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Puck&Rachel | Mark&Lea #99.20: Our life would suck without PuckleBerry!

"it's natural.."

the shippers

001. Mylla Evans
002. MTG11687
003. *Stacy*
004. sillyflower189
005. revolution.
006. rachem_chul
007. luiza
008. Natih_Fate (Nat)
009. laurenx333
010. xelanoops
011. pattywack
012. Ali Marie
013. KIT
014. MaDaMxFeFe (Megan)
015. only dreaming
016. forblueskiesxx
017. Lennie1984
018. jjandrd
019. Deiaa
020. breakingdawn_
021. *~maggie~*
022. semmanclana
023. allybubba
024. Renata M.
025. ladybugjess (Jessica)
026. LG rocks my socks
027. TuggyAngel
028. upchitzcreek
029. Violet-Shadow (Julie)
030. PepperChic
031. babs08
032. count of three
033. Blackened Sky
034. Aylo
035. PyschoM (M.E.)
036. pebbles826
037. nellydp
038. drcaspertflea
039. CappieTauLove (Aims)
040. B&Bfan4life
041. brathanfan27
042. EmptySmile
043. stella7gem
044. NattyPatty
045. DQTreat
046. AstronomySnap
047. Katertots
048. Slytherin Queen
049. Hermia
050. -FoolInTheRain-
051. total_overdose
052. tifa_look_alike
053. feels|like|home (Azra)
054. ruenschen
055. SpecialAgentGleek
056. Spirinity
057. TVWeirdo07
058. Let The Ball Drop (Emily)
059. Scully_fan
060. fetch
061. Janelle
062. tiny_toon (Marica)
063. shippercrazy
064. lalatina15
065. maja_m&m
066. colourtunes
067. puckelberry09
068. Jennateluvr87
069. *_Aline_*
070. sugarskyhigh
071. Alexa
072. ~Amarula~
073. angel_wings05
074. BrookeDavisFan
075. honeyitsyoursx3
076. oth_naley23
077. Glamour_pixie
078. OTH_Leyton_4eva
079. that_70s_gurl101
080. courrrtnnneeey
081. Perman**tCatcher
082. redrose13
083. Callalily
084. Rinslet (Hannah)
085. +supernova+
086. chemistry86
087. simplyme1018
088. lisagslack14
089. makry
090. okrispieso
091. xkellyx
092. missingOTH
093. Erin.<3
094. mystic2182
095. Bacio83
096. Burning Up A Sun
097. lovesophia
098. elizardbreth1911
009. JRBudgrl8
100. andbreatheme
101. BlackHalo
102. {christie}
103. aa25
104. Maria102375
105. CallistaHogan
106. justsmile
107. Abby2*
108. purplestuff48
109. theresadawn
110. smart@ss
111. *OldHollywoodStarlet*
112. spacegirl23
113. Alessia20
114. toxicgurl169
115. munalamis
116. colorful_dust
117. buffy4ever
118. -Beth-
119. - Nina -
120. Jezebel In Hell
121. Bijou
122. rockchiq234
123. Karma Police
124. mesmerized
125. rogiari2001
126. Brittany28
127. othgirl32223
128. angel2k
129. SaraHoo!
130. silver screens
131. stellalovesLP
132. B.Chambers
133. xlennie
134. samy_10
135. Courtneyx6
136. beautifuldisaster09
137. devexation
138. *PassionateJ*
139. permanently-forever
140. Daydreamer09
141. Sparkling_Diamond
142. CheEsecAKe&BRUCAS
143. LexisMarie
144. Flora Bora
145. rina_06
146. daritah
147. gizzie_fan
148. redrose13
149. bb95020
150. _gloria
151. LoisLane1986
152. Chughes
153. falling is like this
154. restlesshearts24
155. starzscarme
156. Sacred86
157. ElectricHearts
158. wildirishrose29
159. weallfalldown23
160. *~Hannah~*
161. melon_collie
162. skully
163. purplemonkey_love
164. blackcanary
165. :neverover:
166. Chasity05
167. okrispieso
168. NBalways
169. sarahbera34
170. KCsGirl
171. BreanBamonFan
172. starsprite
173. sheckler
174. Rebecca Uckermann
175. TeamLeyton23
176. amberlm2403
177. Puck's Girl
178. jules!
179. desert.flower
180. Guinevere
181. crystal_baller
182. Wynter
183. Titch22
184. FallToPieces23
185. copulated_kiss
186. Ceylone
187. Forever&Always
188. marmuzetka
189. *Laine*
190. eternalnoob
191. AAVaria
192. Jakie&Hyde*fan
193. The-majs
194. sweetnspoiled707
195. Natz
196. AshleyInWonderland
197. Veronica
198. llablil
199. Pagan_Angel
200. Maandygc
201. chella_bella
202. Ellashy
203. canthaveyou
204. blissfuloblivionx
205. keepsmiling
206. Zee...
207. Sweet Escape
208. myys_PL
209. silver_amelia
210. othobsessed
211. biabiabia
212. martha(brucas&jeyton)
213. Dagaz
214. iheartmyTV
215. sabrinoush
216. morgana_86

"it's grape. i know that's your favourite.."
the reasons
Because she's a nice Jewish girl and he's kind of a nice Jewish boy
Because they're the best of a bad situation
Because he was brave enough to sing a solo
Because "it's natural"
Because he was man enough for her
Because she would have waited forever for him to come
Because Neil Diamond approves of the ser**ade
Because eskimo kisses + real kisses = PR love
Because it was love at first slushie
Because he could of washed off the slushie himself
Because what's a cougar?
Because Baby + Noah = ♥
Because we know he wasn't going to break up with her
Because Puck knows what a girl wants
Because we saw you singing to him, Rachel!
Because we saw you move back to her, Noah!
Because "take a break" means "sexy time" in PR-speak
Because we officially love his history teacher
Because the Noah/Rachel mashup is one for the ages
Because Mr. Schuester is a closet PR fangirl
Because the big difference between them is what makes them great
Because we know she wasn't always thinking of someone else
Because their hands weren't just touching hands
Because we saw your tiny slushie toast
Because we're totally canon now
Because they notice more about each other than they let on
Because she's proud to walk the halls with him
Because the smiles don't lie
Because no one does eyesex better
Because we have the spiritual power to smack down other ships with the hand of God.

"you wanna makeout?"
the soundtrack
Set Yourself On Fire by Stars
The Lengths by The Black Keys
Fix You by Coldplay
All We Are by One Republic
If We Kissed by Fiona Apple
I Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Badd
Never Be Ready by Mat Kearney
For You I Will (Confidence) by Teddy Geiger
On Fire by Switchfoot
Addicted To Me by Click Five
Crazy On You by Heart
Light My Fire by The Doors
You Found Me by The Fray
Watch the Sky by Something Corporate
Superhuman by Chris Brown ft. Keri Hilson
Happy Together by The Turtles
The Call by Regina Spektor
Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson
Heartbeat by Scouting For Girls
Never Say Never by The Fray
My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend by Relient K
New Perspective by Panic! at the Disco
The Spell by Alphabeat
Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat
Find A Way by Safetysuit
Umbrella by Mandy Moore
Sweet Caroline by Mark Salling (As Noah Puckerman)
Temporary Insanity by Alexz Johnson
Read My Mind by The Killers
Use Somebody by Kings of Leon
Singing In My Sleep by Semisonic
What I'm Trying To Say by Stars
Keep On Loving You by REO Speedwagon
Noticed by Mute Math
Look After You by The Fray
Wicked Games by Chris Isaak

"i just wanna say how proud i am to have you
on my arm
in front of the whole highschool."
the wishlist
A Puck and Rachel Duet with her playing the piano and him playing the guitar.
A fireworks inducing kiss after Puck scores the winning touchdown for Rachel at McKinley's football game.
Rachel slushies Puck.
Ruckus eye!sex.
A P/R vs. F/Q sing-off.
A Ruckus kiss in the rain.
Puck's dirty comments about Rachel's short skirts.
A Puck and Rachel hug born out of comfort.
A Puck/Rachel kiss (with Finn/Quinn walk-in).
PR walking down the hall, his arm slung around her shoulders.
Rachel wearing Puck's letterman jacket.
Rachel leaning her head on Puck's shoulder.
Puck standing outside of her house holding up a boombox (a la John Cusack in Say Anything).
P/R sexy time.
Puck and Rachel watching "West Side Story"
Rachel tells him to wait until Tony and Maria have sung "Tonight" before they can make out.

"are you sure about this, noah?"
the future titles
They'd surely create a Ruckus
They're the best of a bad situation
He was brave enough to sing a solo
He was man enough for her.
She was proud to have him on her arm, in front of the whole high school.
She would have waited forever for him to come
Eskimo kisses + real kisses = PR love
SOMEBODY is man enough to choose Rachel over his high school reputation
We kinda sorta saw Rachel as #20, and it was kinda sorta adorable.
Screw Vitamin D! ML/PR is the best drug!
we are lucky PR are coming home someday
PR fan #1 is Lea
It's not over.. It's never over when it comes to these two
Their milkshake is better than yours
We've got the POWER
Everyone wants to board the Ruckus train of epicness!
Puck also needs someone to lean on and Rachel might just be that person.
Lea can't keep those cute hands to herself.
Puck & Rachel, your shine awaits
We are the immortal ship of Glee

the 10 fics of the moment
Easy Girl
All at Once
Don't Do Sadness
Conversations Between Two McKinley High Students
Under the Surface
It's Not You, It's Me
Blame on Me

the animation of the moment
the links
Livejournal - puckrachel
Fanfiction - On Fire
Fanpop - Rachel & Puck
Livejournal - PR Challenge Community
the previous threads
#1: Because bad boys always like unpopular girls.
#2: Because they'd be the perfect way to make everyone jealous!
#3: Because she's piano, he's guitar, and they mesh
#4: Because they're two good lookin' Jews!
#5: Because she's a gold star and he's a rock star
#6: Because Puckleberry is our new favorite fruit!
#7: Because we have slushies and gold stars...and angels!
#8: Because slushies count as physical connection
#9: Because Mark and Lea want page ranking duet
#10: Because he wants to light a different kind of fire
#11: Because he remembered when she licked her lips
#12: Because the good lord wants Puck to get into Rachel's pants
#13: Because Rachel is Noah's Sweet Caroline
#14: Because....Bring it!
#15: It doesn't matter why he joined glee only why he stayed!
#16: She's the girl of his dreams... literally!
#17: It was love at first slushie.
#18: Puck Remembers Everything.
#19: He knows exactly what that girl wants
#20: Because the Good Lord Ships N/R. Who are we to go against His will?
#21: Because we want drunk!Rachel and heroic!Noah.
#22: Neil Diamond Approves of the serenade
#23: Good times never felt so good!
#24: Not only God ships N/R; the rest of the world seems to ship them too!
#25: It's NATURAL.
#26: He's Noah with her.
#27: Usually the best things are unplanned.
#28: "Move over, Brad and Angie. Hollywood has a new power couple!" - Kristin
#29: We don't carry torches for our ship, we arm ourselves with FLAME THROWERS.
#30:They're E! Online readers' most-asked-about pairing.
#31: Changing allegiance? Sorry Kristin, PR are here to stay.
#32: We are the forbidden cookies...and we are too delicious for you.
#33: What a wicked thing to make me dream of you.
#34: "I'm sorry I ever did this to you."
#35: Ruckustritosis ~ Sweeping over the WORLD faster than H1N1!
#36: " never know" - Mark
#37: The immediate future is over, let the wild Ruckus begin!
#38: I'm a high school lover, and you're my favorite flavor.
#39: over 1000 members? BITCH, WE'RE THE BOMB
#40: Because the bad boy/good girl storylines are the ones who always stick.
#41: 'Cuz sometimes the best things in life, the richest things in life, are the most unexpected.
#42: Lea - "Who's excited for some Puck and Rachel!!!!!!" We're still SO excited.
#43: JILFs own the land of hotness, and Puck and Rachel rule ALL.
#44: "They are the Danny/Sandy of William McKinley High School." Oh, Grease.
#46: Teach me tiger how to tease you...tiger, tiger I wanna squeeze you.
#46: If she's a bird, he's a bird.
#47: "Hearing Lea and Mark of Glee looking mighty cozy during cast visit!" - Kristin
#48: Hand holding, cuddling, high-fives...chemistry is their best subject!
#49: It wasn't over.. it still isn't over!!
#50: Fifty threads of grape slushies, badassness & hot Jew on Jew action!
#51: "Lea blows me away." - Mark
#52: "I like that dynamic myself." - Mark
#53: "She can relate to Puck...her guard is completely down and she's honest with him" - Lea
#54: Mark is hoping for MORE Puck/Rachel and so are we!
#55: Noah & Rachel celebrating Hannukah together would be LEGEN...wait for it...DARY!
#56: Mark and Lea are making the hiatus worth it for us
#57: "We'll forever think of this song as a gift from one good lookin' Jew to another." - NYmag
#58: Rachel set fire to Puck's fame flame
#59:They made the BOYS BATHROOM look romantic. Enough said.
#60: Because she's a nice Jewish girl and he's kind of a nice Jewish boy
#61: "Puck singing Sweet Caroline, as kind of a tribute to Rachel." - Mark
#62:"We never expected that to catch on quite so well. We'll have to do something about that"-Brad Falchuck
#63: Excuse us while we flail over "Lucky" lyrics until the end of time.
#64: "I loved the Puck/Rachel storyline. I kind of, like, begged Ryan Murphy to write it." - Lea
#65: Are you questioning our BADASSNESS? Have you seen our FLAMETHROWERS?!!
#66: "Mark..will you marry me?" "Can we have an airtight prenup?" GAH.
#67: Next time we would like those hands touching more than just hands.
#68: Because sometimes dreams interfere with reality!
#69: It's not our fault our ship is too hot to be ignored
#70: They might be second best to the others but to each other they are #1
#71: We don't care about sparkling vampires as long as we get to see Mark and Lea.
#72: "They didn’t stop whispering, giggling and talking closely together for the rest of the night!"
#73: They went through three of the Five Stages of Celebrity Dating in less than three hours.
#74: Lea certainly seems to enjoy Mark's lap.
#75: They have become the faces of the show and Hollywood's next big thing.
#76: "I pushed and fought for a PR storyline coz I love Mark so much and I wanted to work with him more" Lea
#77: "Whatever wolves of New Moon. I don't know if you've SEEN Mark without his shirt on."-Lea
#78: Lea says Rachel has needs. Can you really think of anyone ELSE who could satisfy them other than Puck?
#79 "Aww you have really cute HANDS, did you know that?" Mark
#80: Hands touching frickin' HANDS, like.. ALL THE TIME.
#81: Team Edward or Team Jacob? Screw that. Lea is Team Shirtless Mark.
#82: We love the lustiness that is P/R!
#83: Puck's man enough to love an admittedly high maintenance girl like Rachel.
#84: Bacon and Chocolate go great together! So do Puck and Rachel!
#85: Puck and Rachel are a match for each other and Mark and Lea love to match their outfits.
#86: Just when we were about to say we haven't had anything new for four days, ML TO THE RESCUE.
#87:We're getting them a lawyer to settle the airtight prenup so they can move on to other plans.
#88:As a couple of good looking Jews they're going to have a lot of time to kill around Christmas.
#89: Puck also needs someone to lean on and Rachel might just be that person!
#90: We really want to see Rachel work with Puck on his high B...
#91: People dared to question our badassness. Apparently they hadn't seen our FANBASE.
# 93: Noah & Rachel show their true colors with each other.
#94: "He’s trying to relate to Rachel, who like Puck is Jewish, and I think he does have feelings for her" ~ Mark
#95: He didn't need any sexting with Rachel.And she wouldn't even let him touch her boobs
#96: Because they both want everything too much, and we just want them
#97: Puck has needs, and who can better satisfy them than Rachel?
#98: Mark stays true to his character.He enjoyed throwing slushies at Lea and he also called her "Baby"
#99: They are oh-so Breakfast Club - in reverse.
#99.1: Even unofficially this is actually our 100th thread. And that is damn IMPRESSIVE!
#99.2: "Sexual chemistry on the set? Hello Lea Michele and Mark Salling!"-Hollywood Life
#99.3: Puck the Prophet sees more PR in the future!
#99.4: We were about to unleash Lea and her cute hands to bring Mark back in NY.
#99.5: 'Mark, that was so hot. I wanna make-out with you right now.' - Lea #*$@&^!)!!!
#99.6: Suzy Pepper ain't got nothing on us Puckleberries!
#99.7: Puck never turned his back on Rachel and we're pretty sure he never will.
#99.8: Screw Vitamin D! ML are our drug and we're in SERIOUS need of a fix.
#99.9: Because Puckleberries taste like Grape!
#99.10: Mark isn't questioning our RABIDNESS. He wants Puck to end up with Rachel.
#99.11: We wouldn't object to Puckleberry flavoured slushies being thrown at us. REPEATEDLY!
#99.12: If this was Hogwarts, Slytherin!Puck would totally want that Gryffindor know-it-all!
#99.13: Puck and Rachel, your enshrinement awaits!
#99.14: We keep our fingers crossed with Lea for some Puck and Rachel in the near future!
#99.15: Hot!Rachel + Hot Makeout!Puck&Rachel = Touchdown Dance!Puck
#99.16: Our RABIDNESS has led to Puck & Rachel's official enshrinement!
#99.17: They can push and sex it up all night long!
#99.18: Rachel's life would suck without Puck!
#99.19: Even we had to hold our breath with that look
V. { max&liz #700
Kinda weird about that star, huh? Kinda sad...
It just doesn’t seem that something burning so bright could just…burn out.
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i love how you're capable of making the title look pretty!
'Impossible n'est pas français.'
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TFTNT The title is so true
Are you ok?
Puck & Rachel
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New thread y'all!
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Love the title.
Icon by bibi88
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Title suits us well. VERY well.

Yellow is for "I'm working on it."
malia tate
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"I just need you now"


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it WOULD suck without them, just like rachel's would suck without puck!
try something new, darling
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I want to see the new OP already!
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LOL thanks.

I need to see some caps in here!!!

My FF life would suck so bad without you guys!! This thread and KOL board! THANKS!

V. { max&liz #700
Kinda weird about that star, huh? Kinda sad...
It just doesn’t seem that something burning so bright could just…burn out.
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V. { max&liz #700
Kinda weird about that star, huh? Kinda sad...
It just doesn’t seem that something burning so bright could just…burn out.
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Originally Posted by fetch (View Post)
I want to see the new OP already!

Yellow is for "I'm working on it."
malia tate
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Originally Posted by CappieTauLove (View Post)

it WOULD suck without them, just like rachel's would suck without puck!
LOL! and vice versa for Puck!

"I just need you now"


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Friends F o r e v e r
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