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wickedrum 07-21-2018 04:09 PM

I love love love the trailer!

a new hope 07-22-2018 07:14 AM

Me, too, it got me so pumped!

crash landing 07-22-2018 11:01 AM

Gonna add it to the OP :) also need to watch it

Finally seeing additional characters :lmao: trailer is pretty great

I spyed a favorite Original of ours though :eek:

Looks like Alaric's twins naturally are gonna be regulars as they should be :lmao:
Here's some SDCC that is around :)

Olderroswellfan 07-22-2018 06:43 PM

I will be watching!

crash landing 07-22-2018 06:56 PM

I plan to give it a chance :) :clap:

wickedrum 07-23-2018 05:33 AM

I'm more sure of it after the trailer

crash landing 07-23-2018 05:34 AM

The trailer was interesting :wiggle: so am looking forward too it

a new hope 07-23-2018 06:34 AM

omg need to catch up with all of this :thud:

Make Them Laugh 07-23-2018 06:57 AM

that sounds great Sarah:cool:

hope you can Tar:D

AlwaysCB 07-23-2018 08:18 AM

Most of the trailer is from 5x12. I think they filmed 1 day so far

crash landing 07-23-2018 08:46 AM

Also figured about most of the footage being from TO but think some may be from the pilot :wiggle:

Make Them Laugh 07-23-2018 10:11 AM

great to hear Juliana :cool:

a new hope 07-23-2018 10:24 AM

There's new footage for sure.

Make Them Laugh 07-23-2018 02:14 PM

oh...hope it will get fans excited for the new show

a new hope 07-24-2018 05:36 AM

I know I am :pinkie:

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