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Eternals {Jack & Kate} #35: "Kate and Jack have this much more, sort of sweeter, more trusting, emotional romantic energy - Damon"

welcome to the
Jack & Kate
Appreciation Thread

They have struggled to survive, together.
They have faced the unspeakable, together.
Chance has separated them.
Nothing in the world will keep them apart.
ABC Promo

the c h a r a c t e r s

the s u p o r t e r s


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2. ale-la-pazza1
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their s t o r y

• Season One

A doctor. And a criminal. On the same plane sitting just seats away from each other
not even knowing that if they looked to the left or right, they'd be looking their destiny directly in the eyes. Out of the chaos and tragedy of a horrible plane crash in the
middle of nowhere, two people found their balance; their heart; their best friend. S1 brought Jack and Kate into each other's lives but also presented them with various
obstacles that would be ever present as their relationship deepened. Jack accepted Kate's past but showed her that it didn't have to dictate her future. He held her accountable for her actions and didn't let the old Kate consume the strong and caring woman he met
the day they crashed. Kate gave Jack someone to lean on in his difficult job as leader, she gave him a companion to look to when he needed advice and most importantly never let him put the blame of anything on himself. This is the season that showed us,
no matter what happens, Jack and Kate will always have each other's backs.

Episode 1x01 - the p i l o t
From the beginning they had this instant connection.
She found him alone, stitched him up, and at the very moment
she doubted herself saying, I think I would have run for the door,
Jack instantly shows that he has all the faith in the world in her --
You're not running now Unknowingly he looked past Kate's flaws,
inspiring her with his story about fear, and at the same time
calming his own fears. This is probably the most touching
first meeting between a couple ever for me because of
the undertones that run so strong between them from
the moment Jack says, Excuse me. It's one of those moments in television
that can truly be called epic,, - Ash

#1 ,,

Episode 1x07 - the m o t h

Only some days after the crash they experienced their
first separation but they missed each other
more then anything. Love and Logic are two different things.
Heading out on a misson to get them rescued, Kate feels that
something has happened. On the same time we see Jack
buried under stones. When Sawyer announced this news ,
she gives up on the chance of being rescuedfor Jack.
In the caves, although she is literally loosing it, she puts
all her strength to save him .
Ultimately, Jack sudenly arrives and Kate, who spent her whole
life running away from people, is already running to him
and wraps her arms around Jack in the hug of all hugs.
After this meeting, they reach a new level of intimacy:
Kate makes him his very first sling,, - Pauline

• Season Two

Flirting in the shower, golf and dinner dates, first kisses, nets, jealousy and unspoken feelings. All of these things describe the Jack and Kate arc in S2. Team Jate was in full effect as the season opened but with the discovery of the hatch, the mysterious "Others", the people joining the group from the tail section of the plane, as well as the arrival of "Henry Gale" and the abduction of Walt, the Jack and Kate relationship took a bit of a backseat and the underlying gulf between them was emphasized as the season progressed. Even so, the depth of their connection and the longing they felt when they weren't on the best of terms was more than obvious. In a wave of passion and confusion, torn between her heart & her head, Kate kissed Jack for the very first time and then ran from him, as the criminal side of Kate who takes care of herself when things get intense took over her body and her mind. Both were shaken by a magnitude of feelings created by this event and it caused a rift between them that was riddled by jealousy on Kate's end of the woman, Ana, now occupying his time and companionship. It wasn't until Jack invited Kate on a mission with him that the tension came to a head. Kate felt so horrible that her kissing him had such a negative impact on their relationship so she apologized because she would rather have him back as her partner and friend, than not have him at all. But Jack didn't want her apology, because he wasn't sorry she kissed him and the revelation of that threw both of their hearts into a tailspin. We ended the season with Jack, Kate and Sawyer being abducted by the Others, but not before Jack and Kate let their eyes do the talking in one long look of love, fear and regret before they were to be separated for a very long time. Kate was about to experience what life on the island would really be like if you weren't here, Jack...

Episode 2x09 - What K a t e Did
Kate killed her father. Kate used to run.
And after she kisses Jack, her heart wants to hold on,
but her instincs tell her to run. Oh my, that kiss! They started to
get closer and their lips met! It's the most beautiful first kiss,
and only they know about it. It's an unique moment.
There's always so much going on around them.
But in that moment time stops & its only about them.
I'm sorry that I'm not as perfect as you! I'm sorry
that I'm not as good!
. She's scared. She struggled at first.
But it's so hard to fight against a feeling so intense
and magical. That's the beauty of their relationship,
they complete each other in every way,, - Carol

# 1;

Episode 2x19 - S O S

Jack arrives on the beach & invites Kate instead of Sawyer for
a hike through the jungle. It shows that she wasn’t expecting
he’d choose her.“Damages Goods. Both of us”
and for a moment they lock eyes and forgot
why they didn't talk to each other like this for such a long time.
The Net scene! The bickering,the touches,
the sounds, the looks… everything! It couldn’t be better. And
then they fall down, Kate on top of him but neither moves. HOT!
Up next,!“I’m sorry I kissed you.” “I’m not.”
Holy crap! I think I’m speaking for the major when I say,
we all thought a kiss was going to happen. They stare at
each other, in the middle of the night,alone in the dark,
with a beautiful camp-fire… I mean everything
was perfect for a kiss .
We can see they both wanted it and so did we,, - Alex

Season Three

There’s an old saying that says, “You really don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone”. This couldn’t be truer for Jack and Kate during S3.
Widely held as the “Season of Heartbreak” instead of the “Season of Romance” by many Jaters, season 3 was all about Jack and Kate going down separate paths but ultimately ending up at each other. It was about Jack trying to let go, finally overcoming his obsessive need to control his situation and letting it linger in his heart and head. At the same time it was about Kate trying to hang on, running towards the fight and towards the person she loves instead of taking the easy route and running away. Jack saw the woman he loves in the arms of another man and was so moved by it that he risked his own life, he faced what he thought would be certain death so that the woman he loves could go free and be with the man he thought she wanted. Kate didn’t rest 1 night before she took off back in the jungle, back to danger, within hours of her safe arrival back at camp. She couldn’t see the sky from the ground, all she could see was Jack’s face. Between seeing him play that piano, and clinging to him in the game room, and hearing the softness in his voice asking about Juliet, Kate realized how much in love she is with this man. She didn’t hide her affection for him when they got back to camp, but didn’t stop her “relationship” with Sawyer either. It was a very awkward time for everyone involved in this turbulent romantic triangle, yet as the days went by, Jack and Kate became closer and closer. Needing to lead the rest of the group to safety once again, but this time to rescue, they fell back into their intense “Team Jate” mode and it was a welcomed sight. The most beautiful moment in the season came during the finale, when Jack stopped to check on Kate digging a rock out of her shoe. He tried to reassure her about the motives behind Sawyer’s ill treatment of her. Here is this man, so deeply in love with the woman in front of him and instead of trying to win her heart, he helps her feel better about the choice she made with her romantic life. When asked why he was doing so as Sawyer would never do the same in return for him, he replied simply and sweetly, “Because I love you.” Needless to say, he won her heart anyway. Just as Jack is finally making the call to the freighter off the coast to come rescue them, we jump forward to the future to what is the most memorable cliffhanger in LOST history. A very different Jack and Kate, off the island, torn and broken, but with a light glow of passion, love, and longing in their eyes. Jack wants to go back to the island, Kate isn’t having it. Jack is hooked on pills and alcohol and hasn’t shaved in months. Kate is shiny and pretty, drives a Volvo and most definitely not a criminal anymore. Everything seems cold and distant, and yet when he reaches for her and pulls her close, she can’t help but close her eyes and relish in his touch. There is a fire there that wasn’t there on the island and it’s not about to die anytime soon. This too shall pass.

Episode 3x07 - Not In P o r t l a n d
"Why I love this moment so much is because it shows
the depth and connection that they have.
Kate's emotions were immediate from the moment she started,
You were doing surgery on a girl" and from then on,
she was so vulnerable and the floodgates were wide open.
When she really broke down when she mentioned him, counting to five
is when she really lost it. All inhibitions were gone at this moment.
She knew nothing but Jack on the other end of that walkie talkie.
Knowing how much that mantra has helped her on that island,
you really felt it. You felt the emotion. You felt the depth.
You felt that unbreakable connection that nothing or
no one will be able to break. That is why I love it.
Because it goes back to what is,
ultimately, the foundation of their relationship.
Jack and Kate. On the beach.
Both helping each other in ways they didn't even know of at the time.
As it should be,, - Carlie

# 1,,

Episode 3x22 - Through The L o o k i n g Glass

This is where everything changed. We got to see selfless Jack
once again putting Kate's happiness in front of his own. When
she asked, Why are you sticking up for him, he'd never do
it for you
he decided to tell her the simplest answer
Because I love you. And yes, we cried, we squeed but
most important, we were able to see Jack finaly putting
his feelings out there
and being happy about it. It was one of those little moments
when he just decides to be honest with her and why not with
himself. His face, his expression, everything told us he just
needed her to know he loved her,
even though he thought she definitelty didn't feel that way.
But Kate's reaction told us a different story, the realisation that this guy
really had feelings for her after thinking she wasn't worth of them
changed her attitude towards him from then on. Later Kate
helped an injured Jack when he most needed it,
Jack trusted Kate with the truth and no one else. And Team Jate tried
to get everyone off the island. In the end we were introduced to
a story, changing everything on Lost, they threw us in the
Future! And who else could be the protagonists of this
mindblowing event other then Jack and Kate? Because they are
where it all started, where it all changed and of course,
where it all will end,, - Flor
• Season Four

Jack and Kate’s arc during S4 was a welcome change from the heartache both of them (and we as their fans) experienced during S3. They picked up from Jack’s ILY, obviously very happy to be back in “Team Jate” status but weary about where they stood with each other. Kate assumed her role by his side as his confidant, his rock, his support and his friend. But before they could move forward one way or the other, Jack knew she needed to figure things out with Sawyer. When she didn’t come back from the barracks, Jack was heartbroken and confused. He literally had to give her the push to go so when she didn’t come back with everyone else, he didn’t get it and he was troubled because he didn’t think he could ever leave the island without her. He kissed Juliet in an effort to push Kate out of his head and to convince himself that his world didn’t revolve around her; that he wasn’t as in love with her as he thought. He was wrong. As they gradually made their way back to each other emotionally on island and dealt with the pending rescue, we jumped forward to the future in which we found Jack and Kate experiencing what true bliss is like. Jack was hesitant; of course, to pursue this life with Kate because of what seeing Aaron every day reminded him of. Even so, being away from Kate when they were so ready to be together, was too much to handle for Jack – So he gave it a try. He wanted it so much that he bought a ring and asked Kate to spend the rest of her life with him, to which she happily and immediately accepted. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t the right time for “happily ever after” – even though Kate was absolved of her crimes and Jack was back at work at St. Sebastian, neither of them had gotten past their internal issues and for Jack, the island’s pull was just too strong; which ultimately lead to Jack walking away, leaving Kate heartbroken and entering the downward spiral in which we left off in the S3 finale. Still, it’s quite obvious that love remains; when you love someone like that, it will stand the test of time and there is no doubt that Jack & Kate will finally find the common ground they were so desperately seeking for their relationship.

Episode 4x01 - The B e g i n n i n g of The E n d

The season starts with Kate and Jack still up at the radio tower.
She smiles while asking him if they're really going home,
he smiles back, saying they really are. Naomi's body though, is
missing. Jack thinks he found the right trail to follow. Kate
thinks the same and he smiles telling her that, once rescued,
they would be, laughing about the fact that there is one final
thing that we couldn't agree up on.
She laughs and hugs him,
stealing the sat phone from his backpocket. Jack so touched by
having her in his arms didn't even realize that. Buring his nose
in her hair.They separate and Jack finds out he was wrong.
Kate was right, the two camps reunite in the middle of the jungle,
Kate and Jack arrive there too. The Losties separate in two
groups, one with Locke, the other with Jack. Kate obviously
stays at Jack's side. Having learned about Charlie's death Jack is
wondering how did this happen? Kate's by his side,
their faces are sad while they remember Charlie, Kate looking
at Jack knowing his pain, sharing his pain.
Then they look at ach other for a moment, her eyes never
leaving his, and the world seems to disappear,, - Franci
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# 1,,

Episode 4x12.13 - There Is No Place Like H o m e

When they all reunite at the chopper. Sawyer tries to flirt with her,
but as soon Kate notices Jack she passes Sawyer,
going straight to Jack. Are you okay? He waits for eye-contact
& when they lock eyes he tells her, I am now. causing a
charmed Kate. While leaving the island, Kate gazes at Jack,
and when she turns, Jack gazes at her. Heroic Sawyer jumps
out, first kissing Kate goodbye. Interesting is, Kate isn't freaking
out or isn't shouting after him, I can't leave without you!!
Later we find out someone else has to jump. Looking in each others eyes,
neither Jack or Kate does so. They land on the freighter but
have to leave instantly. Jack grabs her hand,
his words, I won't leave without you stop her from struggeling
and hand in hand they leave. He would give all up to be with her.
Just like she gave up her chance of beeing free and with Sawyer, for him.
Once the O6 are rescued by reaching a beach. Jack goes over to Kate&Aaron,
together they walk towards their future. Which we get another glimps at.
We've to go back!? Kate shouts, furious & heartbroken.
It hurts to be remembered of him constantly, specially when he's on drugs.
Jack is ashamed. To keep you safe. You & Aaron BAMN.
She hits him in the face. Putting all her pain in that slap.
She gave everything to their releation. She gave it all up for him.
She needs him. She loves him. You can just see
how deeply he broke her heart. How much she misses him.
I still have to explain to him why you're not there to read to him.
Can you picture this scene!? Kate is remembered everyday of
the pain he caused her by leaving & now she leaves. But once
they'll stop pushing each other away,
they'll come back to each other, they always do,, - Liesbeth

• Season Five

'Have you ever been in love?' is what Kate asks John when she tells him why she's not going back to the island.
'I've always been with you' she tells Jack' These are probable the themes for this season. Jack tries to redeem himself,
with help from Ben. Kate is living her life with Aaron in her house, where a picture of Jack & Aaron still stands on her closet. Her life, her bubble, gets blow up when someone discovers that
Aaron isn't her real son and wants to proof that with bloodtests. Kate is back on the run, this time Aaron joins her. In a moment of desperation she opens her cell phone,
thinking about calling Jack but closing the phone before doing so. Jack believes Kate never wants to see him again, but he has to contact her when he find out his destiny, their destiny is to go back to the island.
When Sun reminds Kate that she left the island, left Jin, in order to be with Jack. Kate burst into tears. When someone is about to descover he secret involving Aaron
she turns to Jack in desperation. Finally she decides that if Jack is going back to the island, she will too after something horrible happened to Aaron.
She thanks Jack for his understanding & kisses him. Removing his jacket and both falling on the bed.
Next morning they share an akward yet hopefull moment at the breakfast table.
Later they find themselves on a plane, ready to crash again on the island.
Which they do and as Kate openes her eyes, lying in the water, the first thing she sees is Jack.
His worried face bending over hers, asking if she's alright. This season we're left wondering;
Will they find their destiny? Will they find their way back to each other?

Episode 5x06 - 3 1 6

quotes coming soon

J: ‘Who in the world am I?’ Aha, that’s the great puzzle.’
K: You're a natural.
J: My old man used to read me that story.
K: Really?
J: What?
K: It’s just… it’s just sweet hearing you say nice things about your dad.
J: I don’t say nice things about my dad? Well, he was a good storyteller. I’ll give him that. Hey. You okay?
K: Yeah. Just, I… I love seeing you with him. I’m so glad you changed your mind.
J: I’m so glad that you’re here.
K: Me, too.

Close your eyes & Count to five

their c h e m i s t r y

the f a n d o m

yes, of course I will, yes,,

500th- Pt. 1 - Pt. 2 - Pt. 3 - Pt. 4

I ask you, Do you remember?!
Yes. Yes. I remember!! How could I forget.

Jack is sitting in the dark by the fire when he hears Kate
coming up behind him.

"Made you something." She said in an embarred smile as a
loop of material, the ends tied in a knot, is thrown around his neck.

"Ohh. My very first sling." Jack jokes but is cleary touched
& happy with the concern she has for him.

Their faces are extra close and intimate as Kate pulls the
blanket off him, drapes the sling around his neck,
and gently eases his sore arm into it.

She smiles. Then, a little uncomfortable, switches gears.

"So... These are the safe caves you were going on about."
She jokes but he doesn't miss the serious tone in her voice.

"Okay, one unsafe cave in this whole valley. This was a fluke."
He defends himself. "Does that mean you’re going back to
the beach?" He asks her after a beat.

"Sayid should be back there by now. If his plan worked-"

"Then we’re one step closer to getting off this island."
He finishes for her. Kate nods softly and sad.
And there’s so much here. What it all means. But for now,
he’s just gonna let it be.

"Thanks for the sling, Kate."
Jack smiles as he looks into her eyes.

She looks up, bites her lips as her cheeks color red before remembering
that she almost lost him today, emotion filling her voice.

"You're welcome." She replies with a hush voice.
(inspired by The Moth - Script)

their p o d c a s t

Click here to listen

previous t h r e a d s

Copulators {J♥K} Appreciation #1: First thread for the first couple seen on the show!
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Copulators {J♥K} #5: "I'm so glad you changed your mind, I'm so glad that you're here" ~ SNBH
Copulators {J♥K} #6: "Them pushing each other away will bring her to her knees. It will be her bond with Jack." - Evi
Copulators (J&K) #7: "Her bond with Jack is stronger than the bond with Aaron" -Evi
Copulators (J&K) #8: This Wednesday, Kate will dislocate her tongue
Copulators (J&K) #9: Bed: $200, Male shirt: $50, Black bra: $25, Jisses and Jex in a dark room: PRICELESS.
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Destinators {Jack Shephard& Kate Austen} #11: Because always means eternity and she's always been with him
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Lovers {Jack&Kate} #14: "He loves her. There's no question about it. & she loves him" - Matthew
Billy Ian [Kate&Jack]#15:"She genuinely wanted to marry Jack. She was committing her life to him." -Evi
Copulators | Kate & Jack | #16: "It will be so momentous, and that's why they can't bring us here yet." - Evi
Billy Ian [Kate & Jack] #17: "Kate has never been able to help but be madly in love with Jack." - Evangeline
Madly in Love [Kate & Jack] #18: "Jack, I couldn't find you...I couldn't find you."
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Eternals |Jack & Kate| #20: "I've missed you so much."
Endgame | Jack & Kate | #21: Nothing in the world kept them apart.
Island Gangstas [Kate&Jack] #22: "You haven't ruined anything. Nothing is irreversible."
Forever [Kate & Jack] #23: "Kate and Jack are in love, and seem like each other's one-and-only" - Wuzzon
Eternals [Jack & Kate] #25: "Spectacular Consciousness-altering Love"
Copulators [JK] #26: "I thought it was perfect. She's obviously going to choose Jack. Why wouldn't she?" - Josh Holloway
Eternals [Kate ღ Jack] #27: "They reaffirmed their love one last time. Heartbreaking and hopelessly romantic" - LLG
Copulators [Kate&Jack] #28: "Good grief! Just get to it already. Just settle down!" - Evi
Copulators |Jack & Kate | #29: "What is it about him that makes you all ... weak in the loins?" - Sawyer
Island Gangstas {Kate & Jack} #30: "Ohhh, Kate" "Ohhh, Jack" "Touch me, Kate, hold me"
Eternals {JK} #31: "She’s EMOTIONAL. Her eyes filling. Not with sadness but with PURE UNADULTERATED JOY"- The End Script
Eternals {JK} #32: "It’s like everyone and everything else drops away and it’s just the two of them." - The End Script
Eternals {JK} #33: "It was clear to everyone that her affections truly belonged to Jack" - TV Guide
Evangeline Lilly - Eternals {JK} #34: "I thought it would end with his baby in her tummy. I thought they were Adam&Eve." - Evi - Fan Forum

Our s o u n d t r a c k

[ b a c k ]


Best c a t e g o r i e s

J: I did it to keep you safe. You & Aaron.
K: Don't you say his name! I still have to explain to him
why you're not there to read to him so don't you say his name!!!
J: I'm. I'm sorry.

K: Jack. Jack. You’re bleeding - are you -
J: How long was I out?
K: Two minutes. You slid away --

K: I'm sorry I kissed you.
J: I'm not.

K: Are you one of those hardcore spinal surgeons?
J: Yeah. Hardcore. Thats me.

J: Hey. You okay?
K: Yeah. Its just that I love seeing you with him.
J: Yeah.
K: I'm so glad you changed your mind. I'm so glad you're here.
J: Me too.

our s o u n d c a r d

<< thank you for v i s i t i n g >>

Natih, Luka, JR, Ash, Carrie, Carlie, Court, Ashley, Fede, Ale, Nille, Laura & Liesbeth.
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TFTNT I love the title
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You're welcome ! It's been a while since I opened a thread with two opening posts .
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tftnt ikr like old times
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Secomd paaaaaaage
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Wow that is a long opening
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I know, right?
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Originally Posted by Scarlet Speedster (View Post)
Secomd paaaaaaage
almost there
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I guess I never paid much attention to the opening and did not realize how long it was
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Big OP for an epic ship .
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Yes but it takes me so long to scroll down to post
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That's why we need the second paaaaaaaaaaage .
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Old 12-10-2016, 09:07 AM
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Now you know
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Old 12-10-2016, 03:00 PM
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We will get there soon. Yes they need an epic opening
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