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maplezbear 05-06-2020 08:52 PM

Bolo: NCIS Franchise News Thread # 18: Because it could be awhile before we get news
Welcome to the News Thread!!

MAY 2020


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maplezbear 05-06-2020 09:02 PM

Latest news from previous thread:

crash landing 05-06-2020 09:21 PM

Fantastic that they've extended their leads :clap:

shinebrighterxx 05-06-2020 09:23 PM

hope the title won't be the case even if it's bad news like delays

Thanks for the new one :hug:

crash landing 05-06-2020 09:34 PM

Better to expect worst case :no: don't see fall return but be nice if shows can have a mid-season return at least

shinebrighterxx 05-06-2020 09:36 PM

I rather be positive & just hope for the best for everyone involved :shrug: :)

crash landing 05-06-2020 09:39 PM

Oh positive is understandable but there's also facing reality :no: which is why I am thinking best case would be January premiere without scrapping 2020-2021 to new episodes being 2021-2022

shinebrighterxx 05-07-2020 01:33 AM

Being positive isn't about not being realistic, that would be being in denial. Anyway I was talking about getting news in that time not saying anything about when episodes will come back. Not knowing things isn't fun & at least having news to say that there are delays is at least something.

If you want to be realistic there is also the money issue & how networks will be scrambling for new content to air so presumably at least some things are going to have to find a way to be filmed sooner rather than later. So honestly I don't think one way or the other at this point. I just wish to have a positive outlook & hope that whatever decisions get made are in the best interest of everyone involved. Then I also hope that fans are kept updated on things. I don't think there is anything unrealistic in that.

Honestly with how things look right now holding off until 2021/22 seems a lot wiser & safer to me. I find some shows crazy for pushing ahead & finding ways to keep going. But unfortunately they need to so that there is new content to air. We just will be looking at different looking shows with whatever restrictions & precautions are put in place whenever they do go back.

But then also remember I am Australian - at this point I'm a mix of 'ready for whatever wants to be thrown at us next' & 'we've gotten this far so we can get through this & whatever comes next'. I mean my country was on fire for almost a year - my state alone had fires from July 2019 through to March 2020 but there were fires in other states in June 2019. Then we had heavy rain/flooding which did thankfully give some relief for the fires but still not good & devastating. Then came coronavirus & the toilet paper crises... so imo best to be ready for anything & I choose to be positive & open to anything/whatever comes next :)

Jasper1975 05-07-2020 08:35 AM

It depends on the show. The newer shows will have a tougher time than those who have been around who can get up and running quicker. And the nature of the show too. The soaps, racy content might have difficult for the time being.

NCIS Franchise might be able to maneuver around it easier. In the offices, the desks of all the shows are already enough of a distance from each other... LOL Or we will see offices going through remodeling... But no question, no one really knows what will happen and which is why CBS postpone the season of Amazing Race they already have filmed for likely the fall. It was supposed to air during the summer. But given they don't know what kind of content they will, it can play anywhere. But new seasons of it won't be filmed for at least year I would think.

Shows like Big Brother are gone for the forseeable future...

It's definitely a new world. Episodes with party scenes or the need of a lot of background extra's... won't be happening.

Shows might just have to be a little more creative with how they stage the shows. Because I can't see television staying off without new content long.

crash landing 05-07-2020 09:54 AM

OH yes news :nod: will be likely to get for sure

maplezbear 05-07-2020 12:28 PM

:lol: I can change the title. I just put something in there quick and that popped into my mind

florerr 05-07-2020 03:42 PM

The title is fine! :lol:

I'm sure that we'll have news, if nothing else...

... I can understand your point Chelle. You had to get through pretty much everything last/this year... We'll get over this period too... :group_hug:

shinebrighterxx 05-07-2020 03:50 PM

Yeah the title is fine :lol: I just was saying I hope its wrong & we are updated on things & I think Sarah was misunderstanding where I was coming from ;)

At this point this is nothing to me :P :look: (doesn't help probably that I'm classed as an essential worker so it hasn't impacted me in that sense)

There's lots of ways around things. I know one show here has the cast split & they can't all interact, only select few can cross over into the different sections (they split the set into three groups - both crew & cast). Disposable makeup brushes, ect. to stop cross-contamination. The main issue I think for NCIS is going out to their cases & having guest stars. They obviously can't involve too many people or go around all that much so they may need to get creative about that. Once they get over that hurdle though I imagine they'll get them back to work as soon as possible :shrug: (even if realistically they probably shouldn't be as there is still a risk to their health)

maplezbear 05-08-2020 08:09 PM

:lol: Ok :D

Yeah, there is almost always a work around. It will just be interesting to see what it may be or how they end up doing everything :)

florerr 05-09-2020 02:48 PM

One of the articles said that All Rise has already shot a quarantine-episode... :shrug:

I'm sure that CBS/NCIS will figure out a way to re-start the filming...

On the side note I find it funny that Spain has a higher new case rate than the USA altogether... At least that was the case for the past few days... Yet Spain has already started to ease the restrictions, it's like they have decided to not bother with the virus anymore ... :shrug:

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