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starryeyesxx 05-24-2019 07:43 AM

Beauty & the Beast {Tyler ♥ Caroline} #359: I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved


I was praying that you and me might end up together...

"But I'm holding you c l o s e r than most, 'cause you are my heaven"

Can you know someone your whole life but not really know them? At least not until something changes you both f o r e v e r. Tyler Lockwood and Caroline Forbes grew up together. As members of the founding families of Mystic Falls, Virginia, they were on top of the social scene. They frequented the same parties, school activities, and sporting events. They were both popular, fashionable, and had parents that held positions of power in the town. Still, nobody saw them as anything more than what were on the surface. Nobody could see past the cocky jerk that was always getting into fights any more than people could see past the shallow flirt who was always trying too hard at everything. Nobody cared enough to look closer and answer the very questions that plagued the teenagers to their very core. Why was this boy was so angry? Why was this girl never the one? Little did they know that the answers would shape their very beings and the very nature of their relationship.

While Tyler and Caroline were part of the popular crowd, they did not like each other very much. They barely spent any real time together until Caroline starting dating Tyler's best friend, Matt Donovan. In fact, it seemed like Tyler took an unusual interest in their relationship; constantly making sarcastic remarks and jokes about them and often dispensing unnecessary advice. It was not until Founders Day, the festival celebrating the town's creation that things took a dramatic turn in their relationship. On that day, Caroline attempted to repair the relationship between Matt and Tyler because the two were fighting due to an incident with Matt's mom. Unfortunately, she did not have much luck with that pair, but she did manage to run interference between Tyler and his father, Mayor Lockwood. Afterwards, Mayor Lockwood ordered Tyler, Caroline, and Matt to leave The Mystic Grill and go home, obviously trying to hide the escalating drama between the townspeople and a group of vengeful vampires. While driving, Tyler heard the loud, high-pitched noise of The Gilbert Device which caused him to lose control and crash the car. When Tyler is knocked unconscious at the scene, Caroline refused treatment until he awakened. Later, she collapsed due to internal injuries and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. At the hospital, Sheriff Forbes informed a waiting Tyler that his father had died.

The events of Founders Day caused a chain reaction that ended in the death of Tyler's father and the hospitalization of Caroline. While in the hospital, Caroline was given blood by Damon to speed along her recovery. This became the perfect opportunity for vampire antagonist Katherine Pierce to make a move against the Salvatore brothers. Katherine decided to kill Caroline knowing the girl would come back to life as a vampire. Meanwhile, Tyler's uncle, Mason Lockwood, arrived in town to help the family through this tough time and held the key to a huge family secret: the Lockwood family was cursed with the werewolf gene. While Caroline dealt with her new vampire status, Tyler began investigating the importance of the mysterious moonstone, a precious gem Mason desperately wanted. When Caroline was attacked in the woods by werewolf Mason, Tyler saved her and finally uncovered his family legacy, a legacy he did not want to accept. Still, it was not something he could avoid and at the Masquerade Ball, he accidentally killed someone triggering the curse he so desperately wanted to elude. Fortunately, Caroline was there to witness the whole thing and the two quickly became friends and confidantes as they both began to navigate the supernatural world together as newbies, overlooking the fact that vampires and werewolves were supposed to be mortal enemies. While Caroline helped Tyler prepare for his first transformation, they began to develop an indescribable connection, one that is further strengthened when the two experience their first full moon together. Even though a werewolf bite can kill a vampire, Caroline refused to leave Tyler's side until the very end and immediately came back to comfort him in the aftermath. When Tyler learned about how she risked her life for him, he was overcome with a rush of feelings and kissed her. She passionately reciprocated before pulling away, confused about her feelings for Tyler and ex-boyfriend Matt.

They never really get a chance to discuss the kiss because that same night, Tyler was blindsided about the secrets Caroline had been keeping from him: Stefan and Damon Salvatore are vampires and they killed Mason, who had been missing. This revelation pushed the baby wolf and the baby vampire into the bitter, eternal war between vampires and werewolves, involving The Sun and Moon Curse which both sides have been desperate to break for years. In retaliation for Mason's murder, werewolves Jules and Brady kidnapped Caroline and tortured her. Stefan, Damon, and Tyler arrived on the scene to intervene, but a confused and terrified Tyler hesitated to rescue Caroline. Later, Tyler tried to apologize and plead his case, but Caroline was too angry and upset, declaring that their friendship was over. Without Caroline, Tyler had no choice but to try to befriend the others of his kind and hope for the best. He quickly learned that they would do anything to break the Curse, including murder Elena Gilbert simply because she was the doppelganger. After another battle between vampires and werewolves, Tyler decided he had enough and decided to leave town, but not before confessing his feelings for Caroline to Matt. He told Matt to take care of Caroline because she is an incredible person who deserved to be happy. His last stop was Caroline's porch, a place where they shared so many memories, but he could not bear to knock. So he left town without another word hoping to find the clarity he so desperately needed.

In Tyler's absence, Caroline reunited with Matt and divulged all her secrets to him about herself, Tyler, her friends, and the town. Predictably, Matt freaked out and then later turned spy for the Sheriff unbeknownst to Caroline who thought she had compelled him. This could be big trouble for all parties involved as original vampire Klaus arrives to finally perform the sacrifice ritual and break the Sun and Moon curse once and for all. Will this be enough to bring Tyler home? If not, what will? Will Tyler and Caroline make-up? So many questions to be answered, but there is always hope the two can rise above their differences and reignite the spark between them.

They are an incredible team together. They see past the exterior they present to the world and accept each other for who they really are. He always knew she had a big heart and now he thinks she's incredible and wants her to be happy even without him. She always felt bad for him and did not want him to be alone. Now she cares about him so much she put herself in mortal danger to ensure his emotional and physical well-being. She soothes his anger and he soothes her heart. They help the other find that beauty inside the beast. It is only a matter of time before they forgive and reconnect. After all, this is the story of how a beautiful boy and a beautiful girl became beasts and how even though they're supposed to be mortal enemies, their hearts connected transforming them into beautiful beasts for all time. They will be forever star-crossed like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet.

"Look you know what I think of Caroline Forbes.
She's an insecure, neurotic, bitchy little twit.
But the girl's got heart. She means well.
You just gotta take the good with the bad sometimes.

"Yeah I don't understand that. The guy's a tool."
"Gee duh! Tyler getting blamed for Sarah's death
just opens up questions he can't answer.
Do you really think it's a good idea for him to tell
his mom he's a werewolf? And that werewolf road
leads straight to vampire boulevard.

"She's been there for me more than
anyone has been there my entire life
and I kinda fell for her. I don't know how
anyone wouldn't because she's pretty incredible.

"It's like you don't want anyone to care
about you and I'm sorry I cared. I care.
So forgive me if I overstepped my
boundaries by actually giving a...

"How did you break the sire bond?"
"By breaking every bone in my body
a hundred times for the girl I love

"It doesn't matter how many times
I dance with him, I love you

"That’s impossible"
"Is it? Or maybe real love is
stronger than fake loyalty
"What do yo need?"
" Just you... and maybe a curling iron.

" This is our lives. Let me protect you. "
" If we have to spend the rest of our lives
running, I will run with you.
But first I have to help my friends.
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"I'm not moving on from anything. I love you."

" Tyler, I just got you back. I'm not losing you again."
74. Because everytime they talk there is passion in their eyes.
75. Because Tyler will be back in MF just for Caroline
76. Because we all know that sweet smile of Caroline when she talks with Tyler
77. Because he fell in love with her and decided to leave town for her own good
78. Because everybody wants some vamp&wolf action
79. Because everytime there is a new T/C scene Tumblr&co. explodes
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83. Because their story is so beautiful that they only can be our favorite ship
84. Because he had to see her one last time before he left town.
85. Because they make an amazing team together!
86. Because they soothe the beast inside of each other.
87. Because even Jules knows that Caroline is Tyler's little blonde vampire.
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starryeyesxx 05-24-2019 07:44 AM

"I've been a fan of The Vampire Diaries since it started. At the start I didn't really see a connection until season 2, where they became friends and Caroline was there for Tyler throughout his journey in becoming a werewolf. I felt they had a special connection as the actors and the characters have great chemistry and they understand each other. He is a werewolf and she a Vampire making them both fierce and an interesting couple."
~acoustichearts (Jules)
"My love affair with Forwood started in s1. I've always like they were both a bit of an outsiders in their groups, both had parental issues and i thought they could help each other out. S2 has only made my love for them stronger they get each other, there is no judgement and they accept each other for who the truely are flaws and everything. Their chemistry is off the chart and they have masterd eyeflirting to a perfect 10 (good skill to have *wink*). They shared the most perfect first kiss and eventhough they´ve only had that one perfect kiss that kiss is worth a billion ordinary kisses. What i like about their relationship is that it is a journey - they are not the same people they were before the curse struk them and they are figuring out who they are now and who they wanna be. In the near future, I see some heartbreaking angst now that they are locked in some silly vamp/were feud (damn you Jules and Damon). I do believe that you can´t have a rainbow without a little rain and that this relationship will only become stronger in the future because they are infact incredible together."
~andsoitis (Elsa)
"Tyler and Caroline just complete each other. They both bring out the best in one another and that is what makes this ship so amazing. In my opinion being in love with someone is supposed to make you a better and stronger person. Like there is nothing you can’t do as long as that one person is by your side. Forwood has proven that time and time again. They’re the perfect match. For Caroline, being with Tyler has forced her to look at things from a whole new perspective. She’s not just some superficial blond cheerleader. She’s capable of caring deeply for someone other than herself. And for Tyler, being with Caroline has also given him a new perspective and broken his bad boy bully façade. He’s not afraid to show her his weaknesses and fears because he trusts her. He’s never felt this secure with someone before. Tyler and Caroline went through drastic changes in season two which forced them to see each other in a whole new light. They became best friends in a short period of time. They developed an intense emotional connection that shocked them both. Caroline was all Tyler had and he knew that no matter what painful physical changes he’d go through everything would be fine as long as she was there with him. They went to hell and back together. It was EPIC! Everything seemed almost perfect but perfect can’t last forever. Trust was broken and loyalties were tested. But the LOVE was never lost. Tyler and Caroline have a long road ahead of them. They will prove to us again that there is no obstacle they can’t overcome. They may even have to start their relationship from scratch. It doesn’t matter as long as they finally get it right. I know they are made for each other and pretty soon they will too."
~BlackHalo (TJ)
"Why do I love Tyler and Caroline? Because they had a great friendship before things turned romantic. I know the bond they created during his transformation will never be broken. Sure, they've had a lot of ups and downs since that first perfect kiss, but I know in the end, it will all be worth it. I love that no matter what they'll always fight for each other. I love that they love each other for being exactly who and what they are.The happiest I've ever seen Tyler and Caroline is when they're together. Oh and Michael and Candice have amazing chemistry.They've come so far since that moment by the pool table in the pilot, and I cannot wait to see what's next to come in their story. "
~BlueDog9 (Kate)
"If you watched “By the light of the moon” and didn’t notice the amazing chemistry between Candice Accola and Michael Trevino and the importance of Tyler Lockwood’s first transformation into a werewolf, where Caroline Forbes refused to leave Tyler, even though one single bite could have killed her, I don’t think I could ever be friends with you. The way they look and smile at each other is simply mesmerizing. But it’s not only their chemistry that got me drawn into their storyline, it’s also their character development that turned the shallow cheerleader and the arrogant jock into multi-layered characters who grew individually but also as friends, and later on as a couple. One of the things that distinguishes them from other couples is the way they manage to balance out romance and friendship: one moment you’ll find them in the sexiest make-out sessions that have ever appeared on your screen, the next one their banter simply puts a smile on your face. I won’t ever give up on this awesome couple and hold on to the fact that these two amazing characters share a bond no one could ever break."
~cinnamoncookie (Fi)
"Tyler Lockwood and Caroline Forbes. They were the last couple on everyone's minds. Yet from that small look he gave her as they both lay on the road in the Season One Finale, their story was set into motion. Now nearly a season on, they have forged a bond that can never be broken. They'll have obstacles, they'll have issues, but they'll overcome it. Because he let his walls and façades come down when he was with her. Because she's accepted and cherished for the person she truly is when she's with him. A werewolf and a vampire are going to show everyone that there is no such thing as predestined hate or fated enemies. Only relationships that are built up through friendship, trust and perseverance. "
~**confessa (Patricia)
"I started shipping Tyler and Caroline back in episode 7 of the first season. The way he looked at her and their flirty little cheers, I just knew that they had potential. This season I've done more than ship them, I've fallen completely and madly in love with how amazing I think they could be and what they could mean to each other. When Caroline, who could be killed by a werewolf bite, helped Tyler through his transformation, that was epic. The show has yet to explore their romantic tension, which is a shame, but hopefully in time we will be treated to what I think will be the best couple in the show. As shippers we've come a long way. I remember when there were just a handful of us posting on the thread, and fanarts, fanfiction, and fan videos were scarce. We kept the shipping going dreaming of what could be, because we knew that they would be great if given the chance. From being excited that we would get even a mention, or that they would be in the same scene, to a kiss, and a love confession, look how far we've come! 100 threads and I couldn't be more proud of us or happy to be a TC shipper. Here's to 100 more!"
~CrashandBurn9 (Jess)
"The thing that drew me to it and made it so beautiful was their uncertainty. The whole forbidden Romeo and Juliet/Beauty and the Beast thing was super sexy but it wasn’t the sex appeal that got me so invested in this couple. From the moment I saw that scene is Masquerade after Caroline covered for Tyler. I think that was the moment their bond really formed and even though I sorta shipped them before that, it was that moment when Caroline asked Tyler if his wound had healed and he looked at her with that gorgeous expression and asked “How did you…” that I started shipping them hardcore. They fell in love with each other without realizing it. Without meaning to. It was all just pure emotion. Yes, they have insane chemistry on screen but that wasn’t what brought them together. They’re relationship isn’t fluffy and sweet or some kind of fairytale come true. It’s a lot more nitty gritty and dark but not too dark. They’ve been through hell and back together and that connects people. They helped each other. They grew together. They make each other better people. There’s this selflessness in both of them when they’re dealing with each other. Caroline was willing to die for him. Tyler was willing to put himself through hell a hundred times over for her. In my mind, nothing can beat that. That is true love. That is what makes Tyler and Caroline the best couple on TVD and that is why I will ship them forever."
~Crimson Breeze (Kiran)
" Well, where to start, I guess with Season One. I have too be honest here, I didn't see "IT!" at first, I now know that 'it' is heat, chemistry, PASSION, but mostly, two characters who were on the verge of becoming one of the greatest fictional tv supercouples of all time. Like all of you, it started from Season I, but towards the end, I believe you all saw 'it' at the beginning, probably in the very first episode. Or in the Halloween theme Episode 7, 'Haunted', when Tyler brought drinks to Bonnie & Caroline and Caroline made the comment, now forgive me for not remembering it exactly, but I think it was something to the effect of, 'I'm going to get drunk enough to find someone to make out with!' To which Tyler replied, 'That sounds like a plan!' was towards the end in both of the last two episodes of Season I, "ISOBEL" & "FOUNDER'S DAY". Then I started too become ABIT of a believer, but i wasn't fully there yet. So Season Two beginned and I'm waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting, then comes, "MASQUERADE" and I'm like 'Okay!' Then comes "ROSE" & "THE SACRIFICE" and i'm like, 'Now! we're getting somewhere', then finally came the episode-of-all-episodes that season, "BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON". And everything that transpired between them in this episode..."EXQUISITE!" from the beginning, during and towards the end of that werewolf transformation, I was 'transfixed', not only did Tyler make you feel what he went through, but Caroline made you feel her heartbreak as well. She felt so helpless, so powerless to help him, when she should have been trying too get out of there cuz of the threat that he posed to her. She wouldn't leave his side no matter how many times he pleaded for her to 'Go!' or 'Leave!'. But then the time came when she had no choice but to leave him and it devastated her too do so and it hurt me to watch her make that painful decision. When she did go back for him though, the surprise and relief on her face to Tyler's exhausted state when they call out to each other. And when she got to him, she was so happy too see that he didn't get loose first, so he couldn't hurt or worse kill someone. And then too see that he was 'okay', but that was just it, he SEEMED too be OKAY! Tyler's response, 'No! I'm not', and then Caroline who was already cradling Tyler's head in her lap, just pulled him in closer and held on too him and Tyler reached for her hand and she quickly grabbed it, she held him and rocked him while he wept. And they just held on to each other for dear life, when i saw that, i then became a true believer. I saw these two solidify themselves as a true bonified super-couple, not couple, but SUPER-COUPLE. And now that Season Three has began and there's already been so many twists and turns so far, we are all on edge and we are probably going to get even more on edge as the season progresses. But no matter what they go threw and trust me, they are going to go threw more together than any other couple on The Vampire Diaries. But just like they've gone thru alot in the short span of time and survived it, they will get threw everything else if they would just continue to hold on too each other for dear life. TYLER+CAROLINE=FORWOOD=FOREVER AND FOR ALWAYS FOR LOVE. And that's why I love them so!"
~Danity Vampyro ( Bridget)
" Both Tyler & Caroline have grown so much as characters since we first met them in season one and have formed a relationship based on affection, friendship and equality. They truly care for each other, as well as having amazing chemistry, and they bring out each other's best qualities when they are together. I'm sure that have a long road, full of obstacles, ahead of them, but I have faith that their genuine love will get them through the rough times and that they will get the happy ending that they so deserve. Such a perfect OTP! ♥ "
~DiamondDreaming (Nic)
"Tyler and Caroline. Such an amazing ship. There are so many reasons why I’m convinced these two would be an incredible couple that I don’t know where to begin. Well, let’s start with the chemistry. It’s incredible. They truly come alive in each other’s presence. Caroline’s smile is always bigger, happier; whereas Tyler’s entire face lits up like a Christmas tree. It’s especially nice to see him like this, because we all know what a hard life he’s bound to lead. Then there’s the not so tiny detail of them bringing out the very best from each other. She’s her strong, bubbly, optimistic self when she’s around him; he shows us just how big his heart is and lets her in in a way he never has with anyone else. There’s more than a physical attraction there, there’s genuine caring from both sides. Passion and friendship come together in such a way that we just know how strong their connection would be."
~dreamywriter19 (Caro)
"I didn't want to have anything to do with this show, because it didn't inspire me at all. But someday, and it was a day like any other, I was on my Tumblr and I was checking out my dash. Suddenly, I saw some gifset about Tyler & Caroline. There was something about them, as characters, and as a couple that intrigued me and so I gave it a try. And it's pretty obvious to say that I completely fell for them. IMO, they're the best part of this show, and now, as much as I don't like other aspects of it, I just can't give up, because I can't give up on them. The reason why I've fallen for them is because there was something so pure about them. It was innocent, and it was real. It had nothing to do with a physical attraction, or something more superficial. Tyler & Caroline saw into each other's souls, and saw their other half. They saw someone who could actually understand and accept who they've become. Someone they could sit by their side, perfectly knowing it would listen to them, and respect them. They've been through the odds together, they've always tried to protect each other, to sacrifice for each other. They have history, they have a connection that no one could ever compare with. You can't try to keep them apart, you can make bad things happen to them, because Evil is always around the corner, but True Love, Real Love is stronger than anything. She will always be the girl who won't go anywhere without him. And he'll always be the boy ready to do everything to protect her."
~Freckles87 (Alessandra)
"How do I describe Caroline and Tyler? They are perfectly imperfect. And together they are just it. They are the true love story of TVD. Both characters started out in a lesser place but grew both together and apart. Caroline and Tyler formed the friendship that most people would want and developed into a romance that people would kill for. They are best friends and lovers which is the best relationship one can have. They accepted each other when others didn't. They protected each other when no one else would. Best of all they put each others personal needs above their own needs. They are selfless. Both Caroline and Tyler are great characters individually but they bring out the best in each other when put together. This is what true love looks like. "
~GrangerDanger (Jackie)
"Tyler and Caroline. Two perfectly imperfect characters. Each of them has the power to steal your heart on their own. But together? They're magical. There's just no other word to describe them. They're the perfect combination of sweet and sexy. They give power and meaning to every scene they're in. They tug at your heartstrings and give you butterflies. I started shipping Tyler and Caroline way before they really started interacting in season 2. I blame Trevino and Candice. They managed to sell me out on their chemistry and potential in just the handful of scenes they shared in season 1. When they started "officially" happening on the show, I was beyond ecstatic. Not only because my crack!ship was becoming a reality but also because they were everything I had imagined them to be and way way more. They proved time and time again that nothing can stand in the way of true love. That they would do absolutely anything for the other. Forwood are the embodiment of true love. Their love is so pure and genuine. They're both so incredibly selfless and giving in their love for each other, it warms my heart. What I love most about Forwood? Their love is based, first and foremost, on a friendship. They understand each other. They learn from each other. As has been proven multiple times, they're each other's shelter."
~jasmineflower27 (Jessy)
"These two instantly clicked for me when I first realized something was up, they have that connection you don't see most days, and when he first thought she was like him I knew something would happen between them. They are what they are and still they needed each other. I was so invested, and when we were given a kiss, that kiss was worth the wait because it didn't seem rushed they both connected in that moment. Despite what is happening what he has said about her in the past has changed he has a heart and only the vampire can keep the beast within himself. She has been there for all of the transition and has stayed close to him, even when he was being a jerk she never left him, she was a true friend. Forwood has captured my heart and I will never turn my back on them. Because the two connect in a different way, their friendship is what grabs my attention makes me forget the she is a vampire and he is a werewolf and I love to forget sometimes."
"Here are my reasons for being a Forwood fan: They have an all consuming connection between them. They have eye sex down to an art form. I hope for them to find love with each other and their souls can heal together. The day they make love would be a moment to treasure."
"Even though they're different beings and there's alot of danger, I think there is something distinctly undeniable that deeply connects Tyler and Caroline together. Almost like a soulmate. They've both had these "personality makeovers" that have made them these three dimensional characters. They've been growing and I think they can only further grow with each other. They are finding that new normal together because of their relationship. They can be their true "new" selves with each other. Their human lives were important and so were those relationships, but that is in the past now. They are different people and there's definitely no going back.
Plus, I think it would be hot and passionate to see them together as a real couple. There would be lots of fire, but I think there would be a real gentleness too.

~light me up (Susan)
" Caroline and Tyler's love is like a light which shines brighter than the sun. Their shining light is so strong that brings everything around them to bloom. This warm sparkles, illuminates your heart and soul with a warm feeling and gives you indescribable feelings of love, passion and desire which shows you, how pure, and intensive true love can be. Their love is also like a timeless ocean full of beautiful memories and feelings. These beautiful memories and emotions are slowly endless waves which are floating into a sea of full of love, passion, and desire in which you want to dive into in order to get flowed by all this little slowly waves that take you on this wonderful journey of endless love which enchants your heart in such an intensity, that leads you begging for more. "
~mr.weber01 (Markus)
"Forwood is completely epic due to the fact the moment Tyler triggered the curse, Caroline was there for him understanding what he was going through. Even though he didn’t. When Tyler had no one else to go to, Caroline was there for him. Even though Caroline was his best friend’s girl he couldn’t control his feelings for her any longer. Forwood is the modern Romeo and Juliet of the Vampire Diaries. Natural enemies but destined to be together. Forwood has the chemistry and the connection that many fictional characters lack. Tyler can look beyond the high maintenance and neurotic vampire exterior of Caroline, and knows there is this caring and beautiful girl that would do anything for her love ones. And Caroline can overlook Tyler’s hot-temper bad boy persona, and know there is something deeper than what meets the eye. And though Tyler could have killed her on the full moon, Caroline stayed by his side as long as she could because she did not want him to be alone. Tyler was able to let Caroline in to see his vulnerable side. A place the average person did not get a chance to see. Caroline caressed and consoled Tyler after his transformation. And even though Tyler and Caroline are going through issues and are not on good terms, Tyler still wants the best for Caroline. Even if that means pushing her back towards Matt because he knows that will make her happy. One of the main reasons Forwood is an epic couple, the last thing Tyler did before he left Mystic Falls he went to go see Caroline for the last time because he knew he wouldn’t be back anytime soon. He just needed to see her, and that says everything. Though Caroline lied to Tyler sheis still his Barbie Vamp. Although Caroline may be angry and heartbroken by Tyler she will always have a soft spot for her Wolf Boy. And nevertheless Tyler may be gone…. He won’t be for long because we all know he will not be able to keep away from his girl. "
~Miss Rose (Kesah)
"Why do i love Tyler/Caroline? let me start by saying that i wasn't always a fan of them, it was 2x11 that got me to ship them. Tyler and Caroline have no secrets, he knows who she is, and she knows who he is, they may be forbidden to be together but you can't help who you fall for or feel something for. Tyler doesn't judge Caroline and she doesn't judge him back, their Tragic, forbidden, sweet, romantic and angsty, which is what a ship should be, and more."
~NBAlways (Sara)
"When TVD first started airing I didn’t want to watch it. I caught a couple of episodes here and there when they were on TV and I had nothing to do, but with all the vampire craze the world was going through, I did not want to be sucked into it all. Until one day as I was flipping through my channels, I caught a scene from a season 2 episode. It was the T/C “I don’t want you to be alone” moment during The Sacrifice. I was instantly interested. Next thing I did was buy season 1 and watch its entirety in a week. From the beginning I shipped Tyler and Caroline together, mainly because I had seen that season 2 moment, but also because Michael Trevino was the hottest thing on the show, and Candice Accola’s acting blew me away (even though I felt Caroline was seriously lacking in season 1, especially when she was with Matt). Then Season 2 happened and it was hook, line, and sinker for me. IMO, the show overall got better, and Tyler and Caroline were perfect. They were the most real thing on the show, despite being a werewolf and a vampire. From the slow build up, to the first transformation, to the messing up on Tyler’s part when Jules and Brady tortured Caroline, to Tyler leaving, Caroline trying to move on with Matt, Tyler coming back, Caroline almost pleading him not to leave again, it was all too perfect. I think they have one of the most believable relationships on the show. This 3rd season started off phenomenally. They have equal lust and love, which makes for a perfect relationship. They’ve started hitting a rough patch right now, but I have complete faith in them, and know they will survive the mess and be together (and since Tyler’s now a hybrid, this time, it’s forever!). Let me just add that Candice Accola and Michael Trevino have insane chemistry and portray the characters perfectly. I’m personally looking forward to the rest of the season and seeing more moments between the two, they’re my OTP."
~noos (Reina)
" Why do I ship Tyler and Caroline?... Well, the most important reason is that they’re just plain awesome! Now, you would think… what is that makes them so great?. Well, there are many reasons… First, it’s the way they have grown so much while being together. Their interaction with each other has made them incredibly more mature and better beings. In the first season they were so different, they showed themselves as shallow but now they are two of the most selfless people in the show. Secondly, it’s the fact that they share so many things in common. Both of them were humans who were surprised by fate by becoming supernatural beings. She became a vampire and he became a werewolf. Both had a rough deal with it but they could surpass the difficulties of their supernaturalness and came out victorious. Thirdly, there is the fact that they didn’t dive into a romantic relationship from the beginning. They took time getting to know each other and sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences. This shows that their connection is real and valuable. Fourthly, it’s the way that they have overcame obstacles while the duration of their relationship. One of the main ones was the fact of Tyler becoming a hybrid. His sire to Klaus was incredibly difficult for Caroline to accept and for Tyler to overpower. At this respect, Tyler proved how worthy of being loved he is, going through multiple transformations for the girl he loves. Now, Klaus is interested in Caroline but I’m sure that Tyler and Caroline will stay strong. Their relationship is too amazing to be dismissed ♥. "
~rrr222 (Roxy)
"To me, Tyler and Caroline are the perfect fit – they are both trying to find their way with their newly found supernatural powers and can help each other with that in a way no one else can. Things may not happen immediately with them but I believe it will happen. We know that Tyler feels something for her which gives me a lot of hope for the future. They have too much potential and chemistry to waste."
~shattered jewels (Lise)
" I love Caroline and Tyler for many reasons, but mostly because they are two very realistic characters and their journeys have been almost parallel. Though they've been part of the spotlight and in crowd, they've both been surrounded by darkness. In becoming supernatural creatures, they've found each other, and in each other, they've found their light. Not only are they completely honest and open when they're together, but they are able to elicit a certain amount of vulnerability that they could and would never share with anyone else. They are truly each other's true love and better half."
~Slayerfan714 (Alyssa)
"If you think about to last season and compare it to the progress these characters have had, you would start to wonder if they were even the same people. They were much different people back in Season One compared to whom they are now, but in this case it's definitely a good thing. Not only have they changed as individuals and for the better, but their relationship with each other has changed over the course of the season. Once upon a time they might not have even interacted, but after they got drawn together over Tyler's transformation this is what changed them. I doubt they even realized it at the time, but they definitely crossed a line from friendship into something potential. Last season, I loved the potential they might have, but this season that potential turned into the real thing. The closer they grew to one another the more they realize how much they do have in common now. They are no longer the normal human teenagers they once thought they were, but now they are something else. They are something new and supernatural and its only their bond with each other is able to get them through. For some.. it might seem like the end, but I have a feeling... it's only the beginning and the best things are yet to come."
~Stay To The Lights (Jen)
"Tyler and Caroline both went through life changing events around the same time and it helped them understand each other so well. Caroline was there for Tyler when he had no one and they formed a unbreakable bond because of that. They went through some rough times but that only made them stronger. No matter what, Forwood's love is real and they can always be themselves with each other. "
~sunflower 654 (Jessica)
"Tyler and Caroline have brought a whole new aspect to TVD. Their fierceness and loyalties have brought a rift, but I am confident that these two will win out in the end. Tyler told Caroline that it's not fair to be with somebody and not let them know who you really are, well each accepts the other for who and what they are. They found something in the other and sparks flew, no matter how much they wanted to deny it. When they had nobody to turn to, the other was there for them. Their connection is pure and monstrous at the same time, but it makes amazing chemistry. I cannot wait to see how the lives of these two intertwines yet again. I truly believe that these two will be endgame. Forwood FTW!"
~tsforever (Lizy)
" It was only a few episodes into season two that I started to see something. More accurately, sense something. I realized the massive personality morphs that these two characters, Tyler and Caroline, went through. I realized how similar they are. Both without a father, both with supernatural abilities, both forced to deal with things most people twice their age wouldn’t be able to handle, both suffering from things they didn’t really comprehend. They matured as people, intellectually, as friends, at the time with no other thought than to just be there for one another. Be there even in just the smallest of ways, to sit there and hold the other while they cried out their problems. No empty promises, just comfort. When they finally got together romantically, then, it was not only such an organic development it felt like a fitting end (or, rather, a fitting new beginning), but was yet another facet of their deep connection.
Tyler and Caroline’s unique relationship is so solid and real because of what they went through to get where they are now. They bonded not over attraction to one another, but through shared pain. They bonded not over sexual desire for one another, but for the need to find someone who had experienced the same things. They bonded not over intrigue for one another, but because they knew the other would say or do exactly the right things. Their love has progressed to that of a romantic nature, but it began as love of a platonic persuasion. And because they began as friends, as best friends, as I’ll-be-there-for-you-always, their connection is that much more intrinsic. It’s why I have hopes—nay, why I know—they’ll last. I’m sure the writers will find more roadblocks for them, more angst and torment to inflict upon them, but they’re not a couple that will wash away or fade out. There’s just too much there. They’ve gone through too much to not survive anything thrown at them. The Tyler and Caroline in season one are unrecognizable from the Tyler and Caroline in season two and beyond. In all the best ways possible. They’ve matured and blossomed as complex characters in their own right, and naturally gravitated towards one another through shared experiences and shared blights. We’ve not been bashed over the head with being told their love is for real, we’ve been shown it is. We’ve been shown how much they mean to each other, at their very cores and beyond. And that is why I ship Tyler Lockwood and Caroline Forbes.

~writteninstars (Laurel)
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Love is a game that two can play and both win.
Their love makes everything lovely.
Their hearts are set on each other.
He is meant for her and she is meant for him.
They love each other just the way they are.
'I wanna know what turns you on-so I could be all that and more!'
"Sometimes the very thing you're looking for, is the one thing you can't see."
“You make me smile like the sun”
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crash landing 05-24-2019 04:35 PM

TFTNT :clap:

Forwood4Bamon 05-25-2019 07:11 AM


starryeyesxx 05-28-2019 03:26 AM


Some pretty get us started :D

Forwood4Bamon 05-28-2019 06:20 AM

I adore these two so much. I hate what they did to them.

starryeyesxx 05-28-2019 07:29 AM

Me too, they deserved so much better :(

Forwood4Bamon 05-30-2019 06:41 AM

They barely have scenes after the breakup. I am glad they are still friends. But these two were the best. otp of otps.

starryeyesxx 05-31-2019 09:11 AM

I agree, I can't believe that either of them loved anyone else as much as they loved each other :love:

Crystal Clear 06-02-2019 07:53 AM

Thanks for the new thread, Sophie :hug:

I just re-watched Season 4 and something really bugs me:

They bring in KLAUS for Graduation, but not TYLER?? :facepalm:

I wouldn't mind so much, if they hadn't ruined Forwood in Season 5 :irked:

crash landing 06-02-2019 08:14 AM

Gwen :back_hug:

Forwood4Bamon 06-03-2019 06:34 AM


Originally Posted by Crystal Clear (Post 97660100)
Thanks for the new thread, Sophie :hug:

I just re-watched Season 4 and something really bugs me:

They bring in KLAUS for Graduation, but not TYLER?? :facepalm:

I wouldn't mind so much, if they hadn't ruined Forwood in Season 5 :irked:

Gwen. :wave: I loved these two. glad at least they were mentioned in the last season.

starryeyesxx 06-05-2019 03:00 AM


Originally Posted by Crystal Clear (Post 97660100)
Thanks for the new thread, Sophie :hug:

I just re-watched Season 4 and something really bugs me:

They bring in KLAUS for Graduation, but not TYLER?? :facepalm:

I wouldn't mind so much, if they hadn't ruined Forwood in Season 5 :irked:

It was just one bitch slap after another for forwood fans :mad:

Forwood4Bamon 06-05-2019 08:23 AM

yes I know. I wish the tyler hate would stop. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
Julie will never understand how beautiful this relationship was.. Tyler deserved a better life with a better ending... she treated him like a rubbish... like he was never loved by anyone.. not only by the characters but by this fandom in general.. he inspired me and so many others fans all over the world... you can all love Steroline but a Caroline without Tyler is nothing.. Tyler is the reason for Caroline's development.. he has changed her to a better person.. Tyler is a hero in my heart and I will never forget him I will always defend him and stan him.. I have loved from the beginning (I know no one said it ever but it's true) only a few people will understand how much he means to me and from Forwood I learnt that you should fight for the one you love and I should not take him from granted..
Show less did anyone ever see this?

starryeyesxx 06-05-2019 09:42 AM

He really was treated so badly, & so was forwood after season 3 - Julie really didn't get them at all :nono:

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