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Survivors{SK}23:Finally connected to someone,feel like l have something here something worth fighting for,living for-Evi

Welcome to the Outlaws!
The thread dedicated to the beautiful relationship of Kate Austen and James "Sawyer" Ford.
Portrayed by Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway.

1. Sawyer&Kate (Iva)
2. Honey_Girl
3. Morgan_T
4. Icy_skin
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25. NateScottLover (Nat)
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29. Satine_lilly (Sara)
30. Crystaline (Crystal)
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72. JenssenLannister
73. karevluvsstevens85

Honorary Skaters:
Kristin Dos Santos
Jenna Fisher
Marsha Thomason
Rebecca Mader
Elizabeth Mitchel
The island

Because only James can make Kate feel happy and loved.
Because he will sacrifice his life for her.
Because she will do the same.
She kept him a promise after 3 years.
Because he saved her.
Because he was going to take a bullet for her
Because he gave her a baby like she wanted
Because he loves her too.
Because they are equals.
Because they shared the first kiss on the show.
Because she wanted to have his baby.
She was happy because he was leaving the island with her.
Because Evi and Josh share an amazing chemistry.
Because TPTB hype everything about them.
Because they have their own theme song.
Because they shared the first kiss ever on the show.
Because they have the most chemistry of any couple on Lost.
Because they have the sexiest banter
Because they don't have to talk to communicate.
Because she wants to spend time with the only other person on the island who just doesn't belong.
Because he made her a mixtape.
Because they made love in a cage
Because they are a team
Because he said that she tastes like strawberries
Because she said sawyer's name first when she asked to Ben: "what did you do with Sawyer and jack?"
Because they are spectacular
Because she's keeping the promise after 3 years...
Because 'Go chica, Get banana, Hey monkey, Get funky."
Because they are the Tarzan and Jane of the island.
Because together, they'll rule the island.
Because he is the King of the island and she is his queen.
Because with Sawyer Kate learned nicer ways to wake a man up.
Because distance makes the heart grow fonder.
Because all of their reunions were incredibly epic.
Because it was Kate who taught Sawyer how to love.
Because he saw her in the jungle and was close enough to touch her.
Because he would keep looking for her "as long as it takes".
Because three years is not long enough for him to get over her.
Because he remembers every freckle on her face.
Because they got the 3 years of separation, longing, a reunion with slow mo close ups and their theme playing.
Because she took care of him when he was sick
Because they are a team.
Because they have fun together.
Because she can feel when he is not alright.
Because she misses it when he doesn't call her 'Freckles'.
Because the cuttest nicknames are only for her.
Because the connection they have is unique.
Because when they played "I Never", he had never been in love. Now she made him change his answer.
Because he was the one who broke her heart and he'll be the one to make it whole again.
Because when someone talks about forever, Sawyer looks at Kate.

Sawyer: I know your type.
Kate: I'm not so sure.
Sawyer: Yeah, I've been with girls like you.
Kate: Not girls exactly like me.
Kate: So I'm here. Where is it?
Sawyer: Happy to tell you, as soon as I get that kiss.
Kate: What? Are you serious.
Sawyer: Baby, I am tied to a tree in a jungle of mystery. I just got tortured by a damn spinal surgeon and a gen-u-ine I-raqi. Of course, I'm serious. You're just not seeing the big picture here, Freckles. You really going to let that girl suffocate because you can't bring yourself to give me one little kiss? Hell, it's only first base. Lucky for you I ain't greedy.
Kate: Okay.
Sawyer: Okay.
[THE Kiss.]
Sawyer: Doctor playing golf. Woo, boy howdy, now I've heard everything. What's next, cop eating a donut?
Kate: You want to come you should just say.
Sawyer: I think I'll pass on that, Freckles. Not big on crowds. And let's face it, the crowd's not too hot on me, either.
Kate: One outcast to another? I'd think about making more of an effort.
Sawyer: Duly noted.
Sawyer: I never been in love.
Kate: You've never been in love?
Sawyer: Ain't drinkin' am I? [Kate drinks]
Kate: I've never had a one night stand [Sawyer drinks]
Kate: Bottom's up sailor.
Sawyer: I gotta drink for each one?
Kate: Your turn.
Sawyer: I never been married. [Kate drinks]
Kate: Didn't last very long. I never blamed a boar for all my problems. [Sawyer drinks]
Sawyer: I never cared about having carte blanche cause I only wanted to spend some time with the only other person on this island that just don't belong.
[Kate drinks]
Kate: I never carried a letter around for 20 years because I couldn't get over by baggage. [Sawyer drinks]
Sawyer: I never killed a man. [they both drink] Well, looks like we got something in common after all.

Kate: Maybe it's got your scent, doesn't like your cologne.
Sawyer: I don't wear cologne.
Kate: Yes, you do.
Kate: Get up. You're going to Jack.
Sawyer: Do I get a lollipop?
Sawyer: I'm back on the raft.
Kate: Glad to hear it.
Sawyer: Michael's gonna cowboy up, set sail tomorrow.
Kate: Here to say sorry Sawyer?
Sawyer: Sorry don't suit me. You cornered me Freckles, did what I had to.
Kate: I cornered you?
Sawyer: Said if you wanted my spot you were gona take it. Guess I believed you. Well...that's that. Got's some packin to do.
Kate: Why's it so important for you to be on that raft?
Sawyer: Cause there ain't anything on this island worth staying for.
Kate: Be safe Sawyer.
Sawyer: Yeah.
Kate: Morning.
Sawyer: Did you just throw a banana at me?
Kate: Couldn't find any rocks.
Sawyer: There are nicer ways to wake a man up, Freckles.
Sawyer: What kind of person do you think I am?
Kate: What kind of a person do I think you are? I don't think this has anything to do with guns, or with getting your stash back. I think you want people to hate you.
Sawyer: Good thing you don't hate me, Freckles.
Kate: Why do you have to do this?
Sawyer: You run. I con. Tiger don't change their stripes.
Sawyer: You taste like strawberries.
Kate: You taste like fishbiscuits.
Sawyer: Lemme ask you something, Freckles. When Blockhead was beating on me, and you said "I love you." That was just... to get him to stop, right?
[Kate is silent as Sawyer strokes her hair. She kisses him without a word, and then lays down on his chest.]
Sawyer: I love you, too.
Sawyer: Want me to walk you home?
Kate: It's 5 tents, I think I'll make it.
Sawyer: Are you sure? I gotta pee anyway.
Kate: That's so romantic!
[She kisses him and leaves]
Kate: Something is wrong.
Sawyer: Lots of things are wrong, Kate.
Kate: Jin, Bernard, Sayid, they should've caught up to us by now. I wanna go back to make sure they're alright.
Sawyer: Of course you do.
Kate: What's that supposed to mean?
Sawyer: It means Kate has always someone to go back for.
Kate: What's the matter with you?
Sawyer: Nothing.
Kate: Nothing?!
Sawyer: I'm fine.
Kate: Why don't you just tell me what happened?
[He doesn't answer and she splashes him]
Sawyer: What did you do that for?
Kate: To wake you up! Ever since you got that tape from Locke it's like you've been sleepwalking. If you don't care about our friends, fine, but.. it's like you don't care about anything anymore! And since when did you start calling me Kate?
Kate: So, what, I'm your prisoner?
Sawyer: If that sorta thing turns you on.

Sawyer: Why do you wanna go back, Kate? Seem to recall you being shuttled off to jail before we landed here. So if you think there's anything waitin' for you back home other than handcuffs, then you really don'know how the world works. I mean, look around us, freckles. We got roofs over our heads... electricity, showers, beds.
Kate: How long, Sawyer? How long do you think we can play house?
Sawyer: Why don't we find out?
Kate: He wants me gone by tomorrow.
Sawyer: What, he... banished you? Well,I un-banish you. You can stay right... [he take her shoes off] here. This is my house.
Kate: I know you gotta stop me... but I can't just let that kid die.
Sawyer: Damn it, Freckles. I ain't here to stop you. I'm here to help you.

Kate: You know, his father said that you think Ben broke Sayid out.
Sawyer: Kid'll do almost anything if he's pissed off enough at his folks.
Kate: Is that why you asked me to take care of your daughter?
Sawyer: Did you?
Kate: Of course I did. Go ahead and tip his ad back.
Sawyer: What's she like?
Kate: clementine?
Sawyer: Yeah. Clementine.
Kate: Oh,she's beautiful. Looks just like you when she smiles. She's growing up fast. Already has a little attitude.
Sawyer: I bet you and cassidy had a lot to talk about.
Kate: She had an interesting theory on why you jumped off the chopper.
Sawyer: Yeah? What's that?
Kate: She thought you were worried about what would happen if you didn't.
Sawyer: You and me would've never worked out, Kate. I wasn't any more fit to be your boyfriend than I am to be that little girl's father.
Kate: You seem to be doing all right with Juliet.
Sawyer: Yeah. I've done a lot of growing up the past three years.

J O S H & E V I
'I told Josh, "There is going to be a tongue in this kiss", and he said, "Fine by me!"'
- Evangeline Lilly

"I did as many takes on the kiss scene as I could! Evi and I talked about it. I asked: "Do you want to do the Hollywood kiss or do you want to do a real kiss?"
She was like: "I think we should do a real kiss"
- Josh Holloway

"The sexiest thing about Josh is his dimples. He's just got such a beautiful, genuine smile — it shines from inside out. Because he plays a bad boy on the show, people assume that's how he really is. But Josh is the warmest-hearted guy and he's so chivalrous. He will always carry a bag for a girl or open the door for her, and it's a really, really attractive quality. In so many ways he's a good, old-fashioned Southern man. I think that Sawyer has a very big and vulnerable heart, and I think Josh does, too."
- Evangeline Lilly

"Evi is truly amazing. She’s so giving as a person and actress and a pleasure to work with."
- Josh Holloway

"He’s the sweetest, most tender-hearted guy – and he’s sexy!"
- Evangeline Lilly

"Apart from being a pretty girl with a hot bod, what makes Evi sexy is her willingness to play. I like a girl who's unafraid to get dirty and throw herself into the physical aspect of what we do. Evi's willing to be a little warrior, and I appreciate that. Yet she maintains her femininity. She's a tomboy, and that's sexy. Climbing out of those freaking cages and jumping down with no rope, no nothin' - she did it every single time, probably ten times. She got huge bruises. I'm protective of her because as our friendship has grown, I've seen that she does crazy s---. Stuff that a stuntperson should do. I'm like a scolding mother to her now. I'm like, 'Hey! That's enough of that! Let someone else do it.'"
- Josh Holloway

“The fact that she cared enough about this cowboy that drove her crazy to get back in that cage was incredibly significant. And I was sitting there reading and I was like ‘Yeah!’”
-Evangeline Lilly

"My favourite moment was right before the kiss with Evi. The build-up to that – the excitement, the tension, the sex between them – is cool"
- Josh Holloway

“And I think they also both for the first time, maybe in their lives, have something worth fighting for.”
-Evangeline Lilly

"Of course, just as the director was about to push in for a close-up and the kiss, we had to wrap for the day. Talk about a bummer."
- Josh Holloway

“'I just for the first time, maybe ever, finally connected to someone, and feel like I have something here, and something worth fighting for and worth living for, and now you're gonna take it away.' And I feel like Sawyer is, again, in the same situation, where this is the first time, maybe ever in his life, where he's found someone who he can love. And now he's about to be killed.”- Evangeline Lilly

"We didn’t rehearse. We allowed what’s going to be in the moment because human beings don’t rehearse their kisses before they happen. Especially since we are two characters who have never really kissed each other before -- we have always said that if both the kisses that we’ve done onscreen look awkward and weird, good. It should be. We have been fortunate enough in this last one to have a director who did five takes and that was it, not a thousand times and ruining the spontaneity. I just told Josh, this one’s up to you because I had to be in charge of the last one because he was strapped to a tree (laughter). So this last one, I told Josh, “I am just going to let you kiss me. I am just going to let it happen because I wouldn’t know what was coming. I wouldn’t know where my hands are going to go or what you’re going to do to me. You’re in charge.” Apparently, he’s good at it. People liked it."
- Evangeline Lilly about GB kiss.

""My hope right now, I desperately want Kate to be pregnant, and I want it to go on for long enough that she gets the belly, and I've always been so envious of Claire and the way she got to play that role with the baby all the time."
-Evangeline Lilly

“We did this scene where Kate wakes up in Sawyer's tent; presumably post-coital, and she can't sleep and has to leave. There was such an immediate and undeniable sense of love, intimacy, and comfort that was there between Kate and Sawyer in that scene that did not have to be worked for by Josh and me. It has become a given. It has become easy and comfortable because we earned it. I feel like I can't play a scene with Sawyer without the intimacy.”
-Evangeline Lilly

“You’d live happily ever after with Kate, I know it.”
-Evangeline Lilly

Because after 3 years she still kept him a promise
Because I lost me, when I lost you
Because I will wait for you....even if it takes the rest of my life.

One Little Kiss

The Pill of Love

I Love You too

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#6: She is doing something for HIM.
#7: Because going back is the only way for her to find
#8: Nobody's better at loving Kate than Sawyer.
#9: According to archetype, Kate and Sawyer will end up
#10: "You Wanna Know How Kate Likes Her Coffee? With Sawyer." - Vozzek69 at DarkUFO
#12: "Come with us, Freckles." - Sawyer
#13: Kate tried to heal the emotional scar left by the man she really loved. - DL
#14: It's the hard part but the true love way!
#15: Kate is born to run... right back to Sawyer.
#16: "There’s an undeniable love for Kate" ~ Josh
#17: "Baloney. You'd live happily ever after with Kate, I know it." - Evi.
#18: "In just about any parallel universe, these two were made for each other."
#19: They can't seem to resist one another. In either timeline. –
#20: "there is a sort of sweetness about two people who know how to stumble together"- Evi.
#21: Maybe it’s because he showed genuine FEELING. And maybe it’s because she really LOVES him. - I DO
#22: "Like I kiss the prince and he wakes up." - Evi.

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You made it! Cool!
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yeah I tried all my best with the quote because it was too long

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I was reading the SKATE reasons. They're perfect.
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and I think we should add few more in there.


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I'm going to think about more.
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you can help me out

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I remember there was a long list in LF. I'm going to see if I can find it.
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that board still exist???
we have other Skate thread in couples board if you wanna check there and meet few other skaters.

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It was there the last time I checked.

Great! Give me the link to the couples board!
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I joined there but I think I visited it like 5 times

here is the link of our thread in the couples board
Outlaws {SK} #104: Skate. All the cool kids are still doing it.

we need to talk about your favourite scene, whats is it???

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I have a lot of favorite, they're all so pretty. If I'd have to choose one today it'd be the OOU hug. It's PERFECT.

What's yours?
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The pill scene

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Let's go by season, OK?

S1 - Waterfalls. I love how they get to have fun and play, it's so beautiful.
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S1 - I think my favourite is I NEVER

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evangeline lilly, josh holloway, kate austen

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