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Old 01-20-2020, 05:49 PM
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Jersey Lovebugs {K♥D +2} #19: Because ten years later they are more in love than ever!

welcome to the eighteeth k e v i n and d a n i e l l e appreciation thread!
@kevinjonas .@daniellejonas & I feel so blessed to be parents-to-be. Happy 2 be sharing this news!

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I love Kevin Jonas with all of my heart but I never knew
that he were really dating Danielle back when it was rumored
then till the pictures came out. When the pictures came out,
I was so happy because I love seeing Kevin Jonas happy. I
said to myself, "If she makes him really happy then i love
her already" even though I don't know anything about her
besides that her name and she came from New Jersey. One
of the things I know about Danielle is that she can make
Kevin to smile. I honestly never in my entire life see him
happy and smile like when he's with Danielle. They are
incredible, they made me believe that true love do exist
for everyone out there, that's one of many reasons why
I love them. ~ Adie

To me, Kevin and Danielle are just a complete real life
fairytale. They're completely perfect for each other, and
Kevin treats her just like a princess. In my opinion, I
think that every girl should be able to feel like a princess
once in awhile, and Kevin sure treats Danielle like that all
the time. He's so sweet to her and they are just adorable
together. Plus, they got married in a castle! How much
more perfect can you get? ~ Christy

Why i love Kevin and Danielle Jonas? I love them because
of the way he looks at her. When they got married and she
was walking down the aisle, he started tearing up and trying
to catch his breat. That's true love right there. I love that she
supports him no matter what, and is at almost anything he
has to do! She understands his lifestyle and still wants to be
with him no matter what. I love these two because they show
young people that you can find your true love at a young age
and make it work! ~ Jenny

I love Kevin & Danielle because when they met, Danielle didn't
know who the Jonas Brothers were. She got to know Kevin for
who he is as a person, and not because he's "famous". They
have been together through thick & thin. Despite all the traveling
Kevin does, Danielle has stuck by his side and will continue to do
so! Even though they are young, they are truly the epitome of
what "true love" should be. I pray that God blesses their lives and
their marriage! ~ Jessica

I am so glad Kevin found Danielle and that they are married and
starting their life together. You can really tell how happy he is when
he is with her and I love knowing she makes him happy. I'd admire
that they were able to find love so young and that they got married
and want to be together forever. You can really tell how much they
love and respect each other and I love them for that. ~ Jordyn

I love that you can see how much they love being together, it's like
you can feel the warmth in that relationship. It seems like they really
fit each other. Danielle not being famous makes the relationship even
more real... and gah, she sure is a lucky girl to be with Kevin. He's a
sweetheart and seems like they kind of guy that will always show how
he feels about his wife. <3 They sure are the Jersey Lovebugs! ~ Moni

Kevin and Danielle are one couple that I think most Jonas fans can
agree are adorable and are meant to be. I love being apart of this
board and this thread. These two are so adorable and had the most
amazing wedding. I love how much their threads have grown and I am
so happy to be a proud shipper. ~ Raffy

credit: DisneyBGs on Twitter

art made by christy (million little stars)
gifs made by adie (Something Special)
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Old 02-15-2020, 07:10 AM
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You have put a smile on my face from the moment I meet you. I love you more than words can say Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetie #farawaybutstillmakesmefeelspecial

Happy Valentine’s Day baby girl I love you so much and so thankful for being the best friend a man can ever have! I love you @daniellejonas
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Old 02-15-2020, 02:36 PM
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Love the V-Day tweets!

I can't believe they've been married for 10 years!
Even when the dark comes, our love for musicals still lives on... #inthistogether
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Old 02-20-2020, 10:11 PM
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They are the sweetest. Kevin's the lucky guy because have you guys seen Danielle at all? I might have a girl crush on her since forever but she is gorgeous.

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She is so beautiful
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