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Old 10-10-2015, 11:41 PM
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i didnt like all the new characters, introducing them was weird and out of nowhere. i was hoping the bomb was actually gonna stick but i guess that would be too easy. the three witchy vampires was all a bit too charmed for me at least malcolm is gone though, he was the most boring of them all.

enzo continues to the be the most annoying character imo. i cant believe he’s stuck around as long as he has.

and what is with the “three years from now” thing? are they really planning that far ahead? LOL

the only part of the show i really am liking right now is the stefan/caroline stuff. they are really cute together.

i also really like the bonnie/damon interaction weirdly. but without elena i can actually be okay with a different relationship.

i do like that they were talking about elena because she was an important part of the show and it helped ease the transition a bit better.
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Old 10-12-2015, 11:12 AM
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Finally watched the premiere...most of it, anyway. It was too heavy on the exposition, had too many new characters, and was overall choppy.
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Old 10-10-2017, 08:23 PM
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Just finished my rewatch. Going to enjoy this so much more this time around since Ill be able to binge through it quick and because I am also prepared on what to expect.

Okay so 3 years after the finale Stefan goes to New York to revive Damon. He tells him that “she’s back” (which we know after the season he’s referring the hunter). I don’t remember the storyline that clearly though so I am going to look forward to rewatching it.

I liked seeing Alaric and Damon hanging out drowning in their sorrows and seeing Bonnie there with them was great. I thought Damon was actually doing surprisingly well considering. Alaric though… he clearly isn’t doing so hot. UGH why did he want to bring Jo back to life? That’s one storyline I hate because of the babie stuff to come later on.

The Damon/Bonnie saving scene was hot. I just love their friendship, I really do. I am so glad the show turned things around for them. Of course it went to shreds when Bonnie realized that Damon sort of resents her a bit. Poor Bonnie. Their last scene was great though when he said that she was his best friend and he would have lost his mind if she died and that she was stuck with him too. They are so cute. Later them coming together to kill Malcom was great.

It was great to see Matt graduating from deputy school. I also enjoyed his involvement in the episode trying to help get rid of the heretics. Working with Caroline was great. I also loved when it brought things back to the scene from the end of last season, with Matt driving and Damon on the clock tower. That was cool.

The Stefan/Caroline bench scene was really sweet. But it’s been a few weeks and Caroline still hasn’t given into Stefan? Come on girl. Paul looked especially gorgeous in that scene. I also liked to see Caroline still struggling with her mothers death. The tension between Stefan and Caroline the entire episode was ridiculous. I loved when they were constructing the bomb and they just stared at one another. Then later when she was trying to remove the splinter. GUH. I totally forgot about these scenes so its going to be so fun rewatching them. AND DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THEIR FINAL SCENE TOGETHER OMG THEY WERE SO DAMN CUTE. Definitely probably one of my top 3 scenes for them for sure. I love that Caroline told Stefan he made her happy and that she was the one to kiss him and make that first step. Good God they are cute.

The Valerie diary was stupid. Not looking forward to the focus on her. It’ll be nice to get into the season a bit more because this first one back is this “fill in the gap” sort of thing going on that’s boring to watch. We are also introduced to Noora (by far the best one imo), Bo, Malcolm, and Mary Louise. (I thought there were 7 of them though? But now there are 5?) Anyways, they all just seem like big brats. I will be counting down 1 by 1 until they all die off. They just got too much focus this episode. And Lily is such a bitch! (at least 1 already bit the dust this episode).

WTF ENZO. You are such a useless POS, seriously. Why do they make his character so annoying!?

This time around I didn’t miss Elena or Tyler all that much so I definitely think I’l be enjoying this season much more.
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