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Alex ♥ Gene (A2A) #5: "I know this much is True"

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Alex: "What?"
Gene: "You, in leather, holding that. Gives me the horn."
Season 1 - Episode 1

Gene: "DI Bolly Knickers. You appear to be drunk in control of a handbag and dressed like a tart again."
Alex: "Oh, piss off, you lardy fascist."
Gene: "We’ll make a copper of you yet."
Season 1 - Episode 2

Gene: "Well, you’ve changed your tune. Last time I saw you, you were doing a passable impression of a useless bimbo."
Alex: "I was distracted. I am not distracted anymore. Bring him in before he kills."
Gene: "Don’t buy it."
Alex: "I know that I’m right, I know his profile."
Gene: "So where does speccy four-eyes get his dynamite from? Two dabs of sherbet and some nitroglycerin? Oh, please!"
Alex: "I don’t know yet, but I know that I’m right."
Gene: "You think our future king of England wants to become a tampon, so your views don’t count!"
Alex: "Please."
Gene: "No. (Alex looks at him for a moment)
Alex: "I’ll let you stamp my bum."
Gene: "I’ll get my coat."
Season 1 - Episode 2

Alex: "All right. So I’m not a hooker. But if I was, do you know something, Gene? You. "Could never. Ever. Afford me."
Gene: "You know, you might talk with a plum in your gob, love, but I would rather go with one of them than waste my money on some bitter, twisted, messed up, clenched-arse, toffee nose bitch like you."
Alex: (…so she punches him)
Gene: "You feel better now?"
Alex: "No."
Alex: (she punches him a second time)]
Alex: "Better now."
Season 1 - Episode 3

(Multiple glasses of wine are poured in quick succession to indicate the passage of time well spent. Alex is leaning on the bar looking at Gene, who's leaning back in his seat. Both are the worse for wear; Alex rather worse than Gene.)
Alex: Tell me, do you ever get lonely, Gene?"
Gene: The Gene Genie? Lonely? Too busy clearing the streets of Cockney filth and scum to get lonely."
(Gene shifts in his seat and leans forward, becoming confessional.)
Gene: "Sometimes. But if I ever hear you repeat that I'm gonna have to stamp on your pretty little head."
Alex:: "Why can't I just enjoy the last few seconds of life? I mean, it doesn't ALL have to be all about pain, does it?"
Gene: "No. What doesn't?"
(They're both leaning on the bar, heads close together.)
Alex: "What would you do, Gene? Your last few seconds on Earth. Anything you want. Right now."
Gene: "What, anything?"
Alex: "Anything."
Gene: "Right now?"
Alex: "Right now."
(Gene looks at Alex, giving this careful consideration. She moves fractionally closer. )
Alex: "Say it."
(Gene has a chronic attack of gentlemanly behaviour.)
Gene: "I'm drunk. And you're very drunk."
(Gene drains his drink, leans back and gathers his things from the bar counter.)
Alex: What are you doing?
Gene: I'm doing the right thing. And you should go to bed, Bolly.
(Gene leaves, Alex looking after him mutinously.)
Season 1 Episode 3

Gene: "Oh, dear Lord, if this is a test, I fear I may fail. I thought it’d be the booze or the fags, but oh, no - I’m going to die in an underground vault, in the company of a posh mouthy tart with a head full of brains and the common sense of a grain weevil."
Alex: "We’re not going to die. I can’t die, can I? beat …can I?"
Gene: "Come here." puts his arm around her
the light goes out
Alex: "Gene-"
Gene: "I know."
Season 1 Episode 4

Alex: "What am I doing here? Really…what is the point?"
(Gene sighs)
Gene: "To dress like a tart. Wiggle your ass in my direction…and fill my days with glimpses of the depths of your depraved mind."
(Alex nods)
Gene: "It’s good enough for me, Bolly."
Season 1 - Episode 5

Gene: "I don’t like it."
Alex: "Well, we’ve established the cover. Marcus and I used to work the streets."
(Gene looks at her)
Gene: Did you?"
Alex: …"No. That’s the cover."
Gene: "Shame. Might have fancied a punt."
(Alex chuckles)
Alex: "Hang on. Hang on, hang on. Now this is worth getting straight. I am imagining YOU imagining paying for sex with ME, in my imaginary role…as an imaginary street whore."
Gene: "You must have a filthy mind."
Alex: "An absolute sewer apparently."
Season 1 - Episode 5

Gene: "Nobody but ME drives my bloody car."
Alex: "I just had to get something."
(Alex opens the Quattro’s boot)
Gene: "What in God’s name-? No-one stinks my motor out!"
(he starts throwing the bags out of the boot)
Alex: "Excuse me, THAT is evidence!"
Gene: "I wouldn’t worry about it because you’re off the case!"
Alex: "Oh! Off the case?"
Gene: "Off the case and off the team!"
Alex: "Oh, off the team!"
Gene: "Yes! Actually, no! You can clean my car out!"
Alex: "I’m off the team!"
Gene: "Well, you’re back on it! (Alex leaves with the rubbish bags, ignoring him) Drake, I want you making my car smell nice again! Drake, get back here! Drake! "What are you…!? You’re off the team!!"
Season 1 - Episode 6

Gene: "Well that was one hell of a day, Bolly, no thanks to you."
Alex: "It was a great day. Mission accomplished."
(Luigi shimmers up, beaming.)
Luigi: "Everything all right? Signorina Drake, you look beautiful tonight."
Alex: "Thank you."
Luigi: "Bellissima!"
Gene: "All right, Luigi, no need to dribble into your Barolo."
Alex: "I’d would just like to say to you that your sea scallops with pineapple rings are a memory I will take to my grave."
Luigi: "Grazie mille, Signorina. Er, you’re going somewhere?"
Alex: "I’m afraid so."
(Luigi darts Gene a look of concern and leaves.)
Alex: "When I first came here, the idea of spending time with you filled me with horror. You’re insensitive, you’re boorish, you’re terrified of women."
Gene: "Bollocks. Completely baffled, maybe, but not terrified."
Alex: "And even after 40 years of feminism, there is still a sizeable rump of intelligent women…"
Gene: "‘Rump’. Rump. Mmm. S’good word."
Alex: "…intelligent women who would give their eye teeth to be sitting here with you."
Gene: "So what about you, Bolly? Does it make your rump quiver?
Alex: "No!"
Gene: "Good, ‘cos I’ve seen your rump, and I’ve seen more padding strapped to Ian Botham’s legs."
(Alex laughs.)
Alex: "Er, it’s been hell, Mr Hunt. But I think, on the cusp of my leaving, I can honestly say…"
Gene: "What?"
Alex: "…I’m going to rather miss you."
Gene: "Yeah. Yeah, and, er, you, Bolly…"
Alex: "‘Yeah, and you, Bolls’ what?"
Gene: "Well you’re not bad for a posh bird. You know, um, we could, er, pop upstairs to your place. There’s a VHS of They Died With Their Boots On propping up the coffee table."
Alex: "It’s a big day tomorrow. The biggest day."
Season 1 - Episode 8

Gene: "Looking chirpy, Bols. Been sitting on the washing machine again?"
Alex: "I think I might not be alone on this place."
Gene: "Oh, yeah?"
Alex: "In more ways than one."
Gene: "I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about."
Alex: "What if…you’re real?"
Gene: "What if…you were quiet? Hey, would you believe it? Oxtail’s back on. Must’ve read my letter."
Alex: "Well, it wasn’t exactly a letter, was it, Guv? “Oxtail. Now”
Gene: "Put you in your place an’ all."
Alex: "Yeah, it was very convincing."
Gene: "Well, it wasn’t very difficult. (he pauses and keeps looking at her) You and me, Bols. We’re a team. Fighting the rot together."
(Alex smiles)
Gene: "You know all that stuff you were saying earlier…about letting you in? I take it you were employing tactics.
Alex: "Yeah. Yeah, psychological tactics."
(he gets closer to her)
Gene: "Don’t underestimate me, Bols."
Season 2 - Episode 2

Gene: "Bolls, don’t cry. That’s an order."
Alex: "I’m not."
Gene: "Now if you don’t stop crying, I might even start feeling sorry for you. And God forbid, I might even have to put a comforting arm around you."
Alex: "I better stop then."
Season 2 - Episode 5

Alex: "Damn you, Gene Hunt."
Gene: "Why? What did I do now?"
Alex: "Because despite all the macho put downs, the insults, the pathetic sexist sideswipe, underneath it all you are a good, kind, decent man."
Gene: "Keep your voice down, someone might hear."
Alex: "I’m gonna buy you a very large drink."
Gene: "You seeing Boris again?"
Alex: "No. Why? You jealous?"
Gene: "Don’t flatter yourself, sweetheart."
Season 2 - Episode 5

(Gene gets out his letter and hands it across.)
Alex: "What d’you do? Steam it and then seal it back up again?"
Gene: "No."
Alex: "Didn’t read it? Not even a little bit curious about what I’d written about you?"
Gene: "You see, that’s your problem, Bolls. Always got a question. Meanwhile, there’s a perfectly good bottle of shampoo there just waiting to be opened."
Alex: "Yes."
(Alex tries, and fails, to open it.)
Gene: "Give it here."
Alex: "You’d miss me really."
Gene: "Yes, Bolls, I’d miss you. Cheers."
Alex: "Cheers."
Season 2 - Episode 6

Gene: "Right, you need a drink."
(Gene puts the glasses on the coffee table and pours the red wine.)
Gene: "I never thought… It’s all sh1t, isn’t it?"
Alex: "Yeah, it is."
(Gene hands her a glass and they clink glasses.)]
Gene: "You and me, Bolly. You and me."
Season 2 Episode 7

Alex: "It’s very complicated, Guv. It’s very difficult to explain."
Gene: "You’re analysing yourself now? You love it, don’t you, the sound of your own voice? Is that what you do of a night? Sit at home and talk into a machine working out ways of bringing me down?"
Alex: "No. No. You have to believe that I’m on your side."
Gene: "Oh, I wanna believe you. But you’ve got to tell me the God’s-honest truth about yourself, Drake."
Alex: "Time is running out for me here-"
Gene: "Yes, it is. You know, I look around, I see Chris taking bungs. The grave of my old boss bent as a farthing. And I, uhm…I feel adrift. (he pauses) You talk to me, Alex. If I mean anything to you at all."
(Alex nods)
Alex: "I’m from the future. I was shot. And I woke up here, with you. Just like Sam Tyler, only…only this is MY reality. And I’m fighting not to die, because if I die, I will never get home. And it’s insane, but there it is. And I trust you, which is why I’m telling you the truth."
Season 2 - Episode 8

(A moodily lit garage somewhere. GENE has evidently resorted to the cure all - whisky - while Alex is perched on a bench.)
Alex: "Where did you go?"
Gene: "Abroad. The Isle Of Wight. That was sh1t. So I tried the Costa Brava. D'you know it was the best full English I've ever had. Then I thought, "Why am I running? Gene Hunt doesn't run." I'm in a mess, Bolls".
Alex: "So am I."
Gene: "Fighting for my future."
Alex: "Me too."
Gene: "Get up. Come here."
(Gene helps Alex to her feet, and then takes a frankly diabolical liberty, raising up her T-shirt to see the scar from the bullet. Flashback to Gene shooting Alex. Alex's eye opening in a bright light.)
Gene: "I'm sorry. Could have hit my target, but you fell all wrong."
Alex: "Sometimes in life you can't help which way you fall."
Gene: "You do know when I walk through those doors they're going to come for me?"
Alex: "Yeah. Well, there's only one thing for it. Let's fire up the Quattro"
Season 3 Episode 1

Gene: "You know, we make a good team, Bolly. Posh totty and a bit of rough."
Alex: "Uptown girl, downtown man. Look at Shaz. She’s blooming."
Gene: "One thing, though. Teams stick together. Through thick and thin."
Alex: "I know."
Gene: "They don’t go behind your back. Digging up old files. Old files are better left well alone."
Alex: (sighs) "Guv."
Gene: "See, Keats and people like him. They wanna take us down, Alex. So no matter what he says, don’t help him."
Season 3 Episode 2

(Gene and Alex stand in a corridor discussing Louise and her undercover operation.)
Alex: "I was thinking after all this is over we could bring her onto the team."
Gene: "No!"
Alex: "Why not?"
Gene: "She's a damn fine copper but she's too much of a liability."
Alex: "I think she would be alright under you guidance."
Gene: "Do I look like a piece of toast?"
Alex: "No?"
Gene: "Then stop buttering me up like some demented housewife."
Season 3 - Episode 4

Alex: "What the hell are you doing?"
Gene: "Just leave it, Bolly."
Alex: "But it’s evidence, Guv. You can’t do that."
Gene: "Forget it. It’s a dead man’s jacket."
Alex: "What are you hiding? Please tell me. Sam Tyler, what was he… Was he like me? Was he trying to get back somewhere? Guv, what is going on in there that you can’t tell me."
Gene: "Whatever you think it is you’re looking for, forget it. Doesn’t exist. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. Now, if you don’t mind, we have a job to do."
Season 3 Episode 5

Luigi: Grazie. "Mr Hunt. Pleasure to see you."
Gene: "The pleasure is all yours, Luigi."
Luigi: "Signore Hunt is on a date?"
Gene: "I am not on a date. I am meeting a colleague for a meal and a professional chat."
Luigi: "Mmm. I know enough about restaurants and men to know a date when I see one."
Gene: "And I know enough about Italians and vats of boiling cooking oil."
Alex enters the restaurant and walks over to Gene
Gene: "Scrub up well, Bolls."
Alex: "Thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself."
Season 3 - Episode 7

Gene: "See you around, Bolly-kecks."
Alex: "Goodbye, Guv."
Season 3 - Episode 8

Future Titles
Alex chose Gene over Heaven
B/C They finally got their kiss!
Alex didn't want to go to heaven without Gene
B/C They slow-danced, AND kissed!
They are the Definition of Soulmates
"You and me, Bolly. You and me."
"Sometimes in life you can't help which way you fall."

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Originally Posted by Hawthorn (View Post)
There are so many more but right now my memory/brain is failing me.

Posting here is making me seriously want to do a rewatch of both LoM and A2A!
Go for it


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Thanks for the new thread.
Originally Posted by crazy_diamond (View Post)
Go for it
As soon as I have a couple of free week-ends, marathon time!

May I be added to the supporters list? I forgot to ask before.
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and you are now added


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Thank you!

Were you guys happy with the finale and how they handled Gene and Alex? It was bittersweet, but very in character and fitting with the mood of the show, imo.
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I was very moved by it
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It was a very emotional finale and I loved their scenes together in it , still wish they rode off in the sunset together



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That scene, oh my heart!

We always wish for a happy ending , but at least TPTB hinted to Gene moving on, too, eventually, so he could have joined Alex.
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At least there's that. It's, in my opinion, exactly the way the show should have gone.
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Fran, Janet - yes we'll know he'll join Alex and the gang in the end


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And we saw them go on a date. Interrupted, but still.
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to me they went on several dates during the 3 years, they just didn't call them that


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See, it's all a matter of perspective.
Luigi always knew what was up, though!
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He did


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