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Old 11-19-2018, 05:43 PM
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Peter Bishop / Joshua Jackson #54:

Name – Joshua Carter Jackson
Date of Birth – 11 June 1978
Place of Birth – Vancouver, Canada
Hair – Brown
Eyes – Blue
Height – 6´2’’

Movie - Year - Role

Inescapable - 2012 - Paul
Lay the Favorite - 2012 - Jeremy
Pacey-Con - 2010 - Self
One Week - 2008 - Ben, Executive Producer
Shutter - 2008 - Ben
Battle in Seattle - 2007 - Randall
Bobby - 2006 - Wade
Aurora Borealis - 2005 - Duncan
Cursed - 2005 - Jake
Racing Stripes - 2005 - Sir Trenton's Pride
Americano - 2005 - Chris McKinley
Shadows in the Sun - 2005 - Actor
I Love Your Work - 2003 - John
The Safety of Objects - 2001- Paul Gold
The Laramie Project - 2002 - Matt Galloway
Cowboys and Idiots - 2002 - Earl Crest
Gossip - 2000 - Beau Edson
The Skulls - 2000 - Luke McNamara
Cruel Intentions - 1999 - Blaine Tuttle
Urban Legend - 1998 - Damon Brooks
Apt Pupil - 1998 -Joey
Ronnie & Julie - 1997 - Actor
D3: The Mighty Ducks - 1996 - Charlie Conway
Robin Junior - 1996 - John Prince, Jr.
Magic in the Water - 1995 - Joshua Black
Andre - 1994 - Mark Baker
D2: The Mighty Ducks - 1994 - Charlie Conway
Digger - 1993 - Actor
The Mighty Ducks - 1992 - Charlie Conway

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1) Because he is played by Joshua Jackson.
2) He is adorable.
3) He is handsome.
4) He has a way with words.
5) He waves his hands around when he talks.
6) He has the best one-liners.
7) He is not afraid to boldly go where no man has gone before.
8) He still gets grossed out by some of the stuff he sees.
9) He is loyal.
10) He can even make math sound sexy.
11) He can play the piano.
12) He rocks the just-out-of-bed look.
13) His eyes truly are the window to his soul.
14) He can MacGyver stuff with the best of them.
15) He believes that there must be another, better way.
16) He has an IQ of 190; he’s a genius.
17) He looks GREAT in a pea coat!
18) He looks HOT in a t-shirt!
19) He looks really badass in a bullet-proof vest.
20) He looks really good in an undershirt.
21) Because he ... oh, heck, he looks great.
22) Because even when he's "a massive pain in the ass," at least he's a funny, hot, massive pain in the ass.
23) Because as Lincoln says, Peter is very confident.
24) He IS the bridge to both universes.
25) He is important to the Fringe Mythology.

26) He got Olivia to say, "I love you" finally.
27) He brought more sanity and humanity to Walter.
28) He remembers to buy Walter's favorite candy.
29) Peter sacrificed himself for the people he loves.
30) Because he laughs and doesn't mind that Walter cooks naked on Tuesdays.
31) He IS a better man than both of his fathers.
32) Because half of the Fringe cases would never get solved without him.
33) He is smart AND sexy.
34) He saved two universes.
35) Because Peter took care of the man who kidnapped him and made him a better man.
36) Peter is a deeply flawed character.
37) He is OUR hero.
38) He is incredibly hot!
39) He is a man of action.
40) He wants to find his home.
41) Because a world without Peter doesn’t make any sense.
42) He’s fighting to get back to the people he loves.
43) He can bring back anything mechanical from the dead.
44) He keeps his people close and takes care of the ones he loves.
45) He can speak many different languages.
46) He wants to use his FBI credentials to get out of speeding tickets.
47) He knows how to handle a gun.
48) He can hold his own in a fight.
49) He went Badass on the Shapeshifters.
50) He is trying to find his place in the world.

51) He believes in hope.
52) Because even though he’s from Over There he chose Over Here as his home.
53) Because we will NEVER forget Peter. He is FOREVER in our hearts and our minds.
54) Because Peter will list every reason why he thinks something is a bad idea and then he’ll be right by your side when you decide to do it anyway.
55) Peter hates custard, but will eat it on his birthday for Walter.
56) Because while Peter may be smartest person in a room without Walter, he never makes you feel stupid.
57) Peter is secure enough in his self-image to drive around in his dad’s station wagon.
58) Peter is always willing to welcome a new face.
59) Because even though it might fundamentally change how you feel about him, Peter will respect you enough to tell you the truth.
60) He may have found his true calling at last- working with his father.
61) Because we like his glimmer.
62) He loves his “odd family unit” aka Olivia and Walter.
63) He knows who his real Dad is.
64) He always has a weird connection.
65) If we didn’t have Peter’s explanations we wouldn’t understand any of the sci-fi elements.
66) Because of his relationship with Walter.
67) He is good with kids.
68) He wants “a tribe of Bishops” with Olivia.
69) In the future he’s a hot, badass Fringe Agent.
70) Because we wouldn’t mind hallucinating and/or dreaming of him.
71) His eye!sex with Olivia. Enough said.
72) He knows how to do card tricks and coin tricks.
73) We like his MIT shirt.
74) He has his own theme/score.
75) There is only ONE Peter Bishop.

76) Josh is an amazing actor.
77) He is funny.
78) He is highly intelligent and eloquent.
79) He gives the best interviews.
80) He is the heart of the show.
81) Because of his amazing friendship and chemistry with John Noble.
82) Because "He is a true gentleman. I mean, a really amazing human being. He's a really really very kind person. Very generous." - Sebastian Roché @ Van Con 2011
83) He is goofy and adorable on set.
84) Because even a 2 second smile from Josh can melt our hearts.
85) Fringe isn’t the same without Josh/Peter.
86) Josh is as big a fan of Fringe as much as we are.
87) Josh wrote actual fanfiction (aka Beyond the Fringe Comic) and got paid for it.
88) Josh has nothing but praise for his co-workers.
89) And his co-workers have high praise for him also.
90) He is more Sci-Fi Geek than Teen Angst Geek.
91) He is always friendly, kind, and generous to Fringe Fans.
92) He has a great sense of humor.
93) He has the most gorgeous blue eyes!
94) He’s like fine wine, he gets better with age.
95) He loves talking about and discussing Fringe theories.
96) Josh makes leaning against walls/furniture sexy.
97) He doesn’t mind not having an alternate to play.
98) Because he makes a very compelling romantic interest.
99) Because he is “visually compelling”.
100) Because Joshua Jackson and Peter Bishop own our hearts and we regret nothing.


"If girls were going after me, I would not only admit it, but I would probably exaggerate about the swarming masses. I can flirt and have fun,
but at the end of the day, I'm not Tom Cruise. Girls are not falling all over me."

"I’m not really the type to wear my heart on my sleeve. I would let someone know if I liked them,
but it takes a while for me to fall in love."

"I'm more clumsy than slick when it comes to approaching girls. I wish I were slick!"

"I'm of the opinion that life doesn't always tie up neatly at the end of the episode."

"Most people call my style of dress slovenly, I call it extreme casual. If I didn't have a mother and a sister for the times
I do have to get dressed, I would be absolutely lost."

(how he looks at his future) "In an optimistic way: it's part of life and career, trying to move on, taking challenges on your job and solving personal problems.
I try to move on knowing that I can't always be successful and sometime I may fail.
My goal is to keep the non-success rate always lower that the success one."

"I love Vancouver. I can be with my family, I can reconnect with the guys. It will always be my home."

"Nobody criticizes the 'Mighty Ducks' trilogy and gets away with it. Nobody!"

"The anti-elitist values in America, I think, are very destructive to education."

"You know, at the end of the day, I can only be me. I could try to convince you that I'm Leonardo DiCaprio;
I could try to convince you that I'm Edward Norton; I could even try to convince you that I'm Julia Roberts. But I'm Josh.
And I don't want to spend my time projecting a false image."

"I think everybody--no matter what position you are in life you are always being tempted to stray from your own ideals, from your own path.
It's crucial that you don't wander--even though sometimes you succeed, and sometimes you fail. Given my own recent history,
I can tell you there is all kinds of pressure to join and be one of the crowd and to sacrifice what it is you believe.
It makes it much more difficult to walk your own path. But I think you have to try."

"I hate people saying anything stupid. I don’t really suffer fools very well at all. When people are acting like idiots,
not that I’m not guilty of doing the odd idiotic thing myself from time to time, but when people say stupid things,
it stresses me out. I have a pretty thick skin about people coming up to me and saying things to me when I’m out,
I don’t really mind that too much. but when people are just loud and annoying, it drives me crazy."

"I mean I'm not a grades-orientated person, I have no desire to be an A or B student, that's not what drives me.
But just learning in general. And going to school just to -- sit amongst, you know, a group of my peers and reap the
benefit of having 40 minds tackling a problem which means that you are inevitably going to have 40 different views on which way to do it.
And just learning from that. I think it's great."

"For me, the desire exists less to get myself a degree than to just go and have the whole college experience, and throw myself into the brain pool and see if I can swim."

Peter Bishop Facts... by Andrea (starg8fans)

Peter Bishop just being generally awesome
Mind's Eye - Peter Bishop
Peter Bishop- Hysteria
Peter Bishop - Monster [Fringe]
Peter Badass Bishop - Coming undone
Peter Bishop|| Come on now honey, bring it on yeah!
" anyone remeber me " -- Fringe
Remember the Name - Peter Bishop
Peter Bishop - "Somehow, that machine was made for me"
Peter...Fade Away
Peter Bishop - Sharp Dressed Man

Joshua Jackson Network • Your place for all things Joshua Jackson, star of Fringe
Joshua Jackson - IMDb

Joshua Jackson/Peter Bishop #1 - Cuz he's more SciFi geek then teen angsty geek
Joshua Jackson/Peter Bishop #2 - Because he'll play a little Gershwin for you
Joshua Jackson/Peter Bishop #3 -Because he can bring anything back from the dead
Joshua Jackson/Peter Bishop #4 - Because he really needs his own spinoff
Joshua Jackson/Peter Bishop #5 - Don't worry, He "knows a guy" to save the day!
Joshua Jackson/Peter Bishop #6 - "The future is a blank slate so why sit here and say, "I'm going to do x, y and z?"
Joshua Jackson/Peter Bishop #7 - Because he's from the other side!
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #8- Because we want to hallucinate him too!
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #9 - "I got to believe there's another way. There's always hope, right?"
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #10 - Because even a two second smile from Joshua Jackson can melt our hearts
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #11 - Because a world without Peter doesn't make any sense
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #12 - Because Peter can't NOT exist. It's just not possible.
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #13 - Because Josh will be back as Peter. It wouldn't be Fringe without him.
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #14 = Because on a scale from 1 to 10, he's an 11.
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #15 - Because Peter wants to come home!
Joshua Jackson/Peter Bishop #16: Peter may be alone in the world but WE still remember him!
Joshua Jackson/Peter Bishop #17: Because Peter will always belong in our Universe.
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #18 Because you have to like Peter before you can like the Peacoat.
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #19 "Because Peter has permission to call us "sweetheart" anytime".
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #20 "Because he is a better man than his fathers.
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #21 "You couldn't be fully erased because those who care about you wouldn't let you go."
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #22 "Because he is smart, noble, kind and a remarkable man."
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #23 "Because he keeps his people close and takes care of the ones he loves."
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #24: Because he is a true hero.
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #25: Because he doesn't need a gun to fight the bad guys.
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #26: B/C Josh would like to aspire to Peter's nobility & the sacrifices for love & family
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #27:"Because we still want to see a shirtless Peter enter the machine"
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #28: "Because Peter and razors are like chalk and cheese, they don't mix!"
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #29: "Because every fangirl wants Peter half-naked, dangerous and carrying a gun!"
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #30: Because "Peter is capable of anything, there's no situation that will overwhelm him."
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #31 - "A bad-ass Peter Bishop needs his scruff to avenge Etta's death".
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #32 - "Because he turned into an observer... Whoopsies!"
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #33 Because he's the sexiest Observer!
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #34: "Because we are happy he didn't lose his beautiful hair."
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #35: "Because "the beating heart of the story was always the family tale"
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #36: "Because the world is a darker place without our weekly fix of Josh on our TV screens."
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #37 - Because In every timeline there was a constant in Peter's life... the peacoat!
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #38: In the end Peter was the person we always wanted him to be: a husband, a father, a son
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #39: Because his journey is extraordinary.
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #40: Because we love him for his brain and every part connected to it.
Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson #41: Because sexy is just one part we love about him.
Peter Bishop / Joshua Jackson #42: Because Saving Universes is "HOT" Work
Peter Bishop / Joshua Jackson #43: Because a Peter-less episode just doesn't make sense to us!
Peter Bishop / Joshua Jackson #44: Because we need to relive every scene
Peter Bishop / Joshua Jackson #45: Because we enjoy Josh's continuing success
Peter Bishop / Joshua Jackson #46: Because the fact that he's left handed makes him very appealing
Peter Bishop / Joshua Jackson #47: Because he'll be forever in our dreams
Peter Bishop / Joshua Jackson #48: Because Joshua Jackson and Peter Bishop own our hearts and we regret nothing
Peter Bishop / Joshua Jackson #49: Because those blue eyes make us melt
Fringe - Peter Bishop / Joshua Jackson #50: Because we love the scruff and the peacoat too!
Fringe - Peter Bishop / Joshua Jackson #51: Because we're curious about what Josh does for fun
Peter Bishop / Joshua Jackson #52: Because Joshua Jackson will always be our favorite.


"She got the best of me, she broke my heart, all that's left of me is bleeding in this guitar. Every night a different town, she follows me around, so you get what's left of me"
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Oops, accidentally created 2 threads, I think this is the correct one

"She got the best of me, she broke my heart, all that's left of me is bleeding in this guitar. Every night a different town, she follows me around, so you get what's left of me"
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Thanks for the new one Mark
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</scorpion>Fringe The Mentalist
"You said you were sad that you'd never see the stars again" - Sylvester Dodd

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What title can we use?
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Any ideas?
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Not sure, might need to go looking for some
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TFTNT again!
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I'm not good with titles so I'll l ave you to that

"She got the best of me, she broke my heart, all that's left of me is bleeding in this guitar. Every night a different town, she follows me around, so you get what's left of me"
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His eyes are so blue

"She got the best of me, she broke my heart, all that's left of me is bleeding in this guitar. Every night a different town, she follows me around, so you get what's left of me"
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They are
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Peter Bishop / Joshua Jackson #54:

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Nice gifs
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