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Old 02-15-2010, 10:48 AM
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Puckleberry {P&R|M&L} # 230: Puck's too busy hugging the reason he chose Glee over football to talk to you. Later!

#230 `

Puck & Rachel

"it's natural.."

“We never expected that [Puck and Rachel] to
catch on quite so well. So we'll have
to do something about that."
Brad Falchuk, EOnline, November 2009
"Because people have weighed in,
we have some plans to give
the people what they want."
Ryan Murphy, EOnline, December 2009

280. paperxdoll
282. Emღ
283. truglasgowgal
284. agne
285. qaby |♥|
286. Reela
287. Patriez89
288. JuiceJunkie
289. Creativity

“Move over, Brad and Angie. Hollywood has a new
power couple... He evoked the magical courtship powers
of Neil Diamond! And they are pretty. Darn. Cute.”
Kristin Dos Santos, EOnline, October 2009

"Rachel was a hot jew and the Good Lord wanted me to get into her pants"

26. Because they notice more about each other than they let on
27. Because she's proud to walk the halls with him
28. Because the smiles don't lie
29. Because no one does eyesex better
30. Because we have the spiritual power to smack down other ships with the hand of God.

"Oh I begged for that storyline. I was like, ‘let Rachel Berry
have some fun you guys!’ and then the next day Ryan Murphy
came to set and was like, ‘you’re hooking up with Puck’ and I
was like, ‘thank you!’ Um, but yeah, fans are calling it Puckleberry…
Puck and Rachel Berry, I don’t… but you know, I’m glad that they,
that they, um, that they like them. She’s very relaxed when she’s
with him so you definitely see a different side of Rachel when
she’s with Puck. I think that’s interesting for fans and, um, I have
so much fun working with Mark."
Lea Michele,, January 2010

“She relates to Puck because they’re kind of
going thru the same thing, her guard is completely down
and she’s, you know, honest with him.”
Lea Michele,, November 2009

“I hope it [Puck and Rachel] does [happen];
I like that dynamic myself.”
Mark Salling, TV Guide, November 2009

“I loved working with Mark and the Puck/Rachel storyline.
I kind of, um, like, begged Ryan Murphy to write it.
I was like, "c'mon, y'know. But what about Puck and Rachel?" “
Lea Michele, AOL, November 2009

"what a girl wants, what a girl needs..."


"I just think you want it too much, which is something I can relate to"

"that Rachel chick makes me want to light myself on fire but she can sing"

“Puck’s singing Sweet Caroline, as kind of a
tribute to Rachel. He sings Sweet Caroline
to kind of show that he has leading-man potential.”
Mark Salling,, November 2009

“We’ll forever think of this song
as a gift of one good lookin’ Jew to another.”, November 2009

"i just wanna say how proud i am to have you
on my arm
in front of the whole highschool."

“I thought it [Puck and Rachel pairing] could be
really different and not a pairing that people would expect.
It was great how many people turned out to like them
hooking up. I don’t know of it coming up in the near future,
but fingers crossed.”
Lea Michele, Ask Ausiello, November 2009

“Well, he’s trying to relate to Rachel, who
like Puck is Jewish, and I think he does
have feelings for her.”
Mark Salling, Fancast, October 2009

"I'm really sorry I ever did this to you"

“I think there’s a terrific love triangle there with Puck, Rachel
and Finn and that’s definitely where the plot is heading
in the future. There really is terrific chemistry
with all these characters so it will be interesting to see.”
Cory Monteith, TV Addict, November 2009

"it's grape. i know that's your favourite.."

loves a mad redhead
our Doctor

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Old 02-15-2010, 10:51 AM
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Joined: Nov 2008
Posts: 46,042

"The PuckleBerry fans are rabid!"
Mark Salling, Eonline, December 2009

Gahhh, where do I begin with my love for these two? I just love, love, love them. Lea and Mark have this natural chemistry that makes you smile when you think of them. They have the perfect dynamic, the couple you thought would never be but totally make sense actually. They just make me giddy, really. And the writers are plain stupid if they don't go back to them - simple as that.
- courtneybangelcakes
Chemistry, chemistry chemistry! Mark and Lea just sparkle together! I love Puck with Rachel because I love how they are with each other. The episode Mash-up gave us a little preview on why they'd be so good together!! He sang a solo for her, to her in front of the entire Glee Club. He chose Glee for Rachel. I love that she call hims Noah and he didn't mind, probably liked it even. And I love that she sees the good in him like nobody else. She was so tender with him in the bathroom scene when she cleaned him him up and kissed his forehead. Their little touches like when she sat on his lap were so adorable and aw worthy. Basically I love everything about them and think they could be really good for one another. My OTP of Glee has finally been established and I really hope they get a chance someday because for them not to would be a crime!!! Seriously who can deny this hotness and brialliantness that is Noah and Rachel together!
- angel_wings05

I love the dynamic between the two of them and the fact that they can be themselves around each other. They are just so real and their chemistry in undeniable. Their connection is just on different level.
- NattyPatty
She, of Broadway dreams, fancily-worded statements, and steely determination, and he, of cougars, numerous acts of bullying, and aspirations to be more than a Lima loser. She's this neurotic, prim and proper good girl while he's this arrogant bad ass. Their personalities alone make for epicness. Their short-lived relationship has made Puck a better person: he invested more time in his music, he apologized for throwing slushies at her and realized how awful it was, and he chose Glee over football, without regard to how it would probably affect his popularity. Ever since they got together and I witnessed their incredible chemistry, I want nothing more but for Puck and Rachel to drive off to the sunset (or New York, for that matter) together, headed for superstardom.
- spacegirl23
The bad boy and the not so good girl, everything you need for a hot pair. Ever since he threw the slushie in her face, I knew I'd love them. Puck and Rachel have explosive chemistry, and I havent seen that type of chemistry on tv in a while. It's 110% natural, you can just feel it. I can't wait to see how their story unfolds and progresses, because I have a feeling it will go down in history.
- copulated kiss
I was initially drawn to Puck and Rachel because they seemed like they’d have this incredible potential for amazing chemistry. I wasn’t wrong. When they kiss, when they gaze into one another’s eyes as he serenades her and she sings back up, when she enters his dreams, there’s more than enough spark for Puck to light himself on fire with. But there are also sweet moments, and those are what will keep me holding on for Puck/Rachel loveliness in the future. I melt at sweet smiles, lap sitting, forehead kissing, hallway walks, the way she calls him Noah, him choosing Glee (and her) over football, hugs that last awhile, emotional break up scenes that forecast a relationship that could expand to be so much more. And I believe, with an unwavering faith, that it will happen. It’s impossible for me to believe they won’t find themselves back in each other’s arms one day.
- Violet-Shadow
I love Rachel and Puck because they get each other, Puck is puck around Rachel, He doesn't have to pretend around her. Rachel is Rachel when she's around Puck, she doesn't have to act smart or pretend, she can be herself, they get each other better than anyone else does, there';s no pretending to be anybody else, it's just them, that's why they work together.
- NBalways
Rachel and Puck (Noah) are my favorite kind of couple. A show premieres and there's two people you're supposed to root for (Rachel/Finn); you want them together. But episodes go by and things begin to change. Rachel and Puck remind me a lot of Veronica and Logan from Veronica Mars, who happen to be two of my favorites. You have the "bad boy" who doesn't like the "good girl" very much, but as time goes on, Mr. Hottie starts to fall for Ms. Right and said girl realizes she was after the wrong guy all along. These two have the potential to be the best pairing on the show; they just need time and a chance.
- smart@ss
Puck and Rachel are different in many ways but I think that's what makes them great for each other. A perfect match. And the amazing chemistry doesn't hurt.
- Ali Marie
there always has to be those two hot, chestnut, brunettes in the cast that could only dial up there hotness by the thousands if ever coupled together. And on Glee, that pairing is no doubt Ruckus. You know they have the potential to jump over moons if you let them, but unlike the other pairings on the show, they are almost like (what I like to call) "forbidden cookies". You can't have them before dinner (metaphor for P/Q and F/R), and when you finally get to open the jar you know in your gut that they are contained in....who knows? You could of just hit the jackpot.
- MaDaMxFeFe
I love my Puckleberry because they got me hooked the first minute I saw them. Not only do they look great together but they also behaved so different around each other. Puck was so nice to her and even opened up a bit and Rachel was not her usual difficult self.
- aprilof06
I loved the idea of Puck and Rachel from basically the first episode. I think what initially grabbed be about them was the fact even though Puck and Rachel seem like complete opposites, they really have a lot more in common than you'd think. I think Mr. Schuester summed it up best wh** he said, "Sometimes, things are so different, they don't feel like they go together. But the big difference between them, is what makes them great." This quote completely epitomizes Puck and Rachel. Not only do they balance each other out, but they're also honest about their relationship and never pretend to be something that they're not. And I think out of that truthfulness regarding why they got together, will come genuine, passionate feelings for each other. The amazingness of Ruckus isn't really something that can be described easily - But you just see them on screen together, and you know that it works.
- forblueskiesxx
I love Rachel and Noah as friends and as a couple. They are honest with each other in a way that they aren't with the other people in their lives. They have so much chemistry together that it sizzles. They also compliment each other in such a way that it brings out the best in each other, Rachel is less self-involved and Noah is less cruel. Let's face it they are a couple of good looking Jews.
- ladybugjess
We all have our image of Prince Charming in our minds, hoping one day he would come and rescue us from our simple life and take us away. It's true most of those dreams don't include a mahawk, or a guy throwing slushies on your face; but when someone chooses Glee club over football practice and risks his reputation for you, kisses you like there's no tomorrow and serenades you in front of everybody, you can't help but wonder, what if reality can be even better than a fantasy?
- {christie}
Sometimes the best endings are created from the rockiest beginnings. Because there's this electric energy when these two are together it's special and kismet. There is something about two underdogs who have been striving for what is on the other side of the fence. When really, what they need and don't realize they want is right in front of them.
- Bacio83
Puck and Rachel was such a surprise to me. I never expected to love them as much as I do they were a totally curve ball. But one I am glad for. It wasn't hard to fall for them, to start with they have the best chemistry on the show. It just leaps of the screen in every scene. But also because they could be so many things all within the space of one episode. They could be hot, cute, tender or angsty. It was all the great things of a TV romance all at one time. I knew if they could be this great in such a short time then with more scenes they could be epic. I see so much potential in them. What they could be. What they bring out in each other. What amazing story-lines they could create together. They could be the stuff of legend.
Puck and Rachel as a couple became an instant hit because the whole Bad Boy/Good Girl combination can never get old. There's Danny/Sandy, Sebastian/Annette, Pacey/Joey, and now there's Puck/Rachel. However, Puck and Rachel take it to a whole new level. They're on opposite ends of the social spectrum, but they're so similar to one another that they just work. They're both determined and confident, therefore they can understand one another. Plus they're smokin' hot. My tv screen practically demands this pairing be on as much as possible. Mark and Lea's chemistry is super obvious, even during their break-up scene in episode 1x08. They can go through so much emotions and make it look flawless.
- breakingdawn_
One episode was all it took to turn the GLEE world on it's axis. The chemistry was undeniable and probably could never be reached by any other couple on this show. Puck and Rachel saw each other in ways deeper than anyone else could. Though their relationship was over as fast as it began, there is only one thing that is certain: It's not over. When it comes to why I love these two there is only one answer to sum it all up: It's natural.
- CappieTauLove
Rachel belongs with Puck! That's where the drama and potential is + no one can deny the biggest chemistry between them. Besides Puckleberry sounds so cute! Come's Mark/Lea approved!
-Blackened Sky

"are you sure about this, noah?"

loves a mad redhead
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"Cookie, it's your birthday. Make a wish."

"Oh, we want to! I really wanna do a duet
with Mark, really badly! We were hoping.
We had a episode together and we didn't get
to sing together, but there is always time."
Lea Michele, Gleek Mall Tour, August, 2009

“It was so cute,” coos our source.
“Lea sat on Mark’s lap while they were eating.
They didn’t stop whispering, giggling and
talking closely together for the rest of the night!”
Hollywood Life, November, 2009

"Mark: {After insanely long speech about
the awesomeness of Corvids} I like Corvids.
Lea: Mark, that was so hot. I wanna make out
with you, right now."
MTV, November, 2009

"Interviewer: What have been one of your
favorite scenes to film?
Mark: Slushies in Lea's face.", November, 2009

"Mark Salling over here.. I don't know if you have seen him without his shirt on."

"Hearing Lea and Mark of Glee looking
mighty cozy during cast visit!" - Kristin
Kristin's Twitter, November, 2009

"Rob: What’s one weird quirk that you have
that you think most people wouldn’t know?
Mark: Uh… no. I’m very normal and boring.
No– I like birds. I like birds and ornithology.
{Lea passes by and tickles him.}
Mark: There goes one right now."
Glee DC Hot Topic Tour, August, 2009

"Lea: You wouldn't like anything
that I would suggest.
Mark: I don't know. Try me.
Lea: We could do like Lucky by Colbie Caillat
and Jason Mraz.
Mark: Alright.
Lea: That would be sweet."
AOL, November, 2009

"You have cute hands, did you know that?"

"Lea: Yes! He just got this shirt, a blue one the
other day, and the glasses from the store. So
Mark’s all decked out in Hot Topic.
Mark: Shameless promotion.
Lea: [Grabs a 'Twilight' lunch box] Mark, do you
want to be on a lunch box like Rob Pattinson one day?
Mark: I think I want to be a little more brooding than that.
Lea: [Laughing] I don’t think that’s possible."
ShowBiz Chicago, August, 2009

"If you could slushie anyone in the world, who would it be?
Lea: I'd say Mark, pay back.
If you turned on your ipod, what song would be on it?
Mark: Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk by Rufus Wainwright
Lea: Awwww"
JSYK , November, 2009

loves a mad redhead
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Et voila
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TFTNT Christie!

I love this title! It's made of so much awesome! and your icon/sig! I need more Cory/Dianna icons! Where did you find yours?
[++ Can't get enough ]
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Originally Posted by restlesshearts24 (View Post)
TFTNT Christie!

I love this title! It's made of so much awesome! and your icon/sig! I need more Cory/Dianna icons! Where did you find yours?

finnquinn - Community Profile
got it from here
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hahaha that was great Christie
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Just in time for a new thread!

Yellow is for "I'm working on it."
malia tate
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Aww cute vid. Now I want to watch the movie.

Formerly TvWeirdo07 -Vette-
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Old 02-15-2010, 11:11 AM
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Christie, I loved it

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A Walk To Remember is one of my favorite movies! Quite the tear-jerker though
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Originally Posted by Creativity (View Post)
hahaha that was great Christie
thank you Joa! I posted my new vid
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The vid = - commented bb
icon love goes to Vette
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