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Prison & Wine | Matthew ♥ Francesca #65 : I don't love you, but I always will.

welcome to the 65th

f r a n k y & m a t t y
appreciation thread
When Franky and Matty first met she felt like the whole world was against her. She had just moved to Bristol to get away from bullies, but almost as soon as she arrived she found herself a target once again. She screamed at him to leave her alone and even pointed a gun at him, however he walked right up to her. He thought she was b e a u t i f u l, told her she was a “glorious headfck thing”. He stopped the hurt she was feeling, at least long enough to allow her to stand up for herself. When he left it was obvious they had made quite an impression on each other.

By the time they met up again he was with Liv. Though both remembered their encounter from before and there was a clear connection between them. Franky tried to repress her feelings for Matty, despite her obvious jealousy, but they soon came out in the open when they were cast as Duke Orsino and Viola in Twelfth Night. Meanwhile, Matty had also been harbouring his own feelings -which he found he was unable to prevent- and these feelings became clear to Liv, who later asked Matty if he loved Franky, and when he didn’t answer she told him to f o r g e t about her.

Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space.
It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe

Matty did attempt to stay away from Franky, leading her to feel h u r t and like he was “headfcking” her. However it was clear they needed each other, when they found themselves alone in the woods together, Matty admitted how much he wanted to kiss her. Franky did kiss him, unable to stop herself anymore, leading to them almost having sex in the woods. Matty and Liv later broke up, with Liv saying their feelings for each other weren’t their f a u l t.

In a beautiful p a r a l l e l to the beginning of the series, in the final scene Franky comforted Matty, using his name for her-“glorious headfck thing”. The series ended on them locked together in a glorious e m b r a c e, clinging tightly like they never wanted to l e t g o.

• • •

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h o n o r a r y;
Franky Fitzgerald
“I know what I want.”
Matty Levan
“Why not?”
Grace Violet
“Remember Franky, you're completely in love with him.”
Mini McGuinness
“I've seen the way you look at each other. I say go for it.”
Neil 'the script executive' Duncan
“Franky is the one light that won't go away.”
Dakota Blue Richards
“He's fascinated by her. I think the same is true the other way round.”
Sebastian de Souza
“Franky is for Matty what life is all about.”
“Here is my hand: you shall from this time be your master’s mistress.”
James Blunt
“Goodbye my lover, Goodbye my friend. You've been the one for me.”
Cassie 'our voice of reason' Ainsworth
“I like boats. They go places.”
Albus Dumbledore
“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times,
if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Harry Potter
Sean Buckley
Nick Levan
“Liv, I need you.”
*angry staring competition*
#Sorry we couldn't come up with an actual quote, they
were too busy staring to make any intelligible sound#

♪ Rich Hardbeck
♪ Alo Creevey
♪ A Fine Frenzy
♪ Rachel Berry & the Glee Club
♪ Tom Felton
♪ Rupert Grint
♪ Night vision goggles
♪ Lidl
♪ Foxes
♪ Squirrels
One Direction (especially moptop and curly)
Avril Lavigne
Katy Perry
♪ Alo's van
♪ Carrot Top
♪ Mad Hatter
♪ Sean Connery
Will Young
♪ Carps
♪ Sharks
Ajahn Brahms
Dolce e Gabbana
Urban Dictionary

• • •

If music be the food of love, play on;
Give me excess of it, that,
surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die;
That strain again! it had a dying fall:

O, it came o’er my ear like the sweet sound
That breathes upon a bank of violets,
Stealing and giving odour.”

[01-25] click!
26. That hug- 'nuff said
27. He said she was beautiful when she felt at her least beautiful.
28. She's a glorious fucking headfuck thing.
29. He's a glorious headfuck thing, too.
30. They own it.
31. None of them buys clothes. She makes them. He steals them.
32. 'They're both into music.'
33. Lidl.
34. 'Her eye hath stay'd a little by some favour that it loves.' By his favour.
35. She's talking about him and remember, she's completely in love.
36. She doesn't have to take this **** anymore. And no, she doesn't.
37. He loves her so much that he kissed his hand.
38. He saved her from Hello Gorgeous.
39.'Franky is the only light which won't go away.' ND
40. 'Their illicit love as Viola and Orsino was a bit too convincing.'
41. 'What better way to start a relationship than with a gun?'
42. Sparks. Every source of light, really.
43. She's the lady to his duke.
44. She shall from this time be her master's mistress. Deal with it =)
45. It's 'of your complexion'.
46. Home is where the heart is.
47. They're kindred spirits.
48. The ending of S5 was all about them.
49. They have the funniest shippers ever.
50. Because normal ships are good, but a non-ship is better.

• • •

Come hither, boy. If ever thou shalt love,
In the sweet pangs of it remember me
For such as I am all true lovers are
Unstaid and skittish in all motions else
Save in the constant image of the creature
That is beloved. How dost thou like this tune?”

“As much as it will drive me mad, I want Jeff to make me some food and run me a bath.
He'll try and hug me and I won't let him, but the gesture will make me feel better.”

- Skins the Novel, Summer Holiday

• • •

“And every demon wants his pound of flesh
But I like to keep some things to myself
I like to keep my issues strong
It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

s e a s o n 5;

• • •

“And I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t
So here’s to drinks in the dark at the end of my road
And I’m ready to suffer and I’m ready to hope
It’s a shot in the dark and right at my throat
Cause looking for heaven, for the devil in me
Looking for heaven, for the devil in me
Well what the hell, I’m gonna let it happen to me.”

the c h a r a c t e r s;

Matty & Franky's profiles

Maybe I just wanna breathe
Maybe I just don't believe
Maybe you're the same as me
we see things they'll never see.

• • •

“ I think as Franky said in one episode, Matty's into people, and
that's how the connection arises between Franky and Matty.
Franky is for Matty what life is all about - finding something outside of normal life.
I think Franky is searching for the same sort of thing and that's why she gets
chastised by people throughout the series for being something, you know, weird
or freaky or a lesbian or bisexual or whatever.
It's not an issue for her - whereas most teenagers are thinking, 'Am I straight or am I gay?
Am I cute or am I ugly?' she's thinking more about Third World debt and philosophy.
I think Matty's there as well and that's why Matty is interested in Franky. ”
♪ Seb;

“As much as Matty tries not to expect anything from Franky or take anything from her, because that's not what their relationship is, he's fascinated by her.
I think the same is true the other way round, because nobody's ever been so accepting and as comfortable with her as he is
and I think she craves feeling, for want of a better word, normal. She's never felt normal in her entire life and no-one's tried to make her feel normal.
What he's done is just to say, 'Actually,you don't need to be normal because you're something even better'
and I think that's really important for her in terms of her personal development.
♪ Dakota;

“ And since you are my friend, I would ask to you to lower me down slow.
And tell the man in the black cloak, he doesn't need to trouble his good soul. ”

• • •

Thou dost speak masterly;
My life upon't, young though thou art, thine eye
Hath stay'd upon some favour that it loves:
Hath it not, boy?

“A little, by your favour. ”

the s c e n e s;

My heart and mind can be disjointed
I built a bed in this hole I made
I recognize that I'm damaged
I sympathize that you are too

• • •


This scene is great because so much is said between them in just one look.
Franky is clearly delighted to see the boy who made her feel beautiful when she most needed it,
and he is clearly delighted to see the girl with the gun who fascinated him so much.
It’s obvious that for the two of them everyone else just melts away for a moment, and they are left completely alone to consider each other.
Communication between the two outcasts is easy and natural,
and in that moment they both seem to know exactly what the other is thinking.
♪ Hp-Skins;


The one and only reason I love this scene is Shakespeare, obviously.
I'm sure he would cast them in a modern version of Twelfth Night if he was still alive.
But really, you can't go wrong with Shakespeare.
The real reason I love this scene is because it lets you see perfectly what their relationship is about.
Feather touches being enough, that feeling of being home whenever one is smiling at the other,
not needing to express how they feel to be real.
I think this situation is new for Franky, but paradoxically I believe that applies to Matty as well.
Drugs, sex, escape are part of the relationship he's currently into and while being carefree is great at that age,
I think what he has with Franky is something completely different and new for him.
He finds a sense of normalcy around her he's been desperately trying to get elsewhere until now.
Just like here. All it takes is a feather touch to be overwhelmed by her.
And Franky's smile is so genuine and heartfelt in that moment, forgetting where Franky starts and Viola ends.
Something about them just trascends physicality and I love it.
Besides, what better way to reveal your feelings than by reciting Shakespeare? I think this scene is genius.
♪ Heimweh;


Jessie J's powerful and sexy voice fits perfectly this moment at the student night.
For the first time Matty gets jealous, though there's much more love than anger in his intervention.
Franky was trying to do what girls do;
but she's not ok, that boy is touching her and she wants him to stop.
Nobody can see it, nobody seems to care, but he cares.
She looks around, and once again finds Matty's eyes, that never only watch.
They're studying her, why she's scared, what she needs, if she loves him.
Franky always fights to be someone else, but for him, she doesn't need to try, she can just be.
Nothing can stop him after have looked into her eyes.
♪ Marianuvs;


How do you explain fascination?
Theirs especially. It's the most human condition going.
There are reasons why they find each other so but in a few sentences?
It's almost impossible. How do you describe that feeling?
And they don't, do they.
Not in words....they don't need to. Did you?
♪ Beached;


This scene is the scene that made me a fratty shipper.
I think it's mainly because of the way they smiled at each other; they were really lovely little smiles.
It just felt like they were sharing this really private moment in the company of her friends and even his girlfriend;
it was just like they forgot about everyone else there
and their smiles were really secretive and just the way he said, 'It's you'...
My shipper heart basically melted at that point and the way she grinned up at him,
it was just so playful and private.
I think that's something Franky and Matty were doing throughout the whole series;
sharing little private moments in group scenes,
and I think that's really special.
♪ Forelsket;


The Franky/Matty/Liv triangle was kind of frustrating me towards
the end of series 5, and it was kind of getting boring.
However, this scene re-ignited my love for them.
I squealed like a little girl
when Matty put his hand over Franky's mouth and kissed it...
it was so delicate and beautiful.
I could totally feel their frustration (Franky's especially)
and that kiss was the perfect way for him to kiss her.


This scene is the scene for me.
I remember seeing it in the first trailer they showed before the new series,
and I was immediately intrigued by this girl, so distraught that she needed a weapon to say
she didn't have to take it anymore, and the tenderness in the guy's voice
when he simply responded 'No, you don't.' - instead of, you know,
freaking out because that was a gun after all. The final scene did not disappoint.
It's amazing how he manages to say the right thing at the right time to make her feel better,
leading her to stand up for herself first time in her life.
It's amazing how it only took him a few seconds to realize
she is a beautiful creature. And he told her.
It's amazing that he saw right through her,
and that we saw him for the very first time through her eyes.
It's amazing that he was a complete stranger,
but it's the safest I felt for Franky in the entire episode.
And what's more amazing is that I think she felt that too,
if it only took few minutes to turn that 'go away!' into 'please, don't (go).'
♪ Heimweh;

♪ Marianuvs;

• • •

“ Your master quits you, and for your service done him,
So much against the mettle of your sex,
So far beneath your soft and tender breeding,

And since you called me “master” for so long, here is my hand.
You shall from this time be your master’s mistress.

I think it is resolved by the end. I think in the end Franky may win Matty's heart.”
- Seb;

“I think you definitely see a development of that relationship in the last episode.”

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the a c t o r s;

Dakota Blue Richards Sebastian de Souza

Franky, to me, is the most interesting personality in this show. She’s a true artist; she’s one of these pure souls, one of these very unusual examples of a severe concentration of love, hate, light and d a r k n e s s combined. She could smoke a joint then move a mountain, she could write a symphony then go and laugh and joke with her friends. She’s a free spirit and nothing is too big or too small, but at the same time, only very specific things matter to Franky. Dakota plays her brilliantly.

“ I think because Franky's character was the first one that was introduced,
they didn't want to go into her and her family situation and what's happened
to her before very deeply, which is nice, because it makes her character
mysterious, which is the same kind of thing I think they've done with Matty
and that draws them together as well. ”

“ Today we're doing my almost sex scene, which is very exciting because it's in the woods... and it's COLD!
I was really worried about it before because it's quite, like, intense but... but yeah,
I'm glad I'm doing it with Seb cause that means, like, I can just have a good laugh with him! ”

My character was cast a week after everybody else. I got into London for the final call in July
and realised I’d forgotten both my Oyster card and my debit card. So I had to run through
London for half an hour in the pouring rain and was late for the audition. But I got the job,
so maybe they liked the rainy and dishevelled look.”

I actually read for another character, Liv. It wasn’t until the very end of the process they said,
‘You’ve got the part, but it’s as Franky instead of Liv’. It took me a long time -to get what Franky is all about,
but I think that’s what’s quite special about her, because she is an amazing person, but nobody understands that.
I think I’m beginning to get her now. And I really hope I’ve done her justice
she’s genuinely a beautiful person inside.”

• • •

the s o u n d t r a c k;

“As everything in life comes together now, I need your mind
And everything is light, I remember now
We don't even understand something's going on
We don't even understand so how could we be wrong

Ih-Ah, The Devin Townsend Project;

Touch my face, a hopeless embrace
Faith, it drives me away
but it turns me on Like a strangers love
It rockets through the universe
It fuels the lies, it feeds the curse
We, too, could be glorious

Glorious, Muse;

♪ Aim straight for the heart; FM mix| download here

“ She's pushing me blindfolded down to my knees
But her finger still shakes on the trigger
She's untying my hands though I gave her the rope
She's showing me mercy as much as she can

Oh but still she looks back, she looks back
Oh but there ain't no getting out of this mess
Oh you can't reverse the bullet from a gun

Bullet from a gun, The Script;

'cos she's the kind of girl who'll take your heart
& leave u feeling worse than u did at the start
'cos she's a headfuck, my baby is a headfuck

she's the kind of girl who'll break your mind
& make an easy meal of the sensitive kind

she's the kind of girl who'll steal your smile
& chuck it over there on the rest of the pile
'cos she's a headfuck, my baby is a headfuck

My baby is a headfuck, The Wildhearts;

“ So this is how the story went
I met someone by accident
who blew me away
who blew me away

It was in the darkest of my days
When you took my sorrow and you took my pain
And buried them away, you buried them away

Hiding my heart, Adele;

and when the world gets sharp and tries to cut you down to size
and makes you feel like giving in
oh, I will stay, I will rain, I will wash the words and pain away
and I will chase away the way we push
the way we pull
you're beautiful

Parachute, Train;

I believe there's a time and a place
To let your mind drift and get out of this place
I believe there's a day and a place
That we will go to, and I know you wanna share.

Walking in the cold
Just keep on flying
There'll be a searchlight
On the mountain high
God knows you're lonely souls

Lonely Soul, Unkle;

If I'm lost please don't find me
If I drown let me sink

When it's cold outside hold me. Don't hold me
When I choose to rest my eyes coax me. Don't coax me

Follow me to nowhere
Woven with the utmost care

Celestica, Crystal Castles;

• • •

We are all a little weird and life's a little weird,
and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours,
we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. ”
-Dr. Seuss;

“ Why do you ship them? Try me. ”

on why we support
Matty & Franky;

I can’t help but love Franky and Matty when they are together. They need each other. I have no idea how to define what it is they have, and I’m not even all that sure what I want them to develop into. However, I want them to be close, I want them to care for each other, and I want them to help each other. They have an understanding between them, when they share a look what is shared between them doesn’t need to be spoken aloud, they just get it, while nobody else would. Many people don’t understand why I like them together, but he made her feel beautiful when she felt like nothing, she needed him and he was there. In my opinion, that’s a very good reason to love these two.
♪ HP-Skins;

I was shipping Fratty even when the promos came out and them being in the dark together in the intro. And usually stay with who I'd thought I'd ship until the very end when I see how their entire relationship unfolds. Both of them being so fucked/flawed draws me into them. I'd like to see Franky happy and I think that her crush on Matty is pretty obvious. So does Matty's on her.
♪ ripe to fall;

I actually feel a bit silly when shipper threads try to put together their "Why We Ship" lists. I mean, I can probably come up with several reasons why Franky and Matty are meant to be, but here's what I've realized after years and years of being a shipper junkie: It's not about the characters in the story. It's about YOU.
So... sure, you can debate. You can present us with facts... but you'll just be rehashing something that we already saw on TV. I mean, we all watched the same show... we just interpreted what we saw in different ways. We internalize certain scenes... and whatever touches us... whatever moves us... becomes our reason for shipping.
There's no right or wrong. You know why I started shipping Fratty? Because in the first episode, Matty told Franky that she was beautiful. Out of the blue. And it just grabbed me, you know? It made a big enough impression that I shipped them until the end. I stand by with my ONE reason. It was enough for me.
♪ *Rogue^Demon*;

I honestly feel like both Franky and Matty have a mutual understanding of each other and I'm really intrigued by them.
I started shipping them ever since the first episode where he told Franky she was beautiful. He was the one thing that made her feel better about herself since there's no doubt that when they first met she was emotionally and perhaps mentally unstable, driven to the point of brandishing a ~gun and aiming it at her antagonists. Franky really needed to hear that and I loved Matty for consoling her with those two little words. Their scene in the pilot really made an impact on me and I then knew I had to see more of these two.
♪ Penny Avenue;

The reason why I support Matty and Franky together? They've asked many times.
Does the fact they had the best first meeting in the history of Skins count? Or that both of them support this strange and beautiful idea more than we do? Why do I need to tell you any reason in the first place?
Matty and Franky are two lost kids who met by chance. It's about that, really. They're quite similar - not so similar that it makes them boring, but not so different that it makes them incompatible - and I believe they've been through a lot in their lives. For some twisted joke of destiny they've found each other when they were less expecting it, or wanted it really; one was looking for a place to call home again, the other had given up on the fact people could accept her for who she was. So they did what they do best: hide, run away.
I bet neither of them was expecting to be found. But then they met again, and as much as they tried not to expect anything from the other, or people getting in the way, or their past being there like an old friend for both of them, it's nice to remember how it feels to be found.
I'm not sure they know what this connection is about or how to call it, really. I don't mind.
I think the beauty of their relationship is all about that: being inexplicable but being there nonetheless. You can see this mental connection arise from the very start and while they can't quite put their fingers on what it is or where it will lead them - probably never will, yet it can't go out. And why does it have to?
Well, maybe it still feels wrong for you, but not for me.
♪ heimweh;

What i love about Matty and Franky is that all her life, Franky never felt "normal". She never had that sense of "home" and "belongingness". and the first person to ever make her feel beautiful and special is Matty. and he's constantly made her feel that way. he's seen how beautiful she is right from the start and I guess, for the first time, Franky finally found that "home" she has always been looking for. And you know what they say.. home is where the heart is.
♪ listzomania;

It's funny because this ship is forever going to be labelled as the ~staremates~ ship and people think that's the only reason why we ship them. No. Their eye sex moments are just the breadcrumbs to the bigger things. Little things like eye sexin is what every ships enjoys. I love them because they're the only two people in the group that truly get each other; they're both outsiders, both have family problems. They would be good for each other (once they sort their issues out). And yeah, I have character bias in that I want my favourite to be with someone that truly cares for her. So what?
♪ LondonTown89;

Uhm, it's hard to find a reason for these two. They're not reasonable people!
Basically my favourite female character is Franky, and my favourite male character is Matty. There's this tension between them, maybe that tension is what draws me into them.
I've the feeling that Franky, in war with her female part but not strictly lesbian, could solve some of her troubles if she allows Matty to love her. Matty loved Liv, yeah. Now he realized he loves Franky more. It’s always love, but a different way. This one for Franky is something totally new for Matty, he is different with her.
I'm not that kind of skins fan that looks for the fandom. I ship just the true love. Effy/Freddie, Naomi/Emily, Sid/Cassie. And I just saw a glorious, white, and charming requited love between Matty and Franky, that's it.
♪ marianuvs;

There's just something so truly epic about this couple.
I mean, separately they're already these fascinating broken characters, but together they just meld together in the most perfect way.
And something about them just transcends physicality, because they are just so much more than that.
♪ hypnotisedbabe;

• • •

The way that the script executive Neil described their relationship is that basically, Matty is
someone who likes to see himself living in this darkness and that's where he gets his mystery.
That's why he puts that out about himself and why he doesn't really let people in.
He described the other people in his life as like candles - they come in and they bring this light
into his life
and he's fascinated by it but after a while they'll burn out and he'll get bored
of them, which is why he's been moving away and never really settled before.
Then they describe Franky as being the one that won't go away. ”

“ If I could choose, I’d have you stay. But I gave my heart to you,
and it’s yours to break. Before my fears tear us apart.
Won’t you follow me into the dark? ”
-Into the dark, James Blunt;

• • •

a friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words

Atty Ranky

BEST friends. ALMOST lovers. FRIEND mates.
From the moment Atty and Ranky met, it was obvious they were destined to be bffs! Their purely p l a to n i c relationship is wonderful, as it’s so nice to see a boy and girl pair on skins who are so c o n n e c t e d, yet have absolutely no chance of being anything but very close friends.
For a while they seemed confused about their feelings for each other, almost seeming to believe that maybe they felt something other than friendship, but thankfully they realised their mistake in time and ‘ let go ’ with a wonderfully platonic hug. This allowed a beautiful friendship to develop.

Matty was pleased to find someone who liked foxes as much as he did, and Franky wanted to share her passion for Lidl with him. Lidl quickly became their favourite shop and they spent many carefree afternoons buying -or in Matty’s case stealing- camping gear (like night vision goggles) and clothes (like r e d c o a t s) from the discount paradise.

Unskinny love: When two people are in fraternal love with each other
but are too shy to admit it, although they still show it.

Wearing their new matching red coats and with night vision goggles in hand they skipped into the woods together to platonically camp out and watch the foxes and squirrels under the stars. While out in the woods Matty played some James Blunt songs for Franky and she absolutely adored them.
It was at that moment that Matty knew that any girl who loved foxes and James Blunt was going to make the p e r f e c t b e s t f r i e n d. Similarly, Franky knew that anyone who could understand her love of Lidl was meant to be her platonic buddy for life.

They went on many adventures together; spent many more nights camping, went to the premiere for the final Harry Potter, and once Matty even took Franky to a James Blunt concert.
An amazing bond formed between them which to this day is solid, delightful and above all P L A T O N I C!

top platonic

“ People are worried about perception,
but I'm not too bothered about that

-James Blunt; (obvs)

on why we support
Atty & Ranky;

Atty and Ranky have, without a doubt, the most platonic relationship ever seen on Skins. Nothing makes me happier than to think of them merrily jogging off to Lidl on a beautiful sunny afternoon, most likely to buy more night vision goggles (they watch foxes so much they always wear them out). I enjoy the way they always dress to match each other, and even share their clothes sometimes. BFFs should always match, and these two are perfect. I can only hope and pray that one day I meet the Matty of my dreams just like Franky did. Yet I don’t think I will ever meet someone who loves me as platonically as Matty loves Franky, which makes me sad (Also, I need someone to go to James Blunt concerts with)

How can I even describe how much I love their relationship? It's so BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT!!!111 than any words fail to capture its true essence. A charming requited true friendship blossomed since the moment they first saw each other, where it was clear to the viewer they were going to interact as platonic best buddies through the series.
When Matty took her pain away, calling her 'beautiful' like every best friend should, Franky knew she had finally found that sense of 'home' she had been looking for her whole life. She had finally found a brother. I know that's what you felt that, viewer. Unreciprocated fantasies managed to threaten this perfect relationship, but every friendship hits a few obstacles on the road. Franky later explained she had been reading G.R. Martin for the past few months, that's why incest didn't seem so wrong at the time. Matty later acknowledged it was better to read Harry Potter, and he stole a complete collector edition from Lidl (only the best for her) for Franky.
Friends without benefits once again, they lived many glorious adventures together. You don't need to know them, trust me.
What you need to know is that their friendship inspired the world once again. With the wonderful notes of 'goodbye my friend' in their ears - you're a Muggle so you can't hear them - they let go of each other completely sharing the most AMAZING and PLATONIC hug viewers had ever witnessed to. Even Martin readers. The look in her eyes said it all: they'll be best buddies forever.

Atty and Ranky have been an inspiration for me and my new project since the moment I saw them on my TV. While I have to say these new kids aren't as good looking as the previous ones, they definitely got better taste in music. Not only these two are the best fans one could ask for (they never miss one of my concerts, and once they boy was almost arrested for trying to get near me, but I later explained to the police he just wanted an autograph for his sister, or so he told me, so I signed their matching red jackets and even had a pic with them.) they also incarnate the ultimate meaning of my music. I was delighted to discover my songs were such an inspiration for their letting go.
I want them in my next video.
James Blunt;

Many are convinced that a long-term, truly platonic friendship between individuals of the opposite sex just isn't possible. Romantic interest, physical attraction and sometimes, the jealousy of significant others can threaten to sabotage a cross-gender friendship. Obviously they never met these two.
wikihow, how to be just friends;

I don't have a mum or a sister. I'm so glad I 've finally found a brother!
Ranky about Atty;

She's the sister I never had. I love her like a sister, really. Even if I've never had a real sister so I wouldn't know. Well, you get me. You get me, right? ****, my head is fucked.
Atty about Ranky;

“ Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times,
if one only remembers to turn on the light. ”

aka as our glorious ex-tags
ballbags, failboats, friends, glorious things, shiny things, james blunt, sparkles, every source of light really, flames, candles, foxes, squirrels, people who are most likely friends, night vision goggles, platonic things ™, luckless romances, this is the ship of letting go, the face of letting go, anything starting with b, hobbits, curls, hair in general (we're shallow), free hugs, guns, bullets, boots, trench coats, weird things in general, LIDL.

rolled an ready here;

frankyfitz & mattykrust

• • •

v i d e o s;
In my veins;
I see you;
Into dust;

“ Happiness is a warm gun. ”
“ You wait. The wheatfield never changes…those who are truly tamed can never really be untamed
… and those who tame us eventually return, for they themselves have been tamed as well. ”

holding on;
B/C together, they're headeffingly.....beautiful.
She is his glorious. He is her random. This has otp written all over it.
We were like strangers who knew each other very well
Friends who hug each other stick with each other
Maybe you're the same as me, we see things they'll never see.
Shoot me, i’ll shoot you. you’re beautiful.
We have been in the same places, you and I.
I wish you would tell me how you really feel, but you’ll never tell me cos that’s not our deal
You are the night time fear, you're the morning when it’s clear, you’re my head, you’re my heart.
Build something... tear it down
{Frankly♥M'dears} We don't give a darn about what you say. We're failures and we're INDEED in love with it.
Never Repatriated {Matty ♥ New!Effy} Your little heart is gonna be sewn. Where did the future go? Parts unknown
{Mattster ♥ Batgirl} Go on then.
"I fell in love...with a real heartbreaker"
"Love never lets you use the right side of your brain"
"I knew it was over, so wake me when its over"
“I’ll bite the bullet for your love”
Their love is unrequited. Except it never was.

• • •

“ Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be
this hard. Oh, take me back to the start. ”

letting go;
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gif of the moment;

true luv

bullets for stealers;
graphics: heimweh;
words: HP-Skins;
gif of the moment: ? ;


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Wow, I thought it was gonna last until next year actually
Maybe you can wake up
and explain it to me
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True love

Wow, I thought it was gonna last until next year actually
this one might even with survivors
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We'll see the survivor should be ready tomorrow btw
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thanks so much for making it
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Does anyone know any good Franky tumblrs? I need my Francesca daily fix.
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I think there might be one linked on the OP of the Franky thread
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I made this
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In franky's thread, she only has the Dakotabluerichards tumblr, not a Franky one. I do have the Dakota tumblr bookmarked though, i go there everyday for Dakota news.
“I just wanna like, just be.” Francesca
"Sometimes I think I was born backwards" Effy
Kaya Scodelario/Effy and Dakota Blue Richards/Franky Stan
Franky/Matty, Sid/Cassie, Effy/Freddie, Sid/Tony, Freddie/Cook, Rich/Alo, Naomi/Emily, Franky/Grace
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Tftnt Thanks for making the survivor as well Mel, looking forward to it!

Awh that's cute Animali! Memories
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In the calm of my state.[x]

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i just noticed the op and asdfghjkl GORGEOUS! and the title.
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Originally Posted by Animali (View Post)

In franky's thread, she only has the Dakotabluerichards tumblr, not a Franky one. I do have the Dakota tumblr bookmarked though, i go there everyday for Dakota news.
oh I see, I think there used to be one called fckyeahFrankyFitz or something like that but I'm not actually sure if its still used

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Maybe you can wake up
and explain it to me
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