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Bickering Bickersons [D♥B] #818: "Bon. You got to let me go." "Not... gonna.... happen."

818 ; eight hundred-eighteen threads

1.07 • HAUNTED
DAMON : So, where'd Caroline run off to?
BONNIE : Do yourself a favor Damon, and don't ask me about Caroline.
DAMON : Oh, Bonnie. So loyal.
BONNIE : Just stay away from her.
DAMON : Where'd you get that?
BONNIE : From a friend.
DAMON : Caroline. You know it's mine, don't you?
BONNIE : Not anymore.
DAMON : Funny! I'd like it back, please.
BONNIE : I'm not giving it to you. I'll give it to Caroline and she can give it to you
if she feels like it.
DAMON : Or I could just take it right now.

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" i think damon's fiery wit and bonnie's
cool smarts would make an exciting dynamic
to watch on the screen.

The Snappy Dragon

DAMON : Okay, it's your last chance.
BONNIE : I'm gonna scream.
DAMON : Oh, no! Don't do that. Let's stay on the point. Listen, I want my
BONNIE : You can't have it.
DAMON : Well, I can't take it, but you can give it to me. I'm trying to help you here.
BONNIE : I don't want your help.
DAMON : Yeah, you do want my help and you don't even know it. You know why,
you little witch? Because you stumbled into something you need to stumble out of.
BONNIE : Just leave me alone, or I swear I'll --
DAMON : No, don't. No threats. Look a) you hurt me last time, b) I wish you no
harm. Believe it or not Bonnie, I wanna protect you. Let me help you get Emily
off your back.
BONNIE : How do you know about her?
DAMON : I know a lot of things and I know more about that crystal than you do,
and I know that she's using it to creep inside of you... Ha! See how scared you
are! And you should be. Because I will get that crystal even if I have to wait for
Emily to give it to me herself... So, next time she comes out to play, you tell her
that a deal's a deal.

fan testimonials

I fell in love with the TV show Bonnie/Damon and with only a handful of scenes together; their chemistry and delicious UST
have quickly made them my OTP. The thing I most love about Bamon is their potential. Potential to become an incredible
couple; on their own they are two strong individuals, their differences are vast but they can still balance each other out.
Damon needs a strong woman who can handle him, but he also needs someone to love him... and only him. Bonnie needs
excitement, passion and adoration; someone to sweep her off her feet and never let her fall. It's clear that they need each
other. They both love so fiercely separately, just imagine if they were to love each other. Hopefully we won't have to
imagine for long...

♥ AmayaS25
The main reason I ship Bonnie and Damon is my belief that they are perfectly matched: in temper, personality, power and
wit. They balance each other out. Bonnie's above-her-years wisdom is a pleasant contrast to Damon’s childlike egocentrism,
just like his wilderness of spirit is to her quiet intensity. They are both very passionate characters, and fiercely loyal to
those they care about –- two traits that will make them a hell of a couple someday. Whenever they share a scene, regardless of
how short, you can literally feel the air sizzling with their chemistry. Bonnie doesn’t let him off easy, and she is not afraid
to stand up to him, murderous vampire or not, and you can see Damon respects her for that, and her strength and
goodness. I think he truly needs someone like her in his life, given his past; someone who will set boundaries and won’t be
fooled by his antics, but also who will have his back, it doesn’t matter what. I always think of them as an epic-in-progress.
For now, they are the hottest example of ying and yang I know, and their banter is the best I see onscreen since Chuck and
Blair. I love to see them challenge each other and I can’t wait to see the rest of their journey.

♥ SkySamuelle

BONNIE : What do you want from me?
DAMON : I think we need a fresh start.
BONNIE : You tried to kill me.
DAMON : But I didn't! And if I wanted to, I would've. Does that not count for
BONNIE : You know I can start fires with my mind. Fires kill vampires, right? ...
Just stay the hell away from me.

Even if I had never read the books I would still ship Damon and Bonnie. Damon needs a strong female character who would
be able to handle him. And that is exactly who Bonnie is. Not to mention she's also a witch. She is fearless and won't be up with
Damon's crap. With only a few scenes together these two have captured my heart. I can't wait to see what is in store for

♥ greeneyeswe3tie
I've always been a fan of the underdog couples; the ones who may be overlooked or over-shadowed. Very rarely, these
couples come out on top. I strongly believe that this is the case with Bonnie and Damon. The fact that they are both
supernatural in being makes their appeal even greater. They have a connection that nobody else has. Damon may deny that
he cares about her, and Bonnie can scream and yell that she's afraid of him all she wants, but actions speak louder than
words. She pulls the humanity out of Damon -- she's seen him at his most vulnerable state, and even made him blush. Any
girl that can do that to someone like Damon is definitely a keeper. Sure, they may not be the forefront of the books and of the
show, but that's what makes them perfect; little looks, touches, and kisses... the moments are so subtle, but sometimes
those moments are the ones that make the biggest difference.

♥ mindFREQ.

DAMON : Hi, Bonnie. Wanna dance?
BONNIE : I'm outta here.
DAMON : Please give me another chance.

" i'm starting to see the potential there.
maybe a friendship? maybe more? who knows.

Andy Swift, Hollywood Life


Bonnie/Damon, Damon/Bonnie, Bamon, Donnie. There are many different names for this ship, but folks, all of them add up
to the same thing. Which is "Friggin Awesome". When we first meet Damon, he is just an evil, cruel, sexy, badass vampire
who looked upon humans as food and nothing more. Then rolls around The Dark Reunion, and Bonnie enters the equation.
Bonnie is a human (or should I say witch) who (and I'm going to quote Nightfall here) "has never hurt a harmless thing for
malice" (Nightfall, 147). They don't seem to really fit, do they? Well, yes. Yes, they do. One of the main reasons the
Bonnie/Damon relationship appeals to me (and I'm sure to many people) is that she brings out the human side in Damon, the
side that he would swear he didn't have. He wants to protect her and keep her safe (but of course, he wants to do all of this
while still maintaining his badassery). He wants to be the vampire she goes to when she's in trouble, and though he may
pretend to be annoyed when she does call for help, he still does it without a second thought (except for when he is controlled
by Malach). He will not let anything harm his little bird. He would rather take a punch in the face from a stronger vampire
than see her get hurt (Nightfall, 158). Some people (and these people are definitely not Bamon fans) think that she is too
young and immature, but I happen to disagree, and apparently so does Damon. Because although he has an interest in
beautiful, sexy Elena, Bonnie is (and now I'm quoting Damon) "definitely a maiden" (Nightfall, 159).

♥ biabiabia
Why do I love Damon/Bonnie? There are so many reasons. I love their banter, they're not afraid to say how they feel to each
other. I love the intense chemistry that is there when they are in the room, how you feel it pulling you in from the second
you watch them together. I love the whole 'opposites attract' thing, and I love the supernatural love in the room. Damon
doesn't have to pretend with her, Bonnie saved his life. I believe they are meant to be together, and even if it takes a long time
for them to get there, it will be worth it in the end.

♥ NateBlairlover

1.21 • ISOBEL
DAMON : Are you even up for this? I mean, no offense, you're no Emily Bennett.
Emily knew what she was doing.
BONNIE : I've been practicing.
DAMON : It's not piano lessons, honey.
BONNIE : What's your favorite book?
DAMON : What?
BONNIE : Name a book. Any book.
DAMON : Name a book. How about "Call of the Wild", Jack London? ... Jack
London. Great parlor trick.
DAMON : I don't trust you, I tried to kill you.
BONNIE : Hmm, you're right, you can't trust me.

There are many reason why you totally get into Bamon, Donnie, or Bonnie/Damon…Why I LOVE them is that they just click
right away and blow my mind away every scene they are in with pure UST, longing, explosive angst, awesome back and forth
banters, and sizzling chemistry! I love that Bonnie can just bring his human side out without him noticing it, and Damon can
just loosen her up and lead her to enjoy and embrace her supernatural side, as Bonnie would make him see that he can embrace
his human side! I can also see that they can rule the world and are on fire so be careful world because once they finally get
together, you never know what is expected of them. They can bring so much more in their scenes as you know you would
enjoy every minute of them. Kat and Ian make them so real with the way they interact with each other, you just can't
deny their chemistry. I believe that they are soul mates and can bring darkness and light toward each other as they can
be transformed into a powerful supernatural couple, you just love them right way <3.

♥ ixluvxchilly
Bamon is the first and only ship that I have ever been this in love with. The most interesting aspect of Bamon is their
potential. They've had few scenes but they've been full of angst and sexual tension which have drawn me to them. For
Damon, he doesn't have to worry about protecting her or being haunted by a former love that had broken his heart -- he could
simply be himself without any strings attached. And Bonnie wouldn't have to worry about hiding her abilities from anyone
because Damon would already understand. That's the most beautiful thing about Bamon -- that they would never have to be
anyone that they're not. And ever since I've read the books, I've fallen even deeper in love with this ship. Bonnie has a sweet
innocence to her and Damon finds himself being more protective and tender with her. In this case, Bonnie brings out a part
of him that he thought he had buried a long time ago. And I think as the books continue, Bonnie will begin to see that there
is more to him than meets the eye, and again, it is their potential that I love so much. I can't wait to see what happens in
the future Bamon scenes and where their relationship will go from here.

♥ Creativity

BONNIE : What do you want?
DAMON : Just watching the parade... Where're you going?
BONNIE : Away from you.
DAMON : I want to say something to you.
BONNIE : Just leave me alone.
DAMON : Thank you. The device that Emily spelled could've killed me. I don't
take what you did lightly, so thank you.
BONNIE : I did it for Elena.
DAMON : I know that, but I'm still very grateful. And I owe you... Enjoy the

" the damon-bonnie relationship is
one the writers could have a lot of fun with...
we know he finds witches sexy ( and useful ).
let those love-hate games begin.

Mandi Bierly, Entertainment Weekly

I fell in love with Damon and Bonnie because throughout the books all Damon's relationships, whether it were with his
brother or with Elena, were selfish. But when it came to Bonnie, well something happened that he never expected. He started
to care for her, started to care about her which he has never done on his own accord (without starting from revenge or
getting back at someone). She makes him feel things he hasn't felt in a long time, and she brings out the caring, unselfish
side to him. These two may make an unlikely pairing, but it's something bred from something pure, something special and
rare. She is his saving grace, and he is someone who understands her the way nobody else does. He makes her believe that
she can accomplish anything, to show her that she doesn't have to be afraid of who she is and the powers she possesses. And
together they bring out all the things in themselves they never knew existed.

♥ Guinevere
I've been a fan of The Vampire Diaries since it started. At the start I didn't really see any potential for these two. It wasn’t
until I read the books and rewatched their scenes from Season 1 that changed my mind. Kat and Ian do an amazing job of
portraying Bonnie and Damon, and they have undeniable chemistry through their dialogue/banters, their eyes and their body
language. Damon and Bonnie both have strong personalities that completely contrast each other that when you put the two
together, they almost complement each other. I know that Damon and Bonnie have a long way to go and I am ready for them
to take me on a journey. They have come so far since Season 1 and loved the scenes we got so far from Season 2. I can only
see them progressing from here. The Witch and the Vampire falling in love is something new and I'm so intrigued by the

♥ jules!

DAMON : She doesn't know how. Do you?
BONNIE : No, I don't.
DAMON : No, you don't. Because it took Emily years to learn a spell like that.
BONNIE : Oh, well, I can take down a vampire. That spell was easy to learn.
DAMON : I can give Caroline some blood.
BONNIE : Do it.
DAMON : If I do this, you and me, call a truce?
BONNIE : No, but you'll do it anyway.

Bonnie and Damon would be a wonder together. She's a powerful witch and he's a powerful vampire. They are both talented in
their own rights. Not only that, but they could also balance each other. He's damaged, but she's down-to-earth loyal to
all her friends. He needs that light in his life... he needs her. It also wouldn't hurt if occasionally he could teach her to let
loose and get dirty together. And when their love grows, it wouldn't be because of revenge or anything related to his brother
or his past. It would be because he truly felt for her as she felt for him. They would also already know each other stories
because both have never been the type to lie about their abilities or hide who they really are. Their love would be something
out of the supernatural world EPICness.

♥ LuckyRabbit

01. LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE - Eminem feat. Rihanna
02. 9 CRIMES - Damien Rice feat. Lisa Hannigan
03. STARS - Barcelona
04. JUST TONIGHT - The Pretty Reckless
05. RIDE - Cary Brothers
06. SALT SKIN - Ellie Goulding
07. EVERY YOU, EVERY ME - Placebo
08. SET FIRE TO THE THIRD BAR - Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainright
09. CLOSER - Kings of Leon
10. COSMIC LOVE - Florence and the Machine
11. IN MY VEINS - Andrew Belle feat. Erin McCarley
12. LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE (PART II) - Rihanna feat. Eminem


After 700 threads, one would think we would not be able to think of more reasons. But one would be so very wrong. I can think
of even more reasons now because of the last few episodes. I love how even when they are arguing they are still very hot. I love that
he would open the door for her even though he did not have to. I also love that Damon saved her when Mason tried to grab her
hand. I also love that even when angry and mad at Damon, Bonnie is still willing to help him (and Stefan as well) with stopping
Mason and Katherine. I also love Damon's nicknames for Bonnie and that he thanked Bonnie again. I also love that their scenes
could be all or big but they are always epic and so very awesome.

♥ lisagslack14

BONNIE : Did you know the Gilbert device affected Tyler Lockwood?
DAMON : Well, I know it took the Mayor down.
BONNIE : Don't you wanna know why?
DAMON : Yes, Bonnie. I would love to know why a non-vampire was tortured by
the vampire torture device that you let John Gilbert use against us. Speaking of
your guilt, how's Caroline?
BONNIE : She's much better.
DAMON : You're welcome.
BONNIE : No, you're welcome.
DAMON : Why am I welcome?
BONNIE : You live to see another day.
DAMON : No good deed goes unpunished with you, does it?
BONNIE : Doesn't undo the bad. I know what you are, Damon. You might have
Elena, and the Sherrif, and everybody else fooled, but not me.
DAMON : Hmm.
BONNIE : One more move and I'm gonna take you out.
DAMON : Now, you need to stop with the witch's brew. You're starting to believe
your own press.
BONNIE : Oh, I'm sorry? You were saying.

Not only are Damon and Bonnie the characters who have the most potential as a couple, they're not the typically clichéd
vampire/human relationship. Everyone knows that Bonnie Bennett is the altruistic, innocent girl who will give her life for the
people she loves, and Damon Salvatore is the conniving, resident bad-boy of Mystic Falls who cares for no one but himself.
Their strong personalities completely contrast each other that when you put two and two together, they almost complement.
It's fantastic to see that, finally, a female character on the show can level with Damon, someone who doesn't let him get
away with his shenanigans and leaves him unpunished. Her all too true principles of always putting her life on the line for the
people she loves is going to probably rub off on Damon, sooner than later. And when that happens, we'll finally see that he
does care about her more than he lets on. What's great about these two is that as a viewer, you will never get bored:
Damon will definitely always try to charm her, but Bonnie will constantly resist him. You really can't ignore their undeniable
chemistry; it's there: in their dialogue, in their eyes, in their body language. Despite Damon and Bonnie's lack of scenes
together, they will be one of the most amazing couples on this show.

♥ phoemster
Bonnie and Damon. The witch and the vampire. They are truly something unique and a pair that you do not see everyday. In
the book and in the show, you could feel the chemistry and the passion that they have for one another. They have this bond
that connects them and when you see them together, you can see that it's the start of something epic. He's always there to
save her and protect her. He cares for her and he doesn't even know why. Although Bonnie probably wouldn't admit it, she
cares for him too. Bonnie and Damon are unlike any couple you have ever seen before and that's works for them. She's the
angel to his devilish side. When they're together, you can always expect something great and original to come out of it.

♥ BrookeDavisFan

BONNIE : I told you what would happen if anyone else got hurt.
DAMON : I didn't do this!

Bamon. Exactly what it says. Bamon! They're so explosive on screen it's ridiculous. From the sexual eye glances to the
lovable bantering. She makes Damon Salvatore turned on he can't help but lick his lips. You can't just describe this pairing with
one word. There's too many adjectives that can describe them. Sizziling, sexy, funny, snarky, and just so dang entertaining.
They are the main reason for my interest in the show. It always drive me crazy how they can have most scenes under just a
minute and still have me wanting more! Bamon can knock out a scene with so much intensity and charisma included. Ever
since that memorable 'thank you' scene in the season finale, my love for Bamon was sold and has only grown stronger. You
can tell Damon doesn't do that, showing gratitude is not his thing. Which made it more special that he said it not once, but
TWICE to Bonnie. Ahh, that made me fall in love with Damon for a moment. Bonnie was speechless, like all of the
Bamonators probably was. I can only see them progressing from here.

♥ 1beaut
I don’t remember how or exactly when I became a fan of Damon and Bonnie, but I can definitely say that I’m glad that I did.
All I knew was that it was quickly approaching the new TV season and I needed a show to become invested in. I found it in
The Vampire Diaries. Watching, I related to Bonnie and what she was going through with discovering something new about
herself. Damon is, of course, attractive but I felt that deep down he was capable of caring for someone. Naturally, I felt
drawn to these two deep characters, both of them quickly becoming my favourites. I eventually found myself reading the
books. Needless to say, the discovery of a borderline relationship between Damon and Bonnie made my little shipper heart
burst. Damon has always been seen as selfish and unfeeling but whenever he’s around Bonnie, I couldn’t help but notice that
he was more human than I’m sure he felt comfortable admitting. Bonnie brought out a side of Damon that no one knew
existed, extracting feelings from him that no one else could. She broke the wall around his heart, without even trying and he
endlessly brought her back from the edge of death. I’ve always been captivated by couples that have been built up
throughout the course of a series, and Damon and Bonnie definitely have that going for them.

♥ nemapasara

2.06 • PLAN B
BONNIE : Okay, okay. This is as far as I go.
DAMON : Okay.
BONNIE : What do you want?
DAMON : A favor.
BONNIE : Like that's gonna happen.
DAMON : So predictable... All you have to do is touch Mason Lockwood again to
see if he gave Katherine the moonstone.
BONNIE : My visions don't work like that. I don't get to ask questions.
DAMON : How inconvenient. Although, let's talk about the witchy ju-ju thing you
do with me, you know the fun one where my brain bursts into flames? What is
BONNIE : That's me giving you an aneurism. Your blood vessels go pop, but you
heal quickly, so I do it over and over again.
DAMON : Is it vampire-specific?
BONNIE : It'd work on anyone with a supernatural healing ability.
DAMON : Okay. Good, good.
BONNIE : Damon, I'm not gonna help you hurt him.
DAMON : Mason Lockwood's a werewolf, Katherine's evil, they're the bad guys.
Really? You're gonna play morality police with me right now? Let me put it in
another way, they're a threat to Elena. You, witch, are gonna get over yourself
and help us.

" damon and bonnie are surprisingly hot together...

Carina Adly MacKenzie, Zap2It

I love Bonnie and Damon because they are fire and ice. They are so different but yet the same. They will fight tooth and nail to
protect the people they love. All of their scenes are intense. They always manage to make each other speechless. I love the way
they look at each other with love, hate, lust, and intrigue. They also make each other think they understand each other when
they really don't. They are hot together. I can't wait for them to realize they belong together. I can't wait to see how protective of
each other they would be once they got together!

♥ quin611
I became interested in Bonnie/Damon since the first episode. I liked Bonnie’s character because she seemed like this best
friend that every girl should have. In a lot of ways, her friendship with Elena reminded me of my friendship with my best
friend. Then, I fell in love with Damon’s character whenever he made the funny joke about Stefan’s ‘grrr’ face. In my mind,
I put the two together and thought of all the possibilities that could come out of it. The thing that really attracted me to
them was the unique pairing: Witch/Vampire. This type of coupling was so fascinating to me because never before had it
been done and there was so much that it could go through and present to the world. And the bonus was that Ian and Kat
made Bonnie and Damon so enjoyable to watch. And when they finally had a scene together, their quirky banter completely
sold me on the idea of their pairing. These two brought both humor and emotion to their conversations that just pulled me
in. They kept each other on their toes. And I believe that Bonnie is really the only female capable of holding her own against
Damon. Not just because of her increasing powers, but because she didn’t shy away from the conflicts and dangers that
Damon brought. She would have her weak moment, then suck it up and move on. And Damon is the one capable of bringing
out the sassiness that resides inside of Bonnie that we only manage to catch glimpses of. In my mind, they represent a real
couple to me with all of these qualities. So, in my heart, Bamon will always be my One True Pairing for Vampire Diaries.
They are a unique pairing full of so many possibilities that could spawn a whole new set of pairings and ideas. Bamon fan for

♥ BlueFlameDancer

2.06 • PLAN B
BONNIE : Here's his bag, as requested.
DAMON : Here, grab that corner.
BONNIE : Why are we doing this?
DAMON : Because I don't want to stain the carpet.
BONNIE : I knew you were gonna say something like that.
DAMON : You're judging again.
BONNIE : He's not gonna be out much longer.
DAMON : Woah, looks like this guy's used to being tied up... What are you doing?
BONNIE : You're looking for a moonstone, and I'm trying to help you find it.
DAMON : Oh, good! Yeah, find out if he gave it to Katherine, find out where she
is, and find out what they're gonna do with it once they get it.
BONNIE : Somewhere small, dark. There's water.
DAMON : Like a sewer.
BONNIE : No, like a, well? That can't be right. Yeah, it's a well.
DAMON : Why would it be in a well?
BONNIE : I told you, I only get what I get... That's it, that's all I got.
DAMON : Hey judgey, thank you.

What makes the pairing of Damon and Bonnie so attractive to me is their personalities. Damon has an excessive
personality. He does things big, and he loves to get his way. Bonnie, like Damon, has a strong personality, but she’s more
subdued. Even so, she’s no pushover. Bonnie has standards such as not killing/using/manipulating people, and she’s strict
about it. Damon needs that. Neither’s personality will change that much when they get together. Because of who they are,
they will fight their feelings for each other. The homicidal, cocky vampire and the righteous, innocent witch? It’s not
supposed to happen, and it’s not going to be part of either of their plans, but they won’t be able to fight their feelings and
attraction for each other. I loved their journey in Season 1, and I can’t wait for it to continue. This ship is all about the slow
burn. Damon now respects Bonnie, and I look forward to Damon showing Bonnie the other sides to him. Respect will become
mutual, then trust will develop, then friendship, and then a relationship, and throughout it all there will be banters, fights,
smirks, sarcasm, glares, lip licking, flirting (from Damon), and UST!

♥ rewitched
Why love Damon and Bonnie together? That's a rather stupid question if you ask me. Why wouldn't you? They're everything one
can hope to find in a ship. They're Damon and Bonnie. They're not good but they're amazing. Everything each one of them
embodies works with the other. They're not perfect. Not at all. But they're perfect for me. They're the underdog couple that
will win in the end. There's no other end possible. He's the "evil" vampire, she's the "powerful" witch who's all about
protecting her friends and family, even from him. How could they not work out? It's the good ole' 'bad guy/good girl' story
with a twist to it. Bonnie isn't all innocent and frail. She's powerful. She puts him in his place and that's what Damon needs.

♥ sabrinoush

BONNIE : You wouldn't be underestimating her, would you?
DAMON : It's a plan. Is it perfect? Pfft, what plan is?
DAMON : What will this do?
BONNIE : I can turn the metal to ash. Blow the ashes on her, and it'll incapacitate
her for a minute or two. Long enough for you to get the stone and get out.
DAMON : Alaric's stake gun is in my trunk. Bonnie?
BONNIE : Go ahead, I'm almost done.

" she despises him. i think that he will try to win her over...

Ian Somerhalder

When I think of Bamon... I think BAMon, that is banter, angst and mesmerizing... they don't need more words to describe
them, they are just that... also EPIC would be another. I love how Damon is drawn to Bonnie, he is always 'bumping' into her,
they are attracted to each other whether they like it or not because they have a bond, Damon swore to protect the Bennett
line, he will always be there for her. I love their chemistry, their love-hate dynamic, and every scene they have, be it small
and few, makes my day!

♥ LondonTown89

First let me start by saying Bamon is greatness in the making and I just know in my heart that they will keep getting more
popular and greater with time. I became a Bonnie and Damon fan without even seeing any scenes between them and also
not knowing their history in the books. Once I saw The Vampire Diaries' first promo on The CW, while everyone else was
probably hooked on Stefan/Elena (who I love now by the way) or Elena/Damon (I would only enjoy a friendship). I was hooked
on Damon with Bonnie. I just saw the two separated, Bonnie was in a scene with Elena and I saw Damon talking to Stefan
and I put the two together in my head and I was like "they would really look great together" so after that, I went to find out
what their names were on the show and I found it on a Vampire Diaries site, so then I started chatting with other Damon
and Bonnie fans on the TVD board on Fanforum. Now as I continue to watch the show, I know that it's not just about how
great they look together: it's about a Witch and a Vampire, and I'm so intrigued by that idea. I really believe that Bonnie
can handle him in a way no one else can. She's loyal and powerful and that is exactly who Damon needs in his life, and
Damon can also help her in a way. I think him falling in love with Elena will not be good because I think he will always be
reminded of Katherine and he will just get himself in another love triangle that would cause more tension with Damon and
Stefan, which I don't want. I think he should just fall in love with someone completely different and who has no similarities
as Katherine does. A person who can surprise him and put him in his place anytime, and I think that person can be Bonnie
who does it. I'm just tired of seeing the mortal turning the bad vampire (or bad guy) good; I just want to have something
new that has never been done. The Witch and the Vampire falling in love. I know that Damon and Bonnie have a long way
to go but bring on their journey because I'm ready for it. I really trust that they won't be getting OOC or it won't be rushed
and that makes me happy because TVD has been lacking to the extreme with giving couples long realistic build ups. So I
would love for Bonnie and Damon to be one of the couples on the show that has the great build up. I can just hope it doesn't
disappoint, and I will remain optimistic and look forward to their scenes time and time again, because they are worth the
wait. Remember the saying "good things comes to those who wait".

♥ BrathanSupporter

BOOK TWO - The Struggle
BOOK FOUR - Dark Reunion
BOOK FIVE - Nightfall
AN UNTOLD TALE - After Hours
AN UNTOLD TALE - Blood Will Tell

BONNIE : Sorry I'm late, had to grab the grimoire from home.
DAMON : Jeremy couldn't take the pressure, huh?
BONNIE : He said he'd be here.

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DAMON : So he planned to kill her all along?
BONNIE : Yeah, the sacrifice is part of Elijah's plan.
DAMON : Got it, loud and clear.

" raise your hand if you think they're so going to do it.

Television Without Pity

wish list
Damon/Bonnie eye!sex
Damon/Bonnie smiling at each other
Damon saving Bonnie
Bonnie using her powers on Damon
Damon/Bonnie kissing
Bonnie rejecting Damon, Damon being intrigued
Damon giving Bonnnie a nickname
Damon/Bonnie flirty banter
Damon/Bonnie UST
Damon/Bonnie and Stefan/Elena double date
Damon/Bonnie having sex
Damon making Bonnie laugh
Damon/Bonnie hug
Damon/Bonnie defending each other
Damon/Bonnie reaching an agreement
Bonnie calling Damon with her mind
Damon/Bonnie comforting each other
Damon/Bonnie uniting to prank Stefan
Damon/Bonnie role-playing
Damon/Bonnie love-hate relationship
Damon/Bonnie fighting to stay together

DAMON : Yup, everybody's dead.
BONNIE : We should pack up the grimoires, he spent years collecting them. I
wanna make sure they're safe.
DAMON : You know, we could just get another match and cremate him.
BONNIE : Don't be disrespectful. Not to him.
DAMON : Fine, I'll bury him.
DAMON : I didn't know you and 'Father Witch' were so close.
BONNIE : We weren't, but when he gave me my powers back, he gave me a
message. If I can find the spot in town, where the old Salem witches were
burned, I can harness their energy to use when I need it.
DAMON : Great, we'll have to put that on our list of things to do today. Harness
ancient dead witch power.
BONNIE : You know where the witches were burned?
DAMON : Did I forget to mention that?

ADVERSE EFFECT by Farie_Insignias
BEFORE THE COLD by Danielle_Salvatore
BLOODLUST by Infrena
HEAR MY CALL by nicola_de_lenfent
IN PERPETUUM by HairSprayFashionista
JUST A DREAM by venusnv80
JUST FRIENDS? by Lily_CullenSalvatore
LOVE AGAINST FATE by Lily_CullenSalvatore
MIXED SIGNALS by TheSouthernScribe
NO MORE I LOVE YOU'S by nikkisixirresistiblebitch
VIVID IMAGERY by anneryn7

BONNIE : How do you know where the witches were burned?
DAMON : 'Cause I tried to save her. Emily was just my key to getting Katherine
back before I knew what a nasty little bitch Katherine was.
DAMON : Whatever witch game you think you're playing, don't. It's not funny.
BONNIE : I'm not doing anything.
DAMON : I can't move... Ahh, my ring is not working. Do something.
BONNIE : I don't think the witches like you being here.

A WISH RIGHT NOW by Aurelie1610
COME AROUND by AustralopithecusLex
EVERYTIME YOU'RE CLOSE ... ♥ by EternalSmile107
I WILL LOVE YOU by Aurelie1610
I'LL SEEK YOU OUT, FLAY YOU ALIVE by givemyloveachance
IN MY ARMS by lucas13oth
IT'S ONLY LOVE, IT'S ONLY PAIN by EternalSmile107
JUST A DREAM by AustralopithecusLex
LIKE A LOADED GUN by EternalSmile107
MAKE ME WANNA DIE by Luthien3333
TEARS OF AN ANGEL (PART 1) by Aurelie1610
TEARS OF AN ANGEL (PART 2) by Aurelie1610
UNTITLED by HaloSupporter
WHAT IF THIS STORM ENDS by EternalSmile107
WHAT LIES BENEATH by AustralopithecusLex


more here

more here

BONNIE : Damon...
DAMON : Evenin'.

" i love how bonnie always uses damon
as her guinea pig to display her powers.

Vlada Gelman, LA Times

010 | 050 | 100 | 150 | 200 | 250 | 300 | 400 | 500
future titles
full list

When DnB start sexin, we will be textin, viewers will be chillin, ratings will be risin, twitter will be blazin...
“You hate someone and then you fall for them.” - Ian Somerhalder
Because if their dance was that sexy, just imagine when they hit the sheets.
"Damon and Bonnie are compatiable." -WetPaint
"On the flip, Bonnie and Damon can trade snarky comments all night long."
'Because once you go Bamon, you simply can't go back... ' just ask Wetpaint.
Because the relief he had on his face upon finding her said everything.
Because he mentioned her name "Bonnie" lucky seven times before finding her.
"That might be the most shocking development on The Vampire Diaries. Ever." -TWOP on Bamon hug
Thank you Damon, for teaching Bamon fans you're actions speak way louder than words.
Elena’s Team Bamon -WetPaint
Because “You're mean to the people you care about.” Damon Logic!
He was reluctant to give up on the search for her & relieved when he finally found her!
Because Damon and Bonnie found peace to the light holding hands together.
Because they accepted their fate together, now off to [we don't know land].
"They are physically connected with the (adorable) holding hands that happened." - BSMR
"There is mutual respect and their hand holding in the final moments felt appropriate." - Screenfad
"I'm sure there are a million people we'd both rather be with right now, but…" "A couple thousand at most."
Because as the Other Side collapse, Damon knew the right words to make Bonnie smile.
Because them linking hands, and accepting their fate was an act of intimacy to close Season 5.
Because the relieved smile plastered on his face when he saw Miss Cuddles said everything.
“Defying all possible global scenarios... I might miss you a little bit. ”
"Bonnie." he hugged Ms. Cuddles. "You're still alive." he said with a genuine relived smile.

scene of the moment

DAMON : Can you kill him?
BONNIE : He's got some kind of protection spell on him.
DAMON : You have the power of a hundred witches, break it.
BONNIE : I'm trying! But if I kill Alaric, he'll just possess someone else. He knows
I have my power, Damon. He's trying to kill me.
DAMON : No, Klaus does not get to win tonight. No way. You still willing to do
whatever it takes to kill him?

"i think he does care about Bonnie
(maybe he's even fond of her)...

IJS blog


" you guys think i don't know about
bamon, i know all about bamon.

Kat Graham
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forgot how awesome our OP was!

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Yea is quite remarkable
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Thanks for the new thread.
"I pledge the rest of my life to you."
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add me.
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Look at them
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My babies probably top 3 ship for TVD
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She really was fighting for him in the end.
"I pledge the rest of my life to you."
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They really fought for each other especially in later seasons
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