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Old 02-28-2011, 04:30 PM
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Beauty & The Beast {Tyler♥Caroline} #86-They are something beautiful ~ A contradiction

Tyler Lockwood & Caroline Forbes
Beauty & The Beast #86

One is cursed by sun the other is cursed by the moon but they are perfect to us

Tyler Lockwood is the Mayor's son and a member of the richest
founding family, and with that comes power and privilege.
At school, he's a football jock, known for being a bit of a jerk
and a partier. However, a look deeper shows that he has a softer,
more artistic side. He means well, and doesn't always have control
of his anger issues, which are brought on by his werewolf genetics.

Caroline Forbes is the sheriff's daughter and also a member of a
founding family. She always strives to be the best, but is often
second choice, leading her to feel insecure and lonely. Her bubbly
and sweet nature, along with her snarky and blunt personality,
are Caroline's most endearing qualities. She's Miss Mystic Falls
and a beauty queen with a heart of gold. Recently, she discovered
a more fierce side to herself when she became a vampire.

"They need to check you out."
"No, I'm fine, I'm fine. They're helping Tyler."

1. andbreatheme & 2. creativesouls & 3. herOwenAdd
4. 1beaut & 5. figeuroa & 6. Chastidy
7. OverXJoy & 8. SkateGirl88 & 9. Guinevere
10. Chasity05
11. bellagrey13 & 12. breakmyheart & 13. babiicakesz
14. Kelly_Dylan & 15. Hello_Sunshine & 16.Sweet Escape
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34. welshgirlyUK & 35. JR Abraxas & 36. Beautiful Disorder
37. BellaLuv & 38. *Lori89* & 39. DarlaPr0duction
40. DefineDelicate
41. andsoitis & 42. CrashandBurn9 & 43. canthaveyou
44. DaniDiamondz & 45. qaby |♥| & 46. Panettones
47. Asha2835 & 48. Creativity & 49. kasia0504
50. ~Amarula~
51. Let The Ball Drop & 52. tyty & 53. lolo13
54. Alessia20 & 55. Trust&Love & 56. light me up
57. Moonray13 & 58. bamonfan01 & 59. DiorFaerie
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240. GrangerDanger
241. pokadotshoes & 242. Isis_Izabel & 243. penguinsrpals
244.Green eyed stone

Honorary Shippers

LJ Smith
Their future non-existant babies/puppies
Michael Trevino
Candice Accola
Mrs. Lockwood


Pool stick
Waiting room
Lockwood special
Parade floats

"What's up with you and Forbes?"

1. Because he's a jock and she's the head cheerleader.
2. Because they are both part of founding families.
3. Because they are the future king and queen of Mystic Falls.
4. Because they are going through their supernatural changes at the same time.
5. Because a vampire/werewolf romance is totally hot and unique.
6. Because he wanted to give her some of his "Lockwood Special"
7. Because Caroline was going to drink until she found someone hot enough to make out with and Tyler is.
8. Because he sat in the waiting room to see how she was doing.
9. Because Caroline ran interference between Tyler and his dad.
10. Because she's Miss Mystic Falls and he's the golden boy.
11. Because Tyler shows way too much interest in Matt and Caroline's relationship to not care.
12. Because their romance is written in the stars.
13. Because she's always straight with him.
14. Because she knew Tyler would be upset about Stefan joining the team.
15. Because he listens to her.
16. Because he saved her from his uncle in the woods.
17. Because he's alpha and she needs someone who is as strong and fierce as she is.
18. Because they wouldn't have to hide who or what they are from each other.
19. Because their parents would approve.
20. Because them out-snarking each other will be the hottest thing ever
21. Because he'll be barking mad not to make a move on her and she'd be a bloody idiot not to take him up on his offer
22. Because a vampire & Werewolf relationship just screams Romeo and Juliet !
23. Because she's a snippy little vampire and he's an angry werewolf and we're just waiting for a fight to happen.
24. Because they're a deadly combination!

"I said I was sorry.."
"You made out with his mother and beat him to a pulp.
You're going to have to do a little bit better than sorry."

Michael Trevino on who he thinks Tyler should date:

"I think know with the series regulars that we have right now, I think um either Bonnie or Caroline..I think them...even though Caroline and Matt are kind of dating right now, you never know, there's kinda..kinda wishy-washy relationship there, so out of those two females, Caroline or Bonnie, we'd like to see a relationship happen."

Candice Accola on Forwood:

"There's obviously been such an incredible tease of Tyler's pending transformation. He's becoming a werewolf, which happens to coincide with Caroline's transformation into a vampire," she says. "It opens up a very beautiful opportunity for them to have some kind of a relationship, be it a friendship or something more, just to have someone going through the same thing."

"I'm going to drink until I find someone hot enough to make out with."
"Sounds like a plan."

They may not be together, nor have been any signs that they might, but the prospect of a Caroline & Tyler relationship is not just interesting but also compelling.
They aren't the people who they were back in S1. They have changed (literally and supernaturally) and have matured over the course of the past year.
The fact that they really don't have anyone that would understand where they are coming from or what they have changed into..
would be the perfect chance for these two to get reaquainted with one another that might develop into something more.

I like the thought of these two because its something different and yet interesting at the same time.
They could fill in the hole of the emptyness inside each other.
~Stay to the Lights

Tyler and Caroline didnt get a lot of scenes and screentime together in the first season of TVD, but it had been made clear in the little
Tyler or Caroline scenes that they've known each other since childhood and that they're friends. What makes me think they would be great\ together as more than friends is the fact that they're similar; both so hard to get to know, hiding their hearts of gold
beneath a snappy, bitchy exterior, after being let down by either parents or friends and everyone else. They're both smart-mouthed, witty and funny which will make for some interesting interactions for sure. But most of all, it makes my skin tingle and stomach flutter when I think about them finally letting someone in to their hearts; each other. They're both not known to be "soft", but when the time comes and all breaks down, it will be a beautiful moment to see them let each other in to their heart and just be who they are.

I don't think Tyler would change who Caroline is. I think Tyler would appreciate the characteristics of Caroline that others may not like, in fact I think Tyler would like her more for them. In return I think Caroline would help continue softening up Tyler some more. I don't think Tyler would lose the rawness about him in a relationship with Caroline. I think he would get softer but not lose his claws. For me that's important since I like his badassness.

I see Tylor and Caroline having fantastic chemistry. You can already sort of see it in the finale and I think that they could end up being more than Catt could. Both have grown so much over the season and for me, have yet to find their right romantic match. Caroline deserves a guy who is not hung up on another girl and I believe that Tyler could be that guy. Tyler needs someone who will stand up to him in a way that Vicki rarely did, and Caroline has never had trouble speaking her mind. I think Caroline has a lot of strength within her that she may not even know about, but that Tyler may help her bring forth.

Tyler and Caroline are one of those couples who have so much potiental that they don't need scenes together to be to tell. He is a werewolf and she a Vampire. emenies by nature and that in itself opens a lot of doors for this pairing. what I find interesting about them is that even when their not together, Tyler is always consistently wondering about her. how she is and how her relationship with Matt is. and Caroline has done the same in some situations. I think Tyler and Caroline have a understanding of each other. they know their flaws and they annoy each other but deep down they both know their both good people. which is why with the supernatural element in place, it kind of brings their relationship up a step. I hope to get a lot of interactions together in the future. and I turly believe they could be one of the most popular couples of Mystic Falls. bringing so much to the table of the show in general. they will be realistic and caring and they open each other's eyes and help each other through the supernatural world that they both just entered into. it's gonna be amazing journey with these two and I just can't wait.

« Et si nos lignées se déchirent, les enfants eux, se désirent »
“And if our lineages are tearing us apart, the kids, them, they desire each other” Le Balcon - Roméo et Juliette

I've never really considered Tyler and Caroline as a possible couple till one of my friend (DefineDelicate) told me they had so much potential. And the truth is, THEY HAVE! On one side, there is this boy Tyler Lockwood, who just discovered he could at any time, if he doesn’t restrain himself from all the violence inside him, turn on the Lockwood's curse. And on the other side, there is this girl who has to fight with the urge to kill by drinking from humans because she recently turned into a vampire and adding to her own issues as a human, the evil Katherine is now blackmailing her. By having to deal with the fact that she has to hide her true nature from her mother, ex-boyfriend etc., Caroline Forbes finds herself isolated from the normal stuff but I think she could find comfort in Tyler’s arm. Both of them are now living in a supernatural world, where their loneliness could only bring them together and help then to grow as strong individuals. In other words, these two are written in the star and should happen because not only their personality are fitting but Tyler And Caroline could possibility be one of the best “The Vampire Diaries” couple.

Tyler and Caroline are first and foremost both fierce. Their relationship would be equal, especially with their new supernatural abilities. What really attracted me to these two is that they seem to already have a friendship and they'd both be good for each other. At a time when neither of them know who to turn to, they would be able to lean on each other since they're both going through similar situations. These two would truly have a unique relationship with their vampire/werewolf aspects and it would be incredibly interesting to watch. I am really hoping that the writers realize the potential of this pair and hopefully we'll be getting some screen time soon! Tyler and Caroline would undoubtedly push each other's buttons, but they'd have a deep and meaningful relationship nonetheless. Forwood FTW!

"Tyler and Caroline...what can I say? I started shipping them in the silliest way possible. I saw a comment in a Youtube video mentioning "Tyler/Caroline" and BAM, it hit me. They would make a perfect couple. A few minutes later, I was hooked onto their videos. I wanted more of them. When I looked at the two of them, I saw potential. I saw so many storylines that could center around the two of them. In their interactions, despite having so little, I could feel the chemistry. I knew from the final episode that somewhere along the way, my wish for a Forwood dream would come true. Somehow, Tyler and Caroline would have to blossom into something more than friends. I just felt it would be right. Now with him as a werewolf, and Caroline as a baby vampire, both going through times of turbulence and confusion, feeling isolated and alone and lost and scared, they can help each other out. Be each other's support. Tyler and Caroline can be the creatures of the darkness, both dangerous, able to kill each other, yet drawn together and crossing the boundaries again and again."

From the moment I started watching TVD, I noticed a noticeable spark, and chemistry with Tyler & Caroline. It however, was not explored as soon as I wanted - much to my disappointment, but the spark and chemistry was still noticeable, and in my eyes, it was inevitable that one day it would be explored. That's how I see Tyler & Caroline, they're inevitable. They just are, and the magnetic chemistry, and spark that they have, will always remain there, whether it gets explored or not, its there. & that ladies & gentlemen, defines what a great ship is. Tyler & Caroline, are exactly that.

I started loving forwood in S1 i thought they were both misunderstood and i thought they could help each other out. I love them because while they are complete opposites "one has the sun curse the other the moon curse" yet when they are together it just feels right. They can be themselves they don´t need to hide who they are. Also the chemistry between them is off the chart and they have masterd eyeflirting to a perfect 10 and eventhough they have shared just one kiss, that kiss whas perfection and worth 1.000.000 ordinary kisses.

In the near future i see some heartbreaking angst now that they are locked in some silly vamp/ware feud(damn you jules and damon).
I believe that you can´t have a rainbow without a little rain. I think it was important that tyler found out the truth about the other vampires and i think they can start rebuilding their relationship once things calm down cause their love can´t be denied.
They are both baby-supernatural beings and have not yet explored what their "curse" truely means for them, my hope is that they will explore that together.
Elsa (andsoitis)

To me, Tyler and Caroline are the perfect fit – they are both trying to find their way with their newly found supernatural lives at the same time. They have the ability to provide the sort of support and understanding that no other characters on the show have. I believe that the best of them is yet to come but we will have to wait it out for a while. They will undoubtedly hit speed bumps but will get there in the end.
shattered jewels

(OP under Construction )
Arts by Weena, Pam, Marie, Pauline, Gifs by Melissa, Unknown, and Susan


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13 till 100.
i'd rather have that moment and lose it
than die never having had it at all.
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Originally Posted by BlackHalo (View Post)
Considering how slow the time-line is now I don't see the point of Tyler leaving town just to come back at episode 19 character development wise. I understand his reason for leaving and there's nothing for him to do in Mystic Falls at the moment but his character won't have that much development. If there's a drastic change it needs to be believable with this time-line. Episode 19 seems too soon IMO but who knows.
Well maybe there's a time jump because IDK...JP said the finale takes place on a full moon. Does she mean the next full moon or a full moon in the future? If it's just the next full moon than it would only be like a month later anyway right? So it probably wouldn't matter if it was 3 weeks or 1 month. For all we know Episodes 19-22 could take place in the same 24-48 hour time span.

Maybe I know, but I just can't think of it right now.
It's about someone we've been hearing alot about but haven't seen yet.
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have you guys heard anything about the season final being a two hour thing ?

I read it somewhere but i can´t remember where or if it was a legit source
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As far as I know the finale is one hour because both VD and Nikita have their season finales on May 12th.
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ok then i´ve read something false on the internet can you imagine

maybe tyler is gonna stroll into town like this:

with a pink flower for caroline
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Originally Posted by light me up (View Post)

JP said the finale takes place on a full moon.
Ooh does it? Thats exciting!

Ahh that picture is so cute . Can't imagine Tyler coming back to town that happy though

Bedtime for me now, goodnight
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And a machete in the other to take out Klaus right?

Bye Nic!
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How cute.

But I`d rather see him all BAD-ASS!
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yes and a vervain maze to blind klaus in his pocket

Goodnight Nic
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TFTNT Elsa! Remember to put the tags in. If you need any help, you can check here: Tagging Guidelines (You need 100 posts to be able to tag)
"Those two, they're p r e t t y good together." "Yea, they are."

Kem (Icon ; Tumblr)
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Jen does it for us! LOL. Cause she LOOOVES US!
{{{We keep trying to talk about us
I'm someone you maybe might love
I'll be your quiet afternoon crush
Be your violent overnight rush
Make you crazy over my touch}}}
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I´ll do my best to remember to TAG if i start again
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Originally Posted by light me up (View Post)
Jen does it for us! LOL. Cause she LOOOVES US!
That's silly! Any of you can do it which is why the tags are added. I'll add it for you guys but I want to see everyone engage in fun tag adding...because who doesn't love fun tag adding?
"Those two, they're p r e t t y good together." "Yea, they are."

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