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Old 09-30-2010, 08:20 AM
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Naoms ♥ Ems #1034: *insert title about two people who spent their lives loving each other*


Naomi Campbell and Emily Fitch. Mrs and Mrs Campbell. Their story begins with once upon a time and ends with they lived happily ever after. They've loved each other since they were twelve years old, and though it was love at first sight, they were both too scared to tell each other how they felt. So Naomi ran and Emily chased. Emily saw something in Naomi that no one else did and that was what made her keep loving and chasing Naomi after so many years. And no matter how hard Naomi tried to deny her feelings or how fast or far she ran, she always ended up back with Emily.

They were each others' first and last kisses and each others' first and only loves. It was only when Naomi stopped running that they could become something. It was only when Emily took a chance and kissed Naomi again, that their story really began. Emily kissed Naomi and Naomi ran again, but not for long, because she realized that her feelings weren't something that could be pushed aside and ignored. They made love by a lake, held hands through a cat-flap, kissed breathlessly against a row of lockers, and laid their souls bare at the Love Ball.

But that wasn't the end. Emily kept giving and Naomi kept taking, until they tore each other apart. Emily became the runner and Naomi, the chaser. And again they stripped each other of everything until nothing was left but love. Real, true love. Their journey had been perilous and heartbreaking and more than they could bear at times, but it was all worth it in the end. They couldn't have gotten there -- the end, where their story both ended and began anew -- without the journey.

And so, heartfelt declarations aside, they'll love each other forever. Soulmates. Lobsters.

you are my heaven ;

379. gurami
380. Tra276
381. Samikinslikehoa
382. haveuever
383. lilkat
385. Cherry Lady
386. lovelesscott
387. Canon
388. cecizeta
389. fakevegan

full list here

Because they are "a heartwarming love story." 215.
Because Naomi loved Emily from the first time she saw her. 216.
Because they've loved each other since they were twelve. 217.
Because they were each others first kiss. 218.
Because Naomi took Emily's virginity. 219.
Because Emily made Naomi a believer. 220.
Because they are each others lobster. 221.
Because they are Mrs & Mrs Campbell. 222.
Because Emily defines Naomi. 223.
Because Naomi would die for Emily. 224.
Because they had their happy ending. 225.

full list here

The third series of Skins was the beginning of Naomily. They had a history, of course, but it was that one look across a crowded room that set things in motion. Naomi wasn't happy to see that Emily was attending the same college as her, but it didn't stop her from hanging around with Emily at every opportunity. Naomi was hot and cold this series; she'd pull Emily towards her only to push her away again when things got to be too much. But Emily saw something inside of Naomi and knew that Naomi felt the same, and so she kept on running after Naomi. And then they held hands through a cat-flap and everything changed. From a kiss shared at a pyjama party, to making love beside a lake, to declarations of love at the college ball, and walking off into the proverbial sunset.

#1 | Naomi, 306

Emily: I can see it now, in lights: Naomi, get to know me.
Naomi: I thought it was quite catchy.
Emily: Yeah, well, so's AIDS.
Naomi: Do you think I can do it?
Emily: I think you can do anything.
#2 | Naomi, 306

Naomi: Can we go somewhere? Anywhere.
#3 | Naomi, 306

Emily: Do you want to do blowbacks?
Naomi: I never got blowbacks. Why can't people just smoke the damn thing straight?
Emily: It's fun. Have you even tried it?
Naomi: No. But, being all-seeing, I already know it's s**t.
Emily: Come on, everything once.
#4 | Naomi, 306

Naomi: Say something.
Emily: I'm all about experiments, me.
#5 | Naomi, 306

Emily: I know you, Naomi. I know you're lonely. I think you need somebody
to want you. Well, I do want you. So, be brave. And want me back.
#6 | Naomi, 306

Naomi: I do want someone -- need someone. You were right.
Emily: And?
Naomi: And, when I'm with you, I feel like I'm a better person. I feel happier,
less ... alone. Less lonely. But it's not that simple, is it? Being with someone.
Emily: Isn't it?
Naomi: No. I mean, I don't know. I mean, I don't think so.
Can't we just sit like this? For a bit?
Emily: Yeah, we can. For a bit.
#7 | Effy, 308

JJ: You ladies like to wriggle, don't you?
#8 | Katie & Emily, 309

Naomi: Let's just be friends, okay?
Emily: We say that, don't we?
Naomi: Yeah. Have a good summer.
Emily: I'll miss you.
Naomi: I can't stand it. I can't.
#9 | Katie & Emily, 309

Naomi: Don't do that ...
Emily: No, you don't do that. I'm not your fcking experiment! ... I'm tired --
so sick and tired of it. We're still holding hands through a cat-flap, aren't we?
#10 | Katie & Emily, 309

Emily: I like girls. No, I like a girl. No. I love her. I love ... her.

why we love emily & naomi :
Why do we love Emily and Naomi? It's pretty easy to see why: they're made for each other. They've loved each other since they were both twelve years old, and while the journey was never easy, they never gave up and they never stopped loving each other, no matter what. Naomi and Emily are unique in the world of Skins, because the hugeness of their love is just so profound. Every time they tried to break apart, they just came back together again, bound even tighter than before. Their love is unrivaled in the Skins universe; there is no other couple that can compare.

And that doesn't just apply to the Skins universe. There is no other lesbian couple in the history of television that has had a story and love as great as theirs -- they rank among one of the most epic love stories of all time in any world, ever. They have made people believe that there is someone out there for them, made them realize that being gay is not only normal and okay, but that gay couples are just like heterosexual couples. And gay couples and characters, just like in real life, can be happy. Emily and Naomi have given strength to countless people, encouraging them to be open and honest. To just be themselves. No other couple can make that sort of claim.

Emily and Naomi love each other, so we love them. They bring out the best in each other, and even if their romance hasn't always been lovely and sweet, they've always managed to endure the rough spots and come out as a stronger couple than before. Naomi gives Emily confidence and Emily lets Naomi be herself. They support each other, they are each others' shadows; it's easy to see why they're so in love. They're beautiful together, and that's why we love them.

why we love lily & kathryn :
LilyKat -- they're the actresses who made Emily and Naomi as epic as they were. Kathryn Prescott (Emily) and Lily Loveless (Naomi) originally met at drama school together and then three years later found themselves in Skins, playing best friends and lovers. Kathryn and Lily are best mates; they spent most of their time on set together and frequently attend events together. They're as awesome as their fictional counterparts. Kathryn has said that Lily knows her the best and Lily has said that Kathryn is the one she gets along with best. Naomi and Emily could not have been nearly as great without Lily and Kathryn.

Kathryn and Lily are of course the biggest shippers of Naomi and Emily. When Naomi cheated in Series Four, Kathryn and Lily actually had arguments about it. They genuinely care about their characters and their fans, and it really shows. They've both said that they love their characters and are glad that Naomi and Emily's story was so groundbreaking; they are happy that the story they told made people feel comfortable about themselves and love and sexuality. Neither of them can see anyone else playing their characters, and neither can we.

lily loveless & kathryn prescott
"She walked into the room and I recognized her straightaway." ― LILY
"Lily is the one who knows me best." ― KATHRYN
"Kat and I are best friends." - LILY


it is
midnight, and time is passing;
and I lie alone
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Old 09-30-2010, 08:20 AM
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Emily and Naomi spend their summer in a state of loved-up bliss, but things start to go downhill quickly as the second year of college comes around. Emily discovers Naomi's infidelity and their relationship falls into a state of complete disarray. Naomi vows to make it up to Emily, but Emily, who's heartbroken, doesn't know how to forgive Naomi and let them move forward as a couple. They spend most of the fourth series tearing each other apart, but Naomi finally comes to her senses and realizes she's got to fight for the girl she loves. The two get their second happy ending, and this time it's for forever.

#1 | Emily, 402

Naomi: I love you.
Emily: Yeah, I know.
Naomi: Don't forget it, though.
#2 | Emily, 402

Emily: I'm moving in ... I need to, okay?
Naomi: Okay.
Emily: Okay?
Naomi: Okay! Although, in many ways, it's sort of a violation. But fck it, it's okay.
Emily: Really?
Naomi: Really. It'll be great! You can be my pyjamas.
#3 | Emily, 402

Naomi: Fck it! If it's rubbish, we'll just go back to ours.
Emily: ... Where?
Naomi: Ours.
#4 | Emily, 402

Emily: You've ruined it. You don't want anyone to care. We could be dead in a
second. Everything's so fragile. Didn't you realize that? We were special.
#5 | Cook, 403

Naomi: I love someone.
#6 | Katie, 404

Emily: Naomi, darling, got any of your special powder?
Naomi: Don't, Ems.
Emily: Where's Cook when you need him? Somebody find some more pills.
Naomi: Another fun day at Mrs. and Mrs. Campbell's.
#7 | Katie, 404

'Cause all these things are running 'round my head;
Catch them, hold them, stop them in your hands,
'Cause all these things are running 'round my head.
#8 | Everyone, 408

Naomi: You wanna do breakfast? I can fry you, poach you, scramble
you; do you any way you like.
#9 | Everyone, 408

Emily: I love you.
#10 | Everyone, 408

Naomi: Really, I'd die for you. I love you. I love you so much it's killing me.

naomily kisses

THEIR future

Love isn't always easy. But Naomily showed it's worth the effort
B/C even our bank cards ship Naomily
B/C even reality tv stars and bands ship Naomily!
One day I'm cold, the next day you're the one I hold, I'm not easy.
NumbEr oNe Crush - I will sell my soul for something pure and true, someone like you.
All the love above I send into you. Comfort and protection I'll watch over you
BE & Tea "They love UK Skins and Naomily as much as you do" - AE
B/C Naomily even have their own t-shirt!
B/C if Naomily were real, we'd all end up with restraining orders
B/C Naomily always have been and always will be smitten
Naomily BOLDED each other reeeeaaal gooood
B/C they stalked each other and they liked it
B/C they bring romance to anything. Even shampoo bottles!
B/C they both love politics.
B/C they're very stalkable.
B/C Emily always believed in Naomily.
B/C Emily stayed alive and Naomi found her.
B/C we saw their love endure.
B/C they both love Blondie.
B/C Emily could never walk away.
B/C they were each others past and will be their futures.
B/C even through the angst they couldn't walk away.
"You liked that"
"Can we go somewhere, anywhere."
"Be brave! And want me back."
"The people who make us happy are never the people we expect" - Gina
"When you find someone you have to cherish it" - Gina
"When i'm with you ... I feel happier, less alone."
"I can't stand it. I can't."
"I wanted to keep you safe."
"You're very stalkable."
"I want Naomi."
"You can be my pyjamas."
"Stay alive...I will find you."
"I loved you the first time I saw you. I think I was 12."
"I love you. I love you so much it's killing me."
"Let's go and do something delinquent"
"From now on, wherever you go, I go. And vice versa."
"I'm so happy. If I died tonight it would be totally OK." "Me too."
"I can't imagine not holding and kissing Emily."
"I love you, girl"
"Love you forever xxx."
"Put the props down and just be yourself" - Naomi
B/C they love MDMA kisses
B/C they love bouncy castle kisses
B/C they love lake kisses
B/C they love locker kisses
B/C they love stomach kisses
B/C they love club kisses
B/C they love college kisses
B/C they love cupboard kisses
B/C they love mexican kisses
B/C they love angry kisses
B/C they shared a true love kiss
B/C they love sofa kisses
B/C they even kiss in a cartoon
B/C they brought the romance to the novel
Finally I've found that I belong. Feels like home, I should have known
You are the hope that keeps me're everything.
I know you're worth it. I still believe, It's you and me to the end of time.
How I know your face, all the ways you move, I can read you.
All I was missing was there in your eyes, your lonely blue eyes.
When I open my eyes, you are what I wanted to see.
Do you remember when our lips first met? I do. It was magical.
All I ever want is there in your eyes.

the beginning of a most epic romance.
It's panic and it's desire and it's anger and it's terror and it's sorrow and it's impossible,
impossible hope
, and I'm only talking about this very second; not the whole story that
extends at the same time into the past and future in ways neither Naomi or Emily or you
or I can even understand yet.


it was always between them.
It's kind of sad, and it's kind of beautiful: that Naomi has been trying to work out
what that love is for 6 years.


i knew they would find a way.
I wanted to say in one image that they have just had the best summer of their lives.

kindred souls.
It's a love story about a girl who doesn't want to be in love.

yes, it is enduring love.
This series was basically Emily and Naomi beating the crap out of each other nearly the
whole time. They were bloody and bruised but saying I still love you. It's beautiful to know
that as a couple you have been tested in that way and come through it.


she was interested in Emily.
They'd be married and travelling the world, because that's what they want to do.

NAOMILY unseen

GIF OF THE moment

it is
midnight, and time is passing;
and I lie alone
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R.I.P Cory
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ummmmm...the title =D...tftnt
"...and then Naomi...ehh...Lily went what!?"...oh Kat...<3

Kat: I like Lily, like Emily likes Naomi
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Old 09-30-2010, 08:23 AM
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Love the title they really will spend their whole lives loving each other

From 12 to infinity.
You stole it from me
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Old 09-30-2010, 08:23 AM
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Love the title they really will spend their whole lives loving each other

From 12 to infinity.
You stole it from me
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tftnt bb

sorry, scout, i was in the shower. but you know i love you UNCONDITIONALLY!


oh my god my xmas socks are hardly fitting over my ankle
You have used a censored word. Please remove this word.

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From 12 to infinity.

OMG tftnt!
Do you think it's the drink?
Oh it's a lot more than that
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How did I just Dp

Yes Lauren, even their energy particles that disperse when they die, will stay together in the atmosphere
You stole it from me
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★ Keffy & Pemily ★
Kathryn & Megan = Prescott Power!
~ Shaz ~
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For a split second there I thought Scully would insist on the "ZOMG WE LOVE FRANKIE...........ER WE MEAN NAOMILY" title

Anyways I have to go...getting late.


Some things
shouldn't be destroyed

~Carmen xx
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sorry, I couldn't think of a title. lol

I can't close the tab with that pic Lauren posted
it is
midnight, and time is passing;
and I lie alone
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Originally Posted by spiritualtoenail (View Post)
sorry, scout, i was in the shower. but you know i love you UNCONDITIONALLY!

oh my god my xmas socks are hardly fitting over my ankle

OMG sam she looks so different with long hair...... I can't even

Do you think it's the drink?
Oh it's a lot more than that
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Old 09-30-2010, 08:28 AM
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she seriously reminds me of Lily
Erika here, nice to meet ya!
It's Campbell and Fitch not Abercrombie!
You are the only exception.
LJ|FanFiction|Twitter|icon: twistomatic
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