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Old 01-28-2010, 12:16 PM
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The Fatalists | Damon ღ Elena | ~ #126: Do we really need a reason?

Welcome to the 126th
Damon/Elena thread

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Honoury Shippers
1. Nina Dobrev
2. Ian Somerhalder
3. Julie Plec
4. Kevin Williamson
5. Voldemort
6. Eric Northman
7. Chuck and Blair
8. Angelus
9. Spike
10. Jack Sparrow
11. Dumbledore
12. Draco Malfoy
13. Ben Linus
14. Belatrix Lestrange
15. Frodo Baggins
16. Severus Snape
17. Jack Bauer
18. Barack Obama
19. The Simpsons
20. The Joker
21. Dwight Schrute
22. Darth Vader
23. Boone
24. Stefan Salvatore
25. Dean Winchester
26. Lucifer
27. Xibit
28. Britney Spears
29. Sue Sylvester
30. Barney Stinson
31. Dracula
32. Lestat
33. Sawyer
34. Pickles

Damon Salvatore can easily lure you in just by his engaging laugh and his charming smile.
His eyes are black – ’fathomless and full of strange lights’ and which have a tendency to ’fill the universe’.
He has dark beauty and grace and the sensuality that draws women to him.
Yes, Damon Salvatore is the King of Shadows.
Thought what he is inside is a question only Elena Gilbert could wholly understand.

Ian Somerhalder is an American fashion model, actor and producer, probably most notable for playing
Boone Carlyle in the TV drama Lost, Paul Denton in the film adaption of
Bret Easton Ellis’ The Rules of Attraction, and more

recently Damon Salvatore in the TV drama The Vampire Diaries.

Elena Gilbert is compassionate and kind, with a smart wit and
timeless beauty, seventeen years old, fres-faced, with lovely features, she once swept
through life with the ease of a popular girl,
until she suffered a tragedy.
With the arrival of the mysterious Damon, Elena will feel and discover things that she has never felt before.

Nina Dobrev is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress, instrumentalist, and model currently living in Canada.
She has played the role of Mia Jones, the single teenage mother on Derassi: The Next Generation, since the show’s sixth season.
She currently stars as Elena Gilbert in the TV series The Vampire Diaries.

~ . ♥ . ~

"Anyone who submits to the belief that they are powerless to change their destiny."

~ . ♥ . ~


Meanwhile, you have this evil brother who, you know, claims he has no humanity left. But then there's Elena who keeps pointing to it.
~ Kevin Williamson

... You just love every scene she's [Elena] in with Damon.
~ Kevin Williamson

Damon has that bad-boy quality, and every girl likes a bad boy, at the end of the day
~ Nina Dobrev

You know, when Damon's in the presence of Elena, that is when you definitely see a change in him.
There is something so profoundly attractive to Damon about this girl, not only just because Nina Dobrev is
strikingly beautiful and extraordinarily talented, but because there's a lot of Nina in Elena and Elena is very sweet and [she's] going to be a complex character.
Something about her reminds Damon of something that was very important in his life, and that's why you see a bit of difference with him when he's around her.
~ Ian Somerhalder

One of the things I really like about LJ Smith's books is that it took a very long time for Elena and
Damon to reach any kind of détente, any kind of true connection, with each other.
I want to make sure that we take our own sweet time with that, as well, because you have to believe it.
~ Julie Plec

That's the fun of it. It's waiting and waiting and dissecting every little time he does something
nice thing for her, and how it makes her feel - that anticipation, that build-up.
~ Julie Plec

~ . ♥ . ~

Because I think Elena is the only one who can make him forget about Katherine.
I love pretty much everything about these two.
They have amazing chemistry, they look great together, she brings out his humanity.
I can't wait to see more of them.
Nina and Ian are great friends, and that makes DE even better.
These two are gonna be big, I can feel it.
This is the start of an amazing couple.

~ Elvira (TheSweetestSmile)

Their chemistry is just undeniable.
When they're together it isn't that hard for all of us to see what's right there in front of our faces.
They belong together and no one else can tell us otherwise.
Ian/Nina and Damon/Elena see it.
You see it.
I see it.
We all see it.

It's there and it's there as clear as day.
It's no secret why we can all agree that this couple is meant to be. It's just there!
~ Ashley (Dean&Jo4ever)

I think the main reason I love Elena and Damon is because they’re not your average pair.
It’s not a good girl falling for the bad guy story, Elena’s a spitfire and Damon meets her halfway.
I love the fact they’re not cheesy, rushed and cliché, Elena brings out the best in Damon, she is his humanity after all and Damon is what a true vampire represents:
he knows what he wants and nothing will stop him to get his way.
And that’s Elena.
And that’s what makes them so passionate, even though Elena sees past through his façade
and puts him in his place every time, she’s the only one to see right through him and that’s what makes the chase more worth it.
Because its not gonna be easy, its never gonna be easy with them.
Easy is not fun.
~ Claudia (timtyra)

The reason why I love Damon & Elena is not only one. There are many reasons for that love.
And that’s just because this couple has so many facets and layers that you love all of them altogether.
They are not an average or ordinary couple.
And it’s not just because Damon is a vampire, but because Elena and Damon are both passionate and fiery and they give each other this pull-and-push effect.
They can get on each other’s nerves and then there are other moments where Elena can see through Damon and make him more human than he would like.
Elena is at her best when she is with Damon. She has more edge, more spunk and she’s just not cheesy when she is with him.
Damon and Elena have the best chemistry on the show and the sexual tension is explosive.
~ Lala (MissDK)

Damon/Elena are in my 'Top 3 Favorite Couples Of ALL Time'.
You'd have to be blind not to see something intense brewing behind Damon's snide remarks and Elena's cold rejections.
The way he looks at her proves that he has some humanity left, even if only a bit, and we've seen that mostly only Elena can bring it out.
I think she trusts both brothers and feels fierce loyalty towards them, but she hasn't realized it where Damon is concerned.
They have something that is indescribable.
If Damon cares about Elena this much, when she's trying to convince herself she hates him,
then just imagine how explosive they'll be when Elena finally acknowledges some feelings.
It will be like fireworks on your TV, that's for sure.
They're flawed yet beautiful, weak yet strong, confusing yet understandable, hurtful yet loving.
They find perfect balance in one another.
The fact that Damon/Elena, Ian/Nina, make a gorgeous pairing is just icing on the cake.
One thing's for sure: Elena Gilbert will never forget Damon Salvatore, and vice versa.
In love or not, and that's what makes them an OTP worthy of the title, the fact that they already share this bond that is,
at weakest, unbreakable, without even being in a relationship
or admitting even a slight form of civility to the other.
~ Gaby (qaby |♥|)

When I heard Ian was playing the 'bad' vampire I knew instantly that he would be my favorite character.
But I had no pre-conceived ideas about ships as I hadn't read the books.
In fact, when I watched the initial promos I wasn't too put off by the idea of S/E.
Then, 'Night of the Comet' aired and I was done.
From that first moment, when Elena spun around, her hair whipping Damon's face and their lips almost touching, I was a Fatalist through and through.
For me, the most important thing in a ship is chemistry.
And in that split second I felt more chemistry between a pair of characters than I have for a long while.
As the show has progressed, D/E and Ian/Nina have never disappointed me.
Whether it is hot banter...
whether it is sizzling sexual chemistry ...
or (the greatest D/E moment of all) whether it is D/E laid bare, no games, no tension...
'I can do it...if this is what you want, I'll do it.'
D/E can do anything.
I cannot wait to see this relationship develop.
I think it is telling that D/E have such a huge fanbase already, despite not really having many scenes.
And I'm not just talking about their fanbase on message boards...
D/E really have the support of the media.
Every episode review I read would pick up on their undeniable chemistry.
I have faith in Ian, Nina, Kevin and Julie.
I think D/E will be the hottest ship of this new decade!
~ Natalie (foxyfreds)

I have never read the books before and before seeing the promo for the show, never even heard of the Vampire Diaries.
However, I can remember that while watching the promo for the first time, my attention was immediately drawn to Damon and Elena and before the show even started, I found myself rooting for them.
Then the show started and I allowed myself to have an open mind, wanting to give both ships, Stefan/Elena and Damon/Elena a fair chance.
After the pilot, I knew without a doubt who Elena belonged with and they hadn't even met yet.
From that scene at the graveyard when Damon was staring at Elena through the fog,
something about it thrilled me, excited me,
and I found them to be the most intriguing and the most forbidden couple on the show.
I found myself craving and wanting to know more.
As the show went on, it was obvious that Damon was dark, twisted, loving to lure women to do with as he pleases,
but I also saw something else, something underneath the act that he puts up.
Though Damon is naturally saracastic, dark, and cocky, looking into his eyes I knew there was something more and after meeting Elena,
after seeing him being taken aback at Elenas understanding and tenderness at losing Katherine, a woman who was a big part of Damons and Stefans lives both,
after seeing him in her room as she slept,
looking at her with such affection and wonder as he carressed the side of her cheek so delicately when Damon had showed
no real affection towards anyone in such a long time, really affected me.
Suddenly this girl began to tear at the walls that he has built around himself,
working her way into his head and without even knowing it,
his heart.
They are the couple that shouldn't be together.
They are wrong, forbidden, however couldn't be more right for one another.
They are known as the fatalists because no matter how much they try to fight what they feel, in the end it will become inevitable
and the feelings that they are keeping inside of them will
explode into something Damon never thought he could feel again and something Elena never expected.
~ Ashley (toxicgurl169)

I think that the real Damon is the one near Elena. It's incredible how she's able to make him human.
He can hide himself behind his cruel beaviour, but with her he's different.
For now, we didn't see a lot of D/E interaction but I feel that Ian and Nina have so much chemistry!
They have a connection, you can feel it.
I think it's inevitable that something will happen between them.
And it'll be something impetuous, passionate and aching.
I love that these two will have a slow build-up.
I want Elena to really see Damon and fall for him deeply and viceversa.
~ Silvia (Peyton89)

I love DE because there is just so much potential there between them.
Every time they have an encounter, it's always very meaningful, from their first real talk in Elena's kitchen to Damon deciding to make Jeremy forget, for Elena.
Elena is one of the only people that Damon shows true human emotions for and Damon makes Elena's fiery personality come out.
In the books, it is obvious that they have strong and passionate connection.
Elena is one of the only people Damon really truly cares about and would do anything for.
Elena does love Damon and although at the moment she's trying to resist her feelings for him, she'll realize that she can't deny them for too long.
~ Kem (naturellebella)

Sam Keen once wrote:
"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly."
This had been true in Elena and Damon's case, Damon isn't perfect - he's wicked and sometimes cruel, he drinks human blood and kills, but Elena sees past through that facade. Elena finds the inner Damon that's worthy of love.
The Damon that nobody knew, just her.
The Damon that is capable of restrain, compassion, fear and love.
Yes, it goes to say that I am tired of the emotional clichés of the good boy/good girl love story.
A compelling love story strives not only with the show of love, but also of the complexity of being together, the restrain, the doubt, the obstacles and more importantly the progression called build up.
In order to truly love a person, you must know him/her inside out and it's always better to feel the love in the heart subtly than knowing you love the person first.
These are the reasons why I love Damon and Elena.
They build their love within their hearts and move on to knowing the feelings eventually.
Thus, Sam Keen is right, love is the way Elena could see Damon perfectly.
~ Gay (HappySquared)

Wish list:
1. Damon to save Elena.
2. Elena to allow Damon some of her blood
(maybe to help him recover from something, and for it to be a really HOT scene.
Maybe Damon could struggle to stop...but he would.)
3. Damon to need to compel Elena, but not be able to do it.
4. Damon opening up to Elena.
5. A Damon/Elena hug.
6. An apparent and steady build-up to a romance to come.
7. Damon and Elena bonding.
8. Damon telling Elena his version of the Salvatore history.
9. Damon earning Elena's trust.
10. Elena trusting Damon.
11. Elena choosing one of Damon's plans instead of Stefan's.
12. Damon protecting Elena.
13. Elena standing up for Damon.
14. Damon choosing Elena over Katherine.
15. A D/E Road Trip.
16. A D/E shut-up kiss.
17. Elena taking care of Damon.

~ . ♥ . ~

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~ . ♥ . ~

but i love you more than words can say
i can’t count the reasons i should stay
one by one they all just fade away

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Forbidden never looked so tempting

~ . ♥ . ~

Book Quotes

The Awakening (book1):
"If you're looking for somebody, I think you'd better look somewhere else."
He was looking at her oddly, with an expression she couldn't understand. It was a mixture of annoyance and grudging respect—and something else. Something hot and fierce that frightened her in a different way.
[…] "Perhaps I've already found her... Elena."

A vision of dark eyes rose before her. That boy, the boy she'd almost given in to at Bonnie's house, the boy who'd made her forget Stefan. Was he the one?

The Struggle (book2):
God, he was beautiful. Handsome was too weak and colorless a word. […] "I do believe you," he said, relaxing, looking around the graveyard. Then he turned back and held out a hand to her. "You're too good for my brother," he said casually.

“My brother," he went on, "is a fool. He thinks that because you look like Katherine you're weak and easily led like her. But he's wrong. I could feel your anger from the other side of town. I can feel it now, a white light like the desert sun. […]Suddenly, he stepped close to her, his eyes fixed on hers, his voice soft and urgent. "You've tried everything else, and nothing has satisfied you. You're the girl who has everything, but there's always been something just out of your reach, something you need desperately and can't have. That's what I'm offering you. Power. Eternal life. And feelings you've never felt before."

"I may just have to make you my Queen of Shadows," he said, and, speaking almost to himself, he continued: "I've had many companions, girls as young as you and women who were the beauties of Europe. But you're the one I want at my side. Ruling, taking what we want when we want it. Feared and worshipped by all the weaker souls. Would that be so bad?"

The Fury (Book3):
He was hurt. His mind had summoned her here, battering her with shock waves of rage and pain. She had come to help him because she belonged to him.

But he'd been decent to her when she'd been confused and irrational. He'd taken her to shelter; he'd kept her safe. And he hadn't kissed her while she'd been in that horrifyingly vulnerable state. He'd been… kind to her.

But then she remembered something else, just a flash: looking up at Damon's face in the woods and feeling such—such excitement, such affinity with him. As if he understood the flame that burned inside her as nobody else ever could. As if together they could do anything they liked, conquer the world or destroy it; as if they were better than anyone else who had ever lived.

"But I don't have any better ideas. Do you?"
"What, you mean about other ways to spend the time? Yes, I do. Do you want me to tell you about them?”

Something was shining on Damon's face. She reached toward it, touched it, and lifted her fingers away in wonder.
"Don't be sad," she told him, feeling the cool wetness on her fingertips. But a pang of worry disturbed her. Who was there to understand Damon now? Who would be there to push him, to try to see what was really inside him?

Dark Reunion (Book4):
"Damon," she said.
The clear light and shining love in her face was irresistible.

He turned back to the couple on the ground. Then he removed his jacket and stepped behind Elena. He draped it over her shoulders without touching her.
"It's a cold night," he said. His eyes held Stefan's a moment as he settled the black jacket around her.

Nightfall (Book 5):
He wanted her more than ever now that she had been a spirit. Even as a vampire she would retain most
of her own nature, and he could just picture it: her light for his darkness, her soft whiteness in his hard,
black-jacketed arms. He would stop that exquisite mouth with kisses, smother her with them

She was facing him now, but strangely Damon didn’t find himself tracing the blue veins in her fair, smooth skin. He found himself staring hungrily at her slightly parted lips. They were…almost impossible
to resist. Even in sleep they were the color of rose petals, slightly moist, and parted that way…[…] It seemed to jerk him out of a dream world. What had he been thinking? Risking everything, all his plans,
for a kiss ? There would be plenty of time for kisses—and other, much more important things.

She had seen him when she was a human girl, and she had defied him and desired him in equal measure—and he had seemed to love her best when she was defying him. She had seen him when she was a vampire and had been drawn to him with all her being.

He wanted her to believe him, to trust him. He didn’t want Elena as a one-night bleeder. He wanted her to choose him. He wanted her to see how much better suited she was to him than to his mousy, milksop brother.
His princess of darkness. That was what she was meant to be. With him as king, consort, whatever she wished. When she saw things more clearly, she would understand that it didn’t matter. That nothing
mattered except them being together.

She was…damn it, she was everything . Witty, enchanting, brave, smart…and beautiful. And he knew that his eyes were saying all that and that she wasn’t turning away.
“We might—take a little walk,” he said, and bells rang and trumpets played fanfares, and confetti came raining down and there was a release of doves….
In other words, she said, “All right.”

Without a thought of herself, without a thought of any kind, Elena did what she did best—gave in to impulse. She threw her arms around Damon’s neck and kissed him.

Elena leaned forward and tilted her head up, lips pursed slightly.
After a few moments, Damon, the Don Juan of darkness, got the point.
He kissed her very gently, as if afraid to make too much contact

Stefan was her lynchpin, but Damon was the fiery breath beneath her wings. However far she went, Damon seemed to lure her on just a little farther.

Because Damon wasn’t just on her side. Unless she was wrong, he was willing to die for her—was courting death for her.

I’m being honest with myself, I have to admit that he
touches something deep inside me that makes me shiver—a part of myself even I don’t understand.

; top 3 moments |
{and why we love them}

This is the scene that told me the triangle was beginning. Stefan can't help Elena, but Damon can.
So many things made this scene special. Elena's expression when she hears Damon's voice.
Stefan's expression as he looks up. Their shock reiterates just how big this moment is for Damon's character.
Just before this scene Damon had seemingly made it clear that nothing matters to him.
Yet here, he comes to Elena's aid, wanting to help her.
Elena's words affected him. She makes him feel things and no matter how he tries to deny it, this scene makes that fact clear.
As Elena steps over to Damon, willing to trust him, Stefan turns away in disgust,
because he knows history is going to repeat itself!
This scene was a huge step for the D/E ship and I believe in a few seasons it will remain one of the most important.
~ Natalie (foxyfreds)

In this scene we see the first effect Elena has on Damon;
she makes him feel a little human even for a little moment.
When she told him that she's sorry about him losing Katherine in the kitchen,
he was truly touched by her kindness and the effect Elena's compassion for him
- the monster - shows in this very scene, where Damon has a moment of tenderness.
~ Lala (MissDK)

Simply because it proves how Elena is the only one who caughts him off guard,
and he was deeply touched by her sympathy for him. We always see Damon all cool and together,
sarcastic and careless about others, and its amazing how much she accomplishes by saying a few words.
We all love 'the cool' Damon but whenever she crumbles his walls, we see his true nature and we see there's a story behind him,
and she's the only one who lets that happen, she's the only one who would get a chance to know his story first.
Because she's the only who can get in.
~ Claudia (timtyra)

You were just a conquest -
A prize for my enemy's misery.
You were a shadow -
A facsimile of an eternal love.
It's my war won...
My resembled dream...
A trophy.
A mirror.
I spent eternity -- damned

Not wanting to be saved;
Never cared to feel.

Until the day you touched me.
A smile for every teardrop;
A kiss for every hurtful spoken words.
My conquest is no longer a shadow -
The prize became and eternal love.

In my quest to find myself,
I found myself falling for you -

- Damon Salvatore

Night Snack - MissDK
Believer - foxyfreds
Civil Twilight - lacunaclaudia
Rains of Passion - DefineDelicate and Cece
Devilish Angel - MissDK

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art credit: laura
moments banner: alexa
special thanks to: lala {for being so awesome}
other credits: to the de shippers

perfect moment:

but i love you more than words can say
i can’t count the reasons i should stay
one by one they all just fade away

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I will do one eventually, I just don't know how to
Haha I don't know how to either.
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You're all welcome

You just have to quote the op, take the [*QUOTE][*/QUOTE], press "open new thread" on the board and post it
but i love you more than words can say
i can’t count the reasons i should stay
one by one they all just fade away

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thanks for the new thread bb

you went with this title?? .
the sweetest girl i know
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I have to go now, but I'll be back later

Bye everyone
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I have to go, my handball players are playing
For goodbay!

Lucky,lucky girl.
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Claudia, Cathryn you're welcome

Claudia, yes I did

TTYL Cathryn

Bye Mary
That pic sooo hot
but i love you more than words can say
i can’t count the reasons i should stay
one by one they all just fade away

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byeee cathryn

rita: ive missed you too hun where have u been?

edit: OH MY GOD MARY! where did that cap came from??
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Stuck with tests but I'm back now
but i love you more than words can say
i can’t count the reasons i should stay
one by one they all just fade away

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She closes her eyes when he touches her!

It's from the Nylon Mag interview Claudia It's on DE's LJ
I must become a l i o n hearted girl
R e a d y for a f i g h t
Before I make the finalsacrifice
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YouTube - Vampire Diaries : Nina Dobrev,Ian Somerhalder,Paul Wesley for Nylon Magazine

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TFTNT Love the title

Love that cap too
'From hate to love, from love to lust, from lust to truth.
I guess that's how I know you.'
Damon & Elena
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