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The Baby-Sitters Club Appreciation Thread #2: {Books/Movie/Tv} - It All Started With Kristy's Great Idea.

The Baby-Sitters Club Appreciaton Thread:
{Books/Movies/Tv Show}

credit: spadiceous

" four friends and babysitting- what could be more fun?"
• • •

The Baby-Sitters Club is a series of children's books, written by Ann M. Martin and published by Scholastic between 1986-2000, which sold over 175 million copies.

The series is about a group of middle school students living in the fictional town of Stoneybrook, Connecticut. They run a business called the Baby-sitters Club that helps parents find babysitters from the club available for jobs by calling during their club meetings. Meetings take place Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:30 to 6:00 p.m. The club runs financially on dues and fundraising, and the babysitters write diaries of their jobs to help each other. The members of the club are also best friends, although they go through many conflicts throughout the series.

The club starts out with four members (Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Claudia Kishi, and Stacey McGill), eventually expanding to ten. All of the main characters are thirteen, with the exception of junior members Mallory Pike and Jessica Ramsey, who are two years younger. When the club was founded (in 1986), the four members were in the seventh grade, but ten books later (1988), they are promoted to the eighth grade. From there, they are frozen in time until the very end of the series (2000), in which they graduate from middle school.
- Wikipedia

• • •

credit: -Tina-
The Baby-Sitters Club Book List

1: Kristy's Great Idea

2: Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls

3: The Truth About Stacey

4: Mary Anne Saves the Day

5: Dawn and the Impossible Three

6: Kristy's Big Day

7: Claudia and Mean Janine

8: Boy-Crazy Stacey

9: The Ghost at Dawn's House

10: Logan Likes Mary Anne!

11: Kristy and the Snobs

12: Claudia and the New Girl

13: Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye

14: Hello, Mallory

15: Little Miss Stoneybrook…and Dawn

16: Jessi's Secret Language

17: Mary Anne's Bad-Luck Mystery

18: Stacey's Mistake

19: Claudia and the Bad Joke

20: Kristy and the Walking Disaster

21: Mallory and the Trouble With Twins

22: Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter:

23: Dawn on the Coast

24: Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise

25: Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger

26: Claudia and the Sad Good-bye

27: Jessi and the Superbrat

28: Welcome Back, Stacey!

29: Mallory and the Mystery Diary

30: Mary Anne and the Great Romance

31: Dawn's Wicked Stepsister

32: Kristy and the Secret of Susan

33: Claudia and the Great Search

34: Mary Anne and Too Many Boys

35: Stacey and Mystery of Stoneybrook

36: Jessi's Baby-sitter

37: Dawn and the Older Boy

38: Kristy's Mystery Admirer

39: Poor Mallory!

40: Claudia and the Middle School Mystery

41: Mary Anne vs. Logan

42: Jessi and the Dance School Phantom

43: Stacey's Emergency

44: Dawn and the Big Sleepover

45: Kristy and the Baby Parade

46: Mary Anne Misses Logan

47: Mallory on Strike

48: Jessi's Wish

49: Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street

50: Dawn's Big Date

51: Stacey's Ex-Best Friend

52: Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies

53: Kristy for President

54: Mallory and the Dream Horse

55: Jessi's Gold Medal

56: Keep Out, Claudia

57: Dawn Saves the Planet

58: Stacey's Choice

59: Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym)

60: Mary Anne's Makeover

61: Jessi and the Awful Secret

62: Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever

63: Claudia's --Freind-- Friend

64: Dawn's Family Feud

65: Stacey's Big Crush

66: Maid Mary Anne

67: Dawn's Big Move

68: Jessi and the Bad Baby-sitter

69: Get Well Soon, Mallory

70: Stacey and the Cheerleaders

71: Claudia and the Perfect Boy

72: Dawn and the We Love Kids Club

73: Mary Anne and Miss Priss

74: Kristy and the Copycat

75: Jessi's Horrible Prank

76: Stacey's Lie

77: Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever

78: Claudia and Crazy Peaches

79: Mary Anne Breaks the Rules

80: Mallory Pike, #1 Fan

81: Kristy and Mr. Mom

82: Jessi and the Troublemaker

83: Stacey vs. the BSC

84: Dawn and the School Spirit War

85: Claudia Kishi, Live From WSTO!

86: Mary Anne and Camp BSC

87: Stacey and the Bad Girls

88: Farewell, Dawn

89: Kristy and the Dirty Diapers

90: Welcome to the BSC, Abby

91: Claudia and the First Thanksgiving

92: Mallory's Christmas Wish

93: Mary Anne and the Memory Garden

94: Stacey McGill, Super Sitter

95: Kristy + Bart = ?

96: Abby's Lucky Thirteen

97: Claudia and the World's Cutest Baby

98: Dawn and Too Many Sitters

99: Stacey's Broken Heart

100: Kristy's Worst Idea

101: Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout

102: Mary Anne And The Little Princess

103: Happy Holidays, Jessi

104: Abby's Twin

105: Stacey The Math Whiz

106: Claudia, Queen of The Seventh Grade

107: Mind Your Own Business, Kristy!

108: Don't Give Up, Mallory

109: Mary Anne To The Rescue

110: Abby the Bad Sport

111: Stacey's Secret Friend

112: Kristy and the Sister War

113: Claudia Makes Up Her Mind

114: The Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier

115: Jessi's Big Break

116: Abby and the Best Kid Ever

117: Claudia and the Terrible Truth

118: Kristy Thomas, Dog Trainer

119: Stacey's Ex-Boyfriend

120: Mary Anne and the Playground Fight

121: Abby in Wonderland

122: Kristy in Charge

123: Claudia's Big Party

124: Stacey McGill…Matchmaker?

125: Mary Anne in the Middle

126: The All-New Mallory Pike

127: Abby's Un-Valentine

128: Claudia and the Little Liar

129: Kristy at Bat

130: Stacey's Movie

131: The Fire at Mary Anne's House

The Baby-Sitters Club Specials

Super Special 1: Baby-sitters on Board

Super Special 2: Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation

Super Special 3: Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation

Super Special 4: Baby-sitters' Island Adventure

Super Special 5: California Girls

Super Special 6: New York, New York

Super Special 7: Snowbound

Super Special 8: Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake

Super Special 9: Starring the Baby-sitters Club

Super Special 10: Sea City, Here We Come

Super Special 11: The Baby-sitters Remember

Super Special 12: Here Come the Bridesmaids

Super Special 13. Aloha, Baby-Sitters!

Super Special 14. BSC in the USA

Super Special 15. Baby-Sitters' European Vacation

The Babysitters Club Mysteries
1: Stacey and the Missing Ring

2: Beware, Dawn

3: Mallory and the Ghost Cat

4: Kristy and the Missing Child

5: Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic

6: The Mystery at Claudia's House

7: Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs

8: Jessi and the Jewel Thieves

9: Kristy and the Haunted Mansion

10: Stacey and the Mystery Money

11: Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum

12: Dawn and the Surfer Ghost

13: Mary Anne and the Library Mystery

14: Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall

15: Kristy and the Vampires

16 Claudia and the Clue in the Photograph

17: Dawn and the Halloween Mystery

18: Stacey and the Mystery at the Empty House

19: Kristy and the Missing Fortune

20: Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery

21: Claudia and the Recipe for Danger

22: Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade

23: Abby and the Secret Society

24: Mary Anne and the Silent Witness

25 Kristy and the Middle School Vandal

26: Dawn Schafer, Undercover Baby-sitter

27: Claudia and the Lighthouse Ghost

28: Abby and the Mystery Baby

29: Stacey and the Fashion Victim

30: Kristy and the Mystery Train

31: Mary Anne and the Music Box Secret

32: Claudia and the Mystery in the Painting

33: Stacey and the Stolen Hearts

34: Mary Anne and the Haunted Bookstore

35: Abby and the Notorious Neighbour

36: Kristy and the Cat Burglar

The Babysitters Club Super Mysteries

1: Baby-sitters' Haunted House

2: Baby-sitters Beware

3: Baby-sitters' Fright Night

4: Baby-sitters' Christmas Chiller

The Babysitters Club - Other Editions

BSC Guide to Baby-sitting

The BSC Notebook

Secret Santa

BSC Chain Letter

The Baby-sitters Club Trivia & Puzzle Fun Book

The Baby-sitters Club Postcard Book

The Complete Guide to the Baby-sitters Club

BSC - Movie Tie-in Edition

The Baby-sitters Club Reader Requests

Readers Request: Logan Bruno, Boy Babysitter

Readers Request: Logan's Story

Readers Request: Shannon's Story

The Baby-sitters Club Portrait Books

BSC Portrait book: Mary-Anne's Book

BSC Portrait book: Kristy's Book

BSC Portrait book: Dawn's Book

BSC Portrait book: Abby's Book

BSC Portrait book: Claudia's Book

BSC Portrait book: Stacey's Book

Baby-sitters Club Friends Forever

1. Kristy's Big News

2. Stacey vs. Claudia

3. Mary Anne's Big Break-up

4. Claudia and the Friendship Feud

5. Kristy Power

6. Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap

7. Claudia Gets Her Guy

8. Mary Anne's Revenge

9. Kristy and the Kidnapper

10. Stacey's Problem

11. Welcome Home, Mary Anne

12. Claudia and the Disaster Date

Super Special: Graduation Day

California Diaries

1: Dawn

2: Sunny

3: Maggie

4: Amalia

5: Ducky

6: Sunny, Diary Two

7: Dawn, Diary Two

8: Maggie, Diary Two

9: Amalia, Diary Two

10: Ducky, Diary Two

11: Dawn, Diary Three

12: Sunny, Diary Three

13: Maggie, Diary Three

14: Amalia, Diary Three

15: Ducky, Diary Three

• • •

credit: Veiled Vesta
The Baby-Sitters Club is a 1990 American children's television series based on Ann M. Martin's children's book series of the same name. The series originally aired on the The Disney Channel, but was also broadcast on HBO and Nickelodeon; all thirteen 30-minute episodes were also released to home video. The TV series and the books were both produced by Scholastic Corporation.

BSC Theme Song


1x01 Mary Anne and the Brunettes
In the pilot episode of The Babysitters Club, we see Mary Anne come to terms with her relationship with Logan, although another girl, Marcie, also likes him. The Babysitters Club must come to the rescue when they suspect Logan of cheating on Mary-Anne. But he would never do that...would he?

1x02 Dawn & The Haunted House
Dawn loves a good mystery, and is convinced that Claudia's strange behavious is to do with the Slade home - a big, scary house next door to some of the babysitters' charges. Is Claudia in danger, and can Dawn save her in time?

1x03 Stacy's Big Break
Stacey is discovered as a model! After being asked to enter a fashion show, Stacey is quickly entered into a modelling competition, called New Faces. Stacey has the looks and personality to go all the way in the world of modelling, but can she really leave the babysitters club behind? After-all, modelling would take up all of her time...leaving no time for her friends, and Charlotte.

1x04 Kristy & the Great Campaign
Kristy decides the best way to get her newest babysitting charge to come out of her shell is to help her run in the school election. But will Kristy take things too far, and put Courtney off joining the elementary school council forever?

1x05 The Babysitters Club Special Christmas
The Babysitters Club all want to help out at the local hospital over Christmas, cheering up the children and bringing some Christmas cheer. But they don't count on one member becoming a patient there...

1x06 Claudia & the Missing Jewels
Claudia's handmade jewellery creates quite a stir at a school fair, and a woman puts in an order to sell Claudia's earrings at her shop! The BSC are so excited, but when the earrings Claudia makes go missing at Kristy's house, they don't know what to do! They must find the theif if Claudia wants to get her earrings back in time.

1x07 Dawn and the Dream Boy
Dawn has a crush on a very dreamy boy! When he asks for her phone number she is ecstatic! But the problem is...Mary-Anne also lives at Dawn's house, and shares the same phone number. Will Dawn's dream date turn into a disaster, and can the step-sisters relationship survive it?

1x08 Claudia & the Secret Passage
Claudia loves the secret passageway in Dawn's house, and when she finds a very old letter there she has her own mystery to solve! But who wrote the letter? Can Claudia finally solve the mystery and re-unite two estranged sisters?

1x09 Jessie and the Mystery of the Stolen Secrets
Secrets are no longer safe in Stoneybrook! When Charlotte confides in Stacey about her crush on Buddy, the entire town finds out! And when Jessie sits for a Hollywood star, somehow everyone suddenly knows where he lives! Can the babysitters find out who is behind all of the secret-telling?

1x10 The Baby-Sitters and the Boy Sitters
The BSC have so many babysitting jobs there aren't enough babysitters to go around! Will Kristy swallow her pride and ask Alan Gray and his friends to help them out? And more importantly, can the boys actually cut it as babysitters?

1x11 Dawn Saves the Trees
Friend-of-the-earth Dawn is furious when he discovers that a road is going to be built through her favourite park - and a lot of trees will be cut down in the process! Can Dawn rally together all her friends and babysitting charges to help save the trees?

1x12 Stacey Takes a Stand
Stacey is tired of her always being torn between her mom and dad, who are divorced. Its not fair that she has to choosen between them and travel back and forth across the country all the time. But will they finally listen to her tell them this?

1x13 The Babysitters Remember
It's the end of school year, and the BSC hold a giant sleepover, where they all remember their favourite babysitting stories and share them with each

credit: Majora's Mask

Kristy Thomas, a thirteen-year-old tomboy, and President of the Babysitter's Club, comes up with an idea to open a day camp for their child clients. Her best friend, Mary Anne Spier along with stepsister Dawn Schafer, offer their parents' back yard to serve as the camp site. All of the club members (Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Dawn Schafer, Claudia Kishi, Stacey McGill, Mallory Pike, and Jessi Ramsey) vow to keep a close eye out for misbehaving kids, which would later include Kristy's younger brother, David Michael.

Meanwhile, Kristy faces problems when she meets her estranged father (who abandoned her family seven years ago), and faces a dilemma about telling her friends and family about this. Mary Anne is the only one she tells of the visit, and she too is under pressure as the curiosity of her friends grows. Claudia is stuck in summer school and is forced to retake a test, or face repeating a grade and being forced to drop out of the club. Stacey McGill has a crush on a seventeen-year-old boy, Luca. As their relationship ensues, she faces problems telling him about her diabetes and later, her age. This is revealed after a fateful trip to a New York City club, in which a bouncer does not allow her into a club because she is underage. Luca is outraged, unable to believe that Stacey is thirteen years old. Meanwhile, Dawn must face her neighbor, the fiery Mrs.Haberman, who becomes increasingly upset because of the camp activities that are taking place next door. Also, Mallory is in the process of writing her first novel while Jessi continues to dance her way through life and closer to her dream of becoming a professional dancer.

At the end of the movie, it is Kristy's thirteenth birthday and she has arranged to go to an amusement park with her father. Promising her friends she would make it to her own party, Kristy goes to meet her father, but he does not show up. She begins to walk home until her friends show up in Luca's car after Mary Anne's confession about the return of Kristy's father. Luca drives the girls back to Mallory's parents' cabin and present Kristy with a half-melted birthday cake. As Stacey is saying good-bye to Luca, he tells her that he will be coming to Stoneybrook again next year. Delighted, Stacey tells him that she will be fourteen when he returns. They share a kiss just before Luca departs. At the end of the movie, the girls, in return for making Mrs.Haverman's summer so miserable with their summer camp, give the greenhouse to her. Meanwhile, Kristy witnesses a miracle when Jackie Radowsky hits his first home run, nailing Cokie, who is sitting in a tree nearby, in the process.

The Cast:
Schuyler Fisk ... Kristy Thomas
Bre Blair ... Stacey McGill
Rachael Leigh Cook ... Mary Anne Spier
Larisa Oleynik ... Dawn Schafer
Tricia Joe ... Claudia Kishi
Stacy Linn Ramsower ... Mallory Pike
Zelda Harris ... Jessi Ramsey

• • •

Kristy (Kristin) Amanda Thomas

Birthday: August 20

BSC Position: President

Kristy's Favorites: Sports, coaching, Chinese food, animals, anchovies, and running a business.

Claudia Lynn Kishi

Birthday: July 11

BSC Position: Vice President

Claudia's Favorites: Art, junk food, Nancy Drew mysteries, and putting together funky outfits.

Mary Anne Spier

Birthday: September 22

BSC Position: Secretary

Mary-Anne's Favorites: Her boyfriend Logan, her kitten Tigger, knitting, reading, babies, and sewing.

Stacey (Anastasia) McGill

Birthday: April 3

BSC Position: Treasurer

Stacey's Favorites: Shopping, New York City, boys, fashion, math, and blueberry pancakes.

Dawn Read Schafer

Birthday: February 5

BSC Position: Honorary Member/ former Alt. Officer

Dawn's Favorites: Health food, environmental issues, ghost stories, and sunshine

Abby (Abigail) Stevenson

Birthday: October 15

BSC Position: Alternate officer

Abby's Favorites: Soccer, Aretha Franklin, vintage clothes, and joking around.

Jessi (Jessica) Davis Ramsey

June 30

BSC Position: Junior Officer

Stacey's Favorites: Ballet, horses, reading, jokes, and sign languages.

Mallory Pike

Birthday: May 2

BSC Position: Junior Officer

Mallory's Favorite's: Reading, horses, writing stories, archery, and drawing.

• • •
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Not a fan about the movie.
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I'm not sure if I've even seen the movie.
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Sometimes I think about doing that too. A lot of the novels I try to read now just aren't as fun as those books.
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