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Damonization {I/D} #89: "That's for me to know and for you to dot dot dot."

D a m o n i z a t i o n
# 89

Damon is the greatest villain because he is a hero. He is a hero in villain’s clothing- J.Plec

Ian S o m e r h a l d e r .
birth name: Ian J o s e p h Somerhalder .
date of birth: D e c e m b e r , 8th 1978. Covington, L o u i s i a n a .
Ian at 17 began studying acting (after years of being a model) in New York, and by 19 had committed himself to the craft.

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Ian S o m e r h a l d e r

Ian’s the prankster, the jokester. He makes light of every moment, and he’s very exciting and cool.
He has the best stories, because he has just experienced so much
and he’s been on so many cool sets and movies. - Nina Dobrev
I love Ian Somerhalder simply because he is amazingly talented
and has such a beautiful heart. His concern for our environment-- our home
is so sweet and I like that he uses his position to help the world become
a better place. I now keep the tap off when brushing my teeth LOL,
no I'm serious! He is smart and funny and I must not forget to menion
he is extremely sexy! [His eyes *thud*] Plus, his dance moves pwn =D I
like that he genuinely cares and appreciates his fans, he is such
a sweetheart! I enjoy reading his tweets! He gets more points for
being an animal lover too! I've just become a fan of Ian about
a year ago when the Vampire Diaries started and was
immediately Team Damon because his character is so complex
and Ian portrays him so well-- no one could play
Damon better than Ian, that's for sure!
- Brucas <3 (Melissa)
Ian Somerhalder’s s l y performance as the pouty bad-boy vampire Damon is a bonus - NY Times

I a n
- Because Ian rescued a cat in Hawaii.
- Because Ian has the prettiest blue eyes in the world.
- Because everybody wants to be Ian's friend.
- Because Ian has the best lines on the show!
- Because no one else could play the role of Damon but Ian.
- Because everyone was upset when Boone died on Lost.
- Because Ian is THE Damon.
- Because Ian is everyone's big brother on set.
- Because Ian has been getting amazing reviews for his portrayal
of Damon - and with good reason if we might add!
- Because Ian has chemistry with the whole universe!
- Because Ian is known as the sweetest person in the business.
- Because Ian loves to go around hugging people and kissing.
women's hands making them blush.
- Because Ian is a true gentleman.
- Because Ian makes light of every moment.
- Because he is not only charming and intelligent he is very well spoken and intellectual.
- Because he cares for the environment and animals and is pro-active, not just all talk.
- Because he knows a lot about the art of giving a massage.
- Because he is not just some pretty face, he is Ian Somerhalder, also know as God’s Gift to
Humanity or Adonis Personified.
- Because even Perez Hilton calls him Ian Smolderhalder.
- Because he takes 3 showers a day and smells like roses. And also a bit like chocolate.
- Because every female interviewer starts fangirling around him.
- Because, as Julie Plec as many others said, he is a great guy, a leader, a hero.
- Because, as TWOP also pointed out, he was just meant to be Damon Salvatore.
D a m o n
- Because Damon Salvatore is deeper than you can imagine.
- Because Damon is capable of love.
- Because Damon is probably the funniest vampire around.
- Because Damon knows how to party.
- Because we love to see him shirtless!
- Because his dark sarcasm brightens up our day.
- Because we don't believe he is a self-serving psychopath without redeeming qualities.
- Because Damon thinks he is 'the better, hotter superior choice' - we love a confident man!
- Because no matter how many sides we see of Damon, there
is always more to see and explore.
- Because who needs a Knight in Shining armor when we have Damon Salvatore?
- Because Team Damon is Team Awesome.
- Because even Alaric-the-vampire-hunter is starting to warm up to Damon.
- Because Damon is not just pretty eye candy, but he also tugs at our heartstrings.
- Because he is the only one around who can put two and two together.
- Because it is always a pleasure to see him dance.
- Because when he is on screen shirtless the hotness burns.
- Because of his magnificent blue eyes, that compels you even when he is not trying to compel you.
- Because he is very protective and none should dare try hurt those he cares for.
- Because he believes in killing the messenger as it sends a message!
- Because he is the fun and cool brother.
- Because he is sexy danger guy with all the snark.
- Because even his enemies can’t help but be charmed by him.

Since reading the first Vampire Diaries book and Damon Salvatore
stepped out of the dark shadows, I was sold. This mystery guy with
the witty/snarky lines really had me like a ring on his finger. He is
funny, darkly sarcastic, intelligent, bright and so charming. He is
my favorite character in the books and his lines are the
best ones. And this brings me to the Damon we see on the
show. I love him to bits and pieces. All his flaws and ruthlessness
he uses to hide his humanity and his broken heart makes him
all the more irresistible, deep and complex
. And it's no
surprise when I tell you that he is my favorite
character on the show as well.

Ian Somerhalder is now one of my absolute favorite
actors. And no, it's not only because of his amazing good
looks and his blue piercing eyes that can make any woman
melt within a second of that look. He has shown that he is a
fantastic actor, not only on TVD, but also on Lost. He is the
perfect actor for the part of Damon. He just captures every aspect
of him and makes him come alive
. His facial expressions are
priceless and the acting is brilliant. Other than that, I
heard that Ian is the sweetest person you could ever meet, and he
really looks like it, in interviews and videos of him etc. Other
than all that, I love the fact that Ian is so dedicated to
charity work for the environment and to help animals
and I cant wait to see more of him.
- MissDK (Lala)

Ian Somerhalder had been one of my most favourite actors
in the world. 1) He’s a versatile actor. Give him a script and the
character is his. 2) He’s a humanitarian. His heart is made of
gold, just ask the people who he had helped whether it’s raising
or helping calamity-stricken people. 3) He’s very humble.
He’s been in the industry for years, made movies and show
alongside Hollywood icons; though he still holds the
same sweet smile every time he meets a fan.

Damon Salvatore’s mysteries draw me in. After reading the books, I have
come to mind that Damon will always be my one tragic hero who immediately
got hold of my heart
. He’s the most interesting character in
The Vampire Diaries and I love watching every single things that unfolds for us.

Ian is Damon for me; and no one else. No one
can play Damon as grand as Ian does.
- HappySquared (Gay)

Celebrity (1998) - Unknown
Life as a House (2001) - Josh
Changing Hearts (2002) - Jason Kelly
The Rules of Attraction (2002) - Paul Denton
In Enemy Hands (2004) - U.S.S. Swordfish: Danny Miller
The Old Man and the Studio (2004) - Matt
Recess (2004) - Cooley
National Lampoon's TV: The Movie (2006) - Unknown role
Pulse (2006) - Dexter
The Sensation of Sight (2006) - Drifter
The Lost Samaritan (2008) - William Archer
Lost City Raiders (2008) - Jack Kubiak
Wake (2009) - Tyler
The Tournament (2009) - Miles Slade
How to Make Love to a Woman (2010)
Cradlewood (2011) - Josh

The Big Easy (1997) - I.Q.
Now and Again (1999) - Brian
Young Americans (2000) - Hamilton Fleming
Anatomy of a Hate Crime (2001) - Russell Henderson
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2002) - Tony Del Nagro
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2003) - Charlie Baker
CSI: Miami (2003) - Ricky Murdoch
Fearless (2004) - Jordan Gracie
Smallville (2004) - Adam Knight
Lost (2004–2010) - Boone Carlyle
Marco Polo (2007) - Marco Polo
Tell Me You Love Me (2007) - Nick
Lost City Raiders (2008) - Jack Kubiak
Fireball (2009) - Lee Cooper
The Vampire Diaries (2009–present) - Damon Salvatore
He’s hot. He’s funny. He’s evil...though not as evil
as he t h i n k s he is
and we love this charming bad boy. The Vampire Diaries
wouldn’t be nearly so much fun without him! - SciFi Wire

Damon S a l v a t o r e

I think what surprised the hell out of Damon is he started to find
himself caring about things, some of the people and this place
and that is a weird notion for him. It puts him into this protective
and he goes to work and he's literally fighting for [something
other than himself]
. It's a different Damon. - Ian on Damon

I’m president of the T e a m Damon fan club. - Paul Wesley

I adore Ian because he is a beautiful man inside and out.
Not only is he gorgeous with a great smile and amazing eyes, but he
has one of the best personalities I have ever seen from a celebrity.
He seems so easy going and genuine and he's always so nice
to his fans and fellow co stars. He has a huge heart and is
constantly aware of world issues. He seems like hes
always trying to help people and he just has this charisma.

Damon is my favorite character as well because Ian does such a
great job with the character. He is absolutely hilarious, and even
though Damon is supposed to be a "bad guy" on the
show, you can tell that there is more to him. You can see
his struggle with good and evil and its clear that he has a heart
and that he cares about people deep down. It's fun to see
his growth on the show, and he keeps things interesting.
- Alexa (Alex)

You never know, every time I read that script and it says, “Matt enters the room
and Damon follows”
I’m like, ‘Oh my God…’ - Zach Roerig

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Future Titles
Ian is bringing the southern charm
"Ian comes vampire-ready." - Kevin Williamson
Dead guy on Lost, now undead on The Vampire Diaries
"You know, I’d pick Ian." - Kevin Williamson
"He just sort of feels perfect. He has that wonderful definition. He’s athletic and naturally fit." - KW
"Because KW and JP both want to kiss (and maybe smack) Ian!
B/c Cincinnati says Ian recharged his career playing MF's evil vampire brother with a heart
B/c "IS just steamrolled all over my heart" wrote Zap2It, at a loss at words due to his work
We praised Ian Somerhalder's work every week on season one, but it must be highlighted again. ~TVFanatic
"Saying no to Damon? That girl’s got some CAJONES! Clearly, she’s never seen him do the Eye Thing . . ."~ TVRA
Because "Even in the Caribbean Damon would find a way to incite death and destruction." ~ Hollywoodcrush
Because Damon is a work in progress.
"Somerhalder is clearly the leader, and he takes the pole position" -The Daily Beast
He’s also an incredibly bright, thoughtful, earthy guy. Really smart. - Steven Antin
He’s so staggeringly beautiful that it’s jaw-dropping. - Steven Antin
Happily heterosexual men should probably avoid looking Ian directly in the eyes. (Unhappily heterosexual? Go for it!!!) - Stephen Amell
"IS portrayed a wider range of emotions in 1.5 seasons of TVD, than some actors twice his age exhibited throughout their ENTIRE CAREERS!" - TVRA
Damon’s strong, virile, masculine, and SUPER hot. - TVRA
Taking the crown by a major landslide, we present your March Man-ness Winner... - wetpaint
We're blaming it on Damon's incredible piercing eyes... or perhaps that irresistible smirk... actually, maybe it's just the entire insanely sexy package. - wetpaint
b/c Ian is "sinfully delicious" - Perez Hilton
"All the girls are screaming for Ian to whip out his little shaky shake dance move" - Candice
[on Ian] "Absolutely. Love that man" - Maggie Q
B/c he is the guy who convinced Dave Kalstein to move to LA and be a writer
Because he's the People's sexiest 33 year old!
Because he's the "Ultimate Non-Human Hunk"!
because he is one of Kevin Willamson's "favorite people on the planet"!
Because he is Nina's "favorite Vampire"!
"You can always mute the TV and just stare at Ian Somerhalder for 42 minutes. You'll thank us." - The Observer
"The beauty of Damon is he never really gives up. He acts out, he takes a stand, he has opinions, but when all
is said and done: if brother's in a crisis, if girl's in a crisis, if the world is in a crisis, Damon inevitably can't
help himself and he's got to find his way back in." - Julie Plec

I love Ian because he is a great actor! He always
puts his heart & soul into his roles! I love that he is a cute southern
guy with that awesome southern sweet charm. I love that he speaks
his mind about the things he cares about.
He just seems like a
sweetheart who is alot of fun to be around!
- quin611 (Quin)

What can I say about Damon Salvatore? Well, let me first say that
when I opened the book five years ago, I was expecting to fall for
another, but the moment Damon came into the scene, he won me over
and I melted
. In the books he's this dark, 'evil' character. But
something about him draws you in and I just fell for him. Eventually he was
the reason for me to finish reading, in fact when I first heard that
the show was going to be on TV the first person I looked up
was Damon, and let me say, I wasn't disappointed by what I saw.

I knew Ian from Lost. I knew his character was long past and I knew
he had the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen. That was enough for me.
As the episodes past though, my love for Damon grew and
grew and it's not slowing down. Ian has proven to be the best choice
for Damon and I couldn't be happier. Damon's the one character who takes
you outside your comfort level on the regular basis but yet makes you
want to hug in the next episode
! He's everything a character
should be. He's hilarious and charming and sweet and concerned. He just
makes the show what it is. To put it simply, without Damon, the show
is nothing in my opinion and I am proud to say I love him to death!
- DefineDelicate (Tiff)

I especially like Damon; Ian Somerhalder does very well. - L. J. Smith

Ian with the T V D C a s t
(This cast, I love and adore them. We have a blast.
I have so much respect for them. - Ian)

Ian Somerhalder is so c u t e to kiss. Ian is wonderful in his job. - Candice Accola
Ian is so gorgeous and sweet and open, he makes you feel good about yourself.
I respect him as an actor, I think he’s so good. - Kayla Ewell

We had this one little girl go up to him, and she was really shy, and
her mom was like, 'She has something to tell you.' And Ian leaned over
and was like, 'What is it, s w e e t h e a r t?', and the little girl
says, 'Try to be a good boy.' And he was like, 'Okay,
sweetie…for you I'll try
.' - Nina Dobrev

*comes in at #2 for TV Guide's TV sexiest vampires
*Number 6 in BuddyTV's Television 100 sexiest men of 2009
*one of SciFi Wire’s This Fall’s 10 Most Awesome Sci-Fi TV Characters
*with Paul as “Hottest Brothers ” in People’s Sexiest Man
*one of E's 10 vampires we love
*made Entertainment Weekly’s Best Bitches
*included in People Magazine's 100 Sexy Men in 1 Minute
Ian Somerhalder simply o w n e d this role, having a blast with
Damon’s snarky, sarcastic side – but deftly transitioning to serious
and vulnerable when called for. Emmy voters will never
even look at a CW show, but they should make an exception in this case.- TV Fanatic
Ian Somerhalder is like an enigma. You really don't expect someone
that looks that gorgeous and who is super charming to also be the
sweetest guy ever with a huge heart but Ian is all that and more.
He cares about people, animals and the world's well being in general.
He's the kind of guy that will take a picture and sign an
autograph for every single fan. In addition, he's immensely
talented and really encompasses the personality of every character he plays.

Ian has made the character of Damon Salvatore truly come to life.
Damon is my favorite on the show (and the books) because he's
funny, smart, confident, complex and protects the people that he
cares about. To me, he's not the villain of the story and
I agree when Ian says "Damon has ill intentions but for righteous
. He believes that his actions are justified and most
of the time, he makes the viewers believe that too and sympathize
with him. That goes to show how great Ian's acting is and how
complicated the character of Damon is. Without Damon, the
show wouldn't be the same!
- naturellebella (Kem)
I'm a huge fan of Ian since the Lost days, so when I found out that he was gonna be
in a tv series called Vampire Diaries, I was so excited. Because of that, I searched
for the books. And my excitement was doubled because upon finishing the vd
books, I'm soooo in love with Damon Salvatore! He has the mystery, the charm and
the enigma that is just so hard to resist
! You become a slave to his
character - his loyalty, and his love for his brother and for Elena. Damon's inner
struggle and journey to find his humanity is so appealing, that you want to be a
part of it every single step of the way. He's a character you will never get tired
of reading and watching. And I'm glad that Ian lived up to the expectation. There's
not an ounce of disappointment in Ian's portrayal of Damon
. From 'Hello Brother,' to him
touching his lips in the finale, each and every scene of Ian as Damon exudes
intensity, powerful acting and flawless delivery! I can't think of anyone else who
can play Damon as engaging as Ian does. Ian can be funny, sexy, and sweet; or tormented
and hurt the next second - he plays all those emotions amazingly! Ian Somerhalder
equals Damon Salvatore, and Damon Salvatore equals Ian Somerhalder!
- Weena
There are few people whose aura is so pure and positive that you can't
help but be mesmerized by them and Ian is one of those people.
His charm is not in his –quite unmatched- great looks, but in his inner
beauty, in his character. Added to that the fact that he is an
intelligent and intellectual person, and you have perfection.
The popularity and love Damon has gained as a character owes
a lot to that perfection. Damon is certainly a well-written character with
lots of great one-liners, depth and complexity
but it is Ian who makes it all come alive on the screen
There is an obvious connection between him and Damon, he loves the
character and truly understands and feels him which, in turn, makes
his portrayal of the character very heartfelt, real and honest.
The incredible job Ian does in his portrayal of
Damon allows the audience to see more than the ‘cool charismatic
snarky funny vampire’ in him, rather they are privy to Damon’s
many layers, feelings and thoughts and are able to connect to him.
Damon is one of top fictional vampires ever written as simply a bad-ass
vampire to dread and respect, and yet Ian also manages to make him feel
human and real, which is no small feat and is testimony to Ian’s talent
as an actor
. It’s also why it is unfathomable to think anyone else
portraying Damon, the writing would be same but the feeling just
wouldn’t as no one could do justice to the
character the way Ian does.
- Schumiac (Asena)

I play Damon... the bad vampire with all the good lines. - Ian

❝Hello brother.❞ (1x01)
❝I promised you an eternity of misery, so I'm just keeping my word.❞ (1x01)
❝Not bad. Have you been eating bunnies? ❞ (1x02)
❝That's for me to know and for you to dot dot dot.❞ (1x02)
❝What's so special about this Bella girl? Edward's so whipped.❞ (1x04)
❝I've been doing some thinking, some soul searching and I want us to
start over. We need to put the past behind us. You're my little brother
and if you wanna live a normal happy human life, then I want that for
you. Maybe I can do it too, maybe I can learn to be a
non-living, living person. Maybe there's hope for both of us. (laughs).❞ (1x03)
❝Ain't that nice. Stefan makes a friend. it's all so, RARAR go Team! Yeah!❞ (1x03)
❝Some girls cant resist my good looks, my style, my charm
and my unflinching ability to listen to Taylor Swift.❞ (1x04)
❝I live in the real world where vampires burn in the sun.❞ (1x04)
❝The lies catch up to you, the longer you keep lying to
yourself about who you are.❞ (1x05)
❝I'm at the Sizzler. I had the buffet.❞ (1x06)
❝I'm getting really bored and impatient; and I don't do bored and impatient.❞ (1x06)
❝Dude? Really? Dude?!❞ (1x07)
❝Is it skunk? Saint Bernard? Bambi?❞ (1x07)
❝She's been coped up in your room all day. She's not Anne Frank.❞ (1x07)
❝I have a diabolical master plan - If I told you, it wouldn't be
very diabolical, now would it?❞ (1x08)
❝I don't, Damon...I cant trust you to be a nice guy, you kill everybody
and you're so mean, you're so mean! You're really hard to imitate, I have
to go to that lesser-place.❞ (1x09)
❝This town deserves this. - There is nothing innocent about these people
and don't think for a second it won't happen again!❞ (1x09)
❝I was ambushed. I was shot. Now I'm vengeful.❞ (1x10)
❝I don't take sides. You piss me off, you're dead!❞ (1x10)
❝Vampires can't procreate...but we love to try.❞ (1x11)
❝You? Help me? Seems a little unnatural.❞ (1x12)
❝If I see something I haven't seen before I'll throw a dollar at it. ❞ (1x13)
❝But had me fooled.❞ (1x13)
❝I didn't compel you in Atlanta because we were having
fun. I wanted it to be real. ❞ (1x14)
❝A room full of woman clamoring to win a date with me...sounds tasty.❞ (1x15)
❝It was 1864. Wake up, woman! The world has moved on. ❞ (1x16)
❝Give my regards to the squirrels.❞ (1x17)
❝If I had a good side, that's not a way to get on it!❞ (1x17)
❝Guess what? Everyone hates me. But you can't deny: we were bad ass!❞ (1x17)
❝You ask, I come. I'm easy like that.❞ (1x18)
❝No Elena, I wont come with you in your bedroom!❞ (1x18)
❝I just love that they love me!❞ (1x18)
❝Do you want to hear how the council is back in vampire mode, or how
I just killed Uncle John Gilbert?❞ (1x18)
❝Stefan likes puppy blood...little Golden Retriever blood
with floppy ears. That's his favorite.❞ (1x20)
❝Let's not kill anyone, tonight. Your words. Just pointing that out!❞ (1x20)
❝You’re back to Bambi blood and I’m the big bad brother. All’s right in the world.❞ (1x20)
❝You brood too much. Everything in this planet is not your fault. My actions, what I do
it’s not your fault. I own them, they belong to me.
You are not allowed to feel my guilt.❞ (1x20)
❝I do believe in killing the messenger, you know why? Because it sends a message.❞ (1x21)
❝I'm here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl!❞ (1x22)
❝Life sucks either way, Jeremy. At least if you're a vampire, you don't have
to feel bad about it if you don't want to. - I did it for a very
long time...and life was a lot easier. ❞ (1x22)
❝You know, I came in this town wanting to destroy it. Tonight I…found
myself wanting to protect it. How does that happen?❞ (1x22)
the c r e d i t s
Artwork: naturellebella
Contributors: naturellebella, Weena, MissDK
Brucas <3, Alexa, Schumiac, quin611, DefineDelicate

Ian is the greatest guy in the w o r l d. Ian is a champion, a leader and he is a hero. - J.Plec ♛

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beyond insane

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Title quote is still a favorite
Sarah ღ [icon thread]
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I know right
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I love it too
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He had the best quotes
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beyond insane

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He always did
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"Pilots call me Starbuck, but you may refer to me as God."
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Best humor
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beyond insane

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I agree that Damon did have the best humor of the franchise
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beyond insane

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Kat's pretty close too
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I miss him.
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Same Such an unique character.
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Originally Posted by beyond insane (View Post)
I agree that Damon did have the best humor of the franchise
His humor and quotes were great

btw.. an amazing job ith the OP here
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Originally Posted by a new hope (View Post)
Same Such an unique character.
We're never going to get a character like him ever again
“time and time again, I chose you.
I sacrificed everyone and everything for you.“
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