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aubie_ocean 03-27-2018 05:08 PM

Lurkers...come out, come out, where ever you are!
Anyone who stops by....we would love to meet you and find out how you know about Jason. Visit any of our threads.... we are a friendly bunch

Do you know Jason from Roswell?

Shooting Livien?,268_AL_.jpg

Happily Even After?

or something else....

Ekua 03-28-2018 06:18 AM

Thank you Aubie! :D

Welcome newbies!! Post!! We’re a lovely bunch!

Margaritasalt46 03-28-2018 11:29 AM

:wave: Hi 7 guests

aubie_ocean 03-31-2018 06:31 PM

I forgot I started a new thread! Used podmom's old opening! :)

Ekua 04-03-2018 11:59 AM

It’s perfect 👌

aubie_ocean 04-04-2018 06:52 PM

I thought so too!!

Ok is one of lurkers Shiri???

Margaritasalt46 04-04-2018 08:14 PM

I really wonder if she is! :lol:

aubie_ocean 04-05-2018 05:52 PM

I feel like she knows we were wanting to get a picture and she delivered!!!!

podmom 04-11-2018 05:18 PM

:wave: 11 quests

Margaritasalt46 04-13-2018 12:52 PM

:wave: 6 guests

jeja911 04-27-2018 10:38 AM

Just had to stop by and say hi! It's been 5 years since I logged in. Life has been busy. So glad to see this forum still in action!

ETA: Looks like I'm back at square one for post counts LOL

Ekua 04-28-2018 09:56 AM

Hello!! It’s so lovely to see you here again!

Please post! :D

Margaritasalt46 04-29-2018 08:53 AM

Welcome back! :D

podmom 05-08-2018 06:41 PM

:wave: jeja911

aubie_ocean 05-23-2018 05:32 PM

Hi jeja!!! thanks for stopping by! We can help you grow that post again!!!

podmom 05-24-2018 06:24 PM

Love the name jeje :)

Margaritasalt46 05-30-2018 08:12 AM

:wave: 10 guests

podmom 05-31-2018 06:12 PM


Ekua 06-02-2018 08:02 AM

I wonder what the highest number of guests has been...

Margaritasalt46 06-02-2018 08:55 AM

There's 10 now but I've seen it up to like 20s and 30s!

Ekua 06-02-2018 09:45 AM

Amazing! Yet no posters!

Margaritasalt46 06-02-2018 11:01 AM

I know! I wish they'd stop by and say something sometime!

podmom 06-06-2018 06:02 AM

do you hear that KaDee and Shiri :D

Margaritasalt46 06-06-2018 01:19 PM

17 guests right now! :wave:

podmom 06-23-2018 06:54 AM


Originally Posted by Margaritasalt46 (Post 94137800)
17 guests right now! :wave:


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