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Old 08-27-2018, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Ropetuned (View Post)
Yeah it's some pretty amazing stuff

Looking deeper into the thread it's sad seeing how many used to post on the board compared to now, seems like FF has lost a lot of traffic over the years
It is. I miss some of the really deep discussion.
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Old 09-23-2018, 04:26 PM
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A Succession of Events

More clues about the alternate universe:

The answers to the crossword puzzle found in William Bell's New York Post Newspaper.

FringeS2CrosswordAnswers.jpg (image)
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Old 09-23-2018, 04:55 PM
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World Trade Center

Fringe co-creators Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, along with former executive producer Jeff Pinkner, originally used the Twin Towers to imply that the alternate universe was somewhat more "hopeful" than this one.

"You only want to change something if there's a really good thematic reason to have it be different," Orci said in a group interview Thursday in Pasadena, Calif. "It can't just be 'red is blue' just for fun. Let it really resonate, because it's something major, like what you see in that paper. Things like, 'Oh my God, that's different.' We're trying to have the big events in history altered. So Kennedy's alive, the World Trade Center is standing, some of these things that are hopeful in a way, actually."

True, however, the wormhole tragedy (the East River Vortex) in 1990 which killed 165 people, half of them kids, as quoted by alternate Broyles in "Entrada", would replace the tragedy of 9/11 'over there' to an extent.

And the 1999 Madison Square Garden Midtown quarantine incident, which encased 10,000 people in quarantine amber, actually would have been a disaster much worse than 9/11.

Walternate waged war against our universe, not the alternate American people. He had the hawkish and vengeful attitude in the original timeline.

Walternate had a personal grudge against our universe for Walter stealing Peter and causing a rip between the two universes at Reiden Lake in 1985.

Most Americans in the alternate universe knew as much about our universe as we did of theirs - virtually nothing at all.

"Fringe" implied that only Walternate, Brandon Fayette, Thomas Newton, David Robert Jones, Fringe Division, William Bell, various shapeshifters, a few others that were in Walternate's inner circle, etc, knew of the existence of our universe 'over there' (Nina Sharp, Senator James Van Horn {shapeshifter}, etc, knew of the alternate universe 'over here').

It is uncertain that even alternate former president John F. Kennedy or alternate President Obama knew of the existence of our universe.

It appears that our universe was classified top secret information 'over there' as much as their's was 'over here'.

The Earth Protection Act of 1989 rezoned affected areas caused by The Blight ("Over There, Part 2").

The 1991 Peter Bishop Act authorized all kidnappings are to be treated as Fringe events until proved otherwise ("The Abducted").

However neither act mentioned anything about this universe.

Americans 'over there' were kept in the dark concerning what was really causing the deterioration of their world. This is what was making them angry.

In "One Night In October" our Olivia was concerned over telling civilians about the alternate universe when enlisting Professor John McClennan's help in capturing his serial killer alternate to which our Broyles replies that they don't tell him anything. Professor McClennan wouldn't have to know where he's been taken.

He eventually found out, however later suffered from partial memory loss (including Margery) and was unable to remember ever being involved in the case, meeting his alternate self or being in the alternate universe.

In this respect I agree that many alternate Americans were angry and mistrustful of the U.S. government much in the same way they were 'over here' after 9/11.

Add to that an alternate 9/11, which destroyed the White House and completely destroyed the Pentagon ("Jacksonville"), most likely caused by the hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 and American Airlines Flight 77, most likely ordered by an equally menacing yet more militaristic Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, and a 2009 'stock market crash', which closed Wall Street down for at least 21 days, and that most likely was caused in part by a global depression or recession as a result of The Blight (William Bell's alternate New York Post in "There's More Than One of Everything").

In addition an 'Aruba War', fought at some point which produced 'income-impaired' vets, ("The Plateau") and a similar economic system which caused 'income-impairedness', (G Street Shelter and Soup Kitchen - "Everything In Its Right Place") among other things. Doesn't seem very utopic!

The 'Amber Riots' of '06 in the Flatiron District of New York City was a prime example of this ("Back To Where You've Never Been").

It appears that alternate Americans felt that all of the Fringe Events and quarantines since 1985 (Harvard Yard, East River Vortex, Madison Square Garden, Harvard University, coffee and avocado rationing, near extinction of trees, proposed government legislation declaring people encased in quarantine amber legally dead, etc,) caused by The Blight were part of a government cover-up.

And it was ... to a certain extent.

Which led to the Amber Relief Fund.

Even in the altered timeline, construction of the bridge between the two universes was known by few.

In Walternate's speech to the alternate American public in "Everything In Its Right Place" originally airing on April 6, 2012, he only discloses that qoute:

"This is a turning point in our history. In the last week alone, eleven previously uninhabitable zones have been reopened. Our cities are healing. Our world is being restored. But the process will take time. So, as we celebrate this recovery, let us never forget those we've lost. Thank you, everyone."

The Bridge was stabilizing spatial rifts in the ambered areas without the alternate American public even knowing that it was the reason.

The Urban Reclamation Project: Getting The Amber Out project gave hope that places like Madison Square Garden in New York City and Harvard University in Boston were being deamborized and the people encased in quarantine amber there were being resuscitated.

The final scene of the Season 1 finale 'There's More Than One Of Everything' however is still the pivotal moment when everything changed, and we were "through the looking glass", so to speak. The images of the World Trade Center Twin Towers, still standing in 2009, in a New York City clearly not having been affected by the September 11, 2001 attacks, brought the point home.

The final shot in 'There's More Than One Of Everything' of the World Trade Center Twin Towers still standing in 2009 marked the turning point for "Fringe".

I consider it one of the most daring, provocative, bold and innovative scenes I have ever scene on "Fringe" as well as all of network broadcast television and I admire them for their ingenuity.

It took alot of guts for "Fringe" to incorporate the World Trade Center Twin Towers as the iconic symbols of the alternate universe into the storyline.

It could have backfired on them, but thankfully it did not.

I believe that "Fringe" handled the storyline with a great deal of tact and homage.

The Twin Towers angle truly established "Fringe" as one of the best sci-fi television series ever. Again, "Fringe" had guts. Can you imagine discussing their September 11 attacks with employees working in the the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, especially with the ones who were killed in our 9/11?

Unfortunately however, an alternate 9/11 did occur in the alternate universe ("Jacksonville"), thanks to "Fringe"'s Equal Mass Theory (at least before the altered timeline and The Bridge).

More than likely thousands died in Washington, D.C. when the Pentagon and the White House were completely destroyed, in place of the Twin Towers and the thousands who were not killed in New York City.

More than likely Flight 93 hit the White House.

More than likely Richard M. Nixon was killed in Dallas on November 22, 1963 in place of John F. Kennedy, who lived, which might be one reason he is so fondly remembered in the alternate universe.

However, in my alternate universe, 9/11 never happened at all, and nobody died, which in my opinion would be the best universe of all.

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