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Welcome to the 305th
Annie Liam

Appreciation Thread

Their story begins when Liam Court first arrives in Beverly Hills. He's a bad boy with a past and little does he know that
his life will soon collide with good girl Annie Wilson 's. Annie and Liam first meet when their mutual friend Naomi
asks Annie to accompany her on a double date with Liam. Liam is immediately i n t r i g u e d by Annie and flirts with
her when Naomi is in the bathroom. Then later he asks her out on a date. This of course, irritates Annie, who thinks
Liam is just a player and the two immediately butt heads. Over the course of the first season, Liam continues to try to
analyze Annie and even predicts that Annie will explode in the near future.

The second season begins and Annie and Liam are both in rough places. Annie is dealing with her hit and run and Liam
is dealing with his problems with girlfriend Naomi. Naomi thinks that Liam slept with Annie and in order to protect
Naomi from finding out the truth (that Liam actually slept with her sister Jen) he lets her believe this fact, putting a
strain on Naomi and Annie's friendship. This causes the d i s t a n c e between Annie and Liam's relationship to grow.
Eventually, Naomi learns the truth and Liam apologizes to Annie for all that he put her through. In the second half of
the season Liam offers Annie a ride to school, and they are later paired for a school project t o g e t h e r, which kick
starts their f r i e n d s h i p. They form a bond and continuously turn to one another for support with their issues.

The season ends with Liam breaking up with Naomi and later he invites Annie to join him on his newly built boat.
The two take a r i d e and Annie opens up to Liam about her hit and run. He persuades her to come clean to her parents and
the two part ways.

In the third season, Liam and Annie return from Summer break with a bit of t e n s i o n between them. Annie, after
coming forward with the hit in run, has been busy all summer trying to turn over a new leaf and Liam is unhappy with the lack of
c o m m u n i c a t i o n
between them. After giving her a ride and encouraging her, Liam and Annie finally share their first
k i s s, and after receiving a blessing from Naomi, Liam and Annie can finally be t o g e t h e r. The two come into
a bit of recklessness on Liam’s boat, and Annie realizes she doesn’t need anymore trouble in her life, so the two part once again.
Annie meets Liam’s half brother Charlie, who she begins dating, and this only further c o m p l i c a t e s things.
But the c o n n e c t i o n between Liam and Annie is impossible to ignore and when Liam declares that he’s in love with Annie,
the two make l o v e for the first time. They later express a belief that they b e l o n g together, and finally unite as a steady couple.
As the third season ends, Liam departs for a job on a boat, and the two d e c l a r e their love before temporarily parting ways.

New difficulties arise in season 4 when Liam and Annie return, their lives drastically different. Liam surprises Annie with
a rushed p r o p o s a l, and even though he declares that she’s the o n l y women he’s ever loved, Annie is not ready
to take that step. Later it’s revealed that there is a new woman in Liam’s life, Jane, and her relationship with Liam destroys
any hope for reconciliation between Annie and Liam. But, like all his other relationships things come to an end with Jane, and
Annie and Liam once again grow c l o s e during the Christmas season. Liam is there for her in her time of needand they
are able to find c o m f o r t in one another for a night. Later, Annie calls Liam to wish him a Happy Holiday and expresses
that she wants to get back together, but her plans are thwarted when Liam gets into an accident. The fourth season resumes
with Liam in the hospital and Annie finally returning once he’s recovered. Still hurting over her absence, Liam declares it’s too late
for them and he begins seeing someone new. Yet another triangle forms as Annie grows w a r y of Liam’s new relationship with
Vanessa. But, in the end she only wants what is best for him and agrees to stay out of it and let Liam be h a p p y.
The season ends with the two keeping their distance, but being able to maintain a steady friendship.

We begin season 5 with the h o p e that our favorite pair will soon be r e u n i t e d.
Things are looking very possible on the Annie and Liam horizon and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Beverly Hill’s Star couple!

the shippers.
240. andrea0594
241. piapiepiae
242. SophieSC
243. xfergiex
244. blake-crawford
245. *JarMel*
246. Keepthisasecret
247. protogurl0801
248. loezzzje
249. denise19
250. Petrovafire
251. Nianfan1
252. I LOVE japril
253. TylaForever
254. sourburst
255. lisagslack14

01. Tristan Wilds
02. Michael Steger
03. Matt Lanter
04. Shenae Grimes
05. Jessica Lowndes
06. Central Intelligence Agency
07. Montgomery Burns
08. Vivaldi
09. Katy Perry
10. Florence and the Machine
11. Elvis Presley
12. Felix the Cat
13. Jessica Stroup
14. 90210Assistant
15. Charlie
16. Ivy Sullivan
17. Erin Silver
18. Dixon Wilson

the characters.

Shenae said Liam sort of challenges Annie. It sounds like the whole
dynamic just reeks of sexual tension
. - teendramawhore

They're always sending us back and forth between
different girls! A lot of fans wanted Liam and Annie together.
- Matt with Digital Spy
The relationship and the closeness that Annie and Liam are forming
is much more than just any physical attraction. - Shenae
I think they would be great together.
- Michael Steger with Deadbolt

The budding "friendship" between Liam and Annie was the most
interesting thing 90210 had to offer this week – by far. –
Can you tweet anything about Lannie?
I don't know a thing but I hope it
too! haha i like us together.
- Shenae on twitter
The couple everyone's been waiting to
see get together.
Annie and Liam. - Fancast

He's become her regular knight
in shining armor
. - BuzzSugar
We share our first kiss.
It's really romantic.
- Matt with Buzzsugar
Liam is kind of becoming [involved] in more of a solid relationship with Annie...
I think fans are going to enjoy that because a lot of them have been
rooting for that couple to get together.
- Matt with Hollywood Crush

Fans are really rooting for Annie and Liam.
They are! They're very much into that. – Shenae
I was devastated when I thought that
Annie and Liam broke up. - DaemonsTV

The back and forth is what makes
the pairing so intriguing. - TV Fanatic

Do you like Annie with Liam? Yeah, I do. I think
Annie brings out a different, sweeter side to Liam. - Matt

There's a little bit of chemistry
going on there. - Matt
He was always curious about the real Annie. And I think that's
where it started. Now they've bonded over really personal things,
so there's an even deeper emotional connection.
– Matt with TVGuide

The connection between these two has progressed naturally
and allowed them to get to know each other. – Portrait Magazine
Yes we do approve of Annie and Liam hooking up. - ZapIt

I've always liked the idea of Annie and Liam together.
– Louis Peitman with

When they're around each other, they bring out
the best in each other. - Portrait Magazine
I love the Liam and Annie Pairing - DaemonsTV
They're confidants who can rely on each other,
even when they're on the outs." – Portrait Magazine

There's always been some chemistry
between Annie and Liam. - Matt
Fave couple of the week: Liam and Annie!
Finally, Lannie is together! - Examiner

I for one, hope these two have lots of
sex in the new year!– Louis Peitman with TWoP

Liam wants Annie. And he wants
her bad.
I'm just on Team Lannie.
I believe these two can work things out.
And they better! – The Barnacle

Why didn't Annie marry Liam?
Cuz she's out of her mind.
– Matt on twitter
Lanter is rooting for Liam and Annie
to make it long term. –TVguide
Now there's nothing to stop things from
heating up between them. - TVGuide

They're obviously going to end up together
In my ideal universe, anyway. – Ology

Lanter is rooting for Liam and Annie
to make it long term. –TVguide
I have a good vibe about a possible reunion with Lannie. - TVFanatic

They're obviously going to end up together
In my ideal universe, anyway. – Ology

I think there is always hope.
Liam and Annie had a pretty solid connection. – Matt
It wouldn’t surprise me if we end up seeing them together.
There’s definitely hope for those ‘Lannie’ fans out there,
more so than in the past couple seasons. - Matt

There was definitely a moment on the premiere,
and I’m not sure where they’re [the writers are] going with it, actually.
We’re filming episode 10 right now, so we’re well ahead of everybody watching.
And we’re filming some stuff with Annie and Liam having some
real, serious moments – Matt

Now there's nothing to stop things
from heating up between them. – TVGuide

the testimonials.
I love Annie and Liam because they are so different, but somehow, they understand each other completely.
Liam needs someone like Annie who he can turn to when he needs support. They are opposites, but similar enough
that they work perfectly as a couple. The banter between them in season 1 is what drew me to them, but their friendship
and connection in the second season is what really made fall for them. Season 3 showed us just how perfect they are
together, and Season 4 showed us that no matter what happens, they will always be a big part of each others lives.
I know they are no longer together, but I hold the belief that it will always go back to them. Season 5 has been
fantastic so far and I know good things are coming in the near future. Keep your heads high Lannie fans!

Liam and Annie have a great dynamic between them. From S1 Liam quickly realized
she could keep up with him and challenge him. The way they look at each other when they hug
says it all. The best relationships take time to build and I can see them making it in the long haul.

Liam and Annie are not the typical "good girl, bad boy"
relationship. She can see right through his bad boy act, and he can see right through her good girl
act. When they are together, they bring out the best in one another. They can be themselves without
judgment, or expectations. They know each others secrets, and they have been there for each other
no matter how bad the situation is. I could see the connection between the two of them right from the
moment they met. They have banter and angst, but they also have trust and reliability. Their relationship
has been built on friendship, and they have a deep and meaningful connection. They connect on all levels
whether it is physical attraction or emotional understanding. In other words, they are perfect for each other.

I love Annie and Liam because they are the bad boy/good girl type of relationship, and maybe Liam has
changed but I still can see the bad in him. Annie truly listens to him and they can feel safe around each other.

There are thousands of reasons why I love Lannie. Their undeniable chemistry, amazing banter,
meaningful glances, I could continue all day so I will just say that I love them because they understand each
other like no one else does and have a deep emotional connection. For me they are True Love and just EPIC.

I think the reason I
love them so much is because Liam and Annie first had this sort of love/hate relationship which grew into
a very beautiful friendship. They were able to tell each other things they weren't able to tell anybody else.
They always provided the other a shoulder to lean on when they needed it most and grew to understand each
other in ways nobody else could. There are six billion people in this world and sometimes, all you need is one.

I love Liam and Annie because I think they have that very special connection
and understanding. I feel like he's truly Liam when he's around her and he opens up to her like no one else. They
have that special bond, they really relate to each other, and I think that she is the only one who really get who he is.
They have that amazing chemistry, and just by watching their scenes we can see that they really care for each other.

I have been a fan of Liam and Annie
since the first time I saw them interact. From there my love for them only went up. They are awesome together
and have amazing chemistry. I love how their relationship was gradually built on communication, trust and honesty.

I love Liam and Annie because they love each other for who they are; it's not a relationship based
on lust or attraction. They started off on a bad note, and managed to accept the other's flaws while slowly coming to
appreciate the good things about each other. For Liam, it's Annie's loyalty and innocence that entices him - she really
is nice, and managed to show him that good people really do exist. For Annie, it's his hidden sensitivity that attracts
her. He's there for her at a time when no-one else was, and is always looking out for her. They comfort each other, they
help each other. It's clear they're repressing feelings for one another, and that's why I love them - it's pure, genuine love.

I love them because from the first moment they met she intrigued him, and he got under her skin. Although they have
lied to other people, they always end up being honest with each other. They have massive chemistry. They are able to
comfort each other unlike anyone else in their lives can. Their future is still unwritten; all the more to look forward to!

I’ve loved Liam and Annie together since their first scene. I love how they started off as the bad boy and the good girl,
bickering about everything. I loved their genuine connection in season two and how they became friends.
I love that when they finally got together in season three they were so comfortable around each other
and you could tell that they loved each other. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

On the surface, Annie and Liam have the cliché quality of the bad boy and the good girl. But in season two we
saw their bond develop into something much more than a cliché. They weren’t afraid of the darkness surrounding
each other. Instead of running from the darkness, they shone a light on one another and found comfort and hope.

I never thought this dream-couple of mine would actually materialize
into something so real, more real than anything else I’ve seen in my years of teen dramas. Liam
always challenged Annie like no one else could, but he seemed to be hung up on another girl. Then in
season 2, my hope came back suddenly with their unexpected car ride, and just kept on building. They’ve
had the teasing banter, the quirky friendly conversations about “ferrets”, pure joy of frolicking in fountains,
and solemn secrets shared with only each other. She’s laughed with him, she’s cried with him. He’s riled her,
he’s comforted her and he has this look that he gives her, that I’ve never seen him give anyone else. Even without
kissing, they have touched each other and connected emotionally on deeper levels than anything physical.
Their journey already is the most amazing thing about 90210, and this, right here, is just the beginning.

I love Liam and Annie together because
they have a chemistry which is undeniable, because they’ve become friends first, because they're
for each other in good times and bad, and because he’s the Yin to her Yang. They are soul mates. The
good-girl and bad-boy of season one have connected, but not in a physical way, this is chemical. The spark
between them was lit the moment they met and has been burning slowly ever since. They can only get hotter.

Liam and Annie are great! I am drawn to them because I
think they are good fit for one another. I feel they balance each other out. Liam and Annies relationship is
starting out with a good friendship based being able to communicate and be honest with one another. I think
this will set them up to have an amazing relationship as a couple. Matt and Shenae have great chemistry too.

Annie and Liam have this sort of unexplainable
unspoken chemistry that can be seen from miles away. What they have that a lot of other couples
on the show don't seem to have is being there for each other. They trust each other enough to tell
their darkest secrets to each other and this is only the beginning! Liam said "the future is unwritten" but
we all know from the looks, the laughter, the teasing and the banter, that the future is Annie and Liam.

Liam and Annie may be opposites and they may be an unlikely pair, but they've come to find trust
and understand each other. That, plus their undeniable chemistry made me fall in love with them.

I love Annie and Liam because they have a great understanding of eachother. They
genuinely trust and care for eachother and from this, they can build a solid relationship.

I ship this couple so hard. They have the kind of chemistry we all dream of having…undeniable, unavoidable,
latent and tempestuous. So much of what goes on between them is under the surface, unnoticed even to
them sometimes. I adore that Liam has liked her from the first time he met her. He always had a spot in his
heart for her…she intrigued him, and I’ve always assumed that it was rare for a woman to do that to him.
Part of me has always thought that despite his relationship with Naomi, and his love for her, something was
always there for Annie. I feel like as a couple they make each other stronger. Annie calms some of Liam’s
storminess and Liam brings out an edge in Annie that no other guy has before. It’s clear that Liam would give up
anything to protect her and defend her honor, even if it means risking his own welfare. And love at its core,
is about sacrifice, being willing to give yourself up to and for someone else. Liam and Annie bring out the best in
each other in every possible sense and I feel like they have truly epic potential together.

the actors.

In it for the long haul with Shenae Grimes. – Matt on Twitter

Already there is some new love on-set. Newly single actress
Shenae Grimes and her co-star, Matt Lanter have been spotted
getting close. -
Shenae Grimes, who is the only regular cast member
that knows the original “90210″ well, was skeptical about
this 'Liam is the new Dylan' business too. She told me she
wasn’t buying it at first, but after seeing Matt Lanter work,
she changed her mind. - teendramawhore

Shenae's like the cute, girl next door. Fun girl. – Matt

What's it like working with Matt Lanter?
The best!! he's the nicest dude ever, super
- Shenae on Twitter
Everybody say hello to my friend, castmate, and the other half of
Lannie. The REAL Shenae at @ShenaeSG - Matt Lanter on Twitter

Looong day on set, but no better to wrap than with
a smile from a shirtless Matt Lanter! - Shenae on Twitter

Shenae! I got a question for you.
Why is it that we’re supposed to be a couple,
and you’re up here and I’m not?
- Matt and Shenae behind the scenes
Well I don’t like your face… k fine,
maybe I do. - Shenae on Twitter

Ur welcome to break in my window any morning. – Shenae on Twitter

S:Miss ya face kid! Proud of ya!
M: Miss you! - Matt and Shenae on Twitter
Matt to me: “Ya know, there’s been about
4 times tonight that I’ve wanted to hit you."
True love indeed. - Shenae on Twitter

Liam needs to rescue Annie from her apparent daddy issues.
I actually concur on that one! Move over tony danza n make room
for my knight in sparkling sequins. - Shenae on Twitter

S: Geez, maybe we is a cute couple.
M: I mean, look how happy I make you.

– Matt and Shenae on twitter

I love the fan's response to
Annie and Liam’s storyline. – Shenae

Best and worst thing about working with Shenae?
There is no bad thing! - Matt on Twitter

the wishlist.
L teaching A how to surf.
L/A shower scene.
L/A walking on the beach.
L/A moving in together.
L/A go out on a date.
L taking care of A.
L/A studying together.
L/A go on a road trip together.
L giving A a piggy back ride.
L kissing A on the cheek. / A kissing L on the cheek.
L letting A drive his car.
L standing up for A. / A standing up for L.
L gives A a back hug.
L/A double date.
L/A babysitting together.
A planning something special for L's birthday.
L/A going to an amusement park.
L kissing A's forehead.
L telling A she looks beautiful.
A sleeping on L's shoulder.
L/A swing around hug and kiss.
L kissing A's neck.
A wearing L's shirt.
A sitting on L's lap.
L playing with A's hair.
Snowball fight/Food Fight/Tickle Fight.
Make-up sex.
L/A cuddling in front of a fire.
L/A Shopping together.
L/A Ice skating together.
L giving A a key to his place.
L/A getting back together!
Liam proposing again and Annie saying yes.

the moments.

the reminders.
Bars, Adrianna's bridal shower, volcano's, CPR class, volcano drawing,
boats, ferrets, Liam's car, school projects, fountains, 'crazy', phone calls,
Regina Skeptor - Eet, painting, Vivaldi, ballet slippers, parks, sailing,
confessions, earthquakes, parking garage, grapes, sunset, bathroom,
bruises, dixon's bed, 'fantastic', State of Our Affairs - MT Desolation,
Brangelina, Demi/Ashton, texts, Pennsylvania, schemes, spanish.
Cabo Mexico, sombrero's, monkeys, bubble bath, skinny dipping.
zip Lining, mariachi Bands, churros, mushroom risotto, dolphins,
christmas, hotels, memories, rings, proposals, support, frinedship,
drinking, phone calls, love, motorcycles, kidnapping, drinking,
bodyguards, protecting, stalkers.

the videos.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9
10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18

future titles.
'Wow! You're dressed up!" - Liam
I'll never burn out this candle, fire in my eyes for you.
Forever searching for that fire for home again.
Because the more they fight it, the more they come together.
For the life of me I cannot believe we'd ever die for these sins, we were merely freshman.
Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
I know you get me, so I let my walls come down.
Because nothing compares with the finding of true love; once you do your heart is complete.
Please don't let me go, I desperately need you.
I'm keeping you, forever and for always.
I will be the one to hold you in my arms.
To the world you may be but one, but to one you might be the world.
Sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing, means absolutely everything to me.
When I see you, you don't even have to speak. All you have to do is smile, and it can make my day.
If you asked me how many times you have crossed my mind I would say once because you never really left.
You will always be the answer, when somebody asks me what I'm thinking about.
My heart aches completely, every hour, every day, and only when I'm with you does the pain go away.
You make me smile for no reason what-so-ever.
The spirit is carried in breath; one kiss can unite two souls.
Love is not blind; it simply enables one to see things others fail to see.
I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.
She had a smile that could light up a room, and if she moved she'd be moving you.
When I look at you I see forgiveness, I see the truth.
"I love the Liam and Annie pairing." - DaemonsTV
"I am impressed with your speed girl." - Liam
"I'll stay out of your way." - L "No, no you don't have to. It's fine I mean if you need a place to stay, you should stay." - A
Because Liam was trying to make Annie's favourite dish!
Because of course Annie is the first one that Dixon told about Liam.
"That's right, you don't want to deal with these fists of fury." - Annie.
Because Annie dropped everything and rushed to Liam's rescue.
"Thanks by the way. I feel bad that you missed the party." - Liam "I don't." - Annie.
Because Annie has skipped two parties to be with Liam!
Because Matt will proudly wear a Shenae tattoo!
Because 'Where you going' was too cute.
The face grabbing + Liam's smile is just too adorable for words.
'How are you feeling?' - Annie 'Fantastic' - Liam.
Because he was disappointed when he saw that Charlie was calling.
Because the eye contact in Annie's room was made of WIN.
Because she wanted to look sexy for Liam.
The back and forth is what makes the pairing so intriguing. - Tv Fanatic
They're obviously going to end up together (in my ideal universe, anyway.) - Ology
"I think fans are going to enjoy that because a lot of them have been rooting for that couple to get together." - Matt Lanter
"Annie, come on. It's me, I know you. You're not fine." - Liam
"Annie was really there for me over Thanksgiving and it brought back all these feelings and stuff." - Liam

past threads.

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281 | 282 | 283 | 284 | 285 | 286 | 287 | 288 | 289 | 290
291 | 292 | 293 | 294 | 295 | 296 | 297 | 298 | 299 | 300
301 | 302 | 303 | 304

the music.
City Girl - Stars Crashing Cars
Ride - Kiss the Girl
One Eye On The Door - Helen Austin
Eet - Regina Skeptor
Infinity - The xx
Feeling the Pull - The Swell Season
Girl With One Eye - Florence + The Machine
I'm not the one - The Black Keys
State of our affairs - MT Desolation
The kettering - The Antlers
Morning's After Me - Lou Barlow

the moment.


first. last. only.
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At least they were endgame!
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Old 03-19-2015, 07:47 PM
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Guess it's been very dead!
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Which is very odd! Especially since Lannie has a lot of vocal fans.
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Old 03-22-2015, 04:10 PM
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Everyone left.
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Old 03-22-2015, 04:50 PM
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That's too bad.
are you disappointed that it's me?
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Yeah. I guess it's to be expected when the show has ended though.
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At least we still have a few posters left here.
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Old 03-23-2015, 09:20 PM
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A few of us.
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