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HeartOfTheOcean1912 04-05-2015 01:34 AM

Kate Winslet 6 years Anniversary Preparation Thread
Hey :wave:

As you know, this year we will also celebrate Kate's 6th year anniversary on :ff:. I want to apologize to you all for forgetting about it, due to busy schedule these days, that didn't allow me to think of what I had to do for this board :( Since we do have some more time since April comes to an end, what say, we start the preparations now :flowers: You can all make arts, icons, and whatever else you want, and you can all submit them to me or to Maggie by April 19th. The celebration thread will be opened on April 25th.

Can't wait to see what you all come up with :)


Titanicfan94 04-05-2015 04:36 AM

Okay, I will try and get something in for the anniversary :)

HeartOfTheOcean1912 04-09-2015 02:00 AM

OK :) Are any of you guys doing anything else for the anniversary?

the_walker_queen 04-09-2015 03:31 PM

yeppers! :) I'm working on a banner and some icons :) Do i still send them to you after they're finiished, Laurelle?

Titanicfan94 04-09-2015 04:46 PM

I'll work on a banner either tomorrow or this weekend :P I have not used GIMP for a while bear with me! :P

HeartOfTheOcean1912 04-10-2015 03:41 AM

I know your pain :P

Titanicfan94 04-10-2015 03:45 PM

:p I'll get something in within the next week :P

HeartOfTheOcean1912 04-14-2015 08:08 AM

Whoever has done anything for the anniversary? :flowers: Remember, we don't only need banners, we need icons too :)

Titanicfan94 04-14-2015 04:37 PM

I'll do a banner or two and maybe icons if I have time :)

the_walker_queen 04-15-2015 01:15 PM

i can do some icons later on :)

HeartOfTheOcean1912 04-19-2015 11:30 AM

Friendly reminder:

The deadline for banners etc ended today originally, but I'm going to change the deadline and give you one more week :) We need a couple more banners and icons, so the new deadline is April 26th. The anniversary thread will be opened on April 28th.

Titanicfan94 04-19-2015 04:00 PM

Okay I'll get onto GIMP now and create something

HeartOfTheOcean1912 04-28-2015 11:40 AM

The celebration thread has been opened. Thanks to everyone who did arts :)

I'm detopping this thread.

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