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my fanfiction hope you like it

Chapter 1
So this is it,? My whole life comes down to this one moment, my name is mike and there is three things i love in this world dancing, tina, singing. We are the mckinly high glee club new directions and one of the best dancers gets a scholarship to a academy that i really want to go to but i don’t want to leave tina. Im waiting back stage for the news on the winners of nationals first before i even want to know about my dancing scholarship. I so hope we win after all the stuff vocal adrenaline has put us through Rachel was basically dead for months because of how much that jesse kid hurt her and then he had the nerve to come here and tell us that we hurt him or never accecpted him. We never accecpted him because he was a spy. Rachel is coming over and she is crying my true instinct is to say “whats wrong” and she just says “finn” and i don’t understand and then i look around were the only ones still here i call up Brittany “what happened” and she being dim wittened she just said “finn is in a ambulance thats all i know you two stay there”.
So even if we win whats the point we might as well not whats the point finns probly dead and he is our star and now there is only me and Rachel here great i cant do this. My phone is ringing so i answer it and say “ go for mike but i don’t feel like going anywhere” and i here finns voice “wheres Rachel” , “right here ill put her on now”. I cant tell what there saying but Rachel hangs up so obviously the conversation is over. Then Rachel comes over and hugs me and im just confused now.
“ladys and gentlemen the runners up to nationals this year is vocal adrenaline congratulations” then i see everyone except finn and puck rush in. “your this years nationals champions are new direction” i hug tina and i don’t let go, artie gives me a foul look, he has never stopped hating me. We rush out on the stage and they tell Rachel to accecpt the award “thank you everyone”, then we all see someone in the audience that we recongnized it was matt and all our jaws droped and when we got off the stage he came backstage to see us and we all hugged him the only reason he was here was because he had a fionce here guess who Santana who causes so much trouble.
We all get in the bus and head to the hosibltle and me and Rachel run in first and i got to break the news “we won” and finn was dancing in his bed adn i asked him “what happened man” he lifted his blanket up and he had a hole in his leg then Rachel and quinn spewed at the same time and britany just stared at it and then finn and puck saw behind us all was matt and puck jumped up and rushed over. My phone rang so i answered it and a man said “mike chang you have been accecpted to get the scholoarship to the dance academy” and i cried in front of everyone then started dancing around the room. And then finn said when i hanged up the phone “you got the scholarship” and i said “yep” but then i looked at tina she was crying and i relized so was i. Thats what i meant if i got the scholarship i would loose tina lucky in finns room there was a bathroom so i went in there and locked it and cried more i looked through myphone and camera at all the pictures of me and tina and i went out and said to tina “im not going anywhere” and she said back “but this is a opputinity of a life time you cant just pass it away” and i said “i love you more then i love dancing, you are the girl for me”. Then she cried and hugged me and everyone was going awwww. The worst thing was poor Rachel needed to talk to me so i asked rach to come for a walk “whats up” and she said “finn would not do that for me in a millon years”. Then i hugged her and we sat on the grass and i started to sing to her true colours and then she cried and then i stoped and she said “thanks lets go back in”, so i helped her up and we went back in and they were singing don’t stop beliving so we all joined in. We all had to leave finn here but we went out on the grass ten minutes early for finn and Rachel could have some time. Me and tina hugged up on the grass.when Rachel came out we knew some thing was wrong i sent puck inside to stop finn coming out i counted to three in my head and she fainted right there and we all ran up to her and tina ran inside to get a doctor puck put finn in a wheelchair and wheeled him out here. Rachel woke up and we sat her on finn and she just started slapping him i grabbed her and puck took finn back inside. Rachel kept on screaming bascically “he loves her, he loves her not me her not me her”.then she fell in my arms and started crying “who does he love?” her finger was wobbling as she point to quinn and just started crying. I walked inside and started yelling at him “ what were you thinking lieing to her like that tell her whats really wrong or i will”, then i sent Rachel inside and then he told her that” jesse did this to my leg”. Then she started screaming and started bashing up puck i had to hold her back “ill sware ill kill him if i had the chance”. Im sick of jesse st james and so is everyone else. Finn settled down Rachel and me puck tried to settle him down but we couldn’t do anything.

Chapter 2
Finn was up on crutchers the next day and Rachel was better and she appoligized to puck and me. Puck, Rachel and i went and vistited finn. He was walking around and i said plainly “hows the leg” and he laughed “im tall” we were allthinking that finn was already better Rachel had not talked at all and finn went over to her and he kissed her and he wasn’t stopping me and puck looked at each other. Puck was smiling and puck went over and pulled finn away and lifted Rachel up to finns level and it was so funny . then i got a call it was jesse st james and he said “are you with finn cause if you arei need to talk to him” and i passed it to finn and finn said “bye” and thats the whole conversation. Then finn gave me back my phone and told me “never answer if it is that no good ass” and i nodded. Puck and i sat on the chairs and finn and Rachel sat on his bed just acting normal, then i got another phone call but it, was mr schue and he just left a message “have fun” and i wish i could say that i would with all the stuff thats going on. I got a message from tina telling me to go to the dance academy. I cant though then 2 minutes later i get another message from tina breaking up with me, i cried in front of puck, finn and Rachel, they guessed why it was pretty obivious. And Rachel came over and gave me a hug and i thanked her but i just lost the only girl i care about.
Puck just sat there and looked at me like he felt sorry for me. I went out side and started kicking the grass then i found on the ground the neckalace that i bought for tina and it said chang on it but i thank her for dumping me im not worth it she needs a guy that wont ditch her every time a problem comes in life. Artie was better for her than me. Then puck came out and said to me “man that sucks that the dance place said no” i said to him “ tina dumped me because she wants me to go” and he said “oh”. Then he went back inside we found out that finn can come home so we can finally leave new york. Not that i want to i don’t think anyone wants to go back to where we live.
So we got back to the hotel and i just cried and cried in my room and then i went to tinas room and the door had a sign saying that im sleeping and then the door opened and out popped my princess. I cried and she said “ i take it all back all of it the dumping only do what you want to do”. I hugged her and she hugged me back and puck walked past me and i smiled and i told tina “i have to go” we kissed and i went to bed and puck and finn were in there dancing around. Finn and puck went to bed and i opened my bag and in there was my pamphlet for the academy, finn woke up and saw me looking at it and i quickly put it away, i didn’t want anyone to see me looking at it because they would tell me that i need to go ready ill count to three and what does finn say “come on man if you want to go, you gotta go” and i said “ i cant leave tina behind i love her more than dancing she is amazing” and finn smiled and said “ok we ought to get ready” and i just nodded. So we woke puck up i sware that man is a dead sleeper, he does not wake up. We all packed our bags and then guess who comes in the room. Artie hates me i STOLE tina apparently but she chose me and he hates me i would love to be mates with him but he wont let me. Then behind him my princess and rachel walk in to grab us, puck is still asleep so we decide to poor a glass of ice cold water in his pants and he jumps up and dances around the room like a little girl and we all just laugh. He can be a really bad sleeper if he wants to be. no wonder he is allways late for school. So puck quickly packs his bags as fast as he can and we are already in the bus when he is finishing up and mr schue asked “wheres puck?” and neither of us wanted to tell him so i just said “he is on his way” and then out comes puck running as fast as he can.
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Fanfics can be posted in the fanfiction thread so I'm closing this. Thanks.

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