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MistyMountainHop 02-02-2020 06:53 AM

Misty's T7S Comics #30

This comic series is dedicated to T7S fanfic author rebeldivaluv. Specifically, for her incredible J/H story Filling in the Gaps.

Big thanks go to Chris (jackiehydelover) and Jess (SpunkiiMonkii7078) for letting me do this!

Comics archived at Misty-Mountain-Hop's DeviantART Page.

Comics on Tumblr at Those '70s Comics.

Previous Fanforum Comics thread.


That '70s Show copyright The Carsey-Werner Company, LLC and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, LLC.


My That '70s Show Fanfic [FFnet / AO3. A selection of stories:

Hyde's Long Way Home [FFnet / AO3]

Summary: Hyde goes on a self-destructive bender after finding Jackie with a towel-wrapped Kelso. The day after that, he wakes up... and it's the same day as before. He's doomed to live the same day over and over -- unless he can figure out a way to live it right.

Rated: M, appropriate for 16-years-old and up.


Beneath a Shattered Sky [FFnet / AO3]

Summary: Jackie grows strange with Hyde's ring finally on her finger, and Hyde must discover why before it destroys them both. A Forman family secret may hold the key, but the revelation thrusts Eric and Donna into peril. The threat to them all stretches far beyond Point Place, conspiring to put an end to true love ... everywhere.

Rated: M, appropriate for 16-years-old and up.


Halloween Is Over [FFnet / AO3]

Summary: Eric wants to be scared for Halloween, really scared. Donna proposes a contest, and all their friends are in. But Hyde and Jackie's renewed relationship might not withstand the stress. Donna and Kelso must fight their impulses, and Fez and Eric's chances of survival are slim.

Rated: M, appropriate for 16-years-old and up.


Made Bare [FFnet / AO3]

Summary: A heartbroken Hyde considers his relationship with Jackie kaput. Too bad Jackie sees it differently. She intends to get a proper resolution with him, but breaking through his hostility — and getting past his wife — may well prove impossible.

Rated: M, appropriate for 16-years-old and up.

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One Difference: Jackie and Hyde Don't Kiss (During the Summer) [FFnet /AO3]

Summary: With the basement to themselves, Jackie and Hyde can't seem to stay away from each other. Buried feelings rise to the surface. Jackie makes the first move, but Hyde blocks it. Rather than kissing, they end up in a chess match of escalating risks and consequences.

Rated: M, appropriate for 16-years-old and up.

MistyMountainHop 02-02-2020 06:56 AM

:sailboat: Classic Comics Sunday :sailboat:


Those ’70s Comics: 653

Inspired by episode 507 - “Hot Dog”


Comments: Jackie’s wrench makes its triumphant violent return.


Colleen, thank you! :daisy:


Originally Posted by rishik5 (Post 99799656)
Such a sweet running gag :D
And a very creative one! :lol:

Dasha, sweet is one way of putting it. :rotfl: But thank you!

rishik5 02-02-2020 09:15 AM

I was being sarcastic :P

MistyMountainHop 02-03-2020 06:53 AM

T7S Collectors’ Stamp #6



Originally Posted by rishik5 (Post 99803567)
I was being sarcastic :P

No! :eek:


Side note: I posted the wrong comic yesterday (at first). The right one is there now. :oops:

rishik5 02-03-2020 01:11 PM

So i was a bit confused for a reason yesterday :lol:

MistyMountainHop 02-04-2020 06:34 AM

Those '70s Comics: 2812

Episode 624.5 - “They Do"


Dasha, :nod: Early on, I introduced a discrepancy into the comics' file numbering system unintentionally. So now I'm left with the comics' file number being one behind the comics' actual number. :look: The first comics' file numbers are all jumbled and out of order. I came up with comics for some of the earlier episodes of season 1 after I made comics for later eps of season. That's probably how it happened. I didn't expect to make more than a hundred of these things, so I never fixed it. Oops? :facepalm:

rishik5 02-04-2020 11:33 AM

Awww, Red :love:

MistyMountainHop 02-05-2020 07:13 AM

Those '70s Comics: 2813

Episode 624.5 - “They Do"


Dasha, Red is a happy-crying mess. :lol:

rishik5 02-05-2020 10:04 AM

Well, it really suits him :lol:

MistyMountainHop 02-06-2020 06:09 AM

Those '70s Comics: 2814

Episode 624.5 - “They Do"


Dasha, Kitty agrees with you. She just wishes he'd confess to the truth instead of blaming his tears on a wood allergy. :lol:

rishik5 02-06-2020 10:46 AM

Oh Bob :lol:

msstock87 02-07-2020 03:30 PM

Great comics Lisa!

MistyMountainHop 02-08-2020 07:19 AM

:hippie: Classic Comics Saturday :hippie:


Those ’70s Comics: 654

Inspired by episode 507 - “Hot Dog”


Comments: Too often on the show, Fez and Kelso (and other characters) don’t get called out for their bad behavior by other characters or suffer any true consequences. In the comics, however, they do. Sometimes with a combo of real talk and the absurd.


Dasha, do you have any advice for Bob? :lol:

Colleen, thank you! :D

rishik5 02-08-2020 10:55 AM

No advice, just love :lol:

A very thoughtful and great writing work on today's comic :nod:

alyak0807 02-08-2020 01:10 PM

Great work!

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