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Mr. Walker ♥ Mrs. Bartowski [CS] #309: It's what the great love stories are about, right? Beating the odds.


Preparation for the 300th thread has begun! And I need your help. Please PM me with testimonials, telling me why you love/ship Chuck and Sarah together. Spill your heart out, but don't get crazy. 02. ALSO, if you'd like to contribute in any other way, whether it be writing or art, please PM me and we shall talk. Thank you very muuuch. All PMs this way.

The A g e n t & The I n t e r s e c t
C h u c k & S a r a h

309 t h r e a d s of CS love;

the r e a s o n s;
01. Because even Chuck's sister knows Sarah’s into him.
02. She's not sure she can receive calls, cause she never got one from him.
03. He's sure he could suffer through their kiss. And so is she.
04. Meeting the family would be a big step...if their relationship were remotely real.
05. He thinks she's beautiful...and agile.
06. Because yes, he likes her.
07. Because it's not easy for Sarah to have an emotional barrier between them.
08. Because he thinks she's a great girl.
09. He knows one true thing about her -- she doesn't like olives.
10. Because she can't let him go.
11. Because she will save him later.
12. Because 'God, [she's] so pretty!
13. Because their time together didn't feel like work.
14. Because he considers her family.
15. Because they're so sexy it literally hurts sometimes!
16. Because they bring out the "worst" in each other.
17. Because she wanted to give him a real photo.
18. Because she knows for a fact, he's a great guy.
19. Because he's a big boy with a big girl.
20. Because she will dig through trash for him.
21. Because she has a picture of him on her phone.
22. Because he's "her guy."
23. Because he asked her out on a real date and she said yes.
24. Because she didn't bring her gun.
25. Because she believes he can have and do anything he wants.
26. Because she thinks he's fantastic.
27. Because he think she's smart, cool, and extremely beautiful.
28. Because they almost kissed.
29. Because he wants to go back packing through Europe with her.
30. Because they almost had a second date.
31. Because he's started to protect her.
32. Because no matter how hard his life gets, he gets to go home to her.
33. Because he wanted to go to Mexico with her.
34. Because he wins her over again and again...and again.
35. Because his eyes light up every time he sees her.
36. Because his own seduction worked on her.
37. Because she thinks he's passionate, sweet and caring, and he has a lot to offer.
38. Because of course he finds her attractive.
39. Because she doesn't mind if he kisses her.
40. Because his charm worked on her.
41. Because Roan could tell she had feelings for him by the way she kissed him.
42. Because he cares about her.
43. Because the lady doth protest too much.
44. Because she is worth dying for.
45. Because they save each others lives.
46. Because she's never seen anyone quite like him.
47. Because posing as a married couple with her is a mission he can sink his teeth into.
48. Because he noticed her dress was salmon.
49. Because he couldn't handle watching her with Bryce.
50. Because she went for Chuck instead of the microchip.
51. Because he brought her her favorite flowers.
52. Because when it comes to Sarah, Chuck comes before Bryce.
53. Because she thinks he has a lot of good qualities.
54. Because she couldn't take the shot.
55. Because she's the greatest thing that's ever happened to him.
56. Because "you're beautiful, you're smart, you laugh at all of my stupid jokes, and you have this terrible habit of constantly saving my life."
57. Because she's everything he thought he ever wanted and more.
58. Because he thinks she's amazing.
59. Because "you'll forget all about me." "I seriously doubt that."

the s h i p p e r s;
01. Mighty Mouse 01
02. Hot Rod
03. ~Jules~
04. Firestar007
05. ^Elle^
06. explosions in the sky
07. FlyingHigh25
08. brucasalways
09. DreamWalker
10. *Cosmo*
11. fivariva
12. mystic2182
13. Carlie06
14. thegoodbyegirl
15. janeway1390
16. revolution.
17. Shadowgirl17
18. JLaffertyFan23
19. Sam_MC
20. Merlin_Bodhi
21. kingjames23
22. PiCkLeS4dAwSoN
23. You. Yes. You.
24. xelanoops
25. Thaly
26. SiriuslyPotter
27. TessShipper
28. sanna_o75
29. crisTM
30. The Crow
31. BlondesHaveMoreFun_x3
32. SusanXG
33. shopaholic501
34. *just_her*
35. ~anni~
36. Rows
37. xTommyxQxLovex
38. dixieland_dreamer
39. Rusted Silhouette
40. coolzie
41. I'll Never Be Her
42. blueschild007
43. zietke
44. Ryan-Marissa<3
45. ~lipstick
46. brighteyes1
47. Ashes & Wine
48. katie805
49. tracycutie
50. Fan_girl213
51. Ðavid
52. beaSS4ever
53. yyam084
54. Vee
55. PamBeesly
56. WBlover13
57. *Fleur*
58. Shadowgirl17
59. tifa_look_alike
60. lechin
61. rmc19945
62. Lozza~TheAussieChick~
63. Reese07
64. GizzieFan1
65. latincandy78
66. dancer150
67. Héla
68. nymike87
69. PunksWorldWide
70. SimplyxEileen
71. useless
72. lovder&mer
73. AlwaysHoldingOn
74. NatesGirl
75. chadsprincess1
76. HarleyQuinn82
77. rockchiq234
78. Laur16
79. Serene_Ray
80. lavenderskies
81. juli236
82. cowgirl08
83. watchmebleed
84. Demy
85. Bambi_
86. laurendbs
87. heaven85
88. othobsessed
89. Natih_Fate
90. PollyGreen
91. justme1985
92. Touldengal
93. 4N6 DNA
94. Butterflygirl
95. rockchiq234
96. Sweet Lil Angel
97. My Shiver
98. crashintoyou
99. rachem_chul
100. Live in Love ~
101. sassenach888
102. TV fan xx
103. letthemusicplay
104. K.Corinne
105. SomeHearts
106. Nde
107. Dreamscape12
108. sohoblue123
109. Ronata
110. kayque
111. vannya
112. Anny86
113. ChuckFan
114. misst89
115. SaraHoo!
116. eternalnoob
117. Sandrinha
118. AnnieHall
119. sunsetmemories
120. JLarah
121. breeg33
122. Playskate
123. Chuck is Awesome
124. the echo fades
125. bassgirl23
126. darky703
127. LillyLove
128. gizzie_fan
129. Virginie_GW
130. Brooke08
131. krissyc20
132. How Cute Is She
133. alyssandra
134. bb95020
135. LHScott
136. PatyLoução
137. Lispill
138. zDart
139. kissmesweet
140. alljess
141. J3nn1f3r
142. Red Bess Rackham
143. WalaBridget
144. LoveMeDead
145. valiy5
146. Chattia
147. chuckrocks
148. Viraf
149. Pey_23
150. .:Crzychick:.
151. Missml
152. Compulsive
153. Starry_Eyed429
154. Saralove8
155. MichaelaMD23
156. Danvar
157. hungry4chocolate
158. slicknickshady
159. Waylander83
160. MazzaTheStrange
161. H R H
162. nililah
163. Hugo
164. Hlgreenie
165. KatieTooAdorable
166. BRoody
167. PhAt PiGGyE
168. KK-cooer
169. lakerfan88
170. ElectricHearts
172. unokid123
173. missy7280
174. Devoted Soul
175. Hermione Weasley
176. MrsCullen
177. ||michelle||
178. GM15
179. ruenschen
180. Shu
181. muskrat
182. Hannah ere *mwah*
183. zeetv
184. meya
185. stellalovesLP
186. Schtroumphi
187. Rinslet
188. FrenchMira
189. Little_Grey
190. stopalltheworld16
191. Jean0524
192. *~*Rach*~*
193. Lostcandy
194. TheSweetestSmile
195. Jennateluvr87
196. naturellebella
197. sew16
198. xlennie
199. Thrill of Hope
200. -charly-
201. OC_we!rdo
202. Disturbéd#
203. Its_always_sunny_In_Phily
204. CharahFan91
205. carmichael
206. cap9993
207. Dreamer_6
208. mel TR
209. Nymph Marty
210. ahbei
211. njq
212. hannah&nick_fan
213. kissed by starlight
214. Lor-baby
215. cristianepf
216. ~lipstick
217. spacegirl23
218. ale-la-pazza1
219. -Lena-
220. niam
221. Cappie
222. kissed back tears
223. swadde
224. NBalways
225. Halo23
226. blarchie23
227. DUHsoTK
228. CloisFan
229. LGRG
230. LoisLane1986
231. Violet-Shadow
232. imaginary light
233. crazyshipper83
234. callie1327
235. MoneyHoney
236. ..Mysha..
237. dolcegrazia
238. YAMI1024
239. awelle
240. chandlerbingfan
241. chase the memories
242. willBuyMore
243. EyCh
244. teardrop
245. neonbliss
246. purplestuff48
247. bandcandy
248. Nessa233
250. Mayaelf
251. upthemorning
252. Creamsodaqueen
253. StaceyJo
254. hann
255. fuzzyturtle
256. ProjectMoron
257. Sweetheart5839
258. dont_freak_out
259. Creativity
260. oats
261. Alexa
262. weejad
263. -bliss-
264. xkellyx
265. Awesome
266. Ice_Ice_Baby
267. sarahbera34
268. oneflyCHICK
269. MiMi_90210
270. texanhusker
271. Ford07
272. zuisa
273. FrenchGirl90210
274. retropanda
275. Heroes.Mel
276. Chels*
277. subconsciousreality
278. lisagslack14
279. Amazingchi
280. iana.costa
281. Sweet Escape
286.a fine mess
294.Sara Caffrey

the l a t e s t;


Previous t h r e a d s;

01. "Boyfriend/Girlfriend"
02. The next time she stays over she'll be ready for Arcade Fire.
03. Because she's "what Chuck wants most."
04. What happens in the closet, stays there!
05. Because that promo has left us all hot and bothered!
06. "...but sometimes it feels so real."
07. We'd like to know if this is going to lead to something too.
08. "God, you're so pretty."
09. If I can't have you, I'll pretend to want somebody new.
10. Know that I'll protect you from all of the obscene.
11. Because their next step is to jump each other.
12. "This kiss is kind of big, too."
13. Because there's something under the undercover.
14. Because we don't really neeed a clever title anyway
15. "Chuck's a great guy...don't hurt him."
16. Because their time together never felt like work.
17. "No GPS, no mics, and no chaperones. It'll be just us."
18. Is there time to follow your heart?
19. Because we're dying to know if she answered the phone.
20. "I realized what a huge mistake it was to break up with her."
21. Because we love them hardcore. Just sayin'.
22. I'll stop the world and melt with you...
23. "You'll thank me later, dude."
24. And in this world of loneliness I see your face.
25. If you want my future, forget my past.
26. And undo her damage, she'll be new again.
27. When gravity's pulling, you're still holding my heart.
28. She'll switch his neck ties to purple labels.
29. Because he just wants to be "good friends".
30. Because he wants to share this family moment with her.
31. Because without Mighty this thread is meaningless.
32. Because without EVERYONE this thread is meaningless.
33. She makes having a giant computer in his head a good thing.
34. Fantastic!
35. Made From The Best Stuff On Earth!
36. She's not going to leave his side!
37. Two kisses already? Sign us up for Season two!
38. Because we all wanted to be that bearded fly on the wall!
39. Because they're going to own season two.
40. Because they're coming back so fresh and so clean.
41. Because he made her question the things she thought she knew.
42. Because they're just around the river bend...coming for usssss!
43. Because tonight is the beginning of a beautiful season!
44. Because this time their date was for real.
45. "Is she worth dying for?" -- "Yes."
46. Because she's the greatest thing that has ever happened to him.
47. Because barring any national security emergency he has a shot.
48. I don't wanna be lonely, baby, please help me. I wanna love you all over.
49. Because sometimes the nerd gets the girl.
50. "Because as much as you don't think so, I know who you are."
51. Because he's got her back.
52. Because he wished for her.
53. Because "caged passion" is right!
54. We push and pull, and I fall down sometimes. I'm not letting go, you hold the other line.
55. Because a pining Sarah equals angsty goodness.
56. What is love? Baby, don't hurt me. Don't hurt me no more.
57. Because this love is difficult, but its real!
58. There's still a little bit of you laced with my doubt.
59. Because Buy More Chuck was more than enough for her.
60. Because no matter who he's with, she's always in his fantasies.
61. Because Jill is fuming over Chuck's relationship with Sarah...and we don't blame her.
62. Because when it comes to their showers, you make sure to drop the soap as much as possible.
63. Because she's his friend who protects him...from *anything.*
64. Cause I love you more than I could ever promise, and you take me the way I am.
65. Our minds pressed and guarded while our flesh disregarded the lack of space for the lighthearted.
66. I tried to live alone, but lonely is so lonely alone. So human as I am, I had to give up my defenses.
67. She would know that our love is the best love if it were up to me.
68. Because they're better as a team!
69. Because "there is no other girl."
70. Because if you try to kill Sarah, Chuck will break up with you.
71. Because he's glad he has her.
72. Because it's always going to be there between them.
73. Because she is his future.
74. Because even Casey knows Sarah has feelings for Chuck.
75. Because we know there's something going on when they look at each others lips.
76. Because with their last kiss they stole each other's breath.
77. In the confusion and the aftermath, you are my signal fire.
78. And maybe by sunrise we'll both come to our sense.
79. Because he wanted to amp up the PDA.
80. Because Papa Burton made a 10 million dollar bet that Chuck loves Sarah and he was right.
81. Because he's her articulate schnook.
82. You're my everything, yes it's true, it's hard to be close to you.
83. Because she's the only reason he needs to stay.
84. Because she thinks he is a wonderful, caring, intelligent guy.
85. Because Chuck thinks she's the only thing that Papa Burton did right.
86. Because when they come back, we better get some eye secks.
87 Because "prepare to be heart warmed."
88. Because he chose her as his loved one.
89. Because when the hiatus is over, we better get some serious C/S action.
90. Because his mother's bracelet was meant for more than a was meant for her.
91. Because he finally sees the side of her that no one does or ever will.
92. Because their New Year's resolution will hopefully lead them to each other.
93. Because Sarah will never let anyone hurt him.
94. If you could see that I'm the one who understands you.
95. We don't need 3D glasses to see how awesome Chuck & Sarah are.
96. Bringing you the finest in romance, kisses and weiners since 24/9/07.
97. He loves her and that's the beginning of everything.
98. Because it's about time Sarah was crawling all over Chuck.
99. We're terrified because we're headed straight for it, might get it.
99.1.You're the only thing that I wouldn't change in this place.
99.2. B/C the superbowl should get C/S to home base, what sport is this again?
99.3. All we know for sure is all that we are fighting for.
99.4. We know they’ll end up together; there is a journey every relationship takes to get there.
99.5. Because we all wished that dream went the way it was supposed to go.
99.6. Couldn’t we be happily ever after, we can be strong together for so long.
99.7. If holding her means I have to bleed, then I am the martyr. Love is to blame.
99.8. Let's take a walk outside. See the world through each other's eyes.
99.9. Because their Valentine's Day date was loaded with sexual tension.
99.10. Because Sarah loved making breakfast for Chuck.
99.11. "Close your eyes."
99.12. Because the truth lies in the moment.
99.13 Because we'll get to 100... someday.
99.14. Because no matter how you look at it, Sarah picked Chuck.
99.15. You broke down every part of me that ever thought I'd never need you, baby.
99.16. Because he's not going to let anything rob him from a life with her.
99.17. Because SHE wore HIS t-shirt.
99.18. Sarah's hand + Chuck's neck = *thud*
99.19. If I can't have you then I don't want anyone
99.20.Because they need to watch more Discovery Channel.
99.21.We are compelled to do what we have been forbidden.
99.22.Kiss me like when I first saw you, figured out couldn’t be without you. I want you, you, you.
99.23.Eyes say what words may never express.
99.24.Don't want to live my life without you.
99.25.Charles in charge of her days and her nights.
99.26.And if you feel like I feel baby, come on, oh come on, ooh let's get it on.
99.27.Because we haven't shut up about 3, 2 second promos!
99.28.Because apparently Scooter was wrong.
99.29.Because we're proud of them for practicing safe sex!
99.33. Watch out, we're all on a HandSex high!
99.34. They're playing our song. I hope they get it right.
99.35. Because even Ted Roark thought that they were a cute couple.
99.36. Now that we have Season 3... Chuck. Sarah. Bed. Condom. NOW!
99.37. Because we think Sarah is ready for Arcade Fire's first album.
99.38. Because Sarah was totally turned on by His KungFu-Flash!
99.39. She didn't want to save the world. She wanted... THE normal life!
100. Till kingdom come you're the one I want.
140. We woke at dawn and watched the sun glide over the hill.
141. I don't know whether we'll end up together, but I always know that our love is true.
142. It kinda sucks that what happened in the motel STAYED in the motel!
143. Because it took us 143 threads to notice the little things.
144. And I can understand, all I need is your hand. Oh won't you take the fall, it is me after all.
145. As long as I wait, I've got nothing but time.
146. And I'll take you for who you are, If you take me for everything.
147. Their strong angsty love is our main daily happiness!
148. Because patience is a virtue.
149. Because we'd wait forever for them. But we're glad we don't have to.
150. Because they got sexier. We know. We thought it was impossible, too.
151. Because they're bringing sexy back January 10th. ~THEM OTHER SHIPS WON'T KNOW HOW TO ACT~
152. She said 'I can love you enough for the both of us.'
153. Spies aren’t supposed to fall in love & we shouldn't talk about Fight Club. Stuff happens.
154. Because "I suppose I could fake being friends with someone like you."
155. Because she wants to be a real person again. With him.
156. Because Superman ships it. How do you argue with that?
157. Because this? This is simple.
158. Because they’re not fooling anyone.
159. "Maybe because you loved her, she's learned how to love too."
160. Because he's here something to lose.
161. Because it wouldn't have been the same without her. None of it.
162. "My Sarah?" Nuff said.
163. Because the no sex? That must be excruciating.
164. Because they could be partners in more ways than one. wink/nudge/etc.
165. She's the girl of his dreams. And his reality.
166. If you've seen the show, you already know why.
167.Keeping the passion as a couple? We have a few ideas.
172. The Girl♥The Exception to the Rule [CS] #172: Because Captain Walker will steer this relationship in the right direction
180.Chuck - The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #180: Because she changed his life forever. In a totally freaking awesome way. - Fan Forum
191.#191: "Chuck, in his heart, knows that Sarah is still the girl that he would want to be with & would rather be with."
197.The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #197: Because it takes more than f---ing someone you don't know to keep warm.
199.01 The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #199.1 Because even lecherous alcoholics ship it
199.03 The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #199.03: Because Sarah makes Chuck's eyes shine brightly.
199.17 The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #199.17 - Because he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.
199.18 The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #199.18: "I love you, Sarah Walker. Always have."
199.19 The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #199.19: Because she's the one. And he could never go too far for her.
199.20 The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #199.20: Because she's the most important thing in his life.
199.21 The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #199.21: Because HANDS.
199.22 The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #199.22: Because that guy she fell for? He'll "always be that guy."
199.24 The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #199.24: Smashing records and taking names. Shippin' it 24/7.
199.25 The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #199.25: Because they've lived without each other long enough.
199.28 The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #199.28: Because he brought the whole army to rescue her.
199.29 The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #199.29: "Agent Bartowski? Agent Walker? I've lost contact."
199.30 The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #199.30: Because "You're still MY Chuck."
199.57 The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #199.57: Because they are here to stay.
199.58 The Girl ♥ The Exception to the Rule [CS] #199.58: Because Chuck takes any chance to see Sarah without her clothes.
199.59 The Spy ♥ The Regular Guy [CS] #199.59: Because he'll always choose to protect her.
199.60 The Spy ♥ The Exception to the Rule #199.60: Because she picked a good one...finally.
295. The Spy ♥ The Regular Guy [CS] #295: Because he cheats on her with her.
296. ENGAGED [Chuck ♥ Sarah] #296: Because all he needed was the girl.
297. ENGAGED [Mr. & Mrs. Walker] #297: We want more hot CS scenes now!
298.ENGAGED [Mr. & Mrs. Walker] #298: Because he helps her a thousand ways every day
299The Angel ♥ The Love Machine #299: Because give us smexing or Sarah will blow your freakin head off!
299.1The Angel ♥ The Love Machine #299.1: Because this A-Team just joined the Mile High Club.
299.3The Angel ♥ The Love Machine #299.3: Because we want to see them as honeymooners for real!
299.4 The Angel ♥ The Love Machine #299.4: Because this is the first day of my life I’m glad I didn’t die before I met you.
299.5Because they're going to spend and learn and love the rest of their lives together
299.6Because she can count on him
299.9Agent ♥ The Exception to the Rule #299.9: Because what starts at the beach, finishes at the beach.
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thanks for the new thread

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Uhm. I'm thinking we can pretty this up on our own eh? Might go for something simple,s ince I'm asugming the rest of the stuff is with Mighty?

I still have the banner I made...
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Yeah we could pretty it up.... I dont know where Mighty got with it anyway.

and tftnt!
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Salllllllllllllly~~ XD You make pretty graphics and stuff and stuff can you make some :33333333333
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Hannah, you make them tooooooooooooo.
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^this is so perfect, and very heartbreaking at the same time.

Originally Posted by Sansa (View Post)
Salllllllllllllly~~ XD You make pretty graphics and stuff and stuff can you make some :33333333333
oh Sweetie, tell me what you need and I'll see what I can do And like Emily said, you make such GORGEOUS arts yourself.

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Originally Posted by bandcandy (View Post)
Hannah, you make them tooooooooooooo.
I know. I will use all the banners I made for before. XD

Hmm. Actually I think I can edit this now.

I just... want more fanart to sprinkle around it.
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Beautiful art.
"Chuck" will forever live on in the hearts of all its fans
and will never be forgotten
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Sounds good. More pretty art is always nice.
w o w
a handkerchief
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"Chuck" will forever live on in the hearts of all its fans
and will never be forgotten
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Aw, their wedding was perfect!

cirrusz tumblr.

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