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Mayberry 05-15-2013 01:23 PM

Well, sheera just posted that the producers were going to have Max/Naomi and Liam/Annie end up together so I'm thinking the Liomi marriage was either terrible or fake.

sami95 05-15-2013 01:36 PM

This epsiode was so bittersweet. It was rushed, but I can't complain because I know that the writers were under limited time. But I watched 90210 4ever afterwards and it made me feel so much better because this cast is absolutely perfect. :in_love: I love how their personalities mesh so well!

One thing though - I'm finally convinced about who's to blame for the show going downhill. The writers. Olsen and Carr gave off this vibe that made me think that their only interests were throwing random crap story lines together because they seemed "exciting". If Sinclair would have stayed, I honestly don't think the show would have been cancelled.

On a positive note, I really do wish our cast a happy and successful career and I've loved watching. :D :hug:

Chastidy 05-15-2013 01:48 PM

Yeah I have to admit that Olsen and Carr were awful. Plus they were older and there plots aka Silver's baby plot fail were more suitable for older characters, not 20 year old girls.

Kirshner wasn't young but I couldn't see her inflicting the baby plot upon us.

Forwood4Bamon 05-15-2013 03:27 PM

I liked liomi and all, but I thought lannie was better, so glad they ended the show that way.

James26 05-16-2013 06:41 AM


Originally Posted by sami95 (Post 69580250)
One thing though - I'm finally convinced about who's to blame for the show going downhill. The writers. Olsen and Carr gave off this vibe that made me think that their only interests were throwing random crap story lines together because they seemed "exciting". If Sinclair would have stayed, I honestly don't think the show would have been cancelled.

Completely agree with this.

I got the impression that Olsen and Carr were largely unaware and unconcerned when it came to viewers and how they felt -- hence all the break-ups and absurd decisions.

One of them even said that she didn't think anyone anticipated a Dixon/Adrianna pairing. I guess she hadn't heard of the Internet when that couple got together.

I still think it was ridiculous how Annie barely cared about getting shot and almost dying ("Bad things are going to happen in our lives"), and even more ridiculous how her parents were barely mentioned as knowing about it, if they were at all.

Bottom line: I simply don't think that Carr and Olsen are good storytellers, and I wouldn't bring them aboard a show. I do think this series had its moments, though.

Forwood4Bamon 05-16-2013 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by James26 (Post 69593198)
Completely agree with this.

I got the impression that Olsen and Carr were largely unaware and unconcerned when it came to viewers and how they felt -- hence all the break-ups and absurd decisions.

One of them even said that she didn't think anyone anticipated a Dixon/Adrianna pairing. I guess she hadn't heard of the Internet when that couple got together.

I still think it was ridiculous how Annie barely cared about getting shot and almost dying ("Bad things are going to happen in our lives"), and even more ridiculous how her parents were barely mentioned as knowing about it, if they were at all.

Bottom line: I simply don't think that Carr and Olsen are good storytellers, and I wouldn't bring them aboard a show. I do think this series had its moments, though.

:nod: word on this.

James26 05-25-2013 11:30 PM


Originally Posted by Chastidy (Post 69577967)
Annie and Liam getting engaged was forced as hell. If anything I thought it should have been Navid and Ade but I'm glad Annie got her happy ending. Even though Liam absolutely did not deserve to get the girl.

I looked at it this way: Their break-up in S4 was ridiculously forced and unrealistic to begin with (Carr and Olsen tried to undo three seasons of development in three episodes), so...

I'm glad they were happy in the end, though fans shouldn't have had to wait so long.


Originally Posted by Chastidy (Post 69577967)
Loved the final scene with Dixon and Annie, so sweet.

Completely agree. It was important for them to have a moment, and it was a nice one.

Forwood4Bamon 05-26-2013 05:42 AM

I'm glad they had that last moment.

Alexa 12-27-2015 03:11 PM

Finished my rewatch! Personally i loved the finale. :)

There were a few things i didn't like...
- Jordan and Naomi getting back together. They should have just ended it when she broke it off with him. Jordan being there at the end was kind of annoying.
- No resolution to what caused the explosion but I'm gonna say it was just an accident. Maybe had the show continued it would have been Campbell or Patrick.
- No last Adrianna/Naomi scene. They were one of my favorite friendships.
- Lack of major characters. No Ivy? No Debbie? We could have at least gotten mentions.
- Silver having cancer. The phonecall is something they easily could have changed to say she was negative for. But I guess all the stuff after would have been difficult to change. And considering how much Silver annoyed me throughout the series in a way I felt it was almost character justice.

but those were all minor details imo. There were a lot of things i did love.

Really liked all the last "moments" in the episode. The Annie/Naomi moments were fantastic. As my favorite friendship they got a lot of great stuff through the seasons. And Naomi was the same as she always was, but it was hilarious. Loved their last scene by the plane where Naomi says she got through all the tough stuff because of her friends. And I was really glad that Silver and Adrianna made up as well. Even Annie/Ade got a cute last moment. And Annie/Silver had a good last scene where Silver gives her advice. Anddddd we got a silver/annie/naomi hug which was sweet. And good final moment with dixon/annie. I felt like all the major friendships were touched on.

The silver/dixon moments were sweet. I llove that dixon encouraged her to keep fighting. it left us with a little bit of hope at least for her storyline. I was glad they didnt get back together, it would have felt like too much with the other pairings but its great they got those last scenes.

We get a small max mention and Annaylnnes youtube ending with them getting back together was pretty funny/cute and ill accept that as part of the real show. haha.

Loved Navid rescuing Adrianna and all their adorable moments in the episode. I wish they hadn't been secluded the entire episode though but at least at the end we got a scene with the other characters.

Loved that Liam was worried for Annie. Loved that he finally read the book. Sydney really wasn't that bad and seemed nice enough. It was sweet when she told him to read it. Him riding up on the bike was as little cheesey but at least they finally got back together. and i love that they had the last moment on the show. great coda song. It was a tiny bit awkward that Naomi was there but oh well, it was still cute. :lol: I do like the three of them so I was okay with it.

the retrospective was super adorable too!

Chastidy 01-07-2016 02:06 PM

Jordon was such a nobody in the show so it's annoying he featured so heavily toward the end. I also wanted Naomi to end the series single as I always thought that was when she was at her strongest.

Alexa 01-29-2016 09:20 PM

yeah me too! that would have been best! and the sad thing is that they DID break up but then they freaking put them back together. UGH WHY

Chastidy 01-30-2016 06:57 AM

I guess they felt it would be a happier ending to have her with a man :rolleyes:

Mayberry 02-04-2016 07:36 PM

Previously on 90210….Liam cancelled his trip since he couldn’t find a stuffed koala in Sydney, Ade freaked out when the fireworks stopped being pretty, and when Dixon realized he lost his chance at a decent plot in this episode, he realized his life was a pity. One more review!

Annie’s surrounded by a bunch of ambulances, worried that Liam started this whole mess by putting his finger into a light socket. Dixon runs onto the scene because he’s terrified of large vehicles ever since the accident. Frantic, Annie vows that she won’t go on her book tour until she knows there were no puppies in there that needed good homes. Ever since Debbie and Harry ditched him when his half-mangled body was in the hospital, Dixon knows the value of a good home. See, Dixon’s quite aware that if he got trapped in the wreckage, nobody would I.D. him and Mark would show up just to take a whiz on his half-bro. The only person who truly cares about him, Annie, realizes that Ade was on stage when the place went up in flames. The spirits of old singers hate Adrianna’s drippy music. Dixon mentions that Navid went in there too. I haven’t talked to Navid in ages, says Annie. Didn’t he have a crush on me for like four seconds?? We have to save that lovesick puppy! Dixon takes her arm, unable to tell her that Navid’s back into that little songbird Adrianna, and more unable to tell her that Liam started this whole fiery fiasco. The childproof covers Annie used for the sockets didn’t work. Liam thought it was a happy face and tried to dig up it nose.
Naomi’s on the phone complaining that this show never gave her a decent love interest. Snore-dan enters on cue to tell him that his mother canned him. Naomi doesn’t understand the word “can” unless there’s caviar involved. Snore-dan wants to know what Naomi sacrificed for his sister The Palmer. A load of decent scenes, a chance to have a happy ending, and that Tablet they always try to foist on our viewers, lists Naomi. Now get out of my face so I can have some quality time with the full-time cast! “We can’t be together? My mom’s the worst!” cries Snore-dan. Naomi thinks of several worse moms, who’ve all been on this show. “Jump on a private jet to Cabo like normal people.” Ha, Naomi’s already thinking of places where she’ll tan her heart out. That’s how normal people get over heartbreak – tanning. Except Adrianna…she tans when she’s miserable thanks to Silver. Naomi basically calls Snore-dan a failure because his own mom won’t hire him back. That’s not true, argues Snore-dan. When did you get fired, asks Naomi. Mother’s Day, replies Snore-dan. Naomi throws up her hands and uses her nails to secure a jet to Cabo. Annie will come along since the plan needs to be pushed by people with good credit scores. Dixon calls Naomi. Annie’s stuck in L.A. trying to give blood to accident victims. If Annie’s light-headed while she’s pushing my jet…….ugh. Naomi tells Dixon to give up his blood instead. Dixon agrees since he’ll get some punch and cookies. Or he’ll get punched while eating cookies. The writers would do that.
Wallaby Way Sydney finishes reading Annie’s book. She thought it was the Wizard of Oz at first since it’s about a girl from Kansas who takes up with a guy that doesn’t have a brain. Liam is Annie’s scarecrow. Of course he didn’t really read Annie’s book. Liam’s still looking for the puppet in the middle of the book. He asks Wallaby Way Sydney if the dish ran away with the spoon. I like walking utensils. He starts digging for a teaspoon. You Brits drink tea, right? She reminds him that we’re going to Australia, you twit. My passport’s in here with some children’s cough syrup and dinosaur band-aids, recalls Liam. But I feel like I’m leaving something behind. It’s your brain, which you’ve left around for five seasons, Liam. Wallaby Way Sydney asks if he’s having second thoughts. I just usually have one, says Liam. Should my passport have peanut butter on it? Airport Driver arrives because Wallaby Way Sydney called Uber. He explains that there was an explosion downtown. Liam’s face falls. The smiley face! It was spitting fire! I made him mad since I didn’t sign those papers! I have to make peace with Smiley Face! Wallaby Way Sydney says she’ll keep Uber guy company while Liam checks on his friends. I would but I forgot their names, admits Liam. Wallaby Way Sydney considers her life choices.
Oh, if Liam only knew the chaos he’s wrought. People with bruises and wrapped up limbs limp around. The best medicine is the producers telling them that there won’t be a season 6. That’s when they cheer up and steal Dixon’s cookies. Naomi, Dixon, and Annie run into a triage center that’s fresh out of Nabisco. Naomi says it’s insane how the hot doctors haven’t noticed her already. Navid’s on a gurney by himself since he tried to pick a fight about Obamacare. Dixon says he’s never been more happy to see someone alive…because Navid owes him fifty dollars. Navid holds up his cast to show that he can’t reach his pocket. Dixon digs around in Navid’s pockets while the rest of them talk. He needs money for his own Uber home, man! Annie asks if Navid is still cocoo bananas over her. Navid says he’s only got eyes for cocoo bananas women like Adrianna. Where is that off-the-rails chick? I think I own her, but I’ve got no idea, answers Dixon. He slips out a fifty as Navid rolls out of bed. The Only Important Firefighter shares with Navid that there’s still people trapped in the debris. Navid demands that they listen for any singing, especially if it sounds desperate. The Only Important Firefighter says alright but Navid better buy him some noise-cancelling headphones after all this is over with. Three hours for the all-clear? Nope, says Navid. I’m braving the unknown to save my wannabe Mariah Carey. Navid’s gonna make it happen…he’s gonna make it happen. Dixon stops him briefly. I need a tip. Navid hits Dixon’s head with a penny. When Dixon falls down, like we all do according to the title, Naomi drags him to the blood donation booth.
As anonymous people yell at Navid to stop, he runs into the auditorium. The lights flash and the metal creaks. He hears one thing…..Adrianna trying to sing the 90210 theme.
All this happened before the theme credits. True story. I really won’t miss the credits. That’s like missing a recycling bin you thought you had.
Silver has a thing for hot firemen (which explains the auction) and arrives at the same time as her last conquest Liam. What’s going on, asks Liam. There’s fire and no marshmallows. Silver doesn’t care to entertain him. She has her own problems, namely that she called Adrianna a foul word and Liam’s fouling up her chances for a steamy night at the fire station. Liam orders Silver to stay positive – if this was the work of Puff the Magic Dragon, he’ll put out the fire. He believes that the woman who read him that story is on a passing gurney. No, it’s not Annie. Where’s Annie with his warm milk and Snuggie? That selfish little storyteller. Silver smells Dixon’s scent. He’s woozy, willing and yummy, realizes Silver. She’s got a winner for her fire station tryst! But then Dixon wants to find the fire chief. Secure that station, orders Silver. Dixon shrugs and Silver’s positive that she worked her magic without a dragon.
Navid weaves through the murky plumbing just like Mario. All he needs is a red plummer’s hat and overalls. He must save Princess Ade from the dark lair of One Hit Wonders. I set fire to the rain, Navid’s my hero even though I’m insane, sings Ade. I know those amateur lyrics, anywhere, realizes Navid. Ade’s the prettiest unconscious person ever, singing in her sleep. Navid’s just happy he hasn’t met Bowser yet. Sparks fly as Navid crawls toward a panicked Adrianna. We didn’t start the fire, sings Ade lowly. It was always burning since Liam never tried learning….Adrianna finally stops singing when she hears Navid’s squeals of anguish. His tailored pants are ruined. Get over her, rich boy! I’m dying, yells Adrianna. He’s finally found the princess who steals songs and pretends they’re hers. Navid wonders aloud if Javier’s ghost is down here. Adrianna says that he was, called her fat, and he trapped her leg under a board for good measure. That scoundrel! Navid starts moving bricks and boards …he’s in Super Mario mode! He just needs a star or mushroom to fly over to Adrianna’s spot. He finds the star, reaches Adrianna, and kisses her forehead. Awwww, now they can beat Bowser together. A board comes crashing down. Bowser’s on his way. He eats nerds for lunch, and opening acts for dessert. Navianna’s doomed!
Dixon catches up with The Only Important Firefighter, revealing that Navid was stupid enough to go into the building. I bet he was in your group because your group seems to be full of stupid people, says the Only Important Firefighter. Naomi slits his throat with a credit card. The Only Important Firefighter collapses on the gurney with that Not Annie Girl. They fall in love. That’s more love than Naomi will ever get. Navid calls Dixon from SuperMarioWorld. Dixon asks if they’re alright but Adrianna wants to sing him something from her next demo. Hello from the inside, sings Adrianna. I must’ve stolen Adele’s rhymes. I’m sorry but they’re too good to miss, and I’m sorry that you have to hear this. This sounds awfully familiar to Tristan…I mean, Dixon. Navid looks at Adrianna with love. It must be hard to steal melodies with your leg trapped and everything. The Only Important Firefighter got his throat repaired, and Not Annie’s certain there’s a baby on the way for them. It was a quick lovefest. The Only Important Firefighter lectures Navid. You’re stupid because you’re stupid and I hate stupid people, you stupid. Navid starts to cry. Luigi never gets chewed out. You might die, unless you find a raccoon tail to be Super Mario, says The Only Important Firefighter. Navid hangs up on him. He assures Adrianna that everything’s fine, hugs her, and writes a will behind her back. Naomi gets his designer clothes; Annie gets an assortment of conversation candy hearts; Liam gets all his childhood toys; Dixon gets his swag (in other words, nothing); Silver gets some cologne to remember him by; Adrianna gets to be buried next to him, with her head resting on an amp instead of a cushion. Adrianna wants to know why this hug’s taking so long. I thought we were about to have sex, replies Navid. Outside, Naomi wonders why these poor people are taking so long to rescue her friends. Dixon says they have to wait until Navid’s conquered all eight levels. But Navid’s not even getting to second base tonight….let’s be real.

It’s morning and Naomi’s complaining again…..none of her rich friends want to help Navid and Adrianna. One’s a nerd and the other’s a nutjob. Seriously, how would that look to other people? I’m going to save them, promises Naomi. I was almost their godmother, and I don’t want Ade to go back to flashing frat boys. This is true charity. Naomi tosses a bagel at Annie…this is also charity since Annie’s missing pastries in Paris for all this junk. Nobody pays attention to Dixon reuniting a mother with his son, the only true charitable act, except for Naomi and Annie. Don’t steal my shine, yells Naomi. She decides to do her own good deeds. I have to buy water for everyone but not that cheap water that’s sold in stores…I mean, the mineral water that deers don’t drink because they know it’s for wealthy people. Deers are ever so sweet, coos Annie. Bye Felicia, mutters Naomi. Silver enters to shell Annie’s product. She appreciates Annie’s book because it’s smut. Annie glances over at Liam, the object of her smut. Silver wants the info….is she still into that or not? Because she can have Liam any time anywhere if Annie’s not willing. Jeepers creepers, I’m not sure. Is it the right thing to stop him from going to see koalas and kangaroos? They’re ever so special, says Annie. You need to jump on him like a kangaroos, advises Silver. Well, I never, exclaims Annie. Silver tells Annie to go for that happy ending. Annie pictures her and Liam riding into the sunset in a kangaroo pouch.

Navid just found a trifling granola bar for Ade since a princess has got to eat. If she doesn’t die from being squashed, she’ll die from out-of-date health food. My voice was still changing when I bought that, remembers Navid. You were twelve, wonders Adrianna. No, I was twenty, says Navid. Navid claims he’s macho for rescuing Ade. We’re still down here, babe, sighs Adrianna. Adrianna feeds Navid the old granola bar. It’s made of raisins, nuts, and lint. The lint’s fresh at least. Navid apologizes for saying that he didn’t think she’s changed. I have, from an actress to a singer to a waitress to a songwriter, replies Ade. All before the show was over! Navid’s impressed. He likes a girl without a stable job and with unrealized dreams. Navid strokes that Teen Mom leg. He wants some slow kisses and fast action. They were almost married after all! Awww, Navid being chivalrous by putting his jacket around Ade. Ade’s thankful that Michaela wasn’t down here because she’s enjoying the grodey granola bar. Navid shares that Michaela lost Silver’s baby. He also lost Yoshi so they have to share Dixon’s Uber.
Annie wants to know….she really truly unbelievably wants to know why Liam put his finger in that outlet. Liam confesses….he knew it would get Annie concerned about him. He’s going to book another flight using Annie’s book. This depresses Annie because in all her time with him, he hasn’t gotten any smarter. How will he survive in Australia? Since you’re moving to Paris, will you be a mime, inquires Liam. No but I’m not talking to you, anymore. Instead Annie walks by Silver and tells her her advice sucks. Silver advises Annie to write more smut.
It wouldn’t be the final episode of 90210 without a last-minute, slightly unbelievable Naomi event but the writers didn’t disappoint. Naomi’s Rescue Relief event is a go! Good thing too since I think Naomi’s used up all her money by now. Naomi hands out T-shirts without touching any of the middle-class peeps. She gives one to Annie to use as a cloth to wipe down her car. Annie plays conscience and encourages Naomi to make the event about the victims. Please, with goody gumdrops on top of your three-story mansion, says Annie. Naomi dismisses her and interrupts Last-Minute Reporter. Navid and Adrianna need your support; that triangle made them both look bad and I need to get them married so Ade will move out. Imagine hearing the Imagine Dragons every day in your hallway! Help me, people who make less than six figures! Help! She got the Goo-Goo Dolls! Sweeet! I love them, and Adrianna has yet to beg them to be their opening act. Naomi wanders off and tells her conscience Annie to shut up. If she was really her Jiminy Cricket, she wouldn’t be going to Paris! She’d be taking her back to her father after partying on Pleasure Island. Annie considers doing this.
It’s time for a five-minute forgiveness session. I don’t know what to think of Silver-Ade making up but I’ll take it. This was obviously rushed closure, but at least the two Jessicas put their hearts into it. The boy is mine, ends Adrianna. Even though you broke us up, a duo I would love, just like Brandy and Monica. No, yells Silver sharply. She receives another call from Dr. Brooks so she can save her ears from Adrianna’s pleading. Okay, I have a huge problem with any doctor who tells you you have cancer over the phone. I’m not sure if they couldn’t fit in an office scene or what, but it’s just terrible. I’ll just say that and move on.
Heh, I forgot Prince Michael was in this episode. He’s almost normal. Prince Michael says that he was being a Smooth Criminal while listening to Adrianna, when all of a sudden something BAD happened. Does Silver REMEMBER THE TIME when the explosion occurred? That was a THRILLER. Silver hits her forehead repeatedly. First the call, now this? The paparazzi knocked Prince Michael down and he got BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR. Silver can’t take anymore and walks over to Dixon. It’s THE WAY HE MAKES HER FEEL. I’ve never heard Dixon call Silver “Sil.” Makes her sound like a window. Silver tells Dixon to LEAVE ME ALONE.
Liam brings in the wealthy bottled water from Naomi. Dixon insinuates that Liam should apologize to Annie. Liam says he is sorry for taking the spoons but why is Annie so butthurt about it? You’re her superhero, reminds Dixon. How’d he find out about his audition for Arrow? Liam grabs a bandage from a wounded man to use as a mask. He must save Annie from Paris! The Eiffel Tower’s pointy and you’re not supposed to touch pointy stuff!
The Goo Goo Dolls drank the fancy water so they’re in a great mood as they play Naomi’s party…I mean, rescue relief event. I always hope that we’d intersect, yeah, Adrianna sings along. Especially after I sent that Silver sext, yeah. I went to prom where I was your reject, yeah. But two years later, I got back your respect, yeah. Navid kisses Adrianna so his ear drums won’t bleed anymore. This song’s pretty awesome, too awesome for this show. Navid whines that the Goo Goo Dolls are too awesome for him as well when Adrianna smells gas. It was that funky granola bar, covers Navid. No, it’s real gas and Navianna’s in the thick of it. If it’s a gassy fireball, Navid can use it to smash the rest of the debris away.
But Dixon shares that there’s an actual gas leak. Silver surmises that Adrianna’s singing sucked up all the good oxygen. Navianna’s going to pass out really soon if they don’t get to them in time. Naomi’s concert is blocking them. Her whole plan’s backfiring and Ade will haunt Naomi from the grave with karaoke versions of mediocre songs.
Jiminy Annie yells for Naomi to stop the concert. Naomi won’t at first until Annie tells her that Prince Michael threatened to sue her. He saw his dad Michael at the bottom of his wealthy water bottle, a MAN IN THE MIRROR. Michael Jackson wants Naomi to change her ways. Naomi can’t argue with a ghost that’s richer than hers. The concert stops now!
Adrianna’s panicking. She can’t sing anymore because of the gas and singing gives her life. Navid tells her that breathing does that and Adrianna calms down. They’re thinking about their future. One of Navianna’s best scenes. They don’t want to wait; they just want to get a fireplace, a copy of Juno, and to adopt all the puppies Annie’s rescued. In short, Mario and Princess Toadstool want a happy ending. The firefighters defeat Bowser. Yayyyy, they will be just fine. Until Super Mario 2, that is!
Annie congratulates Naomi on being a good person. What about wonderful, fantastic, beautiful, suggests Naomi. I used all the big words for my smut, admits Annie. Snore-dan and Mama Givens arrive to lavish praise on Naomi. Mama Givens invites Naomi to meet the Emperor. I’m richer than him, but okay, says Naomi. Snore-dan and Naomi resume their relationship, at least until they get to D.C. Then she’ll drop him to get with a senator that can buy her her own country.
Wallaby Way Sydney notices that Old Salty’s signature is nowhere to be found. Liam confesses that he’s been thinking about Annie’s perky self all night. Maybe she’s a fairy that cast a spell on me. She’s tiny enough, like Tinkerbell. Wallaby Way Sydney finally get s that Liam is an idiot. She’ll find Nemo herself. That hurts but Liam still’s got that application in at Monsters University. Liam begins to read Annie’s book, searching everywhere for pictures. There’s a picture of Annie in the book jacket. Why does a book need a jacket? Wait, does that mean Annie wrote this?
Navid insists Adrianna’s stuck with him. Yay, praises Adrianna, as the firefighters cut through the debris. I’ve got a permanent audience!
Silver stares at pill bottles, wondering if Adrianna’s changed so much that she won’t take them. Dixon suggests Silver try adoption. You might wind up with someone like me. This elicits tears from Silver. But she’s scared since she’s sick. This cancer storyline needed to be….I don’t know, at the beginning of the season? Ugh. Dixon comforts Silver in a beautiful way. He insists they’re both survivors. I’ll say. They’ve survived...what, about eighteen bad plots? Silver says she’d be glad to have a son like Dixon. Let’s just hope they don’t meet a Sasha or start a bad record company or get hit by a bus! There’s only one Dixon, ya’ll.
After Ade’s pulled out, the building shakes around Navid. Bowser’s looking for one last chomp. Luckily, Mario’s only got a few bruises. They’re wheeled out. Navid asks Adrianna to be his Luigi. They will fight every battle together, whether there’s accompanying music or not. Adrianna tells Annie to go to Paris…there’s some musicals she’s trying out for and she doesn’t need Annie to muck it up for her again. Snore-dan says their jet’s waiting. Navianna begins to go off in a truck. Naom tells them to have a lot of sex because Navid might not get it otherwise and she still wants to be a godmother.
I don’t really buy that Silver wants Lannie back together so badly, but whatever. There’s five minutes left. Annie says she’s going to the Eiffel Tower alone since Liam would probably try to slide down the tower once they reached the top. Awww, a last Annie/Dixon moment. The show remembered they were part of the heart of the series….about time! Dixon says that Annie reared him, and he’s forgotten their parents’ name. Annie promises to send him care packages. Paris has a lot of cookies.
After Silver schedules her surgeries, Liam staggers in. He’s too late to talk to Annie. But superheroes are never late, screams Liam. You better fly next to her airplane then, sighs Dixon. Liam darts off, using a hospital blanket as a cape. Naomi, Annie, and Snore-dan strut to their jet. Naomi halts Annie. She really does have to push the plane. Annie breaks down. Naomi changes her mind. Get in, says Naomi. I’ll get a few randoms to do it. Randoms do anything for me.
It’s Liam! He’s arrived just in time, of course. He’s riding a motorcycle because he realized he couldn’t fly after about ten minutes. His motorcycle follows Annie’s plane on the runway. Snore-dan labels Liam an idiot for chasing the airplane. That’s the only useful thing Snore-dan’s ever said. Annie looks out. It’s Liam. He’s being Super-man and he’s got a ring. She disembarks to hear Liam’s plea. I’m sorry about the outlet and my dummy ways and for putting your stamps on my butt. But I love you because no matter how stupid I act, you tell me I’m a smarty pants. Will you be a smarty pants and marry me? Annie accepts his proposal. He needs her in her life…or else he’s going to be dead in a week. Everyone celebrates, including Navianna and Sixon. They will no longer fear for Liam’s life. Lannie rides off into the sunset and into a ditch.
Well, like I said earlier, this was pretty good for a rushed finale. The actors did what they could, and so did the writers. Since the board is closing, I’d like to give some last minute advice to all the characters (who I love despite my wacky reviews).

Annie: Stay optimistic. Wear stripes. Watch Liam.
Adrianna: Hold onto your dreams and Navid. Stop throwing pills away. Go back to acting and I’ll give you cupcakes.
Silver: You’re best with Dixon. Film everything. Let Naomi pick out your outfits.
Navid: Treat Ade right. Feed Bernstein the iguana. Don’t go into business with Liam.
Dixon: Always smile. Don’t make dunderhead mistakes. Meet Silver wherever she wants.
Naomi: Find happiness. Do your thing. Stop throwing parties before you’re broke.
Liam: Read a book other than Annie’s. If a chick seems crazy, she probably is. Never brew beer again.
Teddy and Ivy: Nice knowing you. Missed ya.
I will miss you guys and the show. Loved reviewing it the past few years.

Always, May

Chastidy 02-07-2016 07:21 AM

Love you May :love:

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