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Swarkles 03-09-2019 02:22 AM

Work Husband & Wife [ Neil ♥ Cobie ] #4 ~ Neil - "Lets do another scene where we punch or kiss." Cobie - "Those are my favorite."
Neil & Cobie Appreciation Thread

“The chemistry between Neil [Patrick Harris] and Cobie [Smulders] is so great that she doesn’t even need to be in the scene with him for them to have chemistry,” Craig Thomas.

Neil "I get to marry this lovely lady." Cobie "Oh, stop that." blushes a little

“If you guys can give Cobie Smulders some love, I think Cobie as Robin has done week in and week out some of the best work I’ve ever seen. To watch her growth from season one to now is amazing. She’s gorgeous, she’s funny, she cries, she’s serious .. she’s just fantastic. I’m really lucky to marry her on the show and I wish she got more recognition.” Neil

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16 Reasons Why Neil & Cobie are perfect together on and off screen:

1. They have chemistry on and off screen.
2. They are like real life BFFs
3. They love hanging out together
4. They love to eat (they both have a passion for food)
5. They are fun, funny and passionate about their careers
6. David Burtka ships them (look on twitter or her on tumblr)
7. David also ships Barney & Robin (who doesn’t?)
8. They are both tall and good looking people (a little too good looking if you ask me)
9. They can be goofy and play around with each other without having it be serious (BR does this too)
10. They took a trip to Italy (Can we say BR Honeymoon?)
11. They both did ‘little’ Joss Weaton movies (D.R. Horrible/The Avengers) They are pretty badass don’t you think?
12. They both want Barney & Robin to end up together and happy
13. They will soon be New Yorker’s (both will move to NYC after HIMYM)
14. I’m pretty sure they both have crushes on each other maybe just ‘alittlebit’ lol
15. They are both cute, adorable, sweethearts, sexy, talented, smart, understanding, nice, funny oh right i said that already? lol
16. And the 16th reason for why Neil & Cobie are so perfect together on and off screen…. Drum roll please. They can be themselves and not regret their decisions in life.

"Back in season 4, when my character was in love with her character, I got so much positive feedback. People would come to me and say “You’re such a good actor! It really looks like you’re in love with her!” but truth is I wasn’t acting at all. That wasn’t Barney in love with Robin. That was simply me in love with Cobie."

Neil: I only hang out with pretty people. And Cobie’s very pretty. You’ve got that sparkle.
Cobie: He’s really pushing my buttons today. He’s saying things to make me uncomfortable…or turned on. [Laughs]

Honorary Shippers!
Neil Patrick Harris
Cobie Smulders
David Burtka
“I am head over heels in love with Cobie Smulders.” NPH

Neibie Quotes!
"I made out with Cobie Smulders last week on the show, and when I watched it I got an erection. And she's a chick, you know what I'm saying?"

"I'm assuming we get together next season," Neil

"I feel like if we do, we'll have an open relationship and you can do whatever you want," she responds. "But you come home to me." Cobie

"That doesn't seem like Barney would want Robin to have an open relationship," Neil

"And there in lies the comedy," says Smulders with a wry smile."

"We know that when Robin gets in a fight, it turns her on a lot," Harris says, turning an arched eyebrow toward his costar before adding, "There's been more than one episode where you turn an argument into a make-out session."

"She likes violence," Colbie

"I think there'll be a Frasier/Lilith thing between the two of them," Harris concludes, waiting a full beat to add one important caveat. "This is supposition. They could break up in an episode and a half." Neil & Cobie

"“I’m for team Barney and Robin, too. I get no say in the matter. But I think she’s great. Cobie’s hilarious…and smells like the ocean.” Neil Patrick Harris

"Whatcha doing? You talking to this guy? Use your theatre voice!" Neil

"lets do another scene where we punch or kiss" - Neil
"those are my favorites" - Cobie


stlavin95 03-09-2019 02:25 AM

Thanks for the new thread

Swarkles 03-09-2019 02:30 AM

you're welcome! is the title good?

stlavin95 03-09-2019 02:31 AM

It is :nod:

Swarkles 03-09-2019 03:03 AM

it's a funny one! those would be her favorite scenes. :lol: I think they both enjoy kissing each other a little too much. :P

stlavin95 03-09-2019 03:04 AM

They did :lol:

Swarkles 03-09-2019 03:13 AM

I wanna know what they're doing here! waving at their kids maybe? would their kids even be there? :lol:

PhoenixRising 03-09-2019 03:33 PM

Thanks for the new thread, Katie! :hug:

stlavin95 03-09-2019 10:11 PM

Maybe? :lol:

PhoenixRising 03-10-2019 04:00 PM

I can't even guess what they're doing there, Katie. :lol:

Swarkles 03-11-2019 02:20 AM

me either. :lol: at first I thought they were waving but now it looks like they're making squeezing motions. :lol:

stlavin95 03-11-2019 11:39 PM

Yep :lol:

Swarkles 03-12-2019 02:29 AM

I wonder if it's on video somewhere and shows what they're doing that at..

I love the blooper of her sticking her butt in his face when she sings the bang, bang song. :lol: I always forget she doesn't actually do it in the show. :lol:

stlavin95 03-12-2019 04:16 AM

Same here lol, it was great

PhoenixRising 03-12-2019 04:26 PM

I wonder if their other halves are off screen and that's who they're gesturing too? :lol:

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