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priya1008 10-12-2011 06:00 PM

Max and Naomi #4: Because he's the love of her life.
Welcome to the 4th Max and Naomi thread

Once Upon a Time...

A beautiful, popular girl met a handsome, smart boy and they fell in love. This is their story....


“We all want to feel important, you know? Like we have some special significance. So you are not lame, you're just human.”

Max and Naomi met one day in high school as lab partners. At first, they didn't think much of each other. Max thought Naomi was an airhead; Naomi thought Max was a dork. But their chemistry was undeniable. One afternoon they found themselves on an impromptu field trip to confront Guru Sona, a con artist posing as a spiritual teacher, who tricked Naomi into “donating” away a large portion of her trust fund during a moment of weakness. Just when it seemed like there was no hope left for Naomi, Max revealed a loophole in the guru's scheme. They spent that night walking through the woods together, gathering evidence to help Naomi's cause. In that short time, they discovered common ground, and found that they worked well as a team. And Naomi, much to her dismay, realized she had "the hots for a nerd."

SONG: “Sunshine” Rye Rye featuring MIA
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“Victor numquam cedit...A winner never gives up.”

Naomi could not stop thinking about Max. She fantasized about him in her dreams, and at school. She tried to cover up her feelings, but found herself naturally opening up to him about her problems and taking his advice. He convinced her not to give up on her dream college, and helped save a charity project for her resumé. Overwhelmed by his generosity, Naomi gave in to her emotions and kissed him. She was shocked when Max rejected her, apologizing that she was "not (his) type."

SONG: “E.T.” Katy Perry
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“I like you... God knows why, but I do.”

Naomi did not take rejection lightly, and continued to pursue Max, first by trying to be like him, then by trying to seduce him. Max finally admitted that he was attracted to her, but felt she was too self absorbed. Naomi refused to give up, virtually humiliating herself in public for him. In the process, Max realized that she wasn't as arrogant as he thought. Naomi told him he was "funny, and smart, and freakishly confident"... and hot too. That was all Max needed; they kissed again, this time leaving them both breathless. To save their reputations, they agreed to keep the relationship a secret.

SONG: “Suffocation Blues” Black Pistol Fire
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“Any chance you want to relaunch that rocket?”

Max and Naomi continued to see each other privately, and their physical attraction went through the roof. One night in Max's bedroom, they finally had mind-blowing sex. Unable to stay away from him over spring break, Naomi concocted a cover story that Max was her math tutor and brought him to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her friends. The two spent most of vacation in their hotel room, studying calculus and each other. During this time, Max told Naomi that his feelings for her went way beyond sex. He really cared about her, and liked her for who she was.

SONG: “It's Only Time” Ozomatli
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“You're my girl, and I want everyone to know that.”

Max and Naomi were still happy together... and still hiding it from everyone else. But as their relationship blossomed, it was getting harder for Naomi to contain her happiness, or her paranoia. Worried that Max was cheating on her, she followed him to an academic quiz bowl tournament, to spy on him and his teammate. When confronting them, she admitted her insecurities to Max. It made him realize how important she was to him, far beyond the stereotypes they were trying to protect. They officially came out as a couple, proudly walking through school arm in arm.

SONG: “Mexican Mavis” Boy and Bear
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“M.I.T. was my first choice, but now you are.”

Max and Naomi's appeal was infectious; they were influencing similar pairings at school. The good news: They both got accepted to their first choice colleges. The bad news: The schools were on opposite coasts. Struggling with the idea of a long distance relationship, Naomi considered applying to Boston University to be near Max at MIT. Then Max announced to her that he already decided to attend CalTech and stay in LA to be near her. He believed that together they were strong enough to last.

SONG: “Love Lost” The Temper Trap
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“You think I can't keep my hands off you now, wait until I get you that tux.”

Senior prom was fast approaching, and both Max and Naomi were looking forward to it. But beforehand, Naomi had to write an important paper to pass her history class. Max stayed up with her, successfully coaching her through it. Then at prom, they danced together all night, and Naomi was crowned Prom Queen. The evening ended on a sour note, however, when Naomi's history teacher accused her of cheating on her paper. Max confessed that he essentially rewrote the paper, afraid the original was not good enough for her to graduate.

SONG: “Every Love That Ever Was” Home Video
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“When I think about the future, I want to be the kind of guy that deserves a girl like you.”

Max and Naomi found themselves called to the principal's office on the last day of school. Hurt at first, Naomi tried to understand why Max cheated for her, guessing that he thought she wasn't smart enough. Max assured her that he thought she was "brilliant,... hilarious, perceptive, and honest." Naomi forgave him, and ultimately, sacrificed her own college hopes for him, taking responsibility for the tainted paper. But Max had a moment of clarity during his valedictory speech. He revealed the truth about the paper in front of the entire graduating class, and was expelled. As further punishment, his parents forbade him from seeing Naomi, planning to ship him off to Cambridge for summer school and then college that fall. Max and Naomi said goodbye to each other in tears, and Max told Naomi he loved her. She told him she loved him too, but he was already gone. Later, after a freak accident, Naomi found herself in the ER getting a tetanus shot and blood tests. While there, she discovered she was pregnant, and went to Max the eve of his departure to tell him the news...

SONG: “Morning's After Me” Lou Barlow
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"Love sucks."

Max and Naomi were at the doctor's office. Both were still in shock about the pregnancy news. Max reassured Naomi that they could be good parents: they loved each other and wanted a life together; they just had to grow up a little faster than they anticipated. The doctor came in, and let them know that Naomi's first test was a false positive. They were in the clear: no baby. Both were relieved to hear the news, but Max overcompensated a bit, and said some hurtful things without thinking. As a result, Max and Naomi parted ways for the rest of the summer. In an effort to mend things, Max sent Naomi an apology letter, but she couldn't bring herself to read the whole thing, as it brought back up all her feelings for Max, and she was desperately trying to get over the loss of him. In a gesture of friendship, Annie saved Max's letter, knowing Naomi would want to know what it says someday.

SONG: “Trust" Generationals
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"That guy is the love of my life."

During CU's Greek Games, Naomi's attention was deviously directed to a handsome bespectacled fan in the crowd, resulting in her getting slimed. It was Max! He came to talk to Naomi through Holly, who contacted him after stealing the letter he wrote from Annie's bedroom. Max also told Naomi that he decided to go to school at CalTech to be closer to her. He missed her, thought about her every day, and never stopped loving her. Naomi admitted that just seeing him made her feel like the best version of herself again. They reunited with a long, sweet kiss. Max celebrated Naomi's coronation as Head of the Greek Council with her sorority sisters. Austin tried to tempt Naomi away from Max, but she rejected him, proclaiming "That guy is the love of my life."

SONG: “Dream a Better Way” Tim Hanauer
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"Show me the nightmare. I will obliterate it."

The local Congressional election was fast approaching. To entice an apathetic campus, Naomi decided to throw a big bash to educate students and register them to vote. Ever the supportive boyfriend, Max helped Naomi with the party preparations. Unaware of their history, Max mistakenly recruited Austin to help as well, and the cowboy again used the opportunity to push Naomi to cheat. Unable to handle the pressure, Naomi admitted to Max that she slept with Austin while they were broken up. But she also insisted that he brings out the best in her, and she would never risk losing that.

SONG: “Warmer Climes" Boat Club
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"You ARE the queen of my heart."

Max and Naomi were enjoying a leisurely game of gin rummy at her mansion. Max used it as an opportunity to show her some magic tricks. Delighted, Naomi transformed his talent into a winning act at a benefit to help Raj pay his medical bills. Despite their first prize, Max could not stand playing second fiddle to Naomi's unresolved feelings for another man. He painfully broke away from her, unable to accept anything less than her full commitment.

SONG: "Struggle of Our Lives" Standing Shadows
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"You know me. You always did."

Months went by. Naomi's relationship with Austin ended. She then met Preston, got engaged to him, and he broke her heart too. Doubtful that true love even existed, Naomi changed focus and threw herself into her new event planning business. She met a young heiress, Madison, who hired her to plan her wedding. The work suddenly became very personal when Madison introduced Naomi to her fiancé, Max. Seeing Max again made all of Naomi's feelings for him rise to the surface, and she finally admitted to her friends and to herself that she still and always has loved him. Naomi dug deep to unearth any of Madison's hidden flaws in an effort to stop the wedding and tell Max how she felt, but her plan sadly failed. When it seemed like all hope was lost and Naomi was about to let Max go, he confessed to her that he wasn't sure if he was doing the right thing by getting married so fast.

SONG: “Saturday Smile" Gin Wigmore
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Naomi Clark & Max Miller (90210) FanFic
CHAPTER 1: Somewhere Only We Know
CHAPTER 2: It's My Life
CHAPTER 3: Someone Like You
CHAPTER 4: King of Anything

Special thanks to Mayberry
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All artwork by sheera, except opening banner by Jen.
All text by priya.

heartlines 10-12-2011 06:09 PM

TFTNT :hug:

The title :bawl:

Don't ruin them, show.

sheera 10-12-2011 06:23 PM

hahahh... okay okay I'm just asking.. obviously, i'm so NOT gonna waste my time doing graphics for that dude. :lol:

TFTNT priya! :love:

Mayberry 10-12-2011 07:24 PM

TFTNT. The tumblr makes me SQUEE and cry. :love: :bawl: :woot: :(

LovingJosh40! 10-12-2011 08:13 PM

Awww I love that's so perfect. I couldn't believe my ears after Naomi said that. I knew she loved him but I don't think she has ever said that about anyone else she has dated. How does Howdy Doody think he can compete with that?

I just don't get many ppl want Naomi and Austin to get together...didn't he just use Naomi to dump Holly? Didn't he cheat on Holly with Naomi? How can anyone trust him? Really??? Replacing Max with Austin?? Austin doesn't even know Naomi and he is crazy about her? That was fast. :rolleyes:

I was thinking Max should step up his game. But it occurred to me... Max is such a great guy and has so much class he would probably just want Naomi to be happy and accept whatever she decided even if it meant being with Austin.

Not that I would be happy with that, but what makes Max the person he is is his charm, class, integrity, respect... So Austin might be eye candy with a six pack but when you look past that --- he's a player. If the writers pair Naomi with Austin after everything Max has done for her, I'll stop watching all together. I've never seen seasons 1 or 2 --- and missed half of season 3. When Max came along it made the show so much more interesting. :eek:

Sorry to vent, just not liking the way the writers had Max acting like Naomi's pet in last night's epi---I miss the smart, funny, overconfident cutie with the attitude. :cool:

priya1008 10-13-2011 08:31 PM


Originally Posted by Mayberry (Post 58970721)
The tumblr makes me SQUEE and cry.(

i am re-posting the link to the tumblr of which she speaks, just in case anyone missed it from the last thread:
naomi & max

i love the gifs of AL and josh rolling around on the floor.... ah, the good ole days. :lol:

Mayberry 10-13-2011 08:36 PM

:woot: priya. It really is a great den of Maxomi love.

I agree, LovingJosh. Max is so muted. He wanders in and out of scenes, he's used solely to make Austin jealous, and frankly I don't know what he's doing there half the time. I'm excited to see Max/Josh but that's mainly because of last season and I know what Maxomi was/can be/should be. Naomi's just more likeable with him and Max showcases Naomi's heart the most. It's not like Maxomi never had heat....they did. They were the whole package. Show us the present you gave us last season, writers!

heartlines 10-14-2011 09:59 AM

Maybe the current writers just don't know how to write Max and Naomi :pout:

priya1008 10-14-2011 01:49 PM

^ clearly, Jen. which brings me back to why i went public and admitted that i miss rebecca.

interesting tidbit i noticed when rewatching Maxomi scenes from the last epi:


Naomi: No one is going to be doing the right thing when they can be doing the fun thing... So we have to make the right thing fun.
oh Naomi.... why don't you take your own advice when it comes to choosing your man? :good_bad: :rolleyes:

KC and LP Fan 10-14-2011 05:34 PM

:wave: Can I be added to the list?

I seriously had kinda given up on this show ever since Silver/Dixon split. But Naomi/Max total brought me back. Absolutely love these two! :love:

Mayberry 10-14-2011 08:34 PM

Welcome! :bunny: :blush:

sheera 10-15-2011 04:51 AM

hi KC! you're already in our list. :love:

priya1008 10-15-2011 08:14 AM

welcome back KC. :)

LovingJosh40! 10-15-2011 11:46 AM


Originally Posted by andbreatheme (Post 58999507)
Maybe the current writers just don't know how to write Max and Naomi :pout:

:rolleyes: I was thinking that too, although their beach scene was so romantic--I almost felt like I was watching season 3. I wish they would get rid of Austin, the s/l would have been more interesting if they had found another hot nerdy guy. (not that anyone else would have the same chemistry Josh Zuckrman has with AnnaLynneMcCord)

Austin is just like every other guy Naomi has hooked up with. The reason Max and Naomi worked is because they are so different, but so much alike. Naomi and Austin might look great together but where's the original s/l?

  • ewww Great looking girl snags great looking cowboy and ride off into the sunset on his pig--what shenanigans will they get into?

Alexa 10-16-2011 04:29 AM

the current writers dont know how to write any couples. :lol:

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