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Old 10-12-2017, 02:38 AM
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2 years later, here we go...

I actually really enjoyed this episode too. Wow, I am surprised at myself for how much I am enjoying this season this time around... (as you can tell from my earlier comment i wasnt a big fan lol)

Caroline in the flash foward knows they can’t go back to Mystic Falls. Hmm, why? Also, shes engaged to “someone” and hates Stefan. Then someone comes and shoots them. hmm. Definitely makes the flashfowards interesting.

The whole blair witch intro was just weird as hell. What was Matt even thinking trying to go against the heretics? Dude is mental.

Stefan’s phone call to Caroline was hilarious. I love humorous Stefan 10x more than the older blah Stefan we had in seasons 1-3. I love that they lightened his character up a lot.

I cant believe that Enzo chose Lily and the Heretics over Caroline. They actually had a friendship at one point, so what the hell Enzo. I do like in a way that they aren’t making him this mopey dopey character and giving him a backbone, but I hate that he went against probably the one person that actually would be willing to give him a chance. I did like the Damon/Enzo interaction too but Enzo has a right to be upset with Damon for never looking out for him. But Enzo wasn’t exactly a great friend to them when he was torturing Matt and trying to kill Stefan.

I loved the mention of Tyler and Jeremy being together for months. My headcanon is making that into something more.

Ugh Lily, I hate her so much. Telling her real son she had to leave and bury her “son” pissed me off so much. And stealing their house. SDFDSFDSFSD. So annoyed. Taking Elena. But wow, that was easy for them to get in there lol. Lily actually went easy on him though. She could have killed Elena.

Ian looked really hot this episode. I love that Damon was willing to sacrifice himself for Caroline. And take the blame for Bonnie. I felt so bad for him when he realized that Elena was gone.

It was nice to see some interaction with Bonnie and Alaric because we haven’t seen that interaction much. Why couldn’t they have hooked up instead of Alaric/Caroline? It would have made way more sense. Alaric’s storyline in general though, meh. Not looking forward to it. The whole revving the dead thing with a stone just seems too far fetched even for this show. lol.

Still loving the Bonnie and Damon friendship and when he calls her “Bon”. Adorable. I also really loved the Bonnie and Matt scenes. I’ve always liked their interaction and I love that Matty blue went along with it for Caroline. He’s got a huge heart. I also loved to see Bonnie working with everyone.

I was okay with the Heretics this episode, we didnt get too much of them. Nora is growing on me a little. She looked really good in her second dress. . And Mary Louise had some funny moments. I did like how protective she was over Nora. Valerie seemed okay at first but then we find out she has an ulterior motive... I hateeeee that Valerie and Stefan knew each other in the past. I think its a bit too soon to be bringing this up. Plus I find it dumb that of course Stefan knew Valerie. Like, how does everyone in this show know one another.

I’m bummed we got barely any steroline after the whole kiss last episode. I was hoping Stefan would have tried harder to get Caroline out of the heretics house too. When he found her though that was so adorable. I love that he was going to carry her out of there. It sucks that he couldn’t touch her. EFFING VALERIE. i love when he teased her about not being able to kiss him. I also loved seeing how angry Stefan was with Damon after they still had Caroline. When he smashed the glass, DAYUMMM. I am confused on their status too, are they together now or what?

I adored that DS scene so much. I loved how they talked about Lily taking their toys and Damon trying anything to get his brother to stop crying. And then how they talked about Lily destroying them. I also love that Damon mentioned there were 6 heretics in 1903 because I was wondering about that.

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