't change a thing about Damon, and Damon wouldn't change a thing about her either.
They understand and care for each other like no other couple.
Their build up is real and moving and as a fan you enjoy the changes in relationship.
How everything sometimes feels like it's the end, but somehow Damon and Elena pull through.
Their bond doesn't slow down.
It keeps moving and growing till one day it will turn into love for both.
It has to because their kind of connection doesn't just happen, or fade away.
Their love transcends through everything. It's like their poster once said: drawn together and not pulling away.
That's how it should be.
They’re twin flames, and no one will get them like each other.
No one will ever take each other's place.
They are meant to be, and one day, when they both realize it, it's not going to some fairy tales.
It’s not going to easy going or sappy, because it's going to real.
There will be fireworks, and unconditional love in the most beautiful way.
I've never been so happy to ship a couple like I am Damon and Elena.
Because there are a thousand reasons not to ship them, but yet you can't help but see the beauty that is their relationship.
You can't help but root for them, because there is no one like them, and there never will be.
I can't wait to see what happens in the future for them because I know it's going to one amazing rollercoaster.
Congrats on so many threads you guys.
You make me so proud to be a part of such amazing fanbase, I wouldn't change a thing about you!
Tiff ~ (DefineDelicate)

● ● ●

There was nothing sweeter in her life these days than Damon’s kisses.
She could drift like this forever, forgetting the outside world. […]
But if she could always come back to this, this welcome, this sweetness, this ecstasy…
Shadow Souls

"Elena may not realize it yet, but all the fans do. She belongs with Damon"
"It's right. Just not right now."

"No, Elena. This is our time. It's never been right before, but it is right now."

"I want you to remember the things you felt while he was gone."
" You two idiots can't stand that she's happy because of me."

"I'm always entertained by the possibility. Elena and Damon have fun together. It's fun to watch them together because they do have a rapport in the way they play."
~ Nina Dobrev


with the utmost gentleness,
and without glancing around to see if anyone was watching them,
Damon cupped Elena’s scarf-bound cheeks with his bare hands,
pulled the scarf just below her lips with his thumbs, and kissed her softly.
Softly—but not briefly,
and something in Elena kept whispering to her that
of course she had heard his call from the moment she first saw him,
first felt his aura call to her.

● ● ●

I believe it is impossible to not love DE if one loves the characters of Damon and Elena both as they bring out what is best in each other and make the other one grow.
All great love stories, of the kind that are the most memorable, are of couples who need to work at it to finally end up together.
They face many obstacles, from third parties intervening to their own making
-their fears, stubbornness, self-worth issues-
But after all the struggle, both inner and outer, they finally grow, both as characters and a couple to reach a point where it is time to open themselves to one another completely and claim the other as their true eternal mate.
And that is the moment everyone has been waiting for.
That is the moment the whole story has been building for.
Every obstacle in their way was there to bring them a step closer to one another, to add more meaning to their story, to make it even more memorable, more striking.
And DE is made of that kind of greatness.
Theirs is the story that already managed to strike something special in a lot of people.
Theirs is the relationship that gets lots of build-up and intrigues and moves everyone one way or another and has them talking.
They are THE couple of the show that everyone responds to. DE is the couple who has a story that needs and deserves to be told and TVD is telling that story.
Asena ~ (Schumiac)

If you asked me to write a testimonial on any other ship that I enjoy, I'd throw something together in minutes.
I'd mention a few scenes, say that I loved them, and then I'd send it off without a second thought.
But this is Damon and Elena.
This is my ultimate ship of all time, that nobody can ever touch.
Part of me doesn't even want to write one, because I'm afraid that no words can do them justice.
Their story has been crafted with such care, and such intimacy, that every time I try and get my head around what they have come to mean to me, I simply dissolve into a fit of giggles.
Both Damon and Elena are on separate journeys, yet they are Twin Flames, and their paths will forever intertwine.
I could rave about so many scenes, so many looks, so many quotes.
I could talk endlessly about the chemistry shared between Ian and Nina.
But what really excites me, is all that there is to come.
With that one kiss, Elena has finally taken that step.
Soon, we will see her struggling with those feelings she had always buried before.
No doubt we'll see more tears. But we'll also see laughter, and smiles.
We'll see their first real kiss, their first mutual hug, the first time that they make love.
This is the journey.
This is the story.
Elena doesn't think that Damon knows what love is? But neither does she.
They'll find out, when they come to love each other.
Nat ~ (foxyfreds)

● ● ●

Something was shining on Damon's face.
She reached toward it, touched it, and lifted her fingers away in wonder.
"Don't be sad," she told him, feeling the cool wetness on her fingertips.
But a pang of worry disturbed her.
Who was there to understand Damon now?
Who would be there to push him, to try to see what was really inside him?
The Fury

"Damon and Elena are without a doubt the most sexually frustrated on the show."
~ CelebCafe
"I’m in love with a woman I can never have."
" I love you, Damon... I love you."

W i s h L i s t
Elena glancing at Damon then turning away but him catching her

High five

Hand holding

DE reading together

Awkward moments full of tension

kiss - interrupted

Almost kiss - stopping themselves

Drunken escapades

Drinking competition rematch

More snuggling

Mutual hug/Damon hugging Elena

Foreheads touching

Longing looks

Elena sleeping/passed out on Damon’s bed

DE in the snow

Frustrated UST explosions

Elena to make Damon laugh

Sitting on the couch, one laying their head in the other's lap

Elena to stroke Damon's face

Snow scenes!

Elena breaking something with her super-force because she sees Damon with his new “love interest”.

Damon comforting Elena in his arms because she fears about the future, about hurting Jeremy, or because she misses Rick/her family.

Elena comforting Damon in a sad moment and them sleeping (just sleeping!) together in her/his bed into each other arms.

Elena having a tender moment with Damon and Jeremy as a beautiful dysfunctional family.

Damon and Elena sharing blood to save each other or during… DEx.


"If I admit it- If I even thought it for just a second, what does that say about me?"

"The wonderful thing about Damon and Elena's relationship is how deftly and patiently it's been developed."
~ Zap2it


She was facing him now,
but strangely Damon didn’t find himself tracing the blue veins in her fair, smooth skin.
He found himself staring hungrily at her slightly parted lips.
They were…almost impossible to resist.
Even in sleep they were the color of rose petals, slightly moist, and parted that way…[…]
It seemed to jerk him out of a dream world.
What had he been thinking? Risking everything, all his plans, for a kiss ?

● ● ●

"The usual words, epic, star crossed, meant to be, do not seem to suffice in explaining the unique connection that Damon and Elena share.
The way that they challenge each other, push each other to their limits, and ultimately, as all the best loves do, bring out the best in each other, is like no other.
She brings out his humanity, that seemingly lost part of him that feels, and he inspires to her laugh and let loose.
He is her rock, her constant when everything is falling apart.
And yet despite all that they do for each other and the numerous times they have saved each other, emotionally and physically, there is still so much between them that is unspoken and constantly communicated through looks and small gestures.
The chemistry between them is simply electric, they are THE definition of the slow burn until the day that their passion combusts.
This eternal dance that they are constantly taking part in shows no signs of slowing down, because its driving force, and the backbone of their relationship is passion, respect and complete understanding of who the other person really is.
No matter where their relationship stands, they always come back to each other.
They are each other's constant, when one is in the dark the other brings the light.
Their back and forth, their ups and downs are the reason we love them, and the reason they are meant for each other.
Yes, it's difficult and there are many times that they could have given up on each other, but they don't.
And they won't.
Because, after all, "no one writes songs about the ones that come easy."
Sophia ~ (*~Sophia~*)

Damon and Elena are more than the average couple.
Their bond is stronger, their passion is fiercer.
Their feelings are deeper, wilder and easily brought to extremes.
Parted of mistakes, their imperfect journey actually makes them perfect for each other because they have already acknowledged each other's strength and flaws.
They've seen the other desperately fighting.
They've seen each other losing and winning.
They've seen each other in dark places and still accepted each other for what they really were.
Damon's love for Elena is unimaginably intense.
It is loyal, feverish to a point where he'd kill himself, and let her hate him for it, if at the end of the day, it would save her life.
Elena brings forbidden feelings out of him, forgives his mistakes, knows his soul, sees what man he really is behind his mask and behind the walls he so particularly built over years of hurt.
Elena does not want to feel something for Damon but she cannot help herself; she does.
She does not want to admit the reality of the "something" between them.
She does not allow herself, but one day, she will have to face it.
She'll have to confront what happened in Damon's room and until then, both of them are not ready for the other.
Damon has to find his soul, get used to have his humanity back and Elena has to find herself. Kevin Williamson said it himself; these characters need to find their souls first. Mates will come later.
Marie ~ (x0x0gossipgirl)

● ● ●

She realized that the way to calm this maelstrom was to become part of it,
neither giving in nor forcing Damon to,
but by meeting the passion in the undertow with what was inside her own heart.
As soon as she did, the undertow became wind,
and she was flying and not drowning.
No, it was better than flying, better than dancing,
it was what her heart always yearned for.
A high still place where nothing could ever harm them or disturb them.

"If it doesn't happen for Damon with Elena - I think it's going to be a slow roast, but I would imagine if that doesn't work out, he'd probably just take his ring off. I don't think it would be worth it anymore."
~ Ian Somerhalder

"I'm telling you, it's the most real thing I've ever felt in my entire life."

"I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t here."

She stands atop the stairs, battered but smiling. Framed by a soft light, she looks like an angel to him.The look upon his face is something pure.

She throws herself down the stairs and into his brothers arms. Damon's smile falters. It's not that he truly believed she was running to him, nor that he is surprised. It's just another reminder, that she can never be his.

It's as he thinks that, that she looks up. Just as once before, she holds his stare over the shoulder of the man that she is supposed to love. She holds the stare of the man that she is meant to.

[ continue here ]

"I will always choose you."

"Does this feel wrong?"

"Elena and Damon continue to steal the show every chance they get."
~ TVWatchTower


"I think you'd better leave now."
She didn't want him to talk anymore.
His voice did strange things to her,
made her feel oddly weak, started a melting in her stomach.
The Awakening

● ● ●

Damon and Elena started out representing a forbidden underdog for me.
Although the so called “it” evolved.
It grew a breath of fresh air with mysterious fascination at first.
Then wings of fierceness with their first encounter, the gentle brush of his lips against her smooth hand.
Honesty and immediate understanding struck me, disillusioned me completely so soon, so not deep into the series.
I loved when he made her laugh.
It swelled when I thought, beaming, it indeed will come down to the love of a woman for the lost, allegedly evil soul of his, which pounds in the chest, wounded, yet still there to be somewhat saved, to eventually seek home in Her arms.
Harsh words were spitted out, brief angry palm broke the alarmingly red silence and there she was so mad with her Twin Flame, just fuming.
And I grinned.
I knew this was “IT”.
Unspoken chemistry boils when their eyes meet for an even a second lasting gaze.
Their alike minds understand source of each other’s decisions.
The same priorities, different angles although same passion.
The liberation of their hidden features is immediate, it just happens with them, it’s carefree and out there, natural and so real it burns your soul with its beauty.
With Damon and Elena slow burn got reinvented meaning genius screaming from all the lines, gestures, looks while it’s all about their characters’ journey.
Now I understand it’s not wishful thinking anymore, it’s grounded and destined to be, something I simply couldn’t resist.
They’re everything, still growing to be more because the fight goes on as they seek their own paths slowly discovering how meaningful and worthy they are of each other, how they crave for the one true love that will one day explode uniting their hearts in an everlasting embrace.
I call it one word: EPIC!
Paulina ~ (MademoisellePaulina)

Reading about them for the first time I just fell in love with their names and the sound of them together.
Damon and Elena sounded so beautiful and I felt like these names just fit together.
I didn´t even know about their story and never saw their faces, but just the sound of their names got me interested, so I decided to check out WHO Damon and Elena really were.
I never regretted it.
From the very beginning I adored how Elena stood up to him even knowing he was a vampire that could easily kill her.
I also couldn´t believe that he didn´t even try to hurt her after she slapped him several times.
I am mean, he was a killer, but still he didn´t hurt her. After a while, I realized how deep the relationship between them really was.
She is the very first and the only one who could see behind his mask and didn´t see just a monster in him.
After 145 years, he found someone who believes in him and gave him a chance!
She is his humanity, and he gave her fire back that she lost after her parents died.
Damon would do anything to keep her alive; he would die for her.
She isn´t just his humanity, she is his home, and she is the only one he can trust.
Elena always forgives Damon and has the ability to understand him.Even while "hating" him, she still understands him.
For me Damon and Elena are the epic couple of TVD!
Jana ~ (Spuffy at heart)

I love DE for so many reasons and I know that I will forget half of them in this short text.
Their relationship is one of the most beautiful stories displayed on a TV show, and I will try to focus on what is the most important for me: their feelings.

Even though it was never easy for them to be together, and surely it won’t be easier in the future, they can’t stay apart.
And even if they often disagree, the love that they share is deep and strong.
Why? Because they share something special that is slowly built-up for 3 seasons.
Their lives are so intertwined now that I can’t imagine her life without him and him living without her.

Many people tell her that she shouldn’t trust him, and that he has many flaws.
And it’s right: he is far from being perfect.
But she doesn’t care, and she doesn’t need a perfect sweet vampire.
She sees how he has changed since the first time they met and she knows that she can rely on him. No matter what happens, he will always be there for her.

He just wants her to be happy and to live the life that she wants to have. And he needs her to accept him the way he is.
As for Damon, after being hurt during all his life, Elena is the first one who offered him her friendship and now her love.
She knows all the good things he has done for her.
She understands his feelings and insecurities. And now, she will fight for him because she wants him to know how deep she loves him the way he is.

To sum up, with each passing episode, I’m sure that they are meant to be together.
Mirka ~ (Mirka)

● ● ●

Then she felt a pair of strong arms folding around her,
and the heat abruptly got quite intense.
Damon was standing behind her, holding her,
and all at once she was very warm indeed.

"Their relationship continues to evolve; they've become increasingly comfortable around each other."
"I didn't want to see you get hurt, okay? I was worried about you."
"Damon, you can’t keep telling me that this isn’t real.
I know how I feel and that you feel it too, so stop fighting it.

F a n F i c t i o n
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[ more ]

"I promise you, I will never leave you again."

"What if there was no bump?"

"He would always choose Elena over anything, even himself."
~ EW


If I’m being honest with myself,
I have to admit that he touches something deep inside me that makes me shiver—
a part of myself even I don’t understand.

● ● ●

There is no one word to truly describe what Damon and Elena mean to me.
They are the two strongest individuals on the show who are meant to be together. Their relationship has always been real, and they have overcome so many obstacles that only made their bond more everlasting.
In the fourth season, Damon and Elena finally come together as a couple.
Damon was the first one to accept Elena as a vampire, even before she did. He loves her both ways, as a human and as a vampire.
We have finally witnessed DEx, which of course I have been waiting for endlessly!
But my most favorite moment is when Elena finally tells Damon that she loves him. The big I LOVE YOU DAMON.
He has waited all of his life to hear those words uttered to him, and the girl of his dreams was the one to say it.
The look of shock and happiness on his face, and the way he looks up into the sky wondering if this moment is really happening was the best moment on the show, in my opinion.
I have shipped them from the very beginning of the series and I won’t ever stop. They both bring out the best in each other.
Elena brings out his humanity; she sees the good in him when no one else does.
And Damon brings out Elena’s fiery, passionate side.
He makes her laugh and helps her forget all the bad things in life at the moment.
You know that they will always be there for each other because that kind of love doesn’t go away.
Julia ~ (omgitsjulia<3)

Damon and Elena are known as Twin Flames, which means: "Twin flames, also called twin souls, are literally the other half of our soul."
We all have only one twin, the other half that completes you in every way possible.
I found these words to be very powerful and true when it comes to Damon and Elena.
These two balance each other out, bringing out feelings within themselves that they have chosen to keep locked away.
Apart, Elena can be serious and have the ability to take too much upon herself.
Damon on the other hand can be fun, yet dark, suppressing his human half.
Together, they balance each other out, Elena making Damon more human and Damon making Elena let go and just be herself.
Damon and Elena are two halves of a whole and that has been proven many times over the course of the show as well as the books, and for that, it is why my attraction is so strong, a pull and a force that has, and will, continue to only get stronger.
Ashley ~ (toxicgurl169)

● ● ●

With one motion, he jerked her to safety. To himself. His
arms tightened around her, pressing her to the lean hardness of his body, and
suddenly Elena could see nothing. She was enveloped.
The Struggle

"How about that so-thick-you-could-cut-it-with-a-knife sexual tension between Damon and Elena?"

"It matters, and you know it."
"I'm happy."

"If you want to forget it happened, fine, but I can't."
"The bond affects how you act, not how you feel."

"I don't just want to throw them together tomorrow. I'd be sad. I want to see the kiss, I want to see the sweaty palms, I want to see it all go down."
~ Kevin Williamson


As his lips touched hers, his arm around her…changed somehow.
It was no longer trying to restrain her.
It seemed to be wanting to comfort her.
And when his other hand stroked her hair softly at the very ends,
crushing the waves gently,
and just as gently smoothing them out,
Elena felt a rush of shivering warmth.

● ● ●

Sticking to what I said in my initial testominial, Damon and Elena are perfect for each other.
They have grown so much as a pairing and as invidivuals since their first meeting.
When they're with each other they can be themselves: completely open with no BS.
Elena is the one that can get through Damon's seemingly unbreakable facade and bring out his more human side and Damon is the one that makes her laugh and protects her no matter what the cost.
Damon loves her and although she doesn't know it yet, she's on her way to loving him too.
They're fiery, passionate, fun, sexy, lovable, sweet and so much more.
I can't wait to see how their story continues to progress throughout the run of the show.
Kem ~ (naturellebella)

I love DE’s relationship because it is a real, fair and honest one.
They’re on the same level with each other.
Damon doesn’t treat Elena like a fragile baby, he treats her as his equal.
He is not scared of telling her when she’s wrong, he is not scared of upsetting her or making her angry, and so is she.
They confront each other, challenge each other and support each other in many ways.
Elena is Damon’s soul. She gave him a reason to live when he had none.
She believed in him when no one did, she saw the good in him when no one could, and just like that she became his entire universe.
He devoted himself to her safety and her happiness.
He is willing to do anything for her, to make her happy, even if it means he’ll have to watch her spending the rest of her life with his brother.
Damon is Elena’s lighthouse.
She may have not realized it yet, but he is her rock.
Whenever she is in trouble, when everything is falling apart, she calls him, she asks for his help, she needs him by her side.
And if he is not there, she feels his absence.
Right now, Damon is Elena’s constant, her ally, her teacher, her partner in crime, her savior, her confidant, her best friend.
Valentina ~ (Katpee)

● ● ●

I don’t know how I got here , she told him nonverbally.
In fact, she didn’t remember anything before this,
before awakening to his call, only jumbled images.
It doesn’t matter. I’m with you.
Fear seized her. This isn’t…just a dream, is it?
No dream is just a dream. And I’m with you always.
But how did we get here?
Shhh. You’re tired. I’ll hold you up. On my life, I swear it.
Just rest. Let me hold you just once.
Shadow Souls

"I love you, Elena… and it’s because I love you that…
I can’t be selfish with you, and why you can’t know this.

"Because I love you. Because you love me.
You'd do anything for me, so please... do this for me.

Fate whispers to the wolf,
“You cannot withstand the storm”
The wolf whispers back,
I am the storm"

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"You're the liar Elena. And you're lying to me, and you're lying to Stefan, and most of all you're lying to yourself."
"That’s what you do Damon, you think you don’t deserve something so you ruin it. I’m not gonna let you do that this time. "


Do you remember when we first met?
At school, after the lights went out,
when I was measuring for the Haunted House decorations.
I almost let you kiss me then—before I even knew your name—
when you just came drifting out of the darkness.

● ● ●

In my opinion, Damon and Elena are the definition of true love!
Their whole relationship has been built up since the first time they met each other.
They didn't just instantly love each other and jump at each other.
Nope, they slowly progressed their relationship up to the greatness that it is now.
A build up is definitely key to true love.
Just by watching their chemistry in every scene they have with each other it's easy and clear to see that they were made for each other.
I honestly wouldn't want it any other way!
Ashley ~ (Always Choose You)

Damon and Elena's relationship is very intense, and that's what made me love them as a couple.
Especially because they're not even a couple (yet) but the build up is so intense that it makes you feel that way.
I like the fact that there's nothing rushed, they take things very slowly.
Despite everything Damon has done in the past, Elena was always able of seeing the good in him.
And she made him want to be a better person. He struggled a lot with that but eventually came through thanks to her.
Damon is there for Elena, and Elena is there for Damon.
They confort one another, they listen to one another's problems, they share thoughts, they worry about one another's safety, etc...and the sexual tension is there at times.
They're flawless!
And the great chemistry between Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder is what makes their scenes so intense!
It wouldn't be the same without them!
Carla ~ (CarlaTVD)

There are so many reasons why I ship Damon and Elena.
One of the things I love most has been their journey.
Nothing has ever come easy for them.
Their friendship grew slowly and turned into love.
Simply put, they are best friends who fell in love.
They know and understand each other.
They bring out the best and worst in each other.
They've each changed the other.
It also doesn't hurt that Damon and Elena's chemistry has always been off the charts.
We're not at the end of their journey and I know it still won't be easy but I know that they will come through it in the end.
Mary ~ (pixiestyx)

● ● ●

She couldn't help but cling to him as the only solid thing in the rushing world around her.
Then he landed, catlike, taking the impact easily.
Stefan had done something similar once.
But Stefan had not held her this way afterward,
bruisingly close, with his lips almost in contact with hers.
The Struggle

"That's the fun of it. It's waiting and waiting and dissecting every little time he does something nice thing for her, and how it makes her feel - that anticipation, that build-up."
~ Julie Plec

"I came back to make sure you’re okay."
"Listen carefully. Get in your car, right now, and come to me."

Visit Their Boards:
Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev

"I can’t lose you."
"His loyalties and his heart lie with Elena."
~ The Faster Times


Because he'd hurt him, the other one,
the one Elena had been born to be with.
No one could hurt him and live.
The Fury

● ● ●

I’ve been a fan of Damon and Elena since season 1.
From their first interactions, it was clear that they understood each other on a level that others did not, and even in the very beginning, each was able to see through the facade the other had erected.
They were both very damaged, broken people, but they tried to prevent others from seeing that about them.
Yet Damon and Elena could not hide from one another, no matter how much they tried.
They saw each other as they truly were, and this laid the foundation for a beautiful journey that is still far from over.
No matter what has happened between them, no matter how much hurt and heartbreak they have endured at the other’s hands, it’s impossible for them to walk away from one another.
No matter how much they might try to fight it, they cannot help but be drawn back to one another.
They are each other’s constants, and they have come to trust each other and rely on one another more than anyone else.
They anchor each other, support each other, and challenge each other, in all the best ways.
It says so much about how much they care about each other and about the depth of the understanding between them that they can anticipate and sense the other's needs and that they can follow through on providing them.
They have a true partnership, because they are both able to step up when the other needs it, but they are also able to step back when the other needs it.
They do this intuitively, without having to have the other spell things out for them.
Damon and Elena are free to be themselves with one another.
They share their hopes, their fears, their frustrations, their anger.
They've seen each other at their very worst, and this has only brought them closer.
Through it all, the sexual tension between them is obvious, even when they try to fight it.
They have it all: the passion, the trust, the sweetness, the intimacy, the attraction, the playfulness... I love watching this relationship mature, and I can’t wait until the day that we see them take the next step.
Ariana ~ (Ariana2)

It's really hard to find the right words to explain why I love DE because there is no word that will do them justice.
Damon and Elena are my all time OTP.
I have watched so many shows and shipped so many couples, but still, they managed to outshine every love story that I've ever seen or read.
Damon and Elena have it all, the understanding, the trust, the passion, the banter and the love.
They complement and challenge each other on every level. Elena is the only one who can see behind the walls and the mask that Damon puts and she sees who he really is.
She just gets him and always had.
Damon is the only one who really understands Elena.
He sees the compassionate and golden heart woman that she is but he can also see the wild fire that burns in her.
The chemistry between them is just insane.
Every time they get closer, I stop breathing, everytime they look at each other, my heart starts racing and everytime they touch each other, I die a little bit!
There is just so much love between them, it makes me melt.
They have been through so much, they have seen the darkest side of each other, but they never walked away.
They just can't.
What they have is so real, so beautiful, so powerful, they will never be able to walk away.
Like Elena said: they will survive, they always survive, and in the end, it's gonna be just the two of them and their consuming unconditional and eternal love.
Anna ~ (anna0000)

Damon & Elena are amazing.
They have everything; love, angst, humor, fun, hotness.
They are the IT couple.
The couple you root for.
The couple that has to be endgame. It wasn't love at first sight, not at all.
They are so carefully developed over time, no rush.
Elena started off not knowing what to think of him, then she hated him, then slowly starting to trust him again, they became friends and eventually that lead to the relationship they are in right now.
He loves her so much, she finally acknowledged that she loves him too.
They understand and know each other better then anyone.
So much chemistry between DE, which isn't possible if the actor and actress didn't have so much chemistry together.
Ian & Nina are both amazing in their roles.
They are just undeniable.
DE are boyfriend and girlfriend now, yes they have many issues to overcome but they will do it together.
They survive, they always will.
Loes ~ (loezzzje)

● ● ●

Because Damon wasn’t just on her side.
Unless she was wrong, he was willing to die for her—
was courting death for her.

"Damon and Elena's story is one for the ages."
~ BuzzSugar

"I don't want you to be what other people think that you are."
"Being with Damon makes me happy.
When I'm with him it feels unpredictable, like I'm free.

'If you become a liability, I'll take her away from you and you'll never see her again.'

Damon closes his eyes. The mere thought enough to silence him. It is Damon that ends up the victor though. Reaching Elena before Elijah. He will always reach Elena in time, when she needs him.
[ continue here ]

"I’ll do whatever it is you need me to do, Elena. No one’s going to hurt you."
"I’m setting you free, Elena. This is what I want. This is what will make me happy."

"Damon confesses his love and you can see the love on Elena's face."
~ Current Movie Reviews


Elena herself needed no more proof of his feelings about her.
She would always love Damon,
and she would never allow anything to diminish that love.

● ● ●

I guess you can call me a late bloomer because I didn't "officially" start shipping Damon/Elena until season 2 "The Return" last scene.
Yeah yeah, I know weird but I don't know.
There was just something about that specific scene and seeing Damon's desperation for Elena's love; it killed me!
After that I had to join the "fandom", and read every spoiler I could find.
I became addicted.
I might have been neutral in the beginning but I always loved Damon/Elena's relationship.
I could see instantly that they had a real connection, and Ian and Nina's real life chemistry is just seriously off the charts.
The thing I love most about Damon/Elena is that they are more themselves when they are together.
Damon opens up and becomes "human" and Elena becomes this fierce independent woman that I know she can be.
Also Damon actually makes her smile.
With being in danger and your life hanging in the balance all the time, Damon being the one to make you smile says a lot.
I know Damon/Elena's journey will be tough.
I probably will scream, cry, yell, throw things at the TV but with the writers building them up perfectly, I can tell at the end it will be all worth it!
Ashley ~ (Ashley486)

Sometimes certain characters, certain pairings awaken something in you from the first glance.
Other times you need more time to ’feel’ them.
I felt an instant chemistry between Damon and Elena since the moment they met.
The way their eyes twinkled with curiosity and the natural chemistry between Ian and Nina compelled me to be on the outlook for more of their scenes.
Then there is the beautiful way that their story is told, how it unfolds, and all the obstacles on their way to being something to each other.
It doesn’t necessarily mean them being a couple, but just something in each other’s lives.
They went from acquaintances to enemies to tolerated company, to friends, to more than friends, but less than lovers.
It’s 2 and a half seasons later and they’re still on that journey they began together since their first meeting, overcoming personal issues and inner demons and discovering themselves and each other as they go.
I love what they bring out in each other; Elena brings out Damon’s humanity and he brings out her Petrova Fire.
It’s nothing new they create in each other, they’re not changing each other and moulding each other in to things they are not.
They are just what the other needs to reach their full potential to be the best that can possibly be.
They’re beautiful characters and a beautiful couple who can overcome anything and everything together; from inner fears to conquering the world – Damon and Elena can do it all.
Lala ~ (MissDK)

I have never been able to resist the stories of a ‘bad boy’ falling in love and changing because of the love of one very special girl.
Those are some of the best types of romances in the world. Damon and Elena have just that type of love connection.
I have discovered Damon and Elena's relationship has more depth to it, more facets, many more layers to unfold and discover.
Their moments are more precious, they carry more weight than gold. Damon and Elena have the history and the buildup.
They have the foundation, the understanding, and the trust.
I ship DE because of Damon’s development, the way he is capable of loving with everything that is in him.
I love everything about Damon and Elena because of Damon’s loyalty and the raw, unguarded passion with which he loves Elena.
I ship them because even though they fight, they challenge each other, they stand up to each other, they bring out each other’s best and they bring out each other’s worst.
I ship them because both of them have seen the worst qualities in each other, yet still accept each other, and they still have that deep and abiding friendship and companionship despite everything.
I ship them because Elena is always believing in Damon, always expecting nothing but his best even after he messes up.
I ship them because Damon doesn’t let Elena stay stagnant; he doesn’t let her live in her bubble, he challenges her decisions, lets her make mistakes, and he’s the one who is there when she falls.
And Damon does let her fall.
The difference between Stefan and Damon is that, while Damon does let Elena fall, he deeply values her life and her very existence.
He challenges Elena to spread her wings, to broaden her horizons and to see things differently and see things in ways that are out of her comfort zone.
He doesn’t let her brood, and yet he is able to show her compassion and empathy when she needs it.

Damon is not the same person now that he was in S1.
He’s changed, different and all because of his love for Elena.
I ship them because Damon doesn’t hide who he is.
I ship them because I think Damon deserves her more.
He fights for her, for her friendship, for her forgiveness and even for her love. He’s come on this long, three season journey because Elena came into his life. His love for Elena is raw, it’s deep, and it’s reckless.
There are no false pretenses, no pretending to be someone you’re not.
Damon and Elena because they understand each other more on a deep level.
She sees Damon, sees the bad that he has done, and chooses to understand him and see/believe the best in him.
And Damon, in turn, understands Elena too.
It’s real and when it's real you can't walk away.
This time Damon and Elena have gotten it right and no matter what happens it's ALWAYS going to be DE against the world.
Stacie ~ (Piper31)

● ● ●

She could sense Damon's mind beside her as they raced over the snow;
it was like a blaze of red light and fury.
The fierceness inside Elena welcomed it,
glad to feel it so near.
The Fury

"They really do have a complex relationship."
~ TVOvermind

"Do you trust me?" "Yes."
"You know that I trust you."

"I love you. You should know that." "I do."
"Take the cure. Be human with me. We can be together, grow old together."

"They have an undeniable chemistry and a undeniable je ne sais quoi. There’s something there that neither of them can really put their finger on."
~ Nina Dobrev


He knew her weak spots.
Not just every woman’s weak spots.
He knew hers;
he knew how to make her want to cry out in pleasure and how to soothe her.
Shadow Souls

● ● ●

DE are perfect for each other.
Why? because they're ok with each other either way.
They know their best and their worst, they don't have to pretend when they're together, they don't have to live up to anyone's expectations.
They love each other just the way thay are, they can be themselves coz they accept each other unconditionally.
And that's how their love is, UNCONDITIONAL.
It is like that because its foundation is beautiful and amazing friendship.
They are the only people whom they trust the most and absolutely, and know that they are the only ones whom they can truly and totally depend on.
They are always honest with one another, they laugh together, their banter is incredible, but they also fight sometimes, and all of this make them REAL.
They ARE real.
It all began from hate.
It evolved from hate to love, from love to lust, from lust to TRUTH.
When they touch each other, it's like the lightning, it's mindblowing, and every touch is full of love.
Elena and Damon are meant to be.
They are the love story of the show.
They are the ENDGAME.
Monika ~ (Monika_TVD)

Damon and Elena’s relationship is truly one of those most breath taking relationships I’ve ever seen on TV.
I read the books before the show and I’ve always loved Damon and Elena’s relationship, so for me to be able to see writers make adjustments to that relationship and also keep the essence of how their relationship was in the books is truly amazing.
They have such a complicated relationship.
I truly enjoy that I get to see Damon and Elena’s characters grow as individuals and that in itself prepares them to be able to be in a relationship together.
Their relationship has such a strong foundation that is built on trust and friendship and the best part about all of this is that their relationship is being built up over time.
These are some of the components that I look for in pairings.
I also think that in order to be able to truly grasp Damon and Elena’s relationship and what it means for the both of them you first have to be able to understand Damon and Elena’s characters individually.
Elena is such an amazing person.
She is so strong and compassionate among other things.
And then there is Damon who is so passionate and driven.
There are so many similarities between Damon and Elena but then at the same time there are also differences between them and it just balances out their relationship and makes them the perfect match.
I’ve always said that if one really took the time to look at Damon through Elena’s eyes or look at Elena through Damon’s eyes then you will see why they are able to overcome whatever turbulent waters they encounter.
The reason for this is because they have such a deep understanding for one another, even when they hurt each other that understanding is still there, it will always be there and it allows them to be able to forgive each other and move past their differences.
The very fact that their relationship is still lasting even with everything they have been through speaks volumes for me.
That’s why I have no doubt that Damon and Elena are meant to be and no matter what obstacles are thrown their way I know that their relationship will always survive.
Jen ~ (luvDelena)

● ● ●

Will you remember?
For me?
Just that. . . I loved once – just once, really, in my whole life.
Can you remember that I loved you?
That makes my life. . . worth. . . something. . .

"There's passion, tension and anger galore between Elena and Damon."

"I know, I get it, I understand."
"A vampire only bonds to her sire when she has feelings for him
before she turns, human feelings.

"Thank you, not just for this, for everything."

This is the starting of a brand new day.

Two candles burn. Two flames stand together.

She is so beautiful. When she notices him there, she beams. He's got her something. Her necklace. He holds it out for her, for her and for Stefan. But as her voice cracks with emotion, other memories fill the space between them. Memories of trust and of love that have nothing to do with the younger Salvatore.

'I am happy.'

Only because of him.

She asks Damon to help her with it. She invites him into that personal space. Her eyes find his in the mirror, she draws him closer. It's Elena that tugs gently. It's Damon that does all he can not to touch her.

When the tender touch of his fingers leaves her skin, she is the one that turns into him, her eyes grazing his lips. Something has shifted between them. There is a fire within her that is free, making it harder for her to fight.
[ continue here ]

"We should be able to talk about this, Damon. We’re close enough now."
"They also seemed to have a very real unspoken romantic/sexual connection in all of their scenes."


"And who am I? Do you know who I am?"
She smiled up at him, showing him her pointed teeth.
"Of course I do. You're Damon, and I love you."
The Fury

● ● ●

Shipping the couple who have the most beautiful build-up ever to be shown, is certainly a moving experience.
Experiencing every little facet of their long journey makes me get where every feeling and moment comes from, because it’s such an intricate and natural progression.
It's like, I'm walking with Damon & Elena in their journey –
I tremble with their intensity, smile & laugh with them through their happier moments, feel their love in tender and angsty moments, cry with them when they tear up and hurt with them through their pain.
They have the power to rip my heart out, but mend it back together with even more love for them than ever before.
With Damon & Elena, it's complicated, it's hard, it's painful, it drives them crazy at times.
It's passionate and vulnerable.
It's about no masks and seeing the ugly and beauty in the other.
It's about understanding.
It's witty and snarky banter, it's moments of precious compassion.
It's about stretching themselves as individuals, pushing themselves to how far they’re willing to go out of their own comfort zones!
It's chances, it's risks.
It's about challenges that they could stand to lose so much from.
It's powerful. It's growth. It's worth it.
It's about never really walking away.
It's about being able to eventually pass through every mountain in between the way.
It's unconditional love to the finest, and it’s all that and more because both of them are so alike –
headstrong, passionate, stubborn, compassionate, relentless, etc which makes everything all the more intense.
It’s like fire and fire colliding.
There wouldn’t be a clash but a very powerful fuse that doesn’t come easy to handle, but together -
these two flames that join and merge into one, grow together, are more beautiful together, are more stronger together, because together they’re complete.
Mariah ~ (sparklingdarkness)

I love everything about Damon and Elena.
They've been a pleasure to watch ever since episode two, and it's amazing to think of how far they've come.
I love their story, I love their scenes, I love Ian and Nina, and I'm so excited to see what else this show has in store for them.
Last but not least, I'm grateful to be part of this crazy fandom with you flawless ladies.
My testimonial is considered epic for the mere fact that I actually sent one in. Late. <3
Noelle ~ (in a daydream)

● ● ●

No physical pain could compare with what was in her heart,
with the pain of losing what she had lost.
No physical pain could express how she felt.

"Damon and Elena, their banter … sometimes they sound like a little old married couple. They fight back and forth with each other, and it’s pretty darn cute."
~ Ian Somerhalder

"You just can’t stay away, can you?"
"I slept with Damon because I'm in love with him."

C e l e b r a t i o n T h r e a d s
1: Because the darkside is much more fun!

30: Celebrating the King & Queen of Shadows

100: 100 threads of slaps, snarky banter and sexual tension!

300: They are two people in two seperate bodies that share the same soul.

500: 500 threads of 'the better, hotter, superior choice'

600: 600 Threads; Two Hearts; One Eternal Destiny

700: 700 threads of two twin hearts, beating to find one another

1000: 1000 threads of 'something' EPIC

1400: 1400 threads of the cosmic love between the king and queen of our universe

1500: 1500 threads of passion
F u t u r e T i t l e s

Our ship gets all the kisses!



‘ He put his arm behind his head and waited for her to speak as the Epicness Theme played.’ EW

‘And heaven help us we nearly pass out when we realize that her lips are within kissing distance of his bare chest.’ Wetpaint

‘Holy makeout batman!’ Hpost

‘It was pretty much everything I hoped it would be and more, including the Florence + The Machine background music.’ Hpost

‘Girlfriend finally answers all of our prayers and lunges at Damon for possibly the best makeout that has ever been on this show.’ BuzzSugar

‘the person at whom you are staring at before falling asleep, and the person you essentially attack on a hotel balcony, is the person you truly want to be with.’ TVFanatic

Because I'd come for you, no one but you.

Because his heart and hers are exactly the same.

Because he would die for her, he's already proven so.

'She seems to be in the script solely to nudge D toward making nice with his 1 true love.'HitFlix

'D undressing & asking her if she’d like to stay for the show, priceless & unbelievably hot.'ASM

'A part of her wished she had some singles on her, and you know it.' EW

Because when everything falls apart, you will always be in my heart.

[ past titles ] [ more future titles ]

"When I'm with him, he just consumes me."

"You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger."

"Opening his heart like that was an unexpected miracle. That is the gift that Elena gave him."
~ RabidDoll

She had seen him when she was a human girl,
and she had defied him and desired him in equal measure—
and he had seemed to love her best when she was defying him.
She had seen him when she was a vampire and had been drawn to him with all her being.

● ● ●
Two people who lie to themselves to cope, but reveal everything when they’re together.
And how could they not when they’ve had such an understanding between them that has grown from the start.
They saw things in each other no one else could and they continue to do so.
The more they understand the more their trust builds.
The cause and effect domino situation is amazing to watch.
These 2 lost souls trying to find themselves.
When they’re weak, the other will stand up and take the burden for them encouraging the other onward.
They’re in perfect balance saving each other and surviving everything.
I don’t think words are capable of describing just how well-crafted an amazing the journey Damon and Elena are on is.
Both as individuals and together, they’re evolving and growing.
They take falls and get up twice as strong and twice as better suited for each other.
A lot can be said about their chemistry together and over all intrigue of the well-loved badboy/good girl storyline that draws people in, but for me, it’s so much more than that.
It’s not so black and white and simple.
There’s a plethora of grey area blurring the lines with them and so many layers of emotions packed into all their scenes.
All of their actions have meaning so all their scenes have resonance.
Even if it’s just a glance between them without speaking, their eyes tell a million stories.
Sometimes I think this ship can do anything and with the slow burn and careful timing of the writers, they’ve got all the time in the world to do it.
It never ceases to amaze me how flawlessly they’ve driven this journey for them.
The parallels, the subtleties, the timing of everything; it’s unreal.
Sometimes we just need someone to notice us, the real us, to bring out all our full potential.
Damon and Elena are just that for each other.
From the start, they’ve been so amazingly attuned to one another.
Sometimes they get their wires crossed, but when one of them is lying or covering their feelings, the other always knows it.
They might not notice everything around them, but they notice each other and store every little thing they catch from each other and adapt to it,
strengthening the foundation of their friendship and building to something even more.
One of the most brilliant things about their journey together is how everything, even little throw away lines get saved and build toward how their future interactions with each other occur.
They grow and they evolve slowly in tiny little pieces.
It’s an amazing craft the writers are putting together.
Brick by brick.
Steph² ~ (intoxicated dreamer)
● ● ●

"I'm going to have you in the end, you know," he said softly. […]
There was no mockery or malice now; he was simply stating a fact.
"By hook or by crook, as you people say—
that's a nice phrase —
you'll be mine before the next snow flies."
The Struggle

"The almost love team that everyone is rooting for."
~ OK!

"I'm trusting you. Don’t make me regret it."

L i n k s
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O P - C r e d i t s
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and organizing stuff

Steph: Coding and art

"That's your way to a vampire's heart."
"I'm mad at you because I love you!"

"She likes him now - troubled, headstrong, impulsive & deeply worthy of someone’s love."


Too much time around Damon and I’m completely emotional,
ready to kill him or to…or to—I don’t know.
I don’t know!!! We’re like flint and tinder together—
God! We’re like gasoline and a flamethrower!
Please hear me and help me and save me…from myself.
Every time he even says my name…
Shadow Souls

● ● ●
Damon and Elena have amazing potential.
Their chemistry is absolutely undeniable.
Immediately when they met they had an understanding of each other and their friendship has grown.
Elena is the only person to bring out Damon's humanity.
She challenges him, cares for him, and believes in him.
They connect in a way that is unique to them.
Elena has come to rely and depend on Damon.
Even though they have had a few setbacks in their relationship, he has never given up on protecting the woman he loves and never will.
Their connection has grown strong and will only get stronger over time.
They have had a fantastic buildup and their story can only get better as their feelings develop further.
Amanda ~ (Empty_Handed)

In Damon’s entire life, both as a human and vampire, no one, not his father, not Katherine, has ever chosen him.
That is until Elena. She was able to look past the villain façade and see that, despite Damon’s best efforts to prove otherwise, he is a good man.
The look on Damon’s face when Elena told him that she loved him was one of the most beautiful moments that I’ve ever seen on The Vampire Diaries.
The girl that he’s loved for years, that he thought would always choose his brother, finally professed her love to him. Finally chose Damon.

The build-up to Damon and Elena being together has been painful at times, but looking back I'm grateful that the writers haven't made it easy because the best things in life never are.
I was worried how being a couple in love would change them and in a lot of ways it hasn’t. T
hey’re still honest and open with each other. They trust each other.
And even though at times Damon won’t allow himself to fully believe it’s real, they’re in this together.
Damon finally got the girl and as a Damon and Elena fan, everything they have been through over the years makes it all the more satisfying.
Amy ~ (JRBudgrl8)

● ● ●

He suddenly knew a different hunger, a different thirst.
The only place to ease this need was close by.
Desperately, urgently, he sought and found Elena’s lips.
And then he found himself losing control.
What he needed most was here, and Elena might tremble,
but she didn’t push him away.


"If I'm going to feel guilty about something, I’m going to feel guilty about THIS."

In every story, there is that moment. That incident that sparks a new direction, and pushes the tale towards its ending. With two flames such as these, born of the same fire, and yearning to be reunited – such a moment could only be one of phenomenal power.

Their eyes meet much like the first time. But so much has changed. He looks at her with such intensity, and she is frozen still, waiting for him to make his move. He seizes the moment. Her lips rise to meet his, and it is though the world erupts around them. But they are at peace, as they complete one another.

The journey meanders on, but their course is more firmly set than ever.

They were meant to be this way. Like two flames that join and merge into one.
T h e J o u r n e y C o n t i n u e s . . .

"Good Night..."

Fate whispers to the wolf,
“You cannot withstand the storm”
The wolf whispers back,
I am the storm"

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DE Game

Our winner of the 1st Round is The Kitchen Scene 1x03

Our winner of the 2nd Round is the Dance Scene 1x19

Our winner of the 3rd Round is The ILY Scene 2x08

Our winner of the 4th Round is The Deathbed/Kiss scene 2x22

Our winner of the 5th Round is The Kiss scene 3x10

Our winner of the 6th Round is The Bed scene 3x19

Our winner of the 7th round is The Dancing/DEx scene 4x07

Now we will have to choose our 5 or 10 favorite scenes from S4 episode 10 - 15.
The same rules apply and everything is the same as with the other rounds.

Deadline will be on 24th of March!!!

You post your 5 or 10 favorite DE scenes from S4 episodes 10 - 15 and then give them points. So you give 5/10 points for your most favorite scene and so on. And you have to tell why you chose the scenes. You can put gifs or caps with them if you like, though not necessary
Ok good luck guys!

Fate whispers to the wolf,
“You cannot withstand the storm”
The wolf whispers back,
I am the storm"

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Damon & Elena kisses survivor

Vote for your least favorite. The first one to get 5 votes is out.

Please, give reasons for your vote.

R o u n d 14


Eliminated in Round 1


Elininated in Round 2





Eliminated in round 5




Eliminated in Round 13


Eliminated in Round 8


Eliminated in Round 9


Eliminated in Round 7



Eliminated round 4



[Eliminated in Round 12


[Eliminated in Round 11



[Eliminated in Round 10



Eliminate round 3



Eliminated round 6

Fate whispers to the wolf,
“You cannot withstand the storm”
The wolf whispers back,
I am the storm"

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#3 - 1 (Sam)
#4 - 1 (Dianne)
#13 - 1 (Mary)
#18 - 1 (Loes)
#22 - 1 (Chrissy)
Fate whispers to the wolf,
“You cannot withstand the storm”
The wolf whispers back,
I am the storm"

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Originally Posted by Nightslave (View Post)
One of these days you girls will follow me into #4
Fate whispers to the wolf,
“You cannot withstand the storm”
The wolf whispers back,
I am the storm"

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So you want #4 to win, Anna?

Where did Loes go?
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TFTNT! Not here that long.
hold on, i still w a n t you,
Come back, i still need you.
shane & carmen: otp forever.
Sara | Tumblr | rewatching the l word
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No, I think I'll vote off #18 with Loes

No idea where she went

Fate whispers to the wolf,
“You cannot withstand the storm”
The wolf whispers back,
I am the storm"

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Girls I need to go for a bit. I'll be back soon
When all of your flaws and all of my flaws, are laid out one by one
A wonderful part of the mess that we made, we pick ourselves undone
Damon & Elena
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Bye Sam
Fate whispers to the wolf,
“You cannot withstand the storm”
The wolf whispers back,
I am the storm"

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I can actually live watch tonight because the show is finally airing on time and not an hour later. Anyone else live watching?
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The last remaining morning DEx kiss??? With Damon smiling??? I get that you like #4 more but the LAST remaining kiss of morning DEx?

Bye Sam
Hey Jess
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hold on, i still w a n t you,
Come back, i still need you.
shane & carmen: otp forever.
Sara | Tumblr | rewatching the l word
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