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Old 12-20-2017, 06:45 PM
Master Fan

MyrnaLynne's Avatar
Joined: Dec 1999
Posts: 20,718
JOFS (Jason's Older Fans) Winter, New Year, we're here!

Overdue for a new JOFs thread - should I bring over our intro/roll call/poetry? Okay, I will...

Welcome all to the JOFs (Jason's older fans) thread and welcome to all JITs (Jason's fans in training, who aren't that old)

We're old and lost track of the thread numbers long ago... thought I'd start to date them

JOFs..... waiting and hoping for a brand new Jason movie/TV show... hey anything!!

We are Jasons older fans

6th Rock ~ Washington
AntarianFemale ~ Croatia
Alien Mom ~ California
Alien Dawn ~ Las Vegas
BehrBewitched - Maryland
Behrfanny ~ Louisiana
BehrApple ~ Washington
Behry Nice ~ New Jersey
BehrlyAntarian ~ Canada
Butterflybehr ~ Australia
Cheriedreams ~ California
CosmicDream ~ Oregon
EccentricOne ~ Wisconsin
Eyes-Only4-Behr ~ California
FondaRoswell ~ Indiana
Hoodie ~ Illinois
IrishEyes ~ Pennsylvania
Jason's Angel~ Connecticut
Jean Hayward ~ Mass
Jero ~ Illinois
June R ~ UK
keepsmiling7 ~ Texas
Kinsey ~ Texas
Lisa Dawn ~ Atlanta, Ga
LongTimeFan ~ Ohio
Lori ~ Texas
LTL ~ Maryland
Luvbehr ~ Arizona
Lynxbehr ~ Houston Texas
Mamasita ~ Ontario,(Canada)
MaxiBehr ~ Muscat,Oman
MonicaAnn ~ Oregon
Mrs. Bear ~ California
MyrnaLynne ~ Mass
Podmom ~ Pennsylvania
Podwatcher ~ Nebraska
Sarah (aka Maggie) ~ Quebec (Canada)
Scottie~ Maryland
Settled ~ California
Sirio ~ Roma Italy
Shilohaura ~ Indiana
SilverFox ~ California
Tanya 7496 ~ Oklahoma
TexasRed ~ Texas
TigerEyes ~ Wisconsin
Tumble ~ (BC)Canada
UKSpaceGirl ~ London
Vicki~ LasVegas
WenLuvsJB ~ California
Wildbehr ~ Florida
Wildsphinx ~ S.Carolina
visiting poet ~ Noseedough

** As our Roswell poet laureate Noseedough so eloquently described us...**


Jason's Older Fans...

the Oogy Lady Clan..
emitting constant sighs..
by Jason..hypnotized...
seems they can't relax...
too hyped up over Max...
forget Oblivion...
there's 'Shooting Livien'...
and there's Even After...
Sherman Oak's for laughter...
and as we know so well...
there's always our Roswell
* * *

And don't forget the JITS! (JOFS in training) :

Mezzi-NSW, Australia
Danie-VIC, Australia
Ekua-Edinburgh, Scotland
Sarz-VIC, Australia
Kender-NSW, Australia
RoswellGirl67 -Virginia USA
gabi London, England
* * *

Hope everyone's preparations for Christmas are going smoothly! I know everyone is up to their elbows with cooking and wrapping paper and getting everything ready in time!
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Old 12-21-2017, 09:30 PM
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podmom's Avatar
Joined: Dec 2001
Posts: 22,025


Yea Christmas is getting close

Podad and I enjoyed our trip to OC to see the house/meet with the builder and have dinner with bro and sis inlaw. I really got a kick out of staying at a hotel on the boardwalk I have walked past thousands of times over my 64 yrs. It was really nice and we were on the top floor and the view of the ocean and the island was amazing. Saw the sun come up this morning ( it's on FB) The house is really coming along. We need to make our selections in the next few weeks. Bitter sweet....very excited about the house and so so sad my sister won't get to stay there with me. She would have loved it. My brother is coming out of a helpful denial he was in regarding his prognosis.....after his visit to get a second opinion on his treatment so that is there too. Life certainly doesn't get easier with time But I am very grateful for my many many blessings. Case in point.....Liz and Walter and the kids are having a wonderful time at that water park and the pix Liz has been sending me are wonderful
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Old 12-27-2017, 05:46 AM
Addicted Fan

WenLuvsJB's Avatar
Joined: May 2002
Posts: 4,179
Thank you for the brand new thread, MyrnaLynne!
I Hope everyone had a Wonderful Christmas! Mine was very nice with my family. My brother Duane, had my family and I over to his home for a change to have Christmas Dinner, and gift exchange and it really was a lovely time. Usually I do all the holidays and they come over to my house, but this time, for the 1st time in 39 years, they actually opened their home and had my family and I over for Christmas Dinner. I hope we can continue to share the holidays and have each other over for the holiday's Dinner.

I went to see MOTHER on Christmas Day and she's trying to shake off this bad cold she's had for a while now. The Dr put her on antibiotics in case it went into pneumonia, and she's on breathing treatments 4 times a day. She does sound somewhat better, and I'm praying for a full recovery. She was very glad to see me and loved everything I got her for Christmas. She especially loved the warm fuzzy pj's that I got her because even tho' they keep the place like an Oven, she's always cold, so those pj's should help keep her warm. It was a nice visit with her.

I Hope You All, My Dear Friends, have a Wonderful New Year!!!
Biggest Hugs and Lots of Love,
JB's Obsessed Fan#64
"God never gives you more than you can handle.
I just wish He didn't have so much Trust in me."
...Mother Theresa
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Old 12-27-2017, 02:04 PM
Master Fan

MyrnaLynne's Avatar
Joined: Dec 1999
Posts: 20,718
Podmom how nice to stay in the penthouse of the fancy hotel you've walked by but never stayed in. Selecting all the new stuff will be fun, but sigh tempered with your sister not being there to enjoy it. Glad the kids and grandkids are having a good time. And I forgot about your brother being sick too - sigh, yep, life keeps happening.

My Dad called from the assisted living to say he was weak and feeling terrible and couldn't go on and asked them to call an ambulance/take him to the hospital! Like Wen's mother, he's had a cold he can't shake (but not getting treatments), and then got diarrhea too, either from antibiotics or the various cold medicines he's been taking for his cough. SIGH. I'm going to wait until he's admitted and see what they say - I have a suspicion he might have pneumonia and they didn't know it, as that really knocks the stuffing out of people. Really hoping this isn't going to be 'it' for him. We're still a few weeks away from our trip but I'll probably have to fly down sooner... We'll see. Not the best time to be flying, when everyone in the country is flying back from Christmas, and it's bitter cold.

Plus we are having a bitter cold snap, going to be 0 and maybe below at night this week and in the teens during the day BRRR! We finally got the registration for the new car (they forgot to email it, they forgot to mail it until I asked) so we had to go out in the cold and get the car inspected and then go to the city Parking office and get a parking sticker for our neighborhood so we can park on the street (but we have a driveway). Found out if I'd waited another week, I could have gotten the permit good until 2019 - and for free, because I'll be 65. Oh well, I'll go back in March for that one (G-d willing!)

Christmas was very nice, and we went to a family party with his cousins Christmas eve (the people we used to get together with across the street at Margaret's until she moved to assisted living/passed); also very nice, although sidewalks were sheets of ice, that part was scary walking to the house and back to the car. They lived in the coolest house, built in 1812 too! With the beamed ceilings, wide plank floors, it was very cool (and old, but fixed up).

And I even got the best number in Yankee Swap and won the prize I liked (it had cocoa and two cute owl mugs). Oh and I decided to bake an apple pie this year, because Bossy Betty always made one and she's moved to N. Carolina - so didn't Vivian our hostess also decide to bake an apple pie (and she seemed pretty miffed that I made one too). Oh well! We had a lovely turkey dinner and nice time with his family. There was even a dog there, my brother-in-law brought his son's dog, because they went to Buffalo to see her family (and then got stuck there in the snowstorm Christmas morning). Oh, it was a BLIZZARD all morning and then like G-d flipped a switch, it stopped and the sun came out, we shoveled out the car and had a fine trip down to Christmas.

Wen! So glad you had a good Christmas. Wish you the best for 2018! And all the fans of Jason Behr too! His birthday is coming soon! Wow, 44, our handsome boy is growing up.

Keepsmiling you must be exhausted/recovering from Christmas and all the company! Wishing you a good new year too. We never do much for New Year's except watch the Ball fall down in NYC and sip some sparkling grapejuice or sparkling cider and fall into bed. Real party animals!
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Old 12-28-2017, 02:25 PM
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podmom's Avatar
Joined: Dec 2001
Posts: 22,025
Wen So so good to see you here!!!!! yay Duane and his wife stepped it up this year. I'm very happy for you and glad all went well We miss you here for sure so it is a real treat for you to stop in Wonderful you had a good time with mom. Putting her there was such a good decision and kind of a miracle that she likes it and has done well! I hope you are feeling some improvement with your pain

ML I wish we had been in the penthouse but we were on the top floor and that was exciting. The room had a little balcony which I SO enjoyed....seeing the length of the island was fun and so different.

Sorry your dad is sick they need to xray his chest...I would imagine they will in the hospital. Old ppl get that and it is hard to tell. I had no idea mom had coughing nothing you would notice. I do think her whole body was worn out by then. I hope dad recovers and you can wait till the weather improves to fly down.
While you were getting snow we got rain which I am so glad of since we have to drive a long way to get to Liz.

SO turns out the water park had a big downside. They all accept Walter so far got the flu. Anna Lee of course first ( probably she passed it on) Christmas day had her sick since Friday and the baby and Liz getting sick that afternoon and Tommy the next day. Good we were there to help. We stayed an extra day....I spent Christmas night sleeping for 2 hrs then I took over with the baby so Liz could get a few hour sleep. Baby and me up together at 3 am....watching too cute amazingly I got her to sleep around 5 for a couple of hours. Podad and I came home Tuesday evening so I could get some sleep then I went back Wednesday to help and when I went to my car around 3 to go to the store for Liz my tire was flat AAA took forever to get there...put on the doughnut then I drove to a place to get the tire fixed and got home last night around 8pm....I am resting today and hoping I don't get the flu next. Time will tell . Poor Liz.......lesson more indoor water parks no matter how fun

keepsmiling I hope you had are having a great time with your lovely family
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Old 12-28-2017, 09:20 PM
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Glad everyone is well.

I got an update on BehrsGirl1230 aka Kristen! She was able to get a kidney that matched her blood type of o- and will have her surgery this Tuesday! Thank you so much for all of the support and prayers!

This is what she wrote on Facebook today!

Kristen Exciting news! Thanks to my big brother and a random stranger I’m starting 2018 with a new kidney! Transplant is scheduled for Tuesday. The best news is that my doctor says I’ll be recovered in time for Opening Day of baseball! Thanks for all of the prayers and positive vibes over the last almost 4 years!
Please keep her in her prayers for her quick recovery! What a wonderful Christmas gift and a great way to ring in 2018! Lets celebrate life!
"Hi I'm Jason nice to meet you"~Jason Behr to me~5/8/07
"It was nice meeting you Erin"~Milo Ventimiglia to me~11/20/06 ~Proud member of The DSC!
Roswell Board~Celebrating 300,000 posts of Silver Handprints, Alien Blasts, & Tabasco Sause "OMG your the girl I didn't puke on"~Stephenie Meyer to me in reference to meeting her at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con~8/1/08
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Old 12-29-2017, 12:45 PM
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That is great news Erin thanks for letting us know. Yes celebrating life and being grateful is very important!
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Old 12-30-2017, 08:08 AM
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Hello to all.
Our first house guest arrived 12/19 and the last one left yesterday. I have collapsed, and haven't even started getting things back in shape. It was wonderful will all of the family, coming and going. And I did run out of food for one meal, actually I had it in the freezer, just failed to get it out.

Jay is so thin, and spend a great deal of time off in a bedroom resting. Think he will start back on his chemo this next weekend.

PODMOM, I'm sorry to hear about your brother. This cancer is bad, bad, stuff. is you dad doing?

It has been 34 degrees here and I hate cold weather! I know I won't get any sympathy from the northerners.
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Old 12-31-2017, 09:47 AM
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Sorry it's so cold keepsmiling! I just heard it was 34 in Florida! My husband said, with out luck, we'll drive down there and bring the cold weather with us! (And it will warm way up in New England - lol)

Sorry Jay is so thin and tired. Cancer truly sucks!

They moved Dad to a different room (they thought he'd had a heart attack but then realized they were mistaken ) but he has a really terrible cough. We'll be leaving in less than 2 weeks - I hope it will be soon enough. worry

Did a lot of online stuff, putting things in place for our trip and the new year. I dread our heating bill after this brutally cold week! The furnace has hardly stopped running, and Mr ML has been running the gas stove too, to heat up the kitchen/house more.

Oh no PodMom flu from the waterpark! So sorry your family got sick. The flu is very bad this year, and I think they said the vaccine isn't highly effective either (they 'guess' what strain will go around and make up the vaccines). SIGH. Mr ML and I were at the mall yesterday, getting a baby gift for my nephew's newest son, and I thought "Flu season - this isn't a great place to be with all these people!"

Going to have Chinese food with my Star Trek friends today. A long drive to even colder NH! Oh well, it will be good to help break in the car. And we meet at Barnes and Noble bookstore and a friend sent me a gift card for there, for my retirement, so I can also shop!

Packing is my worst thing and I haven't even started yet. Plus we need to book motel reservations for the drive down/plan stuff, And when we get there, I'll have my cellphone and laptop, but no internet or cable, until we hook it up again! This trip is so complicated - but I sure wished we'd left sooner and missed all this zero and below weather. BRRRR Looking forward to some
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Old 12-31-2017, 04:19 PM
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Joined: Apr 2008
Posts: 5,576 appears you are very busy getting ready for the journey south. Hope you find your dad feeling better.
Enjoy the trip to NH and meeting with friends. Be safe in all of this bad weather, but like you said, you can try out your new car.
Safe travels!
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Old 12-31-2017, 05:59 PM
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keepsmiling I'm glad you survived all the wonderful company.... and now can unwind and recoop and get things back together at your own pace. I'm sorry Jay is so thin and tired... very hard I hope the chemo actually helps extend his life Yes cancer is just such a modern plague. I'm sure you were a great blessing to everyone.

ML Sorry dad is not doing great and I know he will be so glad to see you guys. It will be very helpful for you to get involved with his care. Yikes it is crazy cold here too...single digits was 14 all day....beautiful moon though at least.

This might be the first year I don't wait up till 12...we'll see if I perk up.

In the mean time I do wish you all

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Old 12-31-2017, 06:02 PM
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We tried the cruise control and gave the new car some exercise. Nice visit with my friends; Tricia brought her old husband (91) to chat with Tom, even though he doesn't like Chinese food particularly. We all had a nice visit.

Big beautiful full moon tonight too!

Just watched Celtics basketball team win again - I've been watching the games with Mr ML, oh gosh, sport hater/avoider is going over to the Dark Side! It is a pretty fast-moving/exciting game (unlike football)

Wonderful news about Kristen getting a transplant! Gift of life for New years. Thanks for the news Erin!

Sleepy from long day and too much Chinese food, although I had so many cups of tea, I wonder if I'll ever get to sleep! Usually the caffeine doesn't hit until I get in bed and try to close my eyes and sleep.
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Old 12-31-2017, 06:18 PM
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Glad you had a nice day ML yikes 90 is old.... she must be keeping hi young

I know the moon is amazing!

We went to my friend Katies house to watch the Eagles loose you won't know this probably but they are at the head of the Eastern conference because of their wonderful Christian awesome young quarterback who got his ACL torn getting tacked 23 games ago and now their mediocre 2nd and 3ed string guys are doing sad and frustrating

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Old 01-01-2018, 08:33 AM
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Still can't get into football, although I think Tom Brady is handsome and Gronkowski is comical with his giant neck as big as his head and the coach Belichek is funny, he's so dour and grumpy, but I've been watching Celtics basketball with Mr ML and really enjoying it. It's a fast game, I understand it pretty much, and they seem to play every day! Sorry about your Eagles. The Celtics hires some young new phenom and his first game, his ankle shattered, and he's been rehabbing ever since, hasn't played yet, but they're doing pretty well. This from a sport hater/avoider. When you're retired, you have to do something!

It was 7 below zero last night here, 2 below (F) when we got up, house was only 61, as that's the best the furnace can do (because years back Mr ML's buddy put in an inadequate furnace for the size of our house/lack of insulation etc). Oh well, if we run the stove and sit in the kitchen, it's tolerable. And it's already 'up' to zero outside, so we might survive! This is the longest/worst cold spell here since 1918 - 100 years!

Full moon was a nice touch for New Year's eve. We stayed up and toasted and watched the (stupid) ball fall down, but I"m not sure why. That NY show in NYC is sort of like watching 'Tiny Houses' I sit there thinking "Those people are CRAZY!:
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Old 01-01-2018, 08:41 AM
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What a beautiful moon........

I didn't make it till midnight, again this year. Matter of fact I didn't even get out of bed until 7 a.m. this morning. That didn't mean I was asleep all of the time, thanks to three or four bathroom trips, but it was cold and I didn't want to get out of the warm bed.

Today is my day of rest. They had an 8:30 a.m. exercise class at my gym, but I didn't make it. Tomorrow I will do better, we start taking down decorations at the church at 9 a.m. and I'll be there to help.

Glad your trip went well ML in the new car. And PODMOM, did you perk up?
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