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Squeegee Beckeinhiem 07-01-2009 04:04 PM


Originally Posted by crazycait714 (Post 36782949)
I got skipped over somehow :( Please add me!

Woops! i'm so sorry! i didn't mean too!

Ok i gotta sign off for a bit. I'll be back in about a half hour. i'll add anyone else who wants to be added then!

allybubba 07-01-2009 04:10 PM

See you, Sam!

built to spill 07-01-2009 04:13 PM

:yay: Thanks for adding me :)

lisagslack14 07-01-2009 04:35 PM

Please add me :)

AmandaB 07-01-2009 04:36 PM

Please add me. I love these two.

AAVaria 07-01-2009 04:43 PM

Thanks for adding me Sam!
I guess I should start on my "5 things" LJ fic sometime today :lol:

broken crown 07-01-2009 04:45 PM

Hey! Can I be added? Thanks! :)

lovely elizabeth 07-01-2009 04:45 PM

Are we bringing in the the OP from the couples board thread?

fall like stars 07-01-2009 04:46 PM

Add me? :flowers:

Lexipedia 07-01-2009 04:49 PM

:shrug: I got no idea Beth.
But I'll start making graphics soon, though. :D

Squeegee Beckeinhiem 07-01-2009 05:10 PM

Ok I'm Back!:wave:

Added everyone!


Originally Posted by -Beth- (Post 36784812)
Are we bringing in the the OP from the couples board thread?

No we are starting fresh.

BlackHalo 07-01-2009 05:10 PM

Please add me.

AAVaria 07-01-2009 05:12 PM

I will attempt to make graphics sometime this weekend... maybe saturday in between hair appts and shopping for travel gear :lol:

Squeegee Beckeinhiem 07-01-2009 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by BlackHalo (Post 36785902)
Please add me.


Anytime you get to it is fine. We all will still be here.:)

lovely elizabeth 07-01-2009 05:17 PM

I can bring my old Harmony banner over? :D

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