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Something Special (Finny♥Rach) #320: "She knows what they have, she's not going to let it go that easy." - Lea

welcome to the
finn hudsonrachel berry
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Why do I love Finn and Rachel? I love them because they've cultivated this bond and relationship where they're the other's only true friend. I love that Finn loves every part of Rachel, right down to her sequined leg warmers. I love how Rachel finds Finn's naivete endearing. I love that Finn is always rooting for Rachel. I love their banter. I love the hallway chats. I love the fact that they like each other because of their quirks, not in spite of them. Most of all? I love the chemistry between Lea and Cory that makes the pairing of Finn and Rachel so endearing and real.
ManoloChoo (Nicole)

The first time I watched Glee, I fell in love with Finn and Rachel. It was inevitable, really—Finn being the hot male lead and Rachel the stunning young ingénue everyone roots for. Their chemistry in undeniable, and their developing friendship is beautiful. I have never been inspired by something as much as I have been by their relationship—I think 20-something fics is proof of that The ups and downs of their relationship, as well as the struggles they face individually, make me want to root for them, and I think it’s clear that their story is one that will continue for a long time to come. For me, Glee would not work without Finn and Rachel, because they bring out the best in each other. Finn grounds Rachel when she has the tendency to get out of hand, while Rachel builds Finn up when he needs support. They are each other’s checks and balances, and to put it simply, they work perfectly. They may seem like complete opposites at first, but when it comes down to it, they both want the same thing: to be the best that they can be, and together, they can do that.
alifab (Ali)

The first time I saw Finn and Rachel in the same scene, I instantly fell in love. Maybe it was the height difference or Rachel's crazy eyes or Finn's wtf face, but everything about them was perfect to me. They each have their flaws and imperfections, but what one lacks the other has, and vice versa. They teach each other to be better people and from each other they've learned to love, to laugh, to be themselves.. because the real Finn is the Finn Rachel loves and the real Rachel is the Rachel Finn loves. We've only been given 13 episodes, but I'm excited to see where they both go in the future.
hotairballoon (Victoria)

Finn isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and sometimes doesn’t understand the words Rachel uses, but never once has that bugged her and she has never put him down for it. She’s a bit of a diva that’s never had a real friend or someone to believe in her, but he likes her for who she is and he roots for her. She encourages him to follow his dreams despite what everyone else tells him. He likes her for who she is despite what other people think of her. I could go on forever about why I love them, because what’s not to love about them? Lea and Cory have amazing chemistry and always bring their best in their scenes. They have many more wonderful moments ahead of them and I can’t wait to see what this show has in store for them.
ordinaryday (Jen)

I love how Finn was scared of Rachel at first, but then he learned to love her craziness, and how they started fast, kissing in the second episode, but then developed this friendship, and how they support each other and how, even in an age when people are still trying to figure out what they are, instead of trying to change each other, they both accept and like each other exactly the way they are. And I love how they say weird things to each other, and it's hilarious and adorable at the same time. They can make me laugh histerically, melt completely or cry like a baby. They are magic and I just love everything about them.
AmanditaSininho (Amanda)

I love Finn and Rachel together because, well lets face it they would be perfect for each other. I think they would compliment each other well because Rachel is organized, smart, dedicated. She really knows what she wants and wont stop until she gets it. I think Finn needs someone like that in his life because he seems like a laid back kind of guy and some of her traits could rub off on him. Also you have to admit just looking at them you know they would make such a cute couple.
David'sgirl12 (Krystal)

From the moment I watched the Pilot in May, I thought wow how many episodes until Finn and Rachel get together? They are amazing together, there is a reason they were established as the main couple of the show by RM. They have great chemistry and are the only true friend either one of them has most of the time. They each understand that the other has interesting quirks but instead of disliking or trying to change those, they embrace them. They are truly a couple that is a great example of what a couple should be.
Slexie4ever (Whitney)

What I love about Finn and Rachel, aside from their amazing chemistry, is that they love and understand what is already so great about the other person. Finn not only likes Rachel, but he likes the things that make Rachel Rachel, like her sequined leg warmers. Rachel knows that Finn's not the brightest, but she never dumbs things down for him, and never calls him a moron. Instead she encourages him... they encourage each other because they see their potential. And, at the end of the day, they are there for each other. Their height difference is also adorable.
Kyls (Kylie)

To me Finn and Rachel are like the perfect match. Finn is that quiet, not-so-smart guy, who is supposed to be a leader but is rather a follower, because he doesn't really believe in himself and just tries to please everyone around him. Rachel is quite the opposite as she is loud and smart, wants to be a leader, believes in herself and her talent and tries to get her way depite what everyone else wants or says, but isn't accepted by everyone around her because of her diva-like attitude. Both of them are looking for someone who takes them for who they really are despite all of their faults. Therefore I think they complete each other in a way that no one else around them could.
k_1234 (Kiki)

Finn and Rachel are an unconventional couple in that he's the popular jock with tons of friends, while she is the talented outcast who doesn't seem to belong anywhere and has no friends. I love them as friends and a potential couple because they are both completely honest with each other. Rachel never hides that she has feelings for him and even calls him out when he tries to back down from her. She's a strong, hard-headed woman who is fighting to become the star she knows she can be. But even with this goal to strive for, she still wants a leading man to share the spotlight with. Finn is sweet, caring, and even when he doesn't quite understand what she's saying, he appreciates her for who she is no matter what others say or think about her. When the truth about Quinn's baby is revealed, Finn is left devastated and hurt and in the end the only person who is honest with him is Rachel. Throughout the season we see Rachel get let down by Finn for choosing his popularity and reputation over Glee, but in the end, when it really matters and when there's almost no hope, he finally comes through for her. The moment he steps into the room at Sectionals, Rachel's face lights up and the hope that she had almost lost is returned to her the second he hands her that sheet of music. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season to see their friendship grow and develop into more because they would be an amazing couple.
neonbliss (Kat)

I love Rachel&Finn because they're extremely cute, when they share a scene together it's so visible that they would want that moment to last forever and they would want to say things they feel but can't for some reason, I feel them so much on that!Their duets are just LOVE, they've got such a chemistry that makes it all so intense, everything they do makes clear what they feel for each other, and I can't help it but love them more and more! <3
Leyton4ever (Carmen)

Why I love Rachel/Finn.. They are the Classic Couple that I love to love, There shy, Honest, Silly, Real with each other. In my opinion they are mean to be. Finn can be himself with Rachel and Finn see’s something in Rachel that scares him, in a good way. Rachel has always felt something for Finn but when she heard him sing she fell in love now Finn is slowly but surely falling in love with her too. These two are my OTP come to life in opinion.
Smile_xD (Amy Louise)

I love Finn and Rachel because they are like that song playing on the radio that gets stuck in your head, once its there is never leaves. Once you ship FR, you can never stop. They just have this ability to be cute and sexy at the same time. They understand one another on a level that none of the other characters do and on top of that they support one another. You will never hear Finn call Rachel a “diva” or Rachel tell Finn he is “stupid“. Sometimes one of them will make a mistake but its ok because the other one will be still be standing right by their side. In the simplest words, Finn and Rachel may not be perfect people, but they are perfect for one another.
Squeegee Beckenhiem (Sam)

Finn and Rachel just click. They understand each other and share a special bond. As Lea Michele has stated, Rachel sees Finn for who he really is and that is one of the main reasons I adore this couple. They are so beautiful together and Lea and Cory bring out the best in each other.
haydensgirl (Jess)

Basically, the make me smile. The have a sweetness about them that appeals to the hopeless romantic in me. They also have flaws and aren't cookie cutter cutouts. To be so sweet and unassuming, they have scorching hot chemistry. I think Cory said it best when he said that Rachel represents what HE wants out of life and not what other people expect out from him. I think they both bring out the best in each other.
shelleylovinu (Carmen)

I love Finn and Rachel because of the way they look at each other and are there for each other no matter what. They always forgive each other, and help each other out. Rachel doesn’t belittle Finn for being less-intelligent than her, and Finn doesn’t belittle Rachel for not being popular. They respect and admire what the other does and believes in, and they balance each other out so well. They are the focal point and the “Couple Extraodinaire” of Glee, and I can’t wait for them to be together forever.
EdieRose (Edie)

From the start I knew that Finn and Rachel will have a connection and sparks will fly when they sing together. As the show goes on, I see their chemistry growing. Both their characters are so cute and adorable. Finn and Rachel are perfect together and together their love is like a song.
jules! (Jules)

There's just something about them. I can't quite put my finger on it, and I never really can when it comes to my favourite couples on TV. There's just that undeniable spark and connection that draws me in. Finn and Rachel make my heart fill with joy and they also break it into a million pieces. Their relationship has been filled with so many ups and downs, but my faith in them has never wavered, and their faith in each other, ultimately, didn't either. They need each other, they complete one another. Because of him, she has become a little more grounded. Because of her, he grew confidence and courage. They belong together, and it's as simple as that.

I love Rachel/Finn as a couple because they are both dysfunctional, crazy teenagers who screw up all the time but still manage to find their way back to each other in the end. You can see that Rachel loves Finn and Finn loves Rachel and despite all the mixes that can come up on the show, they’re still a constant and in the end they’ll be together. Finn is delightfully dorky and the opposite to Rachel’s quick mind but she’s forever patient with him and loves him even though he messes things up occasionally and is like a hundred feet taller than her. And I love Finchel because you can’t help but fall in love with them.
iana.costa (Iana)

He's the boy that likes her for everything she is, including the parts that even she doesn't like! "I like you".."I actually like the way you usually dress..squinted leg warmers and stuff". Since the first episode, it was so clear that these two were meant to be together, one of those couples you can define as epic. They are my second favorite couple on this show, and I've always supported them. Right down the line, it's been him and her! They are taking us on this amazing Journey, and I can't wait to see where it takes them and us.
||michelle|| (Michelle)

I love Finn/Rachel for many reasons but I ship them mainly based on the idea that they "carry each other" and help each other when it comes to their weaknesses, thus making the perfect combination that will lead them both to success. Finn's always there to help Rachel when she's down or not feeling loved, he always compliments her, and he’s her biggest fan. When everyone treats her badly and she feels unloved, he's there to tell her things like “I like you” or “I appreciate you” or “I’m rooting for you” or “you’re cool Rachel” or “there’s so many awesome things about you.” Also, he's the only person that can make her smile or laugh when she's upset. And he will always be there to tell her to be herself and not change anything about her because he loves her for who she is, as he did in Hairography. Rachel can also do many things for Finn. She can raise his ambition and help him fulfill his life long dreams. He gets his leader drive from Rachel, who will tell him things like “you’re really talented” or “you can't keep worrying about what people think, you’re better than all of them” or “you’re a leader Finn.” She pushes him to carry on. In addition, Rachel never makes fun of Finn for being stupid. Instead she helps him, like in the scene where he pointed his heart to the wrong side, she showed him the way rather than roll her eyes, laugh, and call him names. So I truly believe Rachel is Finn’s savior and can push and motivate him to do great things in the future. That is why I ship them, they're the perfect combination even if they are not the same person, they carry each other and that's what makes them one.
foreveralways21 (Leyla)

Since the very first preview for the pilot Finn and Rachel have been destined for each other. They are completley different people but at the center they're very much the same. Their souls match :] When you see them on screen or in a photograph it doesn't matter who else is there, your eyes are drawn straight to them. Their chemistry is unlike anything I've ever seen and the way that they can convey so much and tell such an amazing story with just a shared look is nothing short of amazing. They see each other for who they really are and not the fabricated images that they're pressured in to conforming. They see what's real and they genuinely like what makes each other unique. I am literally not able to comprehend why anyone would like them with anyone but each other, I don't get it. Finn and Rachel are exactly what Glee has been about from the beginning: being who you are and liking that person and embracing your differences with pride. To say that they are my OTP is the understatement of the century. Finn and Rachel are destiny and anything less than true love is simply an insult to them.
nhlpfan (Lauren)

Despite the fact I hated Finn when I first saw him, I quickly changed my mind. I was convinced he'd leave Quinn for Rachel and if it wasn't for Quinn lying to him he would have. I love how Finn several times told Rachel that he liked her. He was the first person to accept her with all her flaws. That's what made me fall in love with their dynamic. It might be cliché to some people, but nevertheless I'm rooting for Finn and Rachel to be together. They love each other and accept each other and no matter what they're there for each other. It always makes me smile to see them on screen. It makes me happy to see a love unfolding between two teenagers despite all the troubles they have to go through. Finn and Rachel bot captured my heart and I will always root for them to be together.
Blondezilla90 (Kathy)

I'm not very good with words, especially if I have to explain my love for a ship, but I'll try nevertheless. Rachel&Finn are special, they touch me in a way not many ships do, when they sing together I get gooseflesh, I could watch them sing for hours. I love the fact that despite being an obvious OTP they never had it easy; every moment, every little thing was earned and not easily. I love how they can crack me up with a single line, or how they can make me cry when they fight, how they can make me squee when they share a romantic scene. I love the fact that they're the right mix between comedy & drama, bewteen insanity & seriousness, between heart & brain. They're simply the right mix, the right pair.
ale-la-pazza1 (Alessia)

Why I like Finn & Rachel? Because they compliment each other and they bring out the best in the other. she has the drive where he lacks confidence and decisivness and he broadens her focus from just singing. he is mellow where she is intense, she is focused where he is distracted. she wont let him quit and he wont let her either.
carly-hope (Carly)

There really aren't enough words to describe my love for Finchel, and I'm not sure that this paragraph properly articulates what I'm trying to say, but here goes. The thing about Finn & Rachel is that even when they are apart, they're together... because neither of them can ever truley be with someone else as long as they continue to keep one eye on the other. They're so connected and I just adore that aspect of their relationship. Simply put? I love everything about Finn & Rachel. Some claim they are totally cliche, but that's not true; not at all. Rachel isn't the perfect girl that just makes the dumb jock become a better person when he's with her. That would be cliche. Instead, they ballance each other out, and that is one of my most favorite things about them. Not only does Rachel make Finn a better version of himself, but Finn makes Rachel better as well. She has helped him to realize that there are more important things than ones reputation; that he shouldn't care so much about what other people think about him, and that there more important things than throwing eggs at people and letting others influence the things that you do in life. In return, he's the one person who can sort of tame the crazy in Rachel. He balances out all of Rachel's little quirks. When she's getting all overbearing and out of control, he's there to tell her she's being completely crazy. There's a mutual give-take ballance between the two that isn't at all one-sided. Also, I just love how adorable they are together - I don't think there will ever be a couple that could possibly be more cute than these two. Not only do they look amazingly good together, but they have chemistry in every aspect that could literally set the atlantic ocean on fire. They understand and get each other - and they've given each other their hearts. They make each other smile, and in return, it makes me smile too.
Stefani (Steph)

EPIC: is the one word that decribes the amazingness of Finchel. CUTENESS: is LC who are adorably cute when they are around each other. And, AMAZING is what I decribe as the 300th threads of adorkable duets and adorable LC fantasies. I can't believe we hit 300 threads and let's hope for 300 more.

Finchel and LC, ever since becoming a fan of Glee I thought that these two made the show and it made me continue to watch and see what happens with them. During season 1, I became a big fan of Finn and thought he was the cutest thing ever on TV and some time later after that I became a fan of Rachel too. I enjoy them the most on the show cause they are the most entertaining and they don't bore me like some other pairings. And LC, Monchele I love them so much now because they are such fun off screen and I love how close they are as friends (I would like more than friends) but I don't think that will happen. Anyway, my love for Finchel and LC is huge and it's just getting bigger and bigger as the episodes and seasons pass on.
ღRose♦Nylundღ (Shari)

the S e a s o n 2 M o m e n t s;

1. More Finn/Rachel duets.
2. Finn meets Rachel's parents.
3. Finn invites Rachel (and the Glee club) to watch one of his games and Rachel cheers so hard for him.
☑ 4. Finn can't control himself around Rachel again.
☑ 5. Rachel makes Finn watch musicals with her.
6. Finn leaves a sweet message to Rachel on Myspace.
7. Finn volunteers/Rachel asks Finn for a duet that they'll put up on myspace.
8. Hot Piano Kiss.
9. Finn describing his feelings for Rachel via inner monologue.
☑ 10. Rachel describing her feelings for Finn via singing.
11. Finn calling Rachel "Rach".
12. Finn defending Rachel from slushie attacks.
13. FR getting caught in the act.
14. Rachel tries to wake Finn up for a morning exercise.
15. Cuddling
☑ Finn says(yells) ILY first.
☑ 17. Finn hugs Rachel from behind
18. Finn kisses Rachel on the forehead/or vice versa
☑ FR holding hands during one of their hallway walk and talks.
20. Rachel sneak hugs Finn.
21. Piggyback ride.
22. Rachel helps Finn with his schoolwork.
23. Rachel comforting Finn or vice versa.
☑ 24. Boob groping under the shirt AND under the bra.
25. Dinner with parents.
26. Finn takes Rachel on an awkward (at first) date.
27. Finn teaches Rachel to play the drums.
28. Finn singing Can't Fight This Feeling again.. this time to Rachel.
29. Finn putting on an I Wanna Sex You Up private show for Rachel.
30. Rachel and Finn eloping (in the future).
31. Finn giving Jacob a talking to about Rachel.
32. Locker Kiss
the S e a s o n 1 F a n m i x;

listen here

the F a n f i c t i o n;

Hearts, Like Puzzle Pieces, Never Change Shape
I’ll Hold You Forever If That’s What You Need (M)
Flashbacks Fly Through My Mind, But Everyday With You Is Just as Good As The Last
Let’s Play a Game and Have Some Fun
He Still Climbs out of Windows
Now Here Comes the Refrain (M)
Adventures in a Supply Closet (M)
The Right Reasons

Love Our Baby: Lea/Cory & Finn/Rachel Drabble-a-thon

the F a n a r t;

[01] by spikeshunny

the F a n v i d e o s;

Finn/Rachel 100 Threads Tribute
Season 1 Finchel Tribute
Your Love is My Drug
7 Things
Jump then Fall
Crazy for this Girl
Just the Way You Are
Calls Me Home
"I Know It's Not Always Easy For You Rachel"
"I'll Never Break Up With You"
Teenage Dream
"You're The Hottest Guy In School"
Love the Way you Lie Part II
Forever and Always
You Fill My Heart

cory monteith & lea michele

Lea: Basically, I bring light and joy into Cory's life everyday.
Cory: Every single day, when she's not around, I think, 'My life will get better soon'.

Cory: When the Glee audition came around, my manager literally had to talk me into it. I was petrified to sing in front of anyone.
Lea: Fast-forward two years, he's on stage at Radio City, singing live in front of 6,000 people and, like, loving it.
Cory: Loving it.
Lea: He's a rock star.

Lea: I love working with Cory, and i love pretending like he’s my boyfriend. It’s so fun.

Lea: (On cast romances) I mean, for me, if it was going to happen with anybody it would have happened with Cory. The moment I saw him, I thought ‘This boy is very cute.’

Lea: We're such good friends that we've passed that level of weirdness. Cory farts in front of me.

Cory: And Lea’s best trait is that she’s very inspiring. And incredibly talented. And hot.

Lea: Cory is amazing and I love working with him. He's great and he makes me laugh. He's fantastic.

Cory: I work opposite Lea Michele and there's no finer teacher.

Lea: Working with Cory is such a joy. He is committed, focused and so much fun. His story to success is so inspirational, he truly deserves all of this.

Cory: It’s speculation. I can’t blame them for thinking that. I mean, we’re very close. We go out in public and we’re very like this [grabs reporter close to him].

Lea: What they don’t know is that Cory and I are taking pictures for the ‘Save the Date’s’ for our wedding.
Cory: Save the date for our wedding.

the L i n k s;

13 Inches
Love Our Baby! (Lea/Cory)
Cory Monteith's Twitter
Lea Michele's Twitter
Rachel Berry's Facebook
Finn Hudson's Facebook
Lea Michele Web
Cory Monteith Daily

the F u t u r e T i t l e s;

Cute Combination (FR♥LC) #: "I have zero input in what happens but it'd be great for Finn and Rachel to be together" - Cory
"Team Finn or Team Rachel?" "Team I Just Want Them Back Together!" -Round Table
"The show is simply more fun to watch when Finn and Rachel are together, don't you agree?" -TVF
"I don't care about Puck! I don't care about anybody but you!"
"I don't want to talk about Quinn, I want to talk about you."
"Just because I can't be with you doesn't mean I don't believe in you."
"She's prettier than me." "Would you stop? You're beautiful."
"You’re a real star, and you need to shine."
"I love working with Cory. And I love pretending like he's my boyfriend. It's so fun." - Lea
"Rachel and Finn all the way!" - JU
Because Lea LOVES working with Cory, and we love it too.
Because Lea is happy as long as she has scenes with Cory
Because when describing his perfect woman Cory described Lea.
Because we aren't the sinking ship, we are the life boats that stay afloat after the wreck.
"They have a very serious love" - Lea on Finn and Rachel
You're the one who keeps me up at night, thinking about how we'd look together in the future
I smile a lot these days. And everybody knows it's because of you. Everyone knows it but you.
It's not being in love that makes me happy. It's been in love with you that makes me happy.
People say happiness is a choice. I think happiness is you.
The happiest feeling ever is knowing that he could be with any other girl in the world, but he chooses to be with you.
At first I loved your smile. Then I loved your laugh. After that I loved your humor. But in the end I realized I just love you.
Everyone says you only fall in love once. That's not true because every time I see you, I fall in love all over again.
Because Cory's favourite episodes are Duets and Showmance and his favourite Glee Tour performance is Faithfully.

the P r e v i o u s T h r e a d s;

1 - 200: here

{201} {202} {203} {204} {205} {206} {207} {208} {209} {210}
{211} {212} {213} {214} {215} {216} {217} {218} {219} {220}
{221} {222} {223} {224} {225} {226} {227} {228} {229} {230}
{231} {232} {233} {234} {235} {236} {237} {238} {239} {240}
{241} {242} {243} {244} {245} {246} {247} {248} {249} {250}
{251} {252} {253} {254} {255} {256} {257} {258} {259} {260}
{261} {262} {263} {264} {265} {266} {267} {268} {269} {270}
{271} {272} {273} {274} {275} {276} {277} {278} {279} {280}
{281} {282} {283} {284} {285} {286} {287} {288} {289} {290}
{291} {292} {293} {294} {295} {296} {297} {298} {299} {300}
{301} {302} {303} {304} {305} {306} {307} {308} {309} {310}
{311} {312} {313} {314} {315} {316} {317} {318} {319} {320}

the S c e n e s of the M o m e n t;

thank you sweet prince for everything,
I'll love and miss you forever and always.
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Wow. You guys made quick work of that one.
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at the title LC are such FR shippers!
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Wow. You guys made quick work of that one.

Hehe We'll do the same for this one!

Okay I really need to go now 3 in the morning and I'm still on my FR high!!

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Night Noelle!

EDIT: I'm actually exhausted too. Leyla you think we can finish killing the Samtana thread in the morning? I'm falling asleep at my computer.
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Originally Posted by Rinslet (View Post)
Wow. You guys made quick work of that one.
we've been crazy the past two days! killed two threads in two days!

LC are the biggest finchel shippers

and gnight Noelle I hope you join us here again tomorrow to discuss SEXY
thank you sweet prince for everything,
I'll love and miss you forever and always.
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welcome to the 10th
appreciation thread

● ● ●

Jon Snow is the bastard son of Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell. Although he was raised by his father and loved by his trueborn brothers and sisters, his doubtful place in Winterfell and the upcoming changes in his family has led him to join his Uncle Benjen in the Night's Watch. The Night's Watch is now what he first expected, and Jon at first had a hard time getting along with his fellow recruits and his new life at The Wall, but after realizing that they are all just in the same position, Jon became more friendly with the others and even takes it upon himself to help out his Brothers when they need it.

Meanwhile, beyond the Narrow Sea, Daenerys Targaryen is the last princess of the Targaryen dynasty. She and her brother lived through the charity of various people of the Free Cities. In an attempt to regain the Iron Throne, Viserys arranged for Dany to marry Khal Drogo so he can use Drogo's Dothraki army to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. However, through her marriage, Daenerys instead learned how to act fitting of her role as "Khaleesi" and begun standing up for herself and for others.

Even though Jon and Daenerys live in opposite ends of the world and have not met or heard of each other yet, both their stories bear similarities.

They both started in a similar manner, not having a true place within their family and being placed in a situation they did not like in the beginning, but they eventually found their new family there. Their other similarities include shared values, they have shown compassion for others, especially those who are unable to defend themselves, and they both share a common companion with the Mormonts, Jeor and Jorah. The television series have also given them the added advantage of showing the viewers how similar their situations are by often filming them in the same angles, and by usually putting their scenes right after each other.

Although only time will tell if there's a purpose to these parallels, it certainly makes it exciting to see what will happen once these two meet.

● ● ●

s h i p p e r s
001. autumn_hope
002. yuzzz66
003. - Nina -
004. xKarlaCruz
005. Neda16
006. bbertocchi
007. Rinslet
008. iLoveChair
009. ღfaithfully
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012. Chrissalaugha
013. J3nn1f3r
014. DUHsoTK
015. FumblingTowardsEcstasy
016. Clockwork Angel
017. heimweh
018. Fall Out Girl <3
019. safetywords
020. Charmqn
021. Fredz
022. Inevitableღ
023. x0x0gossipgirl
024. bloomy
025. madbunny911
026. BoxingKangaroo
027. P&B4ever
028. psychee
029. loveigniting
030. Rockin Robyn
031. Lostbeth
032. arakha
033. afeverpitch
034. Silviq
035. keziah
036. Maud&Danny
037. **confessa
038. Joyful
● ● ●

their story

Episode 1:
Jon and Dany are both introduced as outcasts. Jon is seen with the Stark family where he is looked down upon because he is the bastard son of Eddard Stark forcing him to hold the name Snow. Dany has been ousted from the kingdom her family once ruled and went into hiding for holding the name Targaryen. In order to rule again she is forced to marry into the Dothraki where she becomes even more of an outcast.

Other notes:
Jon and Dany have shots where someone above them is looking down at them. Catelyn looks down at Jon from a balcony and Drogo looks down at Dany from a horse. In these shots they both look intimidated.

Jon and Dany watch ritual death. Jon watches a deserter of the Nights Watch become beheaded and Dany watches Dothraki fighting and killing at her wedding. These deaths mark the ways of the lives they will build for themselves in future episodes. Jon joins the Nights Watch. Dany becomes a Khaleesi.

Jon convinces his father not to kill a litter of direwolves and is able to keep one for himself. Dany receives dragon eggs as a gift and feels and instant connection to them.

Episode 2:
Jon and Dany begin journeying toward their new homes. Jon leaves Wintferfell to ride north toward Castle Black and The Wall while Dany rides with the her Dothraki tribe toward Vaes Dothrak.

Other notes:
The fire on the candles Dany stares at around her dragon’s eggs fades into the campfire Jon is beside.

Both travel with a member of their family. Jon travels with his Uncle Benjen and Dany travels with her brother Viserys.

Episode 3:
Jon and Dany are threatened and receive help that saves their lives. After making his peers look foolish and weak during training at The Wall three men gang up on Jon and hold a blade to his neck. Tyrion shows up and uses his words to get the men to retreat and leave Jon unharmed. Dany begins to act more like a Khaleesi and commands her tribe to stop travelling. This move enrages Viesrys who holds a blade to her neck. She is saved by Rakharo.

Episode 4:
Instead of being saved from others, Jon and Dany do saving of their own. They show their compassion and strength. Jon came to Sam’s defense and with the help of his direwolf Ghost sent a warning to others who dared give Sam a hard time. Dany is horrified when she sees Viserys mistreat one of her maids. He then went on to mistreat Dany, but she fought back and gave a warning to Viserys.

Episode 6 & 7:
Jon and Dany both perform important rituals. Jon takes his oath and officially becomes part of the Nights Watch while Dany eats a horse’s heart to ensure the boy she is pregnant with is strong.

Other notes:
Jon’s wolf Ghost uncovers a human arm outside the wall and an assassination attempt is made on Dany. They both begin to better understand the dangers that are ahead of them from being a man of the Nights Watch and a Targaryen.

Episode 8:
Dany and Jon both question the cultures they have become a part of. When Jon learns of his father's imprisonment he instantly wants to go to help both him and his sisters, but he can't because he is trapped by the power of the oath of the Nights Watch. When Dany sees her Dothraki people pillaging a village and capturing women she is devastated. Though she had eaten a horse heart and become fully integrated into the Dothraki clan she does not approve of their behavior, especially toward women, and wishes for change.

Filming notes:
Jon set the zombie he was fighting on fire so the zombie would be destroyed. That fire bled into the next scene where another fire is shown where the Dothraki are destroying, pillaging, a village.

Episode 9:
Jon and Dany consider extremes in order to help save the ones they love. Jon struggles with his want to abandon the Nights Watch after he learns that his brother Robb has gone to war in order to save their father. Dany, desperate to find a way to save an ailing Drogo, goes to an extreme by enlisting the help of black magic to try and save him.

Other things to note:
Jon was given a sword that was meant for Jorah Mormont who is with Dany and the Dothraki people.

Jon learns the identity of Aemon Targaryen as the old man of the Nights Watch gives him council on Jon’s struggle to stay or leave. That scene led to Dany’s first scene of the episode.

Episode 10:
Jon and Dany deal with loss and grief. Jon began to throw away his oath and look for his brother Robb. He began to go back to the life he had known, but in the end truly began his life in the Nights Watch. Dany gave up the life she had grown to know with the Dothraki. Both her and Jon were reborn. Jon stepped out beyond the wall. Dany stood up with newborn dragons.

Other notes:
Dany’s first scene led into Jon’s first scene. Jon’s second scene led into Dany’s second scene. Jon’s final scene led into Dany’s final scene.

Both of their loved ones faced betrayal. Dany believed the witch would save Drogo’s life. Ned believed if he made a false confession his life would be spared.

why we like them

Jon and Dany are the perfect storm of parallels. It’s as if they are on a journey in order to become the people they need to be for one another. I know they will play a role in each other’s lives because although they are worlds apart they are on the same path. They’ve had moments where they’ve been cast aside, but then they became stronger. They show compassion and humanity which is a trait that seems hard to come by in their world. They’re loving, loyal, fierce, and seem to become more connected as time goes on despite the fact that they travel in different directions. They are not normal, they are great, and they would be great for each other.

The reason I ship Jon/Dany simply put they are both kind and decent people which is very rare on this show and not to mention my favorites. They're both willing to stand up and protect the people they care about no matter the consequences. Dany just trying to find her way back home whereas Jon trying to figure out just exactly who he is, with both being faced with tough decisions to make and are making the right ones. The parallels are endless to many to even get into but I can't wait for the day when they finally meet and become King and Queen of Westeros!

I admit, it was first the pretty fanart I saw on tumblr that got me to ship them, plus the fact that both Jon and Dany are some of my favorite characters in the series so far. However, as the series went on, the show made it obvious how their stories are indeed very similar. I'm interested to see if their stories will ever collide, especially when they seem to be growing up in the same manner. Whether they meet as friends, enemies or lovers, it will surely be interesting to see, and it is that potential, even if they haven't had any scenes, that keeps me coming back to Jon/Dany.

So why do I ship Jon and Dany. I will admit that from the very first episode I was struck by the similairities of there situations they both seemed to isolated. Jon due to his birth status and Dany as a result of her being completely dominated by her brother. It was this that made me ship them. As the series progressed the parallels between them where even more noticable and although they may not have interacted yet I am hopeful for the future.

I’ve started shipping Jon/Dany because they are my two favourite characters and I thought that they would look so pretty together. Then I’ve started to pay attention to them and I found a lot of parallels between them. It is like they are made for each other; they are meant to be together. I found their parallels so in intriguing and amazing. Firstly, they both come from big families, Jon from the Stark family and Dany from the Targaryen family. However, they both feel like they are left out from their families and they do not belong to them because Jon is a bastard in the family in people’s eyes and Dany is just a tool to the throne in Viserys’s eyes. Jon then went to the Wall and Dany went to Dothraki. They both did not expect their journey was going to go well but they actually found themselves being a part of a real family. Throughout the first season, Jon took the oath and became a part of the night watcher. He is willing to sacrifice himself to protect the realm and becomes the strong and determined man he always wants to be. And Dany grows from a girl who only takes orders from her brother to a fierce queen who is determined to protect her people and becomes a true dragon. Finally, Jon is now going to face the wildlings and white walkers beyond the Wall and Dany is going to cross the sea; both of them are going to face a whole new environment which they have never been to. It is like they are going to go through a long journey before meeting each other. It is actually the most beautiful build up I’ve ever seen and it is going to be worth the wait when they finally meet each other.

They mirror each other so perfectly, it’s almost impossible to imagine one without relating him/her to the other. One art was all it took for me to realize how beautiful they could be. Whenever anyone asks me just why I ship the two of them together romantically, I simply say that it is the potential. Individually they are incredible characters, but together they could be so much more.

I had already realised that Game of Thrones wasn't the type of show where "ships" flourished. However, when I looked at Jon and Daenerys, I knew that somehow, they would also be the couple I would root for. Maybe it's the slight impossiblity of it all; he's in the North, at the Wall, while she's in the south, seperated by land and sea. Or maybe it's the fact that he's associated with ice, her with fire. He's the wolf, she's the mother of dragons. The parallels and contrasts between the two are what make Jon/Dany so appealing to me. It might lead to nothing, but it doesn't matter. The beauty of their stories, and the intangible connection between the two, will always give me hope that fire and ice might one day meet after all.


Daenerys Targaryen / Jon Snow [Game of Thrones]
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Originally Posted by noelle (View Post)
Hehe We'll do the same for this one!
ahahah damn right!

lets hope Glee brings SEXY BACK by bring Finchel back
thank you sweet prince for everything,
I'll love and miss you forever and always.
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hee kitty cat faces!
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Originally Posted by LiVenLoVe902 (View Post)
Night Noelle!

EDIT: I'm actually exhausted too. Leyla you think we can finish killing the Samtana thread in the morning? I'm falling asleep at my computer.
hahaha yes of course, we spent a lot of time on the last Finchel thread I'm tired too and need to go call my bf still

but we should get you to 5,000 posts first
thank you sweet prince for everything,
I'll love and miss you forever and always.
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5000 posts!

What better place than the Finchel thread!
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congratulations on your 5000th post Tammi!!!

great gifs you picked
thank you sweet prince for everything,
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I know my favorite gifs Thanks bb!

Alright for real now I'm off to bed. Goodnight!
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hahaha yes

anyways I got to go now to call, gnight y'all.

see you tomorrow!
thank you sweet prince for everything,
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