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Squeegee Beckeinhiem 12-09-2009 11:58 PM

Adorkable Duets {Finn ♥ Rachel} #54: "Eitherway, I found out I'm nothing without you."
the Finn HudsonRachel Berry appreciation thread


He is the quarterback of the school's football team, who is forced to join Glee Club. She is the ambitious, talented
and often misunderstood star of New Directions. He constantly struggles between following his dreams or doing what others
expect him to do, while she struggles to be a better team player despite her ambitions.

He likes her for who she is, sequined leg warmers and stuff, her flaws and all. She likes him for who
he is, doesn't put him down and encourages him to stop worrying about what others think of him. Although they
cannot yet fully reciprocate each other's feelings, they make up for it by supporting each other.

He is the hot male lead, and she is the stunning young ingenue.
Together, they are the male and female leads of New Directions and
they shine the brightest when they're singing together.

"Rachel gets some action [but] there will be a time for them. I think that
Rachel and Finn are great together but it’s going to take a while to get there. They flirt
with the idea but there are a lot of hurdles standing in their way.
She sees him for who he really is. They are great together.
- Lea Michele
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the H o n o r a r y S u p p o r t e r s;

"Rachel/Finn all the way!"
- Jenna Ushkowitz

Lea Michele
Cory Monteith
Jenna Ushkowitz
Kevin McHale
Mark Salling
Amber Riley
The LA Times
the S e a s o n O n e M o m e n t s;

"Well, I think you have to ask yourself the question: Is Finn going
to do what people think he is going to do or is Finn going to follow his passions? And I think
the two people and the love triangle with Finn represent those two directions. Is he gonna be with the girl
that everybody thinks he should be with, or is he going to be with the girl who's doing what she loves as well, and who is
following her passion, and who is, you know, living out her dream as well, which is what he wants to do?
- Cory Monteith

the S c e n e of the M o m e n t;

"I think Rachel's heart belongs to Finn."
- Mark Salling
1. Because he's the one that she wants.
2. Because they both are very talented.
3. Because the rest of the team expects them to become an item.
4. Because she made him go back to Glee.
5. Because he is the only male lead that can keep up with her.
6. Because she is just a small town girl, and he is just a city boy.
7. Because she lied to Quinn for him.
8. Because they are Glee's version of Tony and Maria.
9. Because we think they are worth the 4 month wait.
10. Because their height difference is the hottest thing.
11. Because his heart beats hard for her.
12. Because even though he thinks she's insane, he also thinks that she's cool.
13. Because they make awesome posters together.
14. Because he lets her talk and he listens to what she says.
15. Because she doesn't think he notices her.
16. Because he has feelings for her and he's too scared to admit it.
17. Because we know he wasn't just putting on a show.
18. Because he just couldn't control himself.
19. Because they pushed it real good.
20. Because he's willing to carry her pink trolley for her!
21. Because he wants to be able to sing as good as she can.
22. Because he thinks she is cool.
23. Because they drank virgin cosmos together.
24. Because they have little secret smiles!
25. Because they are fighting to hide what they are truely feeling.
26. Because he appreciates her.
27. Because he does have feelings for her.
28. Because that kiss was real.
29. Because they even make bowling HOT.
30. Because she would've quit the play for him.
31. Because he wants to spend more time with her now.
32. Because she thinks they should elope.
33. Because he wanted them to go somewhere quiet and with low lighting.
34. Because he didn't want to sing DSB with anyone else.
35. Because Finn wishes Quinn would be more like Rachel.
36. Because he owes her.
37. Because she would give up her panties to protect him.
38. Because they can't breathe without eachother.
39. Because what ever is meant to be will work out perfectly.
40. Because Rachel can't give herself to someone who isnt Finn.
41. Because she imagines it's Finn when she is making out with other people.
42. Because he likes her.
43. Because he was rooting for her to win.
44. Because he is mesmerized by her singing.
45. Because she helped him get a job.
46. Because she wanted him as her duet partner for a ballad.
47. Because he's a boy who likes her for everything she is.

"They’re kind of like the Fran and Mr. Sheffield of our show.
You know it’s going to happen, you’re just waiting for it to happen.
- Chris Colfer
1. More Finn/Rachel duets.
2. Finn meets Rachel's parents.
3. Finn invites Rachel (and the Glee club) to watch one of his games and Rachel cheers so hard for him.
4. Finn can't control himself around Rachel again.
5. Rachel makes Finn watch West Side Story with her.
6. Finn leaves a sweet message to Rachel on Myspace.
7. Finn volunteers/Rachel asks Finn for a duet that they'll put up on myspace.
8. Hot Piano Kiss.
9. Finn describing his feelings for Rachel via inner monologue.
10. Rachel describing her feelings for Finn via singing.
11. Finn calling Rachel "Rach".
12. Finn defending Rachel from slushie attacks.
13. FR getting caught in the act.
14. Rachel tries to wake Finn up for a morning exercise,
15. Cuddling
16. Finn says(yells) ILY first.
17. Finn hugs Rachel from behind
18. Finn kisses Rachel on the forehead/or vice versa
19. FR holding hands during one of their hallway walk and talks.
20. Rachel sneak hugs Finn.
21. Piggyback ride.
22. FR tutor time.
23. Rachel comforting Finn.
24. Finn comforting Rachel.
25. Boob groping under the shirt AND under the bra.
26. Dinner with parents
the F a n f i c t i o n;

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"He's servng two masters: trying to be the popular with the cheerleader girlfriend
and trying to follow his dreams and be with the girl he actually likes.
- Cory Monteith
the M e d i a;

; Lea Michele's Video Diary
; Cory Monteith's Video Diary
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; Lea Michele Web

the F u t u r e T i t l e s;

Because he wants to kiss her.
Because one day he's going to defend her from slushie attacks.
Because she's Taking Chances with him.
Because he was ready to defend her.
Because he's rooting for her.
"We've only just begun to live."
Because he doesn't want her to be afraid of showing her true colors.
Because Rachel just had to touch Finn's butt somehow.
Because he gropes her boobies and she lets him.
Because they are starting to look like a real couple
Because she couldnt stand to see him in pain
Because no one can do hand touches like FR
Because they pushed it real good...again
Because they both support each other through the good and the bad

the P a s t T h r e a d s;

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and they've only just begun;

pinxter 12-09-2009 11:59 PM

Hey guys! Sectionals is THE Best. Episode. Ever. Well, this AND the pilot.

I loved how Cory made that confrontation scene so real. He delivered tonight. "Don't Rain On My Parade" was just SURREAL! God, Lea HAS lungs! Damn! LOL

Okay, about Finn and Rachel. Personally, they're like Ross and Rachel. Are they or aren't they? In between seasons, they're either liking each other or hating each other. Come big finale, writers pull the big guns, just like how the Glee club relies on them as leads (Don't Stop Believing in the Pilot. Remember, there were only 6 then. Finn and Rachel - CHEMISTRY WAS REAL. How about tonight during YCALGWYW? - Google it everybody, critics call these performances their favorites. I wonder why. Hmmm...).

I guess the message is on the songs they sing: No kiss or hug (DAMN IT!) tonight but you know what "You Can't Always Get What You Want." Are Finn and Rachel going to end up together? "Don't Stop Believing," kids...Long before PR KF (lol) AT WE KE...there was one couple that in its epicness back in May was one of the reasons that drove Glee to what it is today...FINN and RACHEL.

I can't even say "I hope there's more of FR." I just freaking KNOW there'd be more, tons and tons of FR. I respect other shippers, they probably see in others what we see between Finn and Rachel but really, seriously, deep, deep down somewhere in our right er...left hearts (other shippers included...wink-wink), we know FR started the epicness. Seriously. Rad. To. Be. An. FR. Shipper.

Oh yeah, LC, too but that's reserved for hiatus mode. LOL!

Sorry, long post. Ciao!

AmanditaSininho 12-10-2009 12:40 AM

... And then :ff: crashed :lol:

TFNT, Sam :hug:

Slexie4ever 12-10-2009 12:40 AM

TFTNT love the title
ff is back up just fyi pulling an all nighter so going to alternating between here and my paper and the stuff I need to study should I be on here no will it keep me awake yea

Sansa 12-10-2009 12:42 AM

:) A+ on your post pinxter!

FrenchMira 12-10-2009 12:46 AM

I love the title <3

AmanditaSininho 12-10-2009 12:48 AM


Originally Posted by Slexie4ever (Post 42088640)
TFTNT love the title
ff is back up just fyi pulling an all nighter so going to alternating between here and my paper and the stuff I need to study should I be on here no will it keep me awake yea

Good luck with your studies :)

I SHOULD be sleeping, but I can't. I'm still all :pinkie: with the episode. (The fact that I keep rewatching scenes is not helping, but ok)

Slexie4ever 12-10-2009 12:49 AM

well put pinxter

Sansa 12-10-2009 12:50 AM

Ahaha Okay guys, I'm going to bed. i have work early tomorrow :yawn: See you in a few hours.

AmanditaSininho 12-10-2009 12:53 AM

Goodnight, Hannah :wave:

Slexie4ever 12-10-2009 01:20 AM

Ok so I just realized how slow I am I blame finals I just got that YCAGWYW is about Finn and Rachel or well can be cause he wanted it to go back like before but you can always get what you want but you just might find you get what you need which is Rachel

AmanditaSininho 12-10-2009 01:26 AM


Originally Posted by Slexie4ever (Post 42088834)
Ok so I just realized how slow I am I blame finals I just got that YCAGWYW is about Finn and Rachel or well can be cause he wanted it to go back like before but you can always get what you want but you just might find you get what you need which is Rachel

That totally makes sense... :nod:
And maybe Rachel realizes that too, like, the smile on her face when she saw what song he picked? I don't know, maybe I'm reading too much into it :lol:

haydensgirl 12-10-2009 01:42 AM

OMG that animation is so cute hehe. The lil looks :love:

EdieRose 12-10-2009 02:01 AM

i was in the car just then and the original Rolling Stones' YCAGWYW came on (freakymuch?!) and i was like woaaaaaaah Glee version is SO much better :)

Alexa 12-10-2009 02:31 AM

just saw the eppy!


finns stuff with Rachel was uber cute. I dont really like that she was the one to tell him because she did it just to break them up, :/ but I believe that she felt bad about it later and the truth needed to be told. Anyways, the ending scene where Finn told her to be the star, that was cute. I hope we get more of them after the baby thing sinks in a little more. also loved the sitting by each other and the looks and the touching. <3.

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