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Sincerely, Me. 09-15-2011 10:44 PM

Roommates {Annie+Naomi} #6: We agree with Annie and Naomi, Love Sucks!

6 ; SIX threads
Annie Wilson & Naomi Clark {the roommates}
Our story begins when sophomore Annie Wilson first moves to Beverly Hills. She meets fellow classmate Naomi
Clark during English class and Naomi is asked to show Annie around the school. Naomi is hesistant at first, but the
two soon bond and become friends. That friendship is short lived when Naomi "borrows" a paper from Annie for
class, and the two part ways. Their friendship is rekindled when Annie reaches out to Naomi. Naomi immediately
recognizes her kindness and invites Annie to go with her and the girls to Homecoming. The two have a great time
and over the next few weeks, the two remain great friends. Unfortunately, it all comes crashing down when Naomi
realizes that Annie is seeing her ex-boyfriend behind her back. So when Naomi hooks up with Annie's ex in an
attempt to get back at her, everything comes to a head. Once again, the girls friendship is ripped apart and the two
lead seperate lives. But when Ethan and Annie's relationship fizzles out, Annie gives a heartfelt apology to Naomi
for everything that she's done and the two make amends. Their friendship is at its peak for the rest of the season.
That is, until prom night when Naomi finds Annie's wrap in a room with Liam and assumes the worst. Naomi ends
their friendship for the last time and a distraught Annie leaves the party in tears.

The second season starts and Naomi and Annie are in two completely different places. Naomi is having the time of
her life, while Annie struggles with the events of last year. Once back at school Annie attempts to convince Naomi
yet again that she did not sleep with Naomi's crush Liam, but Naomi refuses to believe her. The two overcome a
few more ups and downs until Naomi finally learns the truth, that Annie in fact did not sleep with Liam, but that it
was her sister Jen. Naomi immediately calls Annie to apologize for what she put her through, but Annie keeps her
distance. Naomi continues to reach out to Annie and the two slowly move past their issues. As the season comes to
a close, their friendship, though not as strong as it once was, is on the way to recovery.

When season three began, Naomi and Annie had returned from their summer vacations vowing to start over.
Everything between them ran smoothly, and their friendship became stronger then it ever was. Annie, not wanting to
hurt Naomi a second time, made sure to halt her progress with Liam, so as not to upset her friend. But Naomi kindly
gave them her blessing and these two were able to stay friends. Both girls still had their fair shair of drama, but luckily,
it wasn't with one another. When Annies cousin Emily came to town and stirred the pot, there was a brief
miscommunication between the two, but nothing that their friendship couldn't overcome. Emily was exposed and their
friendship was once again repaired. Annie and Naomi finished out their senior year with no issues and we await season 4
to see what changes will arise.

Season 4 starts with Naomi and Annie on great terms. Naomi buys a mansion and invites Annie to live with her, which
Annie accepts. The two join sorority’s and Annie goes as far as spying on Naomi’s nemesis to help her out. Later in the
season Naomi meets a man named PJ through Annie and soon after Noami and PJ become engaged. Naomi even asks
Annie to be her maid of honor. But when Annie finds out that PJ has a wedding clause (which states he will gain
access to his inheritance if he marries before he’s a certain age) she tells Naomi immediately about it and the
wedding falls through. The season ends with the two closer than ever and things are only looking up in season 5.

In the final season of the show, the bond between Annie and Naomi grows even stronger still. Naomi, after marrying
her high school love Max, is having issues with Max’s business parter and Annie is there for her when she vents. Annie
continues to be there for her and the two are still living together well into the season. Annie is also supportive of Naomi
through her troubles with Max. When Annie ends up in the hospital she dreams about what life would have been like
had she never moved to Beverly Hills and even in her dream world her and Naomi manage to find each other and
become immediate friends. Halfway through the season Naomi gets into contact with Mark, their shared half brother,
and it causes tension between the two, Annie not wanting to upset Dixon with the news. But when Annie realizes
Dixon is okay with Mark being in their lives, she encourages Mark to get to know Naomi, offering kind words about
her. There are a few ups and downs with the newest arrival but Annie and Naomi continuously find ways to
work things out. They come to realize that the reason they’ve always fought so much is because they “like sisters”
and their relationship with one another is very different than their relationships with anyone else. Naomi admits she’d
feel much worse loosing Annie over Mark. Later Annie writes a tell all book bout her life anonymously and Naomi
is the one to encourage her to come forward, reminding Annie that her book is something to be proud of and that
Annie owning who she is is an inspiration to all women. In the series finale of the show, they share some sweet
last moments together and when Naomi see’s that Annie’s upset about her love life she encourages Annie to fly
to Paris and start a new chapter in her life. Annie agrees and the two have one last heart to heart as the series comes
to a close. Naomi reminds Annie that she got through the tough times in her life because of Annie and their friends.
The very last scene of the show depicts the two sisters celebrating together.
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Because we'd rather they be friends than enemies.
Because their rivalry makes the show enteraining.
Because they have the same taste in guys.
Because their height difference is adorable.
Because Naomi befriended Annie the moment she got to Bevery Hills.
Because they're more alike then they think.
Because they are both "bad girls" with a heart.
Because they share the same group of friends.
Because Annie let Naomi move in with her when she needed it.
Because Naomi bought Annie an outfit. Twice!
because they share a brother.
because Naomi tried extra hard to protect her from Jasper.
because Annalynne loves working with Shenae!
because "boyfriends come and go, but friends, they stick together!"
because they are beverly buddies!
because "youve only ever been really nice to me"
because annie will be there for her "anytime"
because "you stuck by me when I was down and out. "
because naomi loves giving annie dating advice!
because they are closer than ever.

{our Favorites}
S E A S O N 1;

R: This is Annie, she's new here.
A: Hi.
R: I figured you might, show her around. You know, sort of like
a... Beverly Buddy.


N: My boyfriend isn't my boyfriend anymore. My parents are
getting divorced. It's been a fun month!

A: If there's anything that I can do, I don't really know what to
say, but...

N: Thank you. You know, you've only ever been really
nice to me.

A: Anytime.

N: Forgive us, we don't exactly censor here.
A: Oh, um, it's fine. It's like sisters.

A: Okay, who was that?
N: That was my detention buddy. He's a smart ass.
A: With a hot ass.
N: That sounds like something I would say!

A: You don't think there's any way you could be friends with
Adrianna again?

N: It's just like I said. There's too much drama, you know?
I just don't need that anymore. That's why I like you.
You're so...

A: Boring?
N: No. Stable. I really wanna be your friend Annie. I know I
haven't acted like it. But I do.

A: I would really like that.


S: Hey Naomi, do you want to have a slumber party at my house
tonight? Kelly's out of town and we've gotta take advantage.

N: A slumber party? How retro of you. What are you gonna do,
braid each others hair and put on face masks?

A: Well, you don't have to come if you don't want.
N: Oh, no, I'll be there. I'm just gonna bring my own face mask.
These pores deserve the very best! Plus, I really have to get to
know this family of mine, don't I? Right sis?

A: Holy Moly! My shirt totally matches your nail polish perfectly!
N: Holy Moly Kansas! You're right, it does! Let's trade shirts!
A: Okay!

N: Listen, very important. Leo is Ozzie's wingman. I need you
to be my wing girl.

A: Okay, um, you want me to be your ring girl?
N: No, no, no, wing! Wing girl, okay?


N: Could you stop moving for one second?... Mwah!


N: Oh my God, I can't believe she has that!
A: That's you?
N: Yeah, me and Silver.
A: With, what seems to be, pots on your heads?
N: Yeah, we were alone at my house hanging out and we
were like twelve.
E: I'll drop you off at home.
N: No, I'll take her.
A: Are you sure?
N: Yeah, it's on the way home... well, sort of.
A: Thanks.
N: So, there are a lot of other fish in the sea. Equally cute fish.
A: Thanks, and I really am sorry about how I acted.
N: I get it. It's okay, trust me. I mean, I wasn't exactly the nicest
person either. I mean nice is not really my thing, but still. I'm sorry too.


N: Oh, is that a fooseball table?
A: Yeah, I used to be really big into fooseball.
N: Seriously? Me too! I used to play all the time with Bella Cruz.
I swear, I was the all time champ of St. Barts.

A: We'll have to play.
N: I'd love to!
A: The Hotel is kicking you out?
N: My dad says I have to live at home. Apparently it doesn't look
good for an allegid sexual harrasser would be family man have
his 16 year old daughter living alone in a hotel.

A: Stay at my house. As long as you want. Or, until you decide
what to do about your dad.

N: Live with you and your pollyanna family? I don't know. I mean,
I guess it'd be better than living with my dad and his mistress.

A: I would really like it.

A: 71/70 match point!
N: 71/71!
A: Mom, can Naomi spend the night tonight?!


N: Oh my God! I'm so mad right now!
A: Take it easy!
N: I can't! He makes me crazy!
A: Who?
N: Liam! He cancelled our date again! I swear I'm gonna rage
out right now!

A: No raging out!
N: But why did he do it? Why? Did he meet someone else? Or is
he sick?

A: Why don't you just ask him for an explanation?
N: Yes! Yes! Oh my God, I love living with you!

N: What do you think?
A: Oh, so cute!
N: Good, it's for you. Try it on!
A: What, why?
N: So I can see if it fits!
A: Yeah, I know, but why did you buy me a gift?
N: To thank you!

A: Well, I'm gonna miss you around here you know.
N: Yeah, I do.


N: Hey, um, maybe Charlie Pinkwater can take you to the prom?
A: Shut up! No way!
N: Oh right, he probably saw the video.
A: Am I ever gonna live it down?
N: Of course you will, honey. I mean, Mariah Carey got over
Glitter, right?

A: Not helping!

N: You know what we could do? Run over your legs with my car.
A: Ugh, enough, okay? I'm not exactly crazy about your prom
date either, fyi.

N: You know what Annie, you need to get on board. Liam is clearly
over his commitment issues, why else would he have invited me
to come with him tonight?

A: You're right. I'm sorry. I'm just glad that you're happy.

N: You look really good tonight. Like a model. A really,
really, short model, or like a regular model standing in the distance,
but you look good.

A: Well, thank you Naomi.

S E A S O N 2;
N: Good Morning, skank!
A: Get a life, Naomi!


N: Hi. It's Naomi. Please call me back. I owe you a really big
apology. I'm so sorry, Annie.


N: Annie wait. I need to talk to you. Look, I understand why you
wont return my calls. I wouldn't return my calls either.
I made a huge mistake when I accused you of
sleeping with Liam. It was my sister.

A: Yeah, I heard.
N: I am so sorry Annie. I should have just listened to you. I
don't even know why I didn't.

N: Annie, we're here because we care about you.


S: How's your break?
A: Good. How was yours?
N: Ah, too short! You know?
A: Yeah, I hear ya.
N: You know, so listen...we haven't really talked, since the dance.
Wondering, what's going on with you?


N: Hey! Annie!
A: Oh, hey guys! It looks like you've been doing some serious shopping.
S: Yes, one of us has.
N: You should actually come with us.

N: Every girl must have the perfect little sequined
dress! The LSD is the most important element to a girls warddrobe
because boys like shiny things! They're kinda like babies
in that regard.

A: Or like trout!
N: True, true! Liam is totally a trout!
A: So things are good with you guys?
N: Yeah, they're good!
A: Good. I'm glad.
N: Me too.


A: Why are cupcakes so much better than cake? Is it the shape?
N: No, it's the fact that you don't have to bother with birthdays.
I mean, lets face it everyone, birthdays suck unless they're mine!


A: Hey!
N: I'm a terrible person.
A: You're not.
N: I am. I don't even know how this happened! I said one thing,
and it spiraled completely out of control.

A: And before you could say anything, or come forward, soon it just
took on a life of it's own. And became this nightmare that you
couldn't wake up from. Trust me. I get it.


N: Did you hear that? It's not blowing over.
A: It will. I promise. Give it some more time.
N: Hug! Group hug!

S E A S O N 3;

N: Bonjour Madame!


A: Oh yeah, happy birthday! And you're giving me a present, because...
N: Because you stuck by me when I was down and out.


D: Just wanted to know if you were staying for dinner Naomi?
A: Oh um actually, we're gonna go out for dinner.
And we're gonna go and see a movie after, if thats okay?

D: No problem.
N: Oh, don't be sad. You can totally make dinner for me another night.


A: What are you doing here? Are you feeling okay?
N: Yeah! No, I—- uh, was just trying to see if I could get one of these dorks to do my homework for me.

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Annie + Naomi on tumblr.

"Boyfriends come and go, but f r i e n d s, they stick together."
OP organization to Alexa // OP arts to Alexa and Andbreatheme

sassy239 09-15-2011 10:55 PM

YAY! Finally a new thread :woot:

TFTNT, Crystal :hug:

Sincerely, Me. 09-15-2011 10:55 PM

Yw. :)

heartlines 09-16-2011 05:01 PM

TFTNT! :hug:

I loved their scenes in the prem. They were kind of adorable together - and they're living together again! Our shipper name is relevant :lol:

Sincerely, Me. 09-16-2011 05:03 PM


Our shipper name is relevant
Exactly what I said! :lol: :high_five:

macy misa 09-17-2011 09:51 AM

I am so happy they are roomies again, the scenes were cute :)

heartlines 09-17-2011 11:34 AM


I get why Annie is living with Naomi - but I'm still confused over the Ivy/Raj just moving in as well :lol:

I thought it was hilarious that it looked like Annie was going to tell on Dixon to Naomi at the pool, just before Liam proposed :rotfl:

macy misa 09-17-2011 11:55 AM

That would have been hilarious

sassy239 09-20-2011 09:50 PM

I enjoyed their scenes tonight SO much, they were so adorable! Am really loving their friendship even more! So cute :love:

Sincerely, Me. 09-20-2011 09:57 PM

I love them I love them I love them! They are so cute, their friendship is really great now. :love:

Alexa 09-21-2011 12:37 AM

can we get the previous thread added to the OP?

I love our ship name! :yay:

Loved the scenes tonight too! Its great to see them spending so much time together!

though, i wasnt too happy that annie didnt stand up for naomi and leave with her. but then annie redeemed herself at the end and said she was gonna drop, so that was cute.

heartlines 09-21-2011 10:12 AM

I think Annie was just blindsided by Holly, so didn't know what to do :lol: I'm glad she said she'd leave for Naomi as well though :love:

I wnder if they'll be any weirdness later down the line if Annie actually gets to like Holly and Naomi's out to destroy her :lol:

Alexa 09-21-2011 03:00 PM

ooh, i hope not. though, i dont think annie will be able to sabatoge from the inside like she claimed she would. :lol:

but it was cute when naomi was like "i'm serious!" and annie was like "oh, i know you are."


heartlines 09-24-2011 12:56 PM


but it was cute when naomi was like "i'm serious!" and annie was like "oh, i know you are."
That was adorable!

And she called her cutie-patootie :lol:

Alexa 09-26-2011 04:30 PM

how did i miss that!?

love your icon, btw. :)

hoping for some good AN scenes next episode. They are kinda the only thing i am enjoying this season tbh. (Well, and dixon/ade)

I'll try to get the OP updated with the moments and such after around episod 6 or so.

sassy239 09-28-2011 01:11 PM

Sucks that there were no scenes.

& I didnt like that Annie said that she wasn't that close to Naomi :( Maybe its a trick to Holly, idk.

Sincerely, Me. 09-28-2011 01:43 PM


Originally Posted by sassy239 (Post 58683009)
Sucks that there were no scenes.

& I didnt like that Annie said that she wasn't that close to Naomi :( Maybe its a trick to Holly, idk.

No that was just a trick, since Annie is suppose to be the 'inside' girl. :lol:

Alexa 09-28-2011 08:30 PM

yeah, annie was totally lying when she said that! :lol: you could tell from her face.

heartlines 09-30-2011 09:47 AM

When Holly turned around, Annie's face was all 'what a crazy bitch' :lmao:

Alexa 10-05-2011 12:30 AM


the episode was sad for these two tonight. then happy. HAHA.

you could tell annie felt bad about the letter.

and then annie sabatoging things so naomi could win was really darn cute.

maybe now annie can join naomi's sorority?

sassy239 10-05-2011 06:30 PM

They were too adorable last episode, i freaking love them together :love:


and then annie sabatoging things so naomi could win was really darn cute.
SO cute, and Naomi's look to Annie when she was doing this :sigh:


Alexa 10-06-2011 12:38 AM

that art! :thud:

i loved naomis look too!

Alexa 10-06-2011 12:46 AM

ignore! :)

heartlines 10-23-2011 06:53 PM

Aww, they're so adorable this season.

I'm glad that Annie's living full time with Naomi now - and it was cute that she rang her to go get her spare keys from the apartment :love:

I wish Annie'd tell her about the money issue though, Naomi could offer her a loan or something.

Alexa 10-24-2011 06:00 AM

i know! what the heck annie! naomi would help you out. jeez.

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