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Old 10-30-2011, 08:41 PM
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C♥E #360: "Late night sex, smokin cigarettes, I try real hard but cnt forget. In a heartbeat, I'll do it all ovr again."


Welcome to the James Cook Elizabeth Stonem Appreciation Thread
It all started with Cook asking for a signal and Effy crashing into his life. Effy Stonem was born backwards. James Cook was born to rule the world. Consequently, these two were a match made in hell. Their relationship started off as mere lust; from the second Cook saw Effy, he knew he had to have her. She was the signal he'd been waiting for. Effy wrote out a list of things she looked for in a boy and Cook, being the knight in shining arm he is, quickly obliged, checking off bullet by bullet, until finally, she was cupping his balls in the nurses office.

It wasn't long before Cook started developing genuine feelings for Effy and realised he was in deep trouble. He knew Effy was having feelings as well, but they weren't all for him. After sleeping with Effy's best friend, Pandora, Effy decided Cook would never
b e l o ng to anyone and went after an easier kill. Cook and Effy continued to have a sexual relationship until the day came that Effy had had enough and she forgot to tell him they were over. But as fate would have it, her fling with a Sponge would be short-lived when he learned of her scandalous affair including a rock and Katie Fitch. Abandoned and lost, Effy turned to the only person she knew she could count on: James Cook. Together they set out on an adventure only Sponge's dream about.
" a l w a y s you and me."
Cook and Effy spent a little over a month terrorizing England before their vacation came to a screeching hault. Worried that Cook was in over his head, Effy called the Sponge to come save them. With Freddie's arrival came tears and headshakes as Effy made her choice. To everyone's horror and amazement, she was picking Sponge. After losing his Peach and heart, Cook drowns his sorrows in liquor and women. Effy goes to Italy and, again, it slips her mind to tell her new bo that she's taking off for a couple months.

When Effy returns to Brisol, she greets Cook with hugs and laughter. The happy reunion is short-lived when Cook is reminded that Effy is still confident in her choice for Sponge. Cook is arrested for GBH and takes
r e s p o n s i b i l i t y for not only his actions, but his best lesbro, Naomi's as well. Feeling more alone than ever, he gets a visit from Effy and she re-assures him that he's done the right thing. While Cook and Effy are estranged, she spends her time going insane, drinking, talking crazy, and attempting suicide. Once out of the hospital, Cook confesses everything he's held inside for the past year and a half. He tells her he'd do everything again, go through the misery, the happiness, and the crazy roller coaster that was their affair. Effy tells him to piss off. Bitch. The next day James and Elizabeth meet for the first time, show the audience how it's done, have a near death experience, and make-out on the side of the road. Sponge dies. Cook avenges. Effy is left wondering where have all the cowboys gone.

150. Shu
151. Videl-Chan
152. brand new eyes
153. -Nina-
154. B. Chambers
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156. redHill
157. FreddiesWife
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2o2. zacookana
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2956. CamIsSexuallyFrustrated
2957. CheyIsSorry

101. b/c he loves her, the real her
102. b/c he doent want to fix her, he wants to love her
103. b/c when they're together they're in everlasting bliss
105. b/c love should make you happy, not miserable
106. b/c they're equals
107. they're QT
108. b/c "she likes it mindless, so do I"
109. b/c he makes her smile.
110. b/c "you and me". 'Nuff said.
111. b/c the word EpiC, belongs to CE
112. b/c they bring the house down (literally)
113. b/c even their DNA is OTP
114. b/c they are Bristol's very own Han&Leia
115. b/c they can rock eye glitter like no other

It all started with Cook asking for a signal and Effy crashing into his life. Effy Stonem meets James Cook on their first day of college. They get off to a fun start, looking to have relationship full of sex and drugs and nothing else. Unfortunately for Cook and Effy, "if a shag is just a shag, you're always gonna get your heart ripped out somewhere, aren't ya?" When Cook continues to see Effy he begin to develop real feelings for the top dollar shag. Only once he starts realising it, she's into his best friend. This series is what started it all. Cook and Effy share a balance of humor, lust, depth, and realism that so few shows try to showcase today.

"i just *****ing l o v e her."

"is this the cupboard for
m i n d l e s s sex?"
"i bought a ****ing g a t e a u x!"

"it's you and me, babe.
it's a l w a y s gonna be you and me."

Series four was a bit rough for both of our favorite characters to say the least. Cook starts the year off with positivity and a brave heart and Effy starts it off with a new wardrobe and a blank smile. When Cook sees "the one girl he's ever loved" kissing his best boy, Freddie, he turns to violence and is faced with a criminal lawsuit because of it. Returning to his family roots and seeing his little bruv makes Cook realise that he has to start taking responsibility for his actions at some point. Cook admits to what he's done and Effy visits him in jail to tell to him she's made her choice for now and that the thing she always loved most about Cook was that he's brave. As Cook is lead away by the police to his new home sweet home prison he turns around to catch her eye one last time and she nods in his direction, letting him know that he's doing the right thing. Meanwhile, Effy spirals out of control with the help of Freddie and attempts suicide. When we see her again she is being brainwashed by someone she believes to be a confidante and a counselor. Newly escaped Cook, catches her outside of a pub and tells her everything he's held in for more than a year, as they both stand shivering in the rain. The look on Effy's face is priceless... Until she tells him to piss off. The next day they go out for a night on the town, dancing and having fun, until Effy begins to remember who she is. She runs into oncoming traffic and is nearly hit by a van before Cook jumps in and tackles her to the ground. Effy pulls him toward her and kisses him before asking him to take her to Freddie and re-assuring Cook that she could never forget who he was.

"the o n e girl i have ever loved!"

"you seem n i c e."

"you were gonna **** off?
l e a v e her?"

"got a lot in c o m m o n, me and you."

Jack Kaya

"He was very romantic." - KAYA
"It would take a lot for things to be awkward between us." - JACK
"It's good that he's an actor because he understands it all. And we can
practice our lines together. He'll stay with me for a week, and we go to
my family's place in Brighton. It's just amazing that we manage to make
it work. It just sort of happened. We don't need to try." - KAYA

"Preferably... Eh, don't know. All the boys seem to like Effy, don't they?" - JACK
""I think my type would probably more be the Cook.
the kind of... angry, kind of thing." - KAYA

"I care about him a lot." - KAYA
"I can understand why Effy loves Cook." - KAYA
"I could've married him." - KAYA
nia | i | ii | icon

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Old 10-30-2011, 08:41 PM
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"If you wanna hit me, go right ahead."
"I'm not scared of anything! Hit me."
"I don't want you to say anything; hit me."

» 01 | Because Effy has only ever given two men a compliment in her life: James Cook (brave) and Tony Stonem (amazing).
» 02 | Because they're the only two boys to carry her.
» 03 | Because "you're the only person in the whole world Tony truly cares about" and "the one ****ing girl I have ever loved."
» 04 | Because they both have a lot of UST (yeah, we went there).
» 05 | Because he's her only friend that knows what happened to her brother.
» 06 | Because blue eyes... Need we say more?
» 07 | Because they've both rescued her without drawing blood first.
» 08 | Because "She's mine." vs. "I sort of own her."

"How did I fall in love with Cook and Effy? It's simple, really. From the first moment they saw each other,
from the first moment they touched each other, from the first moment they kissed each other...I could feel it.
They shared something that no one else shared in that very first episode of Season 3 -- SEX. Hot, wild, crazy, and passionate sex.
Like a fairytale as soon as he saw her, he just knew that he loved her...body. Similarily, throughout the episode, she continued to give him nods
of approval and looks that signified just how much she cared for his...c**k. From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to
someday have a **** buddy relationship, just as special as this one. Day and night all I thought about was sex and how I could ever
live up to the standard that the Cook and Effy relationship had set. With every episode, I could see just how much they loved each other['s sex].
I could see it in the way Cook ran away with Effy, just so they could have new sexual experiences of the road-trip variety.
I could see it in the way that Cook carried Effy and laughed with her, just so they could find a new spot for sex as fast as possible.
I could see it in the way that Cook cried and was so upset when Effy chose Freddie, just because he had really been looking forward
to getting laid that night (he had bought special handcuffs that night, just for her).
I could just feel their relationship [in my pants] and that's how I fell in love with them.
Then, I saw the light. Their relationship wasn't just about sex, like everyone (including me) had thought.

Before I hadn't read between the lines and so I couldn't see their relationship for what it really was. But with the help of some fellow Cook/Effy shippers
and with the use of the Cook/Effy 12-Step "How to Become Pure" Bible, I was able to be Saved. Their relationship wasn't just about sex...
it was about PURITY. Cook and Effy's relationship showed me that sex is so meaningless and that, only through abstinence and purity, can I truly be at peace.
This whole time I took their actions at face-value and couldn't see that Cook and Effy were really angels in disguise --
undercover saints masquerading as sinners. So from that moment on, I became a new person."
autumn reverie

"I remember the very first time I saw them on my screen, I just knew it was true love and desire,
watching then grow together has been one of the most wanderfull love stories ever told on TV...
and the way they got over the bad times, like when Addisson came and... OH SHI- wrong show"

autumn reverie

"I just love how their relationship is based purely on sex and nothing else,
the way they're always thinking of sex when they're together is so amazing to see.
Everytime I watch them NOT caring about each other, and NOT being there when they need help, and NOT being cute or romantic or happy
and just being a sex drived couple reassures my faith in love~"

"I love Cook/Effy cause they are only about Sex. It makes them more fun to ship.
Heck what other reason is there to ship a couple?

Jaime Bee

"Wow. What is there to say about dear James and dear Elizabeth? It's true love. Pfft, yeah. True love for doing it in the cupboard, more like.
Not to mention the nurses office. AND in front of an audience. And also most probably-definitely-in-the-toilets-of-the-club-they-got-thrown-out-from.
Don't EVEN get me started on those despicable antics that must have taken place in that stolen car. And what is, 'it', you may ask?
Purifying the world, of course! Most certainly NOT with their bodies, heavens no. Through the 'unspoilt',
virginal powers of Lord Cooksus and Lady Elizabeth, making sure all the poor people never go hungry, giving them plenty of
EFFINGCOOKIES <3 to eat. Darksiders, Sponge-Busters, Sluggers and the like are coming from EVERYWHERE, and are not sensitive to the extreme hotness
and epic. But really. There's no need for world domination, when you ARE the world."

"ALWAYS. Is there a better word to describe Cook & Effy? No. They are always sexing it up. They are always being pure. Trufax.
But in all seriousness, these two little whippersnappers have nothing in common. They have nothing to them really. Just blue eyes, and it’s all about
those eyes. When one person with blue eyes looks at another person with blue eyes, WHOA BIG EXPLOSION!!! At least that’s what my mother told me.
Then she handed me some condoms and told me to be safe. These are two things I live by. Blue Eyes & Condoms. And that’s what Cook & Effy stand for.
I could go on and on about other things like feelings, std’s, blood types, the influence of drugs & alcohol on libido, politics, literature, fanfiction…. but why?

IT’S B L U E E Y E S & C O N D O M S. It’s always going to be blue eyes and condoms. It’s ALWAYS blue eyes and condoms. It’s tattooed on my ass after all =)"

I was always ~lost and insecure~ when it came to matters of the heart, but then Cook and Effy found me lying on the floor. Seeing their tainted and juvenile ways gave me the strength to seek help for my own. After signing myself into CEhab, I finally got my life together. It was there that I learned this important lesson…Nymphomaniacs deserve love too. You can have sex with someone as soon as you meet them. You can get down and dirty on a desk, on the floor, on the trash bags by a club, in a rave, in a car, even up against a closet wall…And you can still remain aspure as the day you popped out of your momma. Now I know you are thinking how is that possible? Well I say…I say how dare you question me, wipe that expression off your face now or Cooksus will smite you untill kingdom come. Anyway…it was because of Cook and Effy that I finally stopped hating myself and began to believe in LOVE again. May you all find the Cook to your Effy. A man whose face you can eat ketchup off of, a man who will carry you after insane bouts of trash bag alley sex, a man who can polish off an entire cake himself, a man who will commit treason against a school locker for you, a man who you can flash at a slumber party, a man who you can run away with after you almost killed someone with a rock, and most importantly…a man who can pump your puzzzy and never stop.
And remember kids…if he doesn’t buy you a ****ing gateau – he’s not courting you right. CEBJ forever.

It was really difficult picking a couple to ship when I first saw the pilot episode of series 3. I had an idea of what the couples were supposed to be, but I couldn't overcome my own insecurities and my own personal bigoted points of view that would allow me to enjoy say, a mixed-race couple or a homosexual couple. Not to mention I hate gingers. And midgets. And Mexicans. Freddie is Mexican, right? Anyway. At the end of the day, the only couple left standing, pure and right in the eyes of God, was Cook & Effy. I don't really like them...but what else is there?

II LOVE LOST! In my life, LOST is the only thing that matters to me. When my heart beats and I put a stethoscope to it, I can hear it go “Dum, dum. Dum, dum. LOST.” The only other thing in my life I allow time for is Cook and Effy. That is how much I lov them. That for .oooooo4 seconds a day, I converse with this smelly, stupid, CE fans, and discuss CE with them. But mostly, I just watch CE’s hawt, hawt, almost as hawt as the sex scenes on LOST SEX. I wish Skins would do a crossover with LOST, and Cook and Effy would find themselves on that glorious island with the most beautiful ppl on television, including that sexy bag of smoke. Ben, MIB and Cook, and Effy would make a good team. Cook can beat Kate, like the woman beater he is. ive looked into the eye of this island and what i saw was CEFFY.

Why does Chad love Cook and Chad and Effy? Hmmm, Let Chad think. Chad loves them because they are kindred spirits of Chad. Cook is Chad’s husband, and they share a luv - teh same luv - for gateaux, heroically beating up sexual predators named Shanky, smashing cars with baseball bats, kissing tall, skinny, pretty boys, and getting arrested. The showers in jail, mmmmm. Chad luvs Effy because if Chad was reincarnated as a woman (or Chad’s sex change was approved) Chad would look exactly like her. She is ferosh, RAWR, and the only woman Chad approves of for his husband, Cook. Chad would have to get Chad’s trusty, Dr. Foster approved baseball bat and take out any other woman that got near his Cook. Oh, and they are so hawt dat they almost make Chad like straight sex. They are a luv for the ages, and they would be true luv if Cook wasn’t promised to Chad first. Effy even promises to be the vessel of Cook and Chad’s child. If Chad could have one wish, Chad would want to live happily ever after with Cook and Effy in Nazi Germany.

she shines in a world full of ugliness
she m a t t e r s when everything is meaningless
she doesn't see her beauty she tries to get away
sometimes it's just that nothing seems worth saving
I c a n ' t watch her slip away
♪ The Fragile by NIN

You are everything I wanted
The s c a r s of all I'll ever know
If I told you you were right
Would you take my hand tonight?
If I told you the reasons why
Would you leave your life and r i d e?
♪ Ride by Cary Brothers
You think that you're the sun
The whole world revolves around you
The c e n t e r of attention
And everything is drawn to you
But I'll take my time if you want to
And I'll give you whatever you need
And I'll wait a l i f e t i m e to give it to you
♪ Center of Attention by Jackson Waters

Oh, you look good
with your patient face and wandering eye
Don't hold this w a r inside
Come back when you can - let go, you'll understand
You've done nothing at all to make me love you less.
♪ Come Back When You Can by Barcelona

» CookandEffy.Com | Your one stop shop for anything and everything Cook & Effy. Browse a wide variety of content from things such as writer's room to biographies to a gallery of over 2000+ photos of our OTP. This site has everything you need to get your ultimate fix.
» EffyandCook @ LJ | Have a LiveJournal and looking for a good community to "feel the love"? This is the comm for you. It's an active community comprised of over 500 members and is updated on a daily basis.
» Project Endgame | Since Jack Thorne (a writer for Skins) announced that he would be putting a Skins movie into production, the CE fans have united to ensure that we get our well deserved endgame. Have an LJ and want to be part of the movement? Check this one out. Don't have an LJ, you say? Look below.
» WeAreCookandEff @ Twitter | Get involved in making CE happen in the Skins movie and join the mission on Twitter. Here you can get daily updates to let you know how you can show your appreciation for our favorite couple to the people that are involved.
» Project Endgame @ Tumblr | Get involved in making CE happen in the Skins movie and join the mission on Twitter. Here you can get daily updates to let you know how you can show your appreciation for our favorite couple to the people that are involved.
» CookandEffy @ YouTube | Watch your favorite fanvids, episode clips, interviews and more - all surronding the lovely Kay and the enigmatic Jack.

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© arts: xxxx
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thank you nia. i love the title.
set me free
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it's from a pretty reckless song. i remember when chuck and blair used to dominate this thread, too.
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aren't they are honorary shippers too? or at least they were at one point. i remember the hype in 2009.
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yes! and i remember photos being manipulated. it was like a massive crossover! good times.
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ahhh yes, that was great! we had so much fun back in the day. and now it's been over 2 years...
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What a surprise to found you here !
Anyway, today I came accross this vid :

This song in Russian is one of my favorite, I can't believe that someone raped it by using it with Freffy. boooh : (
What do you need to get high for,
When your baby’s so to die for?
Quit your job let’s make a ride for it,
It’s us against the world.
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is that a freffy mv? lol.
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i don't know how relevant this is or if it's already been discussed here but i found this recent kaya interview with some jackaya mentions...
"I think Cathy knows Heathcliff will kill her in the end, which is why she goes to Edgar, a safety net who will give her a decent life and money," she says. "I know that feeling where someone has your heart in so many ways but you know they are bad for you. I've experienced that [with Jack]. I was completely in love with him. If he'd told me to jump off a bridge, I would have. We were so young and going through so much, it was a strange togetherness we had. It was intense and magical and horrible - everything in one go."
taken from here
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Wow. What's crazy is that Jack tweeted a line from that article. Must be strange for him to read it. She's also really open in the intv - almost too open:
And that's when I left home." Scodelario moved into a rented flat in Camden, fell in love with O'Connell and whooped it up with the Skins crew. "We were out every night and all slept with each other." She checks herself. "I mean, there were relationships and arguing, all the things you'd expect from nine teenagers in a strange city for four months. But we got the job done."

Acting out Effy's depression helped her understand her mother's but her relationship with O'Connell fell victim to Skins' success. "He was getting famous and wanted to sleep with lots of girls, as guys do," she says wrily. "I was going through things with my mum, he had family issues, he lived in Derby and I lived in London. [Our break-up] was horrible, the most painful thing, but it taught me so much about myself. I was so obsessive, in need of love, scared of being alone." In the end, separation strengthened her relationship with her mother (who is now recovered), and she is still friends with O'Connell.
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I miss CE ...
Too long have you watched my sister,
___ too long have you haunted her steps.
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Asked what she thought Effy would be doing now, Scodelario replied: “I think she’d be in a crack den somewhere! I’d like to think that she fixed up, I’d like to think that she got with Cook (Jack O’Connell) and they had nice little babies and they’re really happy but I doubt very much that’s what happened!”
taken from here

thank you, kaya, for being so open lately and bringing CE back to us in some ways
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Aww awesome! Thanks Kaya! In their crack den with lots of bb's!
Too long have you watched my sister,
___ too long have you haunted her steps.
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she wants a CE happy ending awwwwwwwwwww. crack den is such a CE ending, ngl.

Originally Posted by starr_00 (View Post)
Wow. What's crazy is that Jack tweeted a line from that article. Must be strange for him to read it. She's also really open in the intv - almost too open:
i saw that tweet. he sounded a bit mad, didn't he?
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