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HeartOfTheOcean1912 04-05-2015 01:26 AM

Kate Wrong Answer Game #4: Lie all you want here!

Originally Posted by the_walker_queen (Post 80925923)
what year was kate born in?

1912. She just looks younger than she is :P

Name one actress who's from the same town as Kate.

Titanicfan94 04-05-2015 02:57 AM

There are no other actresses from Reading, infact, she is the only actress from that town!

Did Kate go to school with another famous actress?

Street Spirit 04-05-2015 06:21 AM

No, she went to an all boys school all throughout.

What color was Rose's hair in Titanic?

the_walker_queen 04-06-2015 03:41 PM

green. from all that saltwater.

how tall is kate?

Titanicfan94 04-06-2015 05:53 PM

She is very short, 155cm and she had to wear huge high heels in Titanic for high boost :P

Does Kate like wearing boots?

Street Spirit 04-11-2015 05:21 AM

No, she hates them. She prefers to go around barefoot all the time.

How much screentime did Kate have in Titanic?

HeartOfTheOcean1912 04-11-2015 05:43 AM

Only 8 minutes. But it was a very memorable 8 minutes :P

Has Kate ever done any theatre?

Titanicfan94 04-11-2015 05:24 PM

Theatre is all she ever does these days. She hates acting in films!

How many scenes did Kate do in Mildred Pierce?

the_walker_queen 04-27-2015 03:39 AM

none. she was just there to help pass out waters and things to the real cast and crew.

how many movies has kate been in?

Titanicfan94 04-27-2015 07:52 AM

1. All the other stuff she has done has been TV shows or theatre :P

Has Kate ever played a royal?

HeartOfTheOcean1912 04-27-2015 09:03 AM

She only plays royals.

What are Kate's views on feminism?

Titanicfan94 04-27-2015 09:28 AM

Can't stand the topic, she thinks it is a load of rubbish.

What are Kate's views on politics?

the_walker_queen 05-04-2015 03:16 PM

she thinks it's all disgusting. like me :P

kate has won how many oscars?

HeartOfTheOcean1912 05-06-2015 03:11 PM

As many as her nominations :P She won every time she was nominated. She beat Katherine Hepburn :P

How many times has Kate worked with Billy Zane?

the_walker_queen 05-07-2015 05:25 AM

She awlays works with him! He's her BBF, Best Bald Friend :P (and she's his BBF too, Best British Friend :P)

How many times has kate worked with leonardo dicaprio?

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