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crazy_diamond 09-29-2013 12:37 PM


Originally Posted by Devil's Cry (Post 71936836)
if all else fails :lol:

Indeed :lol:

Devil's Cry 09-30-2013 06:03 AM

Need to look for some more :)

crazy_diamond 09-30-2013 11:37 AM

I haven't seen any lately :look:

~MelBelle~ 10-14-2013 11:11 AM

I love these gifs :sigh:

Sulieter 10-14-2013 11:21 AM

Lovely art!

crazy_diamond 10-14-2013 12:04 PM

thanks for coming over :hug: and yes it's a great set

Devil's Cry 10-14-2013 01:25 PM

I’m stuck with a valuable friend

I’m happy, hope you’re happy too

One flash of light but no smoking pistol


Lutesse 10-14-2013 01:30 PM

I don't know anything about "Life on Mars" - sorry! but the gifset at post #17 is pretty amazing. :D

airali_glo 10-14-2013 01:57 PM

Lovely arts! I watched few episodes/scenes here and there because my dad liked LoM :) I can't talk about it, really, since I wasn't a "viewer", but I remember it as a nice show :nod:

Lost in Translation 10-14-2013 03:24 PM

I'm glad to see you guys around. :) And yes, Tracey and Dave have found some amazing arts.

Tina 10-14-2013 03:25 PM

Beautiful. :love:

crazy_diamond 10-15-2013 04:44 AM

lovely art Dave :)

~MelBelle~ 10-16-2013 05:55 PM

beautiful artwork :clap:

crazy_diamond 10-31-2013 05:37 AM

Devil's Cry 10-31-2013 12:47 PM

that's so cool :D

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