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Old 06-03-2009, 10:01 AM
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it looked so awesome! OMG so much goodness

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Old 09-29-2013, 04:44 AM
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need to watch this later

Alex: Say hello to mummy bear.

Lafferty: Delays are very expensive.
Gene Hunt: Well, forgive me if our little investigation costs Sir Henrington Arse-Twat a year's subscription to his private members' club.

Aww, Viv's birthday.

Oh, the younger version of that cop with the roses

... so now Alex has to threaten the poor lad.

Alex: Shaz, were there any calls?
Shaz: One or two, Ma'am.
[Reads from her notebook]
Shaz: Several people were looking for Mr Hugh Jarse. And it turned out that Mike Rotch was quite popular too. Five or six had chronic asthma and one man had some very imaginative suggestions. You did want them word for word
[shows Alex the notebook]
Alex: [reads notebook] Oh God, sorry Shaz. What are people like?

Summers: What? You expected us to disappear? In a puff of smoke? Matter meets anti-matter, time imploding on itself, that sort of thing?

Kinda and now the younger him is dead... time to stick the body in some concrete, Alex!

Alex trying her best to drop herself in it.

Summers: Surely you don't believe that you are going to wake up just because they managed to get the bullet out.
Alex: How do you know, how could you possibly know? This is my world, this is my life. Who are you?
Summers: The only man who really understands, Alex.
Alex: You're there, aren't you? You're in the hospital.
Summers: I'm here... and I'm there.

Such a creep.

Hey, it's Alex's mother.

Gene trying to catch someone out, telling them all different locker numbers.

CID brawl in Luigi's!

Oh Chris.

Summers keeping more than just a few tabs on Alex

Chris wants to resign, Gene says no. No surprise there.

Gene: Jail isn't your sentence, Chris. I am.
I do what I wanna
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