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Old 01-31-2009, 12:40 PM
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Clumsy Cuddlers (Joe ♥ Demi) #50: Because one look at you and my heart starts to beat

♥ The 50th Joe/Demi Relationship/Friendship Thread ♥
Clumsy Cuddlers: the Website

1. penguinsrpals (Tiffany)
2. crazycait714 (Caitlin)
3. butterflygoodbye (Stina)
4. aggieduchess10 (Cammy)
5. Lizzie♥Z&V (Lizzie)
6. Jemirule (Ying)
7. luvSPN (Rachie)
8. throwawaythekey (Kay)
9. *Kaylee* (Kaylee)
10. chadsprincess1 (Eli)
11. hockeycanada87 (Jordyn)
12. cullen (Jas)
13. Starjd8 (Melanie)
14. heartonhersleeve (Lys)
15. ambetanterik (Aline)
16. Live in Love ~ (Mariella)
17. ThePrettySophia (Federica)
18. iheartbrucas127 (Rachel)
19. xlennie (Heleen)
20. Adie010 (Adie)
21. Anna-wa (Anna)
22. rachelica9 (Rachel)
23. Meeltje2951 (Melanie)
24. vanycutrim (Vanya)
25. misslafferty225 (Raffaella)
26. gregluver07 (Sarah)
27. simplyxjiberty
28. JBfangirl14
29. *Joie*
30. bibbysbaby (Jess)
31. VoiceInsideMyHead (Megan)
32. No1Jater
33. palis
34. melizabeth032 (Meg)
35. lexxiagal18
36. - Tinkerbell - (Jen)
38. breakingdawn_ (Cassie)
39. iheartmcsteamy (Sara)
40. hiiiii (Kaity)
41. lovatojonas (Lauren)
42. protectthecats
43. trishatl
44. mogi93 (Morgana)
45. minmae (Min-May)
46. miahernandes (May)
47. Bina02 (Bina)
48. JelliBeen92 (Ashley)
49. BelieveInMe (Sarah)
50. Joe+Demi=Fate (Chelsey)
51. moni8 (Moni)
52. annanoelle4987
53. feeltheground (Hannah)
54. TwoWorldsCollide (Abby)
55. Gizziefan1 (Nicki)
56. Yenetai (Jess)
57. othgirl32223
58. *Jemitruelove* (Tai)
59. Buildabear96 (Alyssa)
60. LaylaRose (Layla)
61. Whitney86 (Whitney)
62. Jemistry (Maria)
63. Marjaana (Marjaana)
64. Becca <3's Jemi (Becky)
65. SecretGarden (Ivy)
66. annanoelle4987
67. Jemi_Nelena (Andrea)
68. Sweet Awe

Ask/PM the thread starter to be added

B B Good by Jess
Kiss the Girl by Cammy
Nerves by Stina
Private Concert by Han

there isn't a force in the universe
strong enough to tear us apart, honey
now and until the end of time

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Old 01-31-2009, 12:41 PM
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Posts: 2,076

Filming Camp Rock - making a Demi sandwich, hanging out, getting
close, taking pictures and having fun.
Dallas State Fair - Demi and Selena are backstage but gets pulled on
stage and Joe hugs Demi. Twice.

Camp Rock photoshoot
February / March
Demi writes "Don't Forget" with the aid of the Jonas Brothers on their
April / May
Disney Channel Games, concert and parade - Jonas Brothers are there
to help introduce Demi, Joe and Demi show off their eerily similar
mannerisms on stage and their first appearance with matching clothes.
Lots of hanging out while filming the DC Games.
Camp Rock premiere in New York - Joe pulls Demi tightly to him for the
red carpet pictures. At the post-screening concert they show off their
close bond and Joe goes in for a hug with Demi instead of giving her the
high five she was expecting.
Demi's Roxy concert - Jonas Brothers in the audience, cheering her on
July / September
Burning Up Tour - A lot of hugs, pranks played on Demi (with a confession
of loving her more than peanut butter and jelly), a lot of hanging out and Joe
snapping pictures of Demi.
Camp Rock European premiere in London - a lot of flirting and touching.
Demi laughing at Joe's silly jokes, Joe tickles Demi in the middle of a
photoshoot, a couple interesting looks when speaking about celeb crushes,
Demi playing with Joe's tie. They're always next to each other.
MTV Video Music Awards red carpet where Joe holds off Extra interview
with Mel B to hug Demi
At Kristi Yamaguchi and Friends we finally see Joe laughing after a while of
being down, Joe and Demi joking around, staring at each other and for the
first time singing "On The Line" together.
House of Blues concert after the American Music Awards - Joe hugs Demi
a lot and actually waits for her to hug her and walk off the stage with her,
calling her name several times during the songs she sings, plenty of sharing
looks and looking in awe at each other and high fives and other touches.
Demi's show at the Wiltern - Jonas Brothers (and Selena) are in audience,
cheering her on.
Demi spends Christmas in Texas and hangs out with the Jonas Brothers a
lot, playing laser tag, watching movies and moulding with Joe.

2008 / 2009
December / January
New Year's Eve - Demi makes a surprise visit to Times Square to hang out
with the Jonas Brothers. Joe and Demi share a tight hug at midnight. The
Jonas Brothers form a protective circle around her to make sure she stays
with them - Joe asking her not to let go of him.

During the Radio Disney takeover the Jonas Brothers and Demi does quite a
bit of storytelling, revealing their Christmas activies and presents. Joe and
Demi, sitting next to each other, share a lot of looks and are always near each
other for pictures.
The Jonas Brothers' show in Nashville at the Ryman Auditorium - Demi didn't
perform but was in attendence (along with Selena and Daniella) and whilst
performing Joe kept looking at balcony, presumably where one Demi Lovato
was seated.
Both the Jonas Brothers and Demi perform at the Kids' Inauguration concert
and pose together at the Ball afterwards, Joe holding onto Demi tightly.

Why do we love Joe/Demi so much?
The reason why I love
Joe & Demi, well do I need a reason? The first time I saw Camp Rock, I immediately
knew that they also have
chemistry on and off screen, that's the same moment when I started to fall in love
with them. Every time I see them,
they stand out. They laugh, flirt, and do pretty much everything what girlfriend
and boyfriends do. Thanks to Camp Rock, it brings them closer together and I knew
their chemistry will never die.
- Adie

I love
Joe and Demi because they started out as best friends. Their relationship is solid and it is the
start of what could be
a beautiful love story. A fairytale waiting to happen.
No matter the obstacles I know that they will face them together. Through thick and thin they will
always be there for each other. I know that whatever the outcome they
will always remain close and love one another. Be it romantic or familial love.
- Tiffany

I love
Joe and Demi together because they seem like they're cut from the same cloth. Their personalities just
seem to click in a way that's hard to describe. The chemistry they have is
undeniable and they really seem like they
could have longevity as a couple because they share the same sense of humor and in a way have mirroring personalities. Also, Demi
seems really mature for her age, and Joe is a big kid (as we all know) and because of that
they balance each other out well.
I think they have a great appreciation and respect for each other, yet they don't take themselves too seriously. Plus, she's basically
already a member of the Jonas family! =)
- Kathryn

They might be just
best friends for now, but I can feel a deep connection between them that no one can deny,
and I can't help but
read LOVE all over his eyes everytime Joe stares at Demi. I strongly believe they're meant to be.
- Lizzie

The reason I love
Joe and Demi is because they're like two pieces of a puzzle. They complement
each other like very few people do. They're both geniunely sweet people and they care for others. Plus,
they're damn hot when they're together.
Their chemistry is amazing, not only on screen but also on stage. They
mirror each other and it seems like they're constantly in tune with each
other. It's just a joy to watch them and I hope, for their and our sake,
they find the love in each other that we've already seen.
- Hannah

- -
(Click the Volumes to get to the songs)

Future Thread Titles:
Because On The Line is their "love duet!"
Because we were bit by the Jemi lovebug
Because Papa Jonas is like her second father
Because she's the Jonas sister (in law)
Because their love was, is and will be beautiful
Because their love was tragical, for you know who
Because their voices were meant for each other
Because they are style twins!
Because their love story will be epic
Because even 13 years olds know their chemistry is undeniable
Because they share clothes. We have proof! Really.
Because they are two hearts of a kind

Past Threads:
01, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40

Picture of the Moment:

Animation of the Moment:

The Joe/Demi Photobucket
(PM thread starter for password)

there isn't a force in the universe
strong enough to tear us apart, honey
now and until the end of time


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Old 01-31-2009, 12:43 PM
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Wow 50th thread

And perfect timing, I just literally this minute got back here after tea

Thank you so much Hannah and everyone else who contributed It's amazing
get well soon beautiful ♥

lovatojonas ---> Believe In Me
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Old 01-31-2009, 12:47 PM
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50 threads!!

OMG. It's beautiful. Ican't even describe it.
Now I have to read everything

and I LOVE the title.
I know that we haven´t seen the worst of it,
But when we do, I promise you we´ll stick it out together.
Joe Demi
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Old 01-31-2009, 12:47 PM
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This is amazing Han!!

Well Done to you and everyone that helped!
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Old 01-31-2009, 12:48 PM
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50th thread.

The OP looks extremely gorgeous. I took my time reading and contemplating its prettiness, and it was all worth it. Thanks to everyone that helped, you surely did an amazing job.

Definitely reading the fics now!
Tim: Did I just say I loved you? Did I? No?
'Cause I'm kinda m a d l y in love with you and I'll be here no matter what.

Lyla: I love you too.
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Old 01-31-2009, 12:48 PM
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Thanks guys! And thanks to everyone that helped out. Your help was seriously needed, you guys made it happen!
there isn't a force in the universe
strong enough to tear us apart, honey
now and until the end of time

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Old 01-31-2009, 12:49 PM
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wwoww thanks han this is awesome!!

finally the 50th thread is heree!!!post a lot girls!
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Old 01-31-2009, 12:49 PM
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WOW, It is beautiful!!!!!!!!! You really did a wonderful Job
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Old 01-31-2009, 12:49 PM
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OMG!!!!! I feel like crying right now!!!! It´s awesome girls, thank you for the amazing OP and everything else ! And Han was worried when she didnt need to be!
"yet, you worry about h i m more"

maria| tumblr
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Old 01-31-2009, 12:49 PM
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Gorgeous! The OP is so beautiful! Everyone did an amazing job!
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Old 01-31-2009, 12:50 PM
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It looks amazing Hannah love it 50
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Old 01-31-2009, 12:50 PM
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Hannah is seriously amazing I already read evrything and love it!!!

gonna change my icon
... I know we only met

but let's pretend is love ...
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Old 01-31-2009, 12:50 PM
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I absolutely love everything about it

I just spent like 5 minutes reading everything and looking at the amazing new graphics Off to read the fics now
get well soon beautiful ♥

lovatojonas ---> Believe In Me
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Old 01-31-2009, 12:52 PM
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WOW! The OP is so freaking amazing! Han you did a fantastic job with putting it all together!
The waiting is the hardest part.
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