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AlwaysCB 11-03-2011 04:48 PM

Viking♥Waitress {Eric ღ Sookie} #203: "I just wanna be with you... FOREVER" ~Eric

The Viking & The Barmaid
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Honarary Shippers
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13. Russell

"eric & sookie definitely have chemistry" ⇔ Alan Ball
“It’s Eric. He’s scanned you twice.
He’s going to summon us.”

"Honestly, did you think you could keep her to yourself?"

The First Meeting
Eric: Sookie Stackhouse
Sookie: How Do you now my name?
Pam: I never forget a prettie face, you're in my vault.
Sookie: Great
Sookie: It’s nice to meet you.
Eric: Well, aren’t you sweet?
Sookie: Not really.
Pam: "I remember 'em both."
Sookie: "On account of the vault?"
Pam: "Never had either of 'em though, they weren't really my type."
Sookie: Well, thank you very much that is all your time I need to take."
Eric: I'm not finished with you yet! Please.. sit.
Eric: Soo, Bill. Are you quite attached to your friend?"
Bill: "She is mine!"
Sookie: "Yes. I am his."
Eric: Well what a pity.. for me.

E.Northman: Yeah, well now the terms have changed.
She's yours, unless you wanna give me Sookie?

"The spark between Eric and Sookie has only intensified." ⇔ Wall Street
Eric Northman: He is in love with her, yes.
Sophie-Anne Leclerq: He is? Well, of course. He would be with her. You probably are too.
Eric Northman: [almost reluctant] I do not love humans.
E: You surprise me. That is rare quality in a breather
S: [seething] You disgust me.
E: Perhaps I'll grow on you.
S: I'd prefer cancer!

You will care for him?....Eric. - Godric
"Trust Me."
I will not surrender to the truth death, I will find a way to come back a kill your precious Viking... - Russell
Bigger question is, why am I risking everything to tell you now?
My loyalty is not to Bill. In fact it would be advantageous for me
in numerous ways if he were never found. But... Now they're coming for you and
... I owe you.

Eric, you can't just say something like that, then-then leave.

Oh, I'm not leaving. You're going to invite me in,
so I can protect you or have passionate primal
with you... how about both?
Please don't do that. It makes me feel disturbingly human.
"Sookie gets Eric's 'Blood' pumping" ⇔ New York Post
Eric is handsome, he's rich and in his own way he cares about you. He really does... - Pam
Sam Merlotte: I need 'your' help. We need it and hopefully
some day I might be able to give you something you need.
Eric Northman: Can you give me Sookie Stackhouse?
Sam Merlotte: No.
Eric Northman: Well that's a shame. That would be a tribute I would not soon forget.
They all gave up on you. I. NEVER. DID
"You are mine."

Such a strange sensation when the reality
matches what you've pictured in your mind so precisely.
Sookie: And what do you think is going to happen when I do
come to grips with it? Do you think my legs are just going to magically open for you?"
Eric: (grins) "Well, that was saucy, must have been fairy Sookie talking.
I like when she comes out"

AlwaysCB 11-03-2011 04:49 PM

You gave yourself to me. Completely.
Yes I did. I love you.

He has always been attracted to her. ⇔ Alan Ball
I’d say that was the most beautifully filmed love scene in the show’s four seasons.
We live in a world where Eric and Sookie have had sex! ⇔ EW

You can have anyone you want.
Why do you want her?

This pair could melt the TV screen right before our eyes. He’s the bad boy who goes gooey for Sookie. She can make
him feel almost human, and he’s not sure he likes that. The former Viking has an insatiable carnal desire and has
crossed the gender lines on more than one occasion. He’s cruel — and has even admitted his weakness for
munching on children — yet he has an undeniable animal appeal and unsettling ability to show some vulnerability.

There’s radioactive chemistry between these two, and the thought of the sexual explosion that’s bound to happen
this season is almost too tantalizing to resist. Oddly enough, Eric appears to have real feelings for Sookie, but that might
just be curiosity about a being he can’t quite control.

Blood tie: After Eric used his body to shield Sookie from an attack, he tricked her into sucking the silver bullets out of his body to save
his life. That meant a mingling of their blood, so Eric’s got a cosmic GPS on her. Plus, she’s got that old erotic dream byproduct of the blood
exchange, making her think nasty thoughts about that tasty fang boy.

Sookie: By the way, I haven’t heard an ‘I’m sorry’ from you yet.
Eric: I am sorry that the maenad picked on you
Sookie: Not enough
Eric: Angelic Sookie, vision of love and beauty,
I am prostrate that the wicked maenad violated
your smooth and voluptuous body, in an attempt
to deliver a message to me.
Sookie: That’s more like it
Living Dead in Dallas

Eric: Besides, I’m hoping that
the more you see me, the more I’ll grow on you.
Sookie: Like a fungus?
Living Dead in Dallas

Eric: Sookie, my little bullet-sucker
Sookie: Eric, my big bull****ter
Living Dead in Dallas

Eric: When we kiss... t’s very exciting.
Club Dead

Eric: I don’t like having feelings.
Club Dead

Eric: Let go. No, not of me.
You can hold on to me as long as you want.
Let go of the pain, Sookie.
Club Dead

Sookie: This was a different Eric without
the personality that I’d grown fond of, in a perverse
way. but it was beautiful Eric, who desired me, who was
hungry for me, in a world that often let me know
it could do well without me.
Dead to the world

Sookie "Look at me, lover." The way he said lover
was like a caress, like he was calling me by a name
no other man had ever used before or ever would after.
Dead to the world

Eric: You took me in off the road and kept me safe.
You’re ready to fight for me. I can tell this about you.
I can’t believe my luck. When this witch is defeated,
I will bring you to my side. I will share everything I have with you.
Every vampire who owes me fealty will honor you.
Sookie: You’ve made me very happy
Dead to the world
Sookie: No matter how furious I got with Eric,
I was happier when I was with him.
From Dead and Gone

Sookie: I would think of Eric and feel the warm rush of joy,
and then think of Eric and want to punch him in the face.
From Dead and Gone

Sookie: I was so shaken I couldn’t have talked if my life had depended on it.
We lay in silence, exhausted. I didn’t mind his weight on me. I felt safe.
From Dead and Gone

“I hurt with you. I bled with you—not only because we’re bonded,
but because of the love I have for you.”
From Dead in the Family

“Yes,” I said steadily. “I do love him.”
From Dead in the Family

“Jump,” Eric said, holding out his hands and smiling. I laughed.
I took a running start, and leaped. Eric caught me, his hands clamped
around my waist. He lifted me up until my head touched the ceiling.
Then he lowered me for a kiss. I wrapped my legs around his torso,
my arms around his neck. We were lost in each other for a long moment.
From Dead in the Family
“Your lips are bloody.” He seized my face in both hands and kissed me.
It’s hard not to respond when a master of the art of kissing is laying one on you.

Pam: [looking on as Sookie and Bill kiss] If I had any feelings, I'd have the chills right about now.
Eric Northman: Not me.

Eric Northman: I'm only asking your permission out of respect. If I want her I can simply take her...

In a wee little bit of foreshadowing that poor Sookie took for granted,
Eric offers her his protection against the vampires once they realize
her blood smells like “freedom in a blonde bottle.” We like the Sookie/Eric
dynamic that comes about when Eric’s cockiness leads him to be up front with
Sookie about the dangers that lie around her, whereas Bill always sought to
protect (and, you know, mislead) her.
⇔ Rolling Stone

E: [weakly, bleeding] Had to shield you.
Bill: You're connected. He'll be able to sense your emotions.
S: [to Eric] You big lying a-hole.
E: Bill, I think you're right. I think I can sense her emotions... sweet.

01. Because there was a spark.
02. Because she noticed him right away.
03. Because he scanned her twice.
04. Because he thought she was sweet.
05. Because he sits her right next to him like a king would his queen.
06. Because he found it a pity that she was taken.
07. Because he licked his lips when he looked at Sookie.
08. Because he knows she will come again.
09. Because he actually agreed to her demands.
10. Because he kept smiling at her and she kept staring back at him.
11. Because she agreed to help him anytime he wants.
12. Because she's doing a favour for him on her own free will.
13. Because major eye contact was happening between them in episode 8.
14. Because he offered to take Sookie.
15. Because he stared back at her while he was leaving.
16. Because he obviously doesn't like to see her kiss Bill.
17. Because he keeps interrupting B/S.
18. Because he agreed to Bill's demand to see Sookie.
19. Because he believed in her gift enough to call for another employee.
20. Because even as a human he thinks she is valuable.
21. Because he obviously wants her to ask for her again.
22. Because if he wants her, he can simply take her.
23. Because what Sookie finds meaningful, he finds... curious.
24. Because he offered his life to save her.
25. Because he did take bullets for her.
26. Because Sookie is superb at sucking bullets from Eric's chest.
27. Because Sookie is greedy and Eric loves it.
28. Because there's love in Eric and it's only for Sookie.
29. Because her dream about Eric is about him loving her.
30. Because he's part of her now.
31. Because she took his hand to comfort him.
32. Because one of Godric's final wishes was for Sookie to care for Eric.
33. Because she is genuinely sorry for his loss.
34. Because having Sookie Stackhouse would be a tribute he would not soon forget.
35. Because his words say he doesn't care about Sookie, his eyes tell a different story.
36. Because she looked at his body and she definitely liked what she saw.
37. Because he wants her.
38. Because he gave her an extra money for going above and beyond.
39. Because he thinks her life is too valuable to throw away.
40. Because she makes him feel almost human.
41. Because he was risking everything to tell her about the weres.
42. Because he… owes her.
43. Because he distracted her by talking nasty.
44. Because she invited him in.
45. Because she thanked him for saving her life.
46. Because he walked her back.
47. Because she wants him to save her if she’s in trouble.
48. Because he is watching over her.
49. Because he has perverse interest in her.
50. Because he dreams about her, just like she dreams about him.
51. Because he was pleased to hear she’s no longer Bill’s.
52. Because all his instincts say tasting her would be quite extraordinary.
53. Because she thinks she means much to him.
54. Because even Yevetta couldn't take his mind of Sookie
55. Because it's not just the blood, she knows she has feelings for him
56. Because the kiss was hot and she really got into it.
57. Because not kissing her before he died would be his biggest regret.
58. Because they shared something and it was real.
59. Because he didn't want to bite her because he didn't want to hurt her
60. Because the dreams were more the just sex.

Reasons From Books
01. Because there is a connection right from the start.
02. Because Eric sent Sookie flowers and came by.
intending to visit her, when she was in the hospital.
03. Because she'd suck a bullet from him.
04. Because Eric had Sookie's driveway re-gravelled.
05. Because Sookie let him sleep in her bed.
06. Because even with Amnesia, he is still drawn to her.
07. Because when the witches cursed Eric
and stripped him of everything, including his memories and clothes
he instinctively headed to Sookie's house.
08. Because he wanted to give up everything and stay with Sookie.
09. Because he took a bullet for her.
10. Because he notices the only new thing about Sookie.
12. Because she warned Quinn by phone
but rescued Eric in person from the Fellowship bombing.
13. Because he bought her a new cell phone (red, of course).
14. Because Eric bought her a new front door.
15. Because they are blood bound now.
16. Because her shower with Eric is the best one she's ever had!
17. Because beyond the blood bond they care about each other.
18. Because Eric is Mr. January on the Vampire Hunk calender
and Sookie never turned the page to February.
19. Because he's always around when Sookie needs him.
20. Because he gets her.
21. Because he gives her what she really needs in a way she can accept.
22. Because he wore pink tights for her.
23. Because the first time Sookie relinguishes her will to another, it is to Eric.
24. Because he made Bill tell the truth to Sookie.
25. Because Sookie kept the bullet she sucked from his chest as a memento.
26. Because they have a "big lust" for each other.
27. Because she's not afraid of him, even if she should be.
28. Because 2 words: Shower scene.
29. Because he was so happy for the first time in hundreds of years with her.
30. Because Sookie is happier when she's with him.
31. Because he introduced her to her grandfather.
32. Because he keeps taking bullets for her.
33. Because "Eric lives on in Sookie".
34. Because it would hurt her if he died.
35. Because he asked her to live with him.
"I hate to see you suffer like this."

Eric: There isn’t any way of using her. It won’t work.
Pam: We know Russell wants her. Give her to him to save your own skin.
Eric: No.
Pam: He’s gonna get her anyway, sooner or later.
Eric: NO. I won’t do that to her
Pam: (almost about to cry) You’re choosing a human? Over yourself, Eric? Over me?
Last things first, let’s just get this out of the way:
Sookie and Eric finally do it, having sweet swamp sex as the episode ends.
(Why in a swamp, when Eric could have had them home in a couple of seconds?
Because they are just too passionate! Don’t kill the mood with these practicalities.) ⇔ Washington Post

The look of pure lust

the negotiations agreement

the banter aftermath

the first blood effects

the passionate turn on

the one who finally gets me

the tender moment

"there was “definitely more” to Eric’s attraction to Sookie than his taste for her blood"⇔ Alexander Skarsgard

"Sometimes it takes a slight shift in perspective for people to see what's right in front of them." ⇔ Anna Paquin
"if you kiss me i promise to be happy."

Let Love In
An Understanding
You always hurt the one you love
Nothing Runs Smoothly by: Cat Chester Rating: NC - 17
]Small Favors by: Alethia Rating NC - 17
Tasting Sin by: Leia Rating: M
An invitation by: Cat Chester Rating: PG
Missing Scene (One shot) by: Cat Chester Rating: NC - 17
Mind of the Wonderful
The Suit Makes the Man
Smug Bastard
The more things change
Unwelcome Visitor

the w i s h l i s t

1. Shower scene
2. Blood bond
3. Him calling her "lover"
4. Paying for her driveway
5. Him taking a bullet for her
6. Jealous Sookie
7. Eric running straight to Sookie after losing his memory
8. Eric saying yield to me to Sookie
9. Eric taking care of Sookie when she's wounded
10. Eric buying Sookie her a new coat.
11. Eric and Sookie making love for the first time
12. Sookie coming to save him from the hotel bombing
13. Eric being able to glamour Sookie
14. Sookie being able to read Eric's thoughts
15. Eric noticing the only new thing about her
16. The cuddling and talking after making love
17. Eric offering to give up everything for her
18. Pam and Sookie gossiping about Eric
19. Sookie taking Eric's side instead of Bill's
20. Eric showing his 1000 years old kissing technique to Sookie
21. ES talking about Sookie's dreams
22. Sookie coming to Fangtasia just to spent time with Eric
23. Sookie admitting that making love to Eric is like gourmet sex
24. Sookie finding out that Eric can make love like a train thundering into a tunnel
25. Eric and Sookie falling asleep hand in hand
26. Eric letting Sookie fly
27. The 'hearts desire' clause to Eric's memory loss
28. Eric feeding a wounded Sookie his blood
29. Sookie making passionate primal sex to Eric
30. More hot Eric and Sookie dreams
31. Sookie touching Eric's fangs for real
32. Sookie feeding a wounded Eric her blood
33. Eric taking Sookie piggyback riding towards the wicked witch
34. Eric putting his arms around Sookie, holding her close to him
35. Sookie and Eric admitting there love for each other
36. Sookie is what Eric's heart desires
37. Sookie taking care of Eric because that was Godric's dying wish
38. Eric and Sookie talking about Godric
39. Eric defending Sookie's honor
40. Eric telling Sookie to jump, only to catch her
41. There very own Scarlett and Rhett moment
42. Eric opening up to Sookie about his human life
43. Eric's feelings towards Sookie coming out all over the place
44. Sookie making Eric feel disturbingly human
45. Eric picking Sookie up in his red corvette
46. Sookie saving Eric's life, and Eric thanking her for it
47. Eric showing his protective side towards Sookie
48. A lote more eyesex
49. Sookie finding out that there is love in Eric, and it's only for her
50. ES Endgame

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Ok..if any of you watch Hart of Dixie, Nad & I were discussing that alot of things match stuff on TB...specially Merlottes (it's the same building!) and we've decided the lake where Eric was swimming is the same one in HoD. And...another clever thing...those of you who've seen GK and remember Q-Tip...he's in HoD and was swimming all shirtless in the same lake ;) :thud: aer some gifs.

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