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kiss the wind 06-10-2014 09:08 AM

General Seasons 1-5 Discussion Thread
For anyone who is rewatching, or just wants to discuss certain things or episodes. :)

Uhh, to get this thread started, my favorite seasons go in numerical order 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. :lol:

It's funny how I used to complain that I wish we could have s1 back (during s2), but looking back on it, s2 was amazing compared to s3, and s3 was good compared to s4 and s5.

Primal Slayer 06-10-2014 12:58 PM

Favorite seasons would also be in that order 1/2/3/4/5, S5 couldve surpassed S4 but to many episodes that were shady.

I'm rewatching S2 right now and jeezies, it feels so fresh. Their worst episode is better than majority of their episodes from S4/5. I miss S1/2 Kurt, and still weird how they pushed Quinn to the background after her being such a major character in S1.

5555 06-10-2014 01:02 PM

Name an episode you consider exactly average over all.
What elements separate the good ones from the bad ones?

Primal Slayer 06-11-2014 03:22 AM

it is also nice to see a normal Tina who wasnt ridiculously over the top and crying everytime she sang.

Oh and Sam wasnt a dumb as nail blonde. To bad Kurt/Sam never got that duet...ever. And Kurt trying to get Sam to duet with him, so many lost opportunities.

ina trying to de-asian her and Mikes date nights is probably one of the most serious storylines she ever got.

Duets is probably one of Glees best episodes in every way. Everyone got a good amount of screen time and it all lead back to the main plot. I wish we had another one where Finn/Rachel actually tried to win and didnt. Its funny that they think they would win if they didnt throw the competition

kiss the wind 06-11-2014 09:04 AM

Duets is probably the most balanced episode ever tbh.


Name an episode you consider exactly average over all.
Special Education (2x09) comes to mind. Or pretty much a lot of the competition episodes.

5555 06-11-2014 11:46 AM

Season two Duets was my favorite until Asian F knocked it off.
I love it when the deep supporting cast dominates an episode. It should happen more often. They're more versatile and can change dramatically without damaging other story lines.
The opening of season two episode one was also important for my becoming a fan.
It was the first time I got to see all 11 members. (Did Mike speak in season one? I understand Matt had exactly two lines.)
I also might not have lasted without Jacob Ben-Israel. The first time I saw it was the beginning of the repeat of Wheels. After the "Here's what you missed on Glee..." segment (also a vital key to the show's success) he was interviewing Sue about the pregnancy scandal. That allowed an update on a matter of no concern to the episode, showed Sue's temperament, and gave a glimpse of a recurring character played by an actor fighting for his life.
Duets gave meaningful scenes to all of them. Sue didn't distract them as she usually does, and it was about music.
Also, can you point out another episode in which Finn and Rachel were a couple and did something couple-like without the threat of imminent breakup?

Primal Slayer 06-11-2014 04:34 PM

Original charming Blaine! The memories.

While I already noticed it back then, but wow were they hell bent on keeping the Unholy Trinity in their Cheerios uniforms. They were even in them when they weren't in school.

Cant believe that they wasted Karofsky after S2. All that build up only to do a 1 episode throw away in S3.

And RIB never should've brought on more writers, or at least hired ones with brains. The show was much tighter when it was just those 3 writing the show for S1-2.

S3 started off very good where they swore off guest stars for the first half but after that they just went crazy with them. Not to mention that the addition of the Glee Project didn't help the show, them forcibly bringing in various people from that show did not help at all. Only ones who mattered were Jake/Unique. And I still want to know why they decided to get rid of Lauren Zizes.

kiss the wind 06-11-2014 08:21 PM


Duets gave meaningful scenes to all of them. Sue didn't distract them as she usually does, and it was about music.
That was the most important thing for me. I know Lea is the lead, but considering it's technically an ensemble show, then it should be written as an ensemble show.


Also, can you point out another episode in which Finn and Rachel were a couple and did something couple-like without the threat of imminent breakup?
The s3 Christmas episode comes to mind.


While I already noticed it back then, but wow were they hell bent on keeping the Unholy Trinity in their Cheerios uniforms. They were even in them when they weren't in school.
RIP Brittany and Santana's s2 outfits (post quitting Cheerios).


The show was much tighter when it was just those 3 writing the show for S1-2.
Exactly, as much as we complained about the "bad" eps, their bad eps from early seasons were nowhere near as terrible as some of the newer writer episodes.

Something that makes me very sad is the fact that they basically decided that it was a good idea to make Sam super dumb, when he actually had an original and somewhat authentic storyline and personality (homeless, but the good boy next door personality, who had a bit of a learning disability (I think he's dyslexic? or is that Ryder?), but ugh s4 just ruined him for me.

Primal Slayer 06-11-2014 09:19 PM

It is like they had to downplay Sams character so they could make some of the others look better or seem more important. He seemed like a natural replacement for Finn after he graduated. But just like Blaine they had to ruin his development and take the character backwards instead of foward

Primal Slayer 06-11-2014 11:31 PM

The Substitute....such a FUN episode! Holly Holiday was such a breathe of fresh air. I wish she had stuck around longer before Shue got the Glee club back. But she got some serious good character development in those 42 minutes.

The Kurt/Blaine subplot was good and Mercedes was hanging with them which is a friendship that I miss. Rachel/Kurt being besties over Kurt/Mercedes never clicked as much for me.

kiss the wind 06-11-2014 11:55 PM

Holly Holiday is probably the best use of a major guest star tbh because I actually LIKED Holly. She was a much better teacher than Will, at the very least, and she should have stuck around a lot longer or come back for more episodes to help the kids out. I mean she was great as a sub health teacher, if not a bit... out there with her methods. :lol:

Primal Slayer 06-12-2014 12:06 AM

I dont understand why Sues mom was a one-off, especially with Sue having some big moments. Just another instance of the writers letting good opportunities go by.

The Kurt/Karofsky storyline was such a good ongoing storyline for the show, the fact that the writers dropped it after S2 instead and only doing 1 followup episode in S3 is a shame. He really shouldve been a regular during S3.

I am glad that Burt/Carole were minor enough that the writers didnt feel to break them up/get them together and add drama for them. It is what they should have done with Emma/Shue after they finally got together instead of giving them a wedding and having Emma run out. Sucks that we never got any Carole/Kurt moments. Would've been fun to see them bonding. Finn dedicating a song to Kurt during the wedding was a real highlight for the character and a great part of the episode.

Primal Slayer 06-12-2014 12:59 AM

It was nice Emma calling out Shuester on not using everyone in Glee and playing up their streangths instead of always doing the norm. When he finally decieded to take that to heart, you think it would have changed things for the long run, but sadly Rachel/Finn were right back to where they thought they belong by nationals. I wish we had seen everyones reaction to Santana getting a solo which was very big for her.

Zizes was such a great addition to the team, she naturally fit in with everyone and such a tragedy that she never got a proper song and how they just got rid of her come S3 so they could maintain their quota of not meeting quota and so they could bring in useless Glee Project kids. S3 in general if not S4 should've given us our biggest member count for the Glee club. The writers knew that they would be graduating people and still focusing on McKinley, so them not taking the opportunity to bring in majority of the S4 kids was just a bad idea. Marley/Kitty/Jake all should've been introduced in S3.

While I like me some Brittana, I also like me some Bartie. They were such a good couple and it really helped Brittany grow somewhat as a character. Of course all of that was swept under the rug come S3.

Sam/Quinn were so freakin charming that it makes me want to hurl but I actually liked their courtship over the season. It is weird knowing that again come S3 the two act like they never had anything.

It was so refreshing having Finn/Rachel having nothing to really do during sectionals while Santana/Quinn/Sam/Brittany/Mike took over.

Primal Slayer 06-12-2014 02:19 AM

Watching Sue Sylvesters Shuffle or whatever the title is, you think that with this being the episode that followed the Superbowl that the writers wouldve put their best work into it.

It is a damn shame that we never got to see Cheerios regionals or any of their competitions since it would have given the UT some focus that they lacked. It was stupid of Shue dropping to Sues level and forcing the UT to choose between Glee Club and their regionals. And while I doubt that Santana wouldve stayed de-Cheerioed for long, it was a waste of a storyline to have no one take their place in the school hierarchy of popular kids and Sues go tos.

The writers really missed out on the UT singing You Dont Own Me from First Wives club to Sue/Shue and have them choose neither.

5555 06-12-2014 06:32 AM

Not only do I agree with almost every comment, my story fixed most of these problems.
Karofsky ends up with Jeremiah.
Holly marries Dave Martinez to solve his problems with the Immigration and Naturalization service (after they arrange a wonderful July 4 concert).
Mrs. Sylvester finds one more NAZI (a married man who had a sex-change operation in the 1950s, framing his wife-who was not located until after she died of natural causes in the 1980s) in a cave in Uruguay. Then she teams up with friends from the CIA to rescue Sue from a Canadian prison.
In December of season two I joined Foxforum, and they did most of what I said until they shut it down in October of season 3.
Among other things:
The First Time was my idea, including Rachel losing her virginity for the sake of her career.
I described a female evangelical, thus creating both Joe and Kitty.
I told them to out Santana in episode six of season three.
I wanted Sue to try to sabotage glee club by having Cheerios with bad voices join, thus I became responsible for Sugar.
They deleted my post that Sue would have to leave the news show because of the equal time provision because they were using it in the next episode.
I wanted Puck to relentlessly pursue the evangelical because she didn't want him romantically, then immediately they had him pursue Lauren relentlessly for that reason.
I wanted them to lose sectionals in season three, so they lost in season four.
I asked a poster how many straight male wedding planners they knew. They presented Mr. Lavinder.

Unfortunately they omitted a few of my best suggestions.
After losing sectionals, Rachel disguises herself as a boy and joins the Warblers, gaining romantic interest from a gay boy and a very confused straight one and singing songs from Yentl.

The Devil and Sue Sylvester. A remake of The Devil and Daniel Webster.
Long ago she sold her soul to the Devil in exchange for 7 cheerleading championships. After the seventh, he comes to collect. As an American she demands a trial before 12 peers. The Devil chooses the jury: New Directions.

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