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Old 03-05-2016, 10:43 AM
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TVD Episode Discussion - 7x15: I Would For You - Airs March 4th

7x15: I Would For You - March 4th

AN EXCITING CROSSOVER WITH THE ORIGINALS — Stefan and Valerie pursue a herb that can hide them from Rayna; Bonnie makes a discovery that thwarts Damon's plan to take Rayna down; Stefan questions his future with Caroline; Matt decides it may be time to take a real stand against vampires.

Directed by Mike Karasick
Brian Young

* Be respectful.
Not everybody is going to agree with you, please accept that.
Discussion is fine, but don't attack each other for e.g. supporting or not supporting a character.
* No character bashing.
Things like "I'm really not interested in xxx's storyline" or "what xxx did made no sense to me" are fine.
Things like "xxx needs to die in a fire" or "I can't believe xxx actually has fans" are NOT.
* Have fun.

This thread is sharing your thoughts about the episode and discussing them.
Don't let it get out of hand because you disagree with someone's thought process.
You're italic. I'm in bold.
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Old 03-05-2016, 10:46 AM
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I know there is some stuff missing, a mod can edit it later if they wish but we needed a thread! Not sure why one wasnt created but I hope its okay i started...

the episode was pretty good, i like that things are finally tying into the flashfowards.

i kind of hope that stefan allows rayna to mark damon instead of him because damon was a crap brother by going into that coffin! and i love that damon is now ready to make this deal.

matt was so annoying in the episode! he doesnt like the vampires in mystic falls then HE needs to leave! He's being such a jerk for someone thats been around these people for so long.

i did love the damon/bonnie scene and all the elena mentions from damon. i hated steroline tonight though. it was too sad watching stefan ask her to come with him and see her and alaric together. i cant say i really blame him for moving on because she kind of pushed him out of her life inadvertently.
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Old 03-05-2016, 06:09 PM
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i agree about matt if he hates vamps so much why is he still in MF ?

i liked the bonnie/damon scenes too, as well as the bonnie/enzo scenes

i felt bad for stefan, i so wanted him and caroline to work but i understand why he needs to keep moving, and why caroline wants to stay with alaric.
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Old 03-06-2016, 09:37 AM
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Thanks for starting the thread. I was out all day Thursday & Friday and slept in Saturday morning, so I couldn't open it as usual..
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Old 03-06-2016, 12:31 PM
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no worries!
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Old 03-07-2016, 05:44 AM
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Thanks for the opening Alexa, I was out of town with no connection, I apologize for the that

Loved Elena's mention from Damon tonight and Damon's letter to Alaric, I loved that he trusted his buddy so much to know the truth
Damon's choice is selfish, but I kind understand him and see his point, in the end he's protecting them too taking himself out the equation

Found his scens with Rayna very funny, he's a jerk
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Old 10-28-2017, 03:18 PM
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Matt and Penny are twisted. Killing vampires for sport is pretty messed up. Matt, TAKE A FREAKING BEAT. I love ZR but this kid is the most annoying character in the course of the series. He just is so irritating. Like, leave! Stefan just cannot catch a damn break.

Damon and Bonnie are so cute together. I love their interaction. Bonnie wanting to save Damon all episode was so sweet. It sucked that Damon was wanting to leave and not even say goodbye to Bonnie’s face. WTH Damon. So not cool. I don't blame her for being upset.

So Rayna only has 1 life left? I also don’t understand the burning her and making her rise from ash? Sometimes she dies other ways? It sucks that if she dies for good Stefan does too. Of course, things won’t be that easy.

I don’t trust the Armory at all. They have an agenda. Why do they care abut the 8 shamans? And now they want Bonnie too?

Caroline’s whole baby storyline is just SO BORING compared to everything that’s going on. I wish that Caroline would have gone with Stefan. I realize she wants to help the babies but I think that Alaric can handle things by himself. They are his damn kids. UGH. This storyline pisses me off. I mean, Stefan can die. Doesn’t Caroline want to be there for him in case it happens?

It was sweet but sad that Stefan didn’t want to go to Dallas because he didn’t want to put the babies in jeopardy. MY HEART JUST BREAKS FOR STEFAN. When he saw Caroline and Alaric together, ughhhh. KILL ME NOW.

I can see where Damon is coming from wanting to go into desiccation but he’s definitely being selfish by leaving Stefan to deal with this situation on his own. To me it is a bit OOC and doesn’t really make sense. At least the letter at the end sort of explained that he was miserable without Elena and that’s really why he’s doing it. But I still hate it because I wish he would have chosen his brother over Elena once.

Finally we get to the point where the timeline matches up. But I don’t really get why Stefan is on the run for 3 years if Rayna was locked up? They still need to fill in the gaps of the last 3 years. Why SC split up, how Alaric and Caroline got together... how Valerie and Stefan got together… How Rayna escaped the Armory. Why Bonnie is in the mental hospital and how her and Enzo got together… Also why does Rayna want to transfer the mark to Damon? Why does she care? And why did Damon suddenly decide he wants to transfer the scar when he’s been desiccating for years?
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