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Old 08-06-2015, 10:26 AM
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PS: We♥You [Paul•Stefan] #68: Because Paul makes the best faces.

Welcome to the 68h Appreciation Thread for

birth name: Paul Thomas Wasilewski
date of birth: July, 23 1982
birthplace: New Brunswick, New Jersey
twitter: paulwesley

TV Shows
"Vampire Diaries" - Stefan Salvatore (2009)
"24" - Stephen (2009-2010)
"Army Wives" - PFC Logan Atwater (2008-2009)
"Cold Case" - Petey Murphy (2008)
"Shark" - Justin Bishop (2007)
"Cane" - Nick (2007)
"Fallen" - Aaron Corbett (2007)
"Crossing Jordan" - Quentin Baker (2006)
"Law & Order: SVU" - Danny Burrell (2000, 2005)
"CSI: NY" - Steve Samprass (2005)
"American Dreams" - Tommy DeFelice (2002-2005)
"CSI: Miami" - Jack Warner Bradford (2004)
"Everwood" - Tommy Callahan (2003-2004)
"8 Simple Rules... " - Damian (2003-2004)
"The O.C." - Donnie (2003)
"Smallville" - Lucas Luthor (2003)
"Law & Order: CI" - Luke Miller (2002)
"The Education of Max Bickford" - Craig (2002)
"Wolf Lake" - Luke Cates (2001-2002)
"The Guiding Light" - Max Nickerson #2 (1999-2001)
"Another World" - Sean McKinnon (1999)

Beneath the Blue (2009) - Craig Morrison
Elsewhere (2009) - Billy
Killer Movie (2008) - Jake
The Russell Girl (2008) - Evan Carroll
Peaceful Warrior (2006) - Trevor
Lenexa, 1 Mile (2006) - Rick Lausier
Cloud 9 (2006) - Jackson Fargo
Roll Bounce (2005) - Troy
The Last Run (2004) - Seth
Young Arthur (2002) - Lancelot
Shot in the Heart (2001) - Gary (Age 15-22)

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Previous Threads
Because we have naughty dreams about him, too, Elena.
Because even Bob said Paul is good looking.
A standing O for Paul Wesley here, because not a lot of guys, no matter how proficient, could have pulled off this level of searing pain with such vulnerability.
But really, it's all Wesley's. That break-up was so well-played by him that I could practically see Stefan tearing apart at the seams on screen. Bravo.
"Stefan rocks the sexiness of brooding. Let the man have his pain, he wears it well." -TVA
Because our man is a chemistry whore. We ship him with everybody!
Because every time he tweets, a polar bear is born.
Paul Wesley has taken to the Ripper Stefan role fantastically well.
Wesley must have been practicing his tortured eyes in the off-season, cause he nailed it all hour long.
Paul Wesley did well portraying the change in Stefan, his blank face trying to convince everyone that he didn't care, while still making it obvious that he did.
I've seen the episode 30 times and I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME we get to the end. Kudos to @paulwesley. -Julie

Paul is so down to earth and private, and I love that he doesn't let the fame get to his head.
His perfectly sculpted face and body makes it hard to concentrate on anything else on screen
and his character, Stefan, is the kind of man any girl would dream of.

Amelia, silver_amelia

Stefan is my favorite character on the show. There is something that just draws you to him.
He has that mysterious brooding personality. It makes you want to know more about him.
He just wants to protect those he care and loves the most. Paul portrays Stefan perfectly.
Paul has those dark eyes that you can't help but stare into. Not to mention we all love to look at him shirtless.

April, greeneyeswe3tie

There's something about the way Paul plays Stefan, so innocent and sweet, that really draws me
to him and makes him endearing. Yes, Stefan has the tendency to be mean and cruel (he's a vampire! duh!)
I love that he doesn't abuse it or take it for granted! Its part of who he is, not all of it.
I love how at heart he's just a good sweet boy! I find him much easier to take seriously because he doesn't fly off
the handle constantly! It takes a lot to get him going! I love the conflicted emotion Paul plays Stefan with
- you can constantly see his inner struggle between who he is and who he wants to be. He's very calm and rational.
at heart, he just wants to believe in the good in people and protect those he loves! I love his selflessness!
He has such a tenderness to him, that I adore!
Paul's fantastic at subtle facial movements that really make you feel for Stefan and want to give him a hug!
His heart is always in the right place.

, sunchick116

I loved Stefan since the books. But the way that Paul plays him makes me love him even more. He makes me feel everything that Stefan is feeling.
There are no words that can describe how wonderful he is in the show and i am glad that they picked him to play Stefan.

, lisagslack14

Paul Wesley has become one of my favourite actors since I started watching the Vampire Diaries.
Paul is adorable, down to earth and has a surprising sense of humour. He is an amazing and talented actor who has displayed
so many different emotions and personalities in his character Stefan. Paul just excels in each performance and I keep getting impressed
by his deliverance of his character. Paul does an amazing job of bringing the character of Stefan Salvatore to life. Stefan is my
favourite character on the show because he is badass, smart, loving and protects the people that he cares about.
Stefan is the kind of boyfriend any girl would dream of. I couldn't imagine anyone else playing Stefan Salvatore.
Paul is Stefan for me; and no one else.

, acoustichearts

The reason I love Stefan so much is because he has this ability to make you see goodness
in sometimes the most horrible of places. Stefan is beautiful on the inside and on the outside.
He is such a selfless individual and his heart is so pure. He wants to help everyone even
when that person feels like they don't deserve it. He is always patient and caring and understanding.
His love for his brother and Elena is the most intense thing about him. Stefan loves
those two people more then his own life and he does anything he can to help them, protect them
and love them. Stefan is not afraid to get his bad on when someone he cares about is being threatened.
He doesn't take kind to threats or bullying, and he will step up if he feels someone is being mistreated.
The fact that Paul Wesley plays Stefan is also a big part of the charm Paul is sexy and mysterious
and he does a phenomenal job at portraying the broody and sweet Stefan Salvatore. Paul is truly
a gifted actor and I am so honoured to have him bring Stefan Salvatore alive on our screens every week.

, Glader|4|Life

It feels as if I've been a Paul fan for years, not just months!
It makes my heart grow, seeing how far he has come in his career. It is so heartwarming to
know that our man Paul has touched so many other fans with his amazing acting chops and his charming personality.
It would be amazing to interact with him and see this incredible man in real life. Those who have, I envy them.
While I have seen some of his previous works, I have only come to truly realize Paul with his
character Stefan Salvatore due to his intense scenes. He has never failed to show the
how dynamic Stefan is and I love him for that. Here’s to the longevity of the Paul/Stefan threads and all the best to our dear Paul Wesley! ♥

, andii98

Paul Wesley is so underrated in this show, and I am
thankful that I saw his potential in the pilot. It's not until now that the potential is beginning to pay off.
I have faith that this upcoming season of The Vampire Diaries is going to show how amazing he can be.
Not just as an actor, but also for his character, Stefan.
There is nobody I love more on this show, and am excited to see the writers explore all
layers that is inside his character, because there are definitely so many of them.
He isn't perfect. He is flawed as much as anyone else, and that's one of the reasons I adore him.

, Stay to the Lights

Paul Wesley. I don't know how I can describe
him with words and only words. I didn't know who he was until I started watching The Vampire Diaries,
and I'm so happy that I did. When I watched the pilot I was immediately hooked on Stefan
and the way Paul portrayed him. The way he plays Stefan really shows how amazing he is an actor;
the way he shows every emotion and feeling. He's not afraid to show emotions and we saw that
during the Stefan and Elena break up in S2. Paul challenges himself in every episode and you
can really see the passion that he has. It's just wonderful to watch both Paul and Stefan grow as characters.
Paul really makes Stefan come to life and he does an amazing job. No matter if he's playing
protective!stefan, savior!stefan, ripper!stefan etc, he nails it all.
Paul is this real talent who is so passionate about everything that he does and it shows.
He's down to earth and he knows what we wants. He doesn't want the fame or publicity;
he wants to act and live a normal life and it's just so refreshing. I wish him the best and I cannot
wait for the new season to come so that we can get more of Stefan and Paul.

, love fades

Paul Wesley >>>> Unicorns + Tea
, Falling.For.You

When I started watching Vampire Diaries,
I wasn't planning on getting hooked but Stefan Salvatore sealed that deal for me. I did not know how
or when it happened - maybe it was the time he was struggling with human blood that I wanted
to hug him to stop his pain and suffering or maybe whenever he looks at Elena like she is the only woman in the world
or maybe whenever he smiles but all I know is that I woke up one day and started joining forums to
find people like me, people who are Paul-ddicted.
What I love about Paul? Is that he believes in his character and he knows his character well
which makes his portrayal so captivating and earnest and real. I can't wait for the next part of Stefan's journey
because I know Paul would be able to bring it!

, tee_ph

Frankly, I can only apologize to the world for taking us that long to even realize how spectacular he was. - Julie Plec

He loses himself, but he always has that good soul that remains, and I think it’s going to
be one of those things where we just hope any minute he regains it. For me, it’s important
to not completely forget the good guy, the soul that he has.
- Paul on Stefan's Journey

Okay, Damon and Stefan are constantly fighting for Elena’s affections in the show, but who would you
all put money on to win a fight between Ian (Damon) and Paul (Stefan)? Paul!
- Candice, Katerina & Steven

Stefan! He doesn’t have to worry about his skin glistening and he totally has fangs and I have yet to see this
Edward Cullen’s fangs. Yeah, let’s see them, Edward, whatcha got?!
- Candice on Stefan VS Edward

Paul is very intense but has a surprising sense of humor. He can change the mood of a room.Nina

I’m gonna go with Paul. I gotta tell you, Paul’s abs, they are- They’re their own conversation. - Kevin on who has the best abs

We love each other. We are like brothers. We dress alike. It's kind of freaky. But we do have a great rapport. The thing is I
realize this: I could be doing this with anyone else… Paul is such a phenomenally talented committed actor, and he's my good friend,
and we could be doing this with anybody else and we got lucky. We worked really hard to get these roles and we're going
to continue to work even harder to keep them.
- Ian


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Oh snap!

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Oh snap some of the pictures in the OP has gone missing
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Oh snap!
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I hate when that happens
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Guess we're gonna have to replace the missing pictures. Or we can wait until the 70th or 75th thread to create a new OP.
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TFTNT!! :smilie:
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You're welcome

Originally Posted by bellagrey13 (View Post)
I hate when that happens
Me too And it is usually old Tumblr pictures.
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Oh snap!
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TFTNT! About time!

Originally Posted by dbn (View Post)
Oh snap some of the pictures in the OP has gone missing
SE too. Happens with a lot of the OPs I've seen. But it's not too bad with this OP.
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And it's all Tumblr's fault

No this one is not that bad hit by it!
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Oh snap!
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tumblr is evil
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Yeah this OP is not picture heavy.

Why does tumblr eat up all the pictures?
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I haven't figured out what it is Tumblr is doing
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Oh snap!
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Bad tumblr naughty tumblr
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Paul the other day in an Apple store in Atlanta according to Twitter
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Oh snap!
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