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Modern Fairytale [Nate ღ Jenny] - Once upon a time, 100 threads ago, a fairytale began and it's just getting started.

It's the potential for love that grew from one another. Nate loved and kissed Serena or so he thought when as it turns out
it was little Jenny Humphrey. This was the scene that captured our hearts and made us think of the possibilities that may
be. And then when he knew what had happened he thought to apologize and give her chocolates only to have them stolen
away. When they were both down and out feeling unwanted at the party of the Queen that sat on the steps and talked. We
learned that they could be there for one another and never expected anything out of each other. For a moment it seemed as
though the friendship would not bloom but at the coming out ball Jenny watched Nate from above loving in what she saw.
Their friendship was confirmed when Nate helped Jenny with her fallen books – as in many a classic love – much to
the disgust of one Chuck Bass. She was the one however with the knowledge of Chuck’s dalliance with the fair Queen and
let it be clearly known to Nate proving that she alone could he trust. Next, when Jenny found herself at her darkest our, in her
deepest need it was Nate that she turned to. It was him alone who she turned to for help and he came to her aid as any good
prince charming. After that it seemed like it was all over, that they would never speak again even when a few feet from each
other. That all changed when Nate lost everything. There was only one place that would take him in – Jenny’s family because
they honestly care for his welfare. Living within such close proximity of each other encouraged their love; from accidentally
running into Nate in the apartment's bathroom to Nate coming to Jenny's work to hand-deliver her sketchbook, it was obvious
the two were falling for each other. At an art show Nate asked Jenny to hang out, and every fangirl's heart broke when the two
argued; however, our hearts were quickly repaired when Nate actually went to the artist to inquire about the boy Jenny had left
with. Jenny's knight in shining Armani, Nate, found her dancing around with two bad influences, and he whisked her away. And
then, outside of that apartment, it happened: the two kissed and set the dark on fire. For a week afterwards, Nate avoided Jenny
even though they lived in the same home. Of course, fate wouldn't let things stay that way forever; when Jenny was caught by Dan
while planning her guerilla fashion show, Nate came to her defense. In order to prove that he cared for her, Nate came with Jenny
to the fashion show and stayed throughout it; he was her support, her rock, and she needed him. In order to calm her down Nate
kissed her-- a suprise kiss-- a beautiful slow-motion kiss that melted our hearts. Unfortunately this kiss was captured and sent to
Gossip Girl, and when Dan saw this, he demanded that Nate get out of their home. Nate still stayed at the fashion show at Jenny's
request, and at the climax, when things were going so perfectly well, she ran into his arms and kissed him. However, just like any
other storybook tale, things went downhill after the climax; Vanessa saw them kiss, and Jenny ripped out of Nate's arms to go find
the girl to apologize. Before leaving town for the Hamptons, Nate sent Jenny a hand-written letter. While one may feel that this is
the end of the relationship, something tells us that this isn't so...

the c h a r a c t e r s

a m o d e r n f a i r y t a l e

{ please PM JR Abraxas to be added on the shipper list }

first e n c o u n t e r

"It's good to see you though." Nate smiled at her. "Jennifer," he said.
"I was thinking about you all weekend, and now here you are."
"Me too," Jenny said, smiling shyly. Again, she wondered if Nate
was going to kiss her.
"I kind of felt bad before when we were in the park," Nate continued.
"You know, when my friends showed up?"
Jenny nodded. Yes?
"There was something I wanted to do," Nate said. "And I should
have just gone ahead and done it."
Yes! Yes!
Nate pulled her toward him. They both kept their eyes open,
smiling as they kissed.
Jenny had kissed two boys during a kissing game at a party once,
but kissing Nate was the best moment of her entire life. She felt
like she was going to explode with happiness.
Nate was surprised at how well she kissed. It definitely felt better
than when he kissed Blair. Jennifer just tasted better. Like a sugar
donut or a vanilla shake.
He pulled back, still gazing at Jenny's flushed & happy face.

Serena, r i g h t ?
N: oh, Serena right?
J: that’s funny.
N: hmm…not really.
J: No...what are you doing in the girls hall?
N: I was actually looking for you. I really didn’t mean
anything when I said I had feelings for Serena.

J: maybe you didn’t, I just, I mean, I don’t care but other people might.
N: yeah, I know
J: yeah, including my brother. you bought me chocolates?
N: well, I know you care about being friends with Blair,
& your brother is with Serena, & I’ with Blair, and I just need you to
help me out here, promise?

hey n a t e
J: I heard about you dad. I’m sorry, well if it makes you feel any better
my family isn’t doing that great either. You know I actually
didn’t wanna come to Blairs’ party, as much as I just wanted
to get out of my house.

N: yeah, I know the feeling. Blair’s birthday present.
J: your mothers ring. Blair told me about, wow it’s beautiful.
N: I know, I’m supposed to give it to Blair tonight.
J: I’m guessing that wasn’t your idea?
N: Blair and I broke up, and I know it was the
right thing to do I mean we shouldn’t be together right now
you know?

J: you sound like you’re pretty sure about that
N: I am, as much as I wanna do the right thing and
help out my parents, It’s not fair to me, or to Blair. I just think that
if I do this now when does it ever stop?

J: it will only stop when you stop it.

with y o u

She hesitated for a second and then walked over. Nate pulled
her down on top of him and wrapped her inside his coat, kissing
her forehead and then each of her cold, rosy cheeks.

She brushed her lips against his chin and couldn’t resist
saying it again. Maybe, just maybe, he hadn’t heard
her the first time.

I love you,” she whispered.

This time Nate had to respond. He was holding
her, and she was looking into his green eyes with her
big brown ones, waiting.

And they’d just seen the Nutcracker, for God’s sake,
which was a love story, in case he didn’t

I love you, too,” he murmured.

And then they kissed for a long, long time. Jenny’s
red hat fell off and her dark brown curls fell over
their faces, shrouding them.

friendly a d v i c e
N: you don’t know what you’re dealing with here.
J: I’m not scared of Blair, Nate.
N: no, I’m not talking…I’m talking about your new
circle. I mean they’ve been friends with Blair forever and look at
what they’re doing to her, If you fall out of line what do you think
is gonna happen to you?

J: then I won’t fall out of line.
N: I’m not saying...its just you’re not like those girls Jenny.
J: it’s weird, Nate, since they’re my friends
you’d think we have some stuff in common.

N: okay, I will give you this: you’ve got good aim.

you're o k a y
J: hey, I’m sorry for calling you like that earlier, I’m so embarrassed,
I mean, it was stupid and inappropriate.

N: no, no, no. listen, I’m just glad you’re okay.
J: well, okay. I do have a favor to ask you, I mean it’s not money
I just don’t really wanna be alone on my birthday.

looks g o o d
N: Whoa, sorry.
Oh my god, Jenny.

J: Uumm, Sorry, uh...
N: Did you do something with your hair?
J: yeah, shorter, blonder, I was bored.
N: I like it, it looks good.
J: Thanks.
N: Oh go ahead and use the bathroom.
J: Oh no, I’m gonna go, I’ll just pee at work
N: No no no.
J: No no, its fine.
N: Ok

into y o u
N: Jenny, hey!
J: Nate? What are you doing here?
N: I found this when you left, and I thought
You might need it.

J: Oh my god, I do. Thank you! Thank you so much.
N: Sure.
J: That was really nice of you!
N: Well, I'll let you get back to work.
J: Yeah, I’ll see you. Bye!
A: That guy is totally into you!
N: No, he’s not. He thinks of me has a little sister.
A: Yeah, a little sister he’d like to do.
J: No, no he doesn’t!
A: yeah yeahhh!!!

hang o u t
N: Jenny, hey! Hey, wait up!
Hey, are you taking off already?

J: yeah, me and my friends are going to a party.
N: oh, I didn't know, I was hoping we could hang out tonight.
J: well, there's always tomorrow at the loft.
N: really? I mean, I kinda doubt that. You're always
working now, like last night and the night before.

J: well I actually quiet Eleanors.
N: you quit Eleanors? That job was everything to you.
J: I know, it might sound crazy but I'm actually thinking
of starting my own line.

N: really? what did your dad think of that?
J: ok, I was hoping for a 'congratulations Jenny!' or a little
modest wow.

N: no, look. I mean, c'mon, Jenny. Do you really
think you can start your own business right now?

A: you coming, Jen?
J: yeah, be right there.
N: hey how old is that guy?!
J: ok, that guy's name is Max, and he went to Reistly
with Aaron and he's an amazing photographer and he's going
to shoot my line. Look, I gotta go, my friends are waiting for me,
so I guess if my dad asks just tell him I'm at Eleanors.

set the dark on f i r e
J: How could you do that to me?
N: what are you talking about? you're lucky I showed
up when I did. That was a bad scene, Jenny.

J: what? No, it wasn't. We were dancing around in
our underwear, not making a porno.

N: not yet anyway!
J: no, not ever! I would never get myself get in a
situation like that, I know what I'm doing, Nate!

N: I know you think you do, but that guy was taking
advantage of you!

J: ok, you are not my father, you are not my brother,
so why do you care so much?

N: Because.

the m e m o r i e s

1.06 The Handmaidens Tale - NJ meet/kiss for the first time
1.07 Victor, Victrola - Nate talks to Jenny at school and gives her chocolates
1.08 Seventeen Candles - NJ bonding scenes throughout most of the episode
1.10 Hi, Society - she kinda checks him out from up above
1.12 School Lies - DELETED SCENE NJ bump into each other, share some news
1.13 A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate - Jenny tells Nate the truth
1.14 The Blair Bitch Project - Nate helps Jenny out.

2.07 Chuck In Real Life- Nate eats & moves in with the Humphreys.
2.08 Pret-a-Poor J - They bump into each other, Nate saves Jenny, Nate and Jenny kiss on the street.
2.09 There Might Be Blood - Jenny only want to be with the 'one' Nate Archibald, Nate goes with Jenny to the guerilla fashion show,
saves the day by saying he is accompanying Jenny, Nate kisses Jenny to calm her down,
Nate defends his relationship with Jenny to Dan, Nate and Jenny kiss again,
Nate leaves to go live upstate with his mom but not before sending Jenny a letter, Jenny moves out.
2.11The Magnificent Archibalds - Nate mentions
not hearing from Jenny in weeks, and Jenny mentions how she either
hasn't heard from Nate & thinks he never even liked her.
2.12A Wonderful Lie - Nate tells Jenny
about the letter and how after what she did to Vanessa, she's
not the girl he thought she was.

the a c t o r s

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with y o u
N: oh my god, you're shaking.
J: yeah, I didn't know Lily & Bart were getting an award,
and I'm about to ruin the night of people who have only
been nice to me, Nate.

N: then just forget about it, you dont have to go
through with it, there are other ways.

J: no, have you not anything I've said, Nate?
this is it, tonight is all I have. Nate, I don't even know... (he kisses her)

J: you kissed me again
N: I know.
J: so does that mean you dont regret last week?
N: I guess not. Jenny, whatever you decide, I'm with you.
J: ok.

care about y o u
N: Jenny, wait for Dan.
J: no, there's no time. this is my one chance I have to prove
I can be a designer, otherwise is back to being little J Constance, except
worse this time cause everyone's gonna know I failed. & since when
are you worried? you haven't spoken two words to me all week.

N: Jenny, c'mon. you know it's complicated.
J: do you care about me? prove it. come with me.
N: maybe I should drive.

means a l o t
J: We're looking for people with money who can get us press.
N: well, looks like you've done your homework.
J: I have, sometimes th eends have t justify the meaning.
here i pulled you a suit on the way out, it would really
mean a lot to me if you stayed. (giggles, and he smiles)

need y o u
J: Nate, where are you going?
N: Jenny, I'm sorry I gotta go home. your brother is here
and he knows.

J: wait, what?
N: yeah, he saw us kissing on Gossip Girl. he's here
with your dad.

J: what? no my dad's here?.
A: Jenny, c'mon the models are ready we gotta go
J: no no no, my dad and my brother are here..
A: good, so they can see how amazing your with their
own eyes instead of reading it on the papers tomorrow. I mean, its not
like they're gonna kill you twice.

J: ok, wait. please, Nate, please dont go. I really need
you here

our c a m p a i g n

the s o u n d t r a c k

Download Soundtrack; 16 Tracks {zipped; xx==>tt}

100th Soundtrack Track Listing

1. The Fray- Say When
2. Taylor Swift- Love Story
3. Acceptance- So Contagious
4. Sia- Breathe Me
5. Nickelback- I'd Come For You
6. Turin Brakes- Dark on Fire
7. Vanessa Carlton- Who's To Say
8. Snow Patrol- What If This Story Ends? (from "The Lightning Strike")
9. Bethany Joy Lenz- Halo
10. Saving Jane- What I Didn't Say
11. The All-American Rejects- Another Heart Calls (feat. The Pierces)
12. Civil Twilight- Letters From The Sky
13. Jon McLaughlin- Human
14. A Fine Frenzy- Almost Lover
15. The Killers- A Dustland Fairytale
16. The Fray- Look After You

About the soundtrack:
This soundtrack is the musical scrapbook of the relationship between
Nate Archibald and Jenny Humphrey. Track by track, it unfolds in
hronological order depicting all their significant moments from that
accidental first kiss to that angsty confrontation at the Snowflake Ball.
Plus, listen carefully to "Say When" by The Fray for it is the musical
narrative of their relationship from beginning to the present. I had a
blast putting it together and I look forward to continuing to watch their
story unfold…because it is only beginning. Enjoy listening!

You know you love me.



the i c o n s

our icons
by some mad hope (Shauna) & KillerPandaJr (Martina)

YouTube - Nate/Jenny-I dare you to move
YouTube - She Left Me - Nate/Jenny
YouTube - Nate Jenny Crush
YouTube - Nate&&Jenny - Fall For You
YouTube - Nate/Jenny - All Fall Down
YouTube - Feeling a Moment - Jenny/Nate
YouTube - Feel this [Jenny/Nate]
YouTube - No Air [Jenny/Nate]
YouTube - Fix You [Jenny/Nate]
YouTube - jenny/nate (speechless)
YouTube - Nate and Jenny - Bigger Than Love
YouTube - Nate and Jenny - In Love With A Girl
YouTube - Nate & Jenny - So Contagious
YouTube - Nate & Jenny - Look After You
YouTube - Gossip Girl - Nate and Jenny
YouTube - You Belong With Me
YouTube - Nate & Jenny - Love Story
YouTube - Volcano - Nate/Jenny
YouTube - Nate and Jenny - Coming to Terms
YouTube - Gossip Girl - Nate and Jenny- Breathe Me
YouTube - Gossip Girl - Nate&Jenny - You And Me
YouTube - Jenny/Nate - Stolen
YouTube - Nate and Jenny - Reasons to Sing
YouTube - Nate and Jenny - It's All Over But The Crying
YouTube - Halo Nate/Jenny


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I really want to give a special thanks to Susan, Lexi, Shauna, Martina,
and Daniela, and also Sabrina.
but mostly, to all of our peeps, that have been here through the goods
and bads, we're still together.
and we all know NJ PWN ALL!!!!!!

our GGs OTP!

heres to us, to NJ/CT, and to 2009 that shall bring
us all the good stuff!

I worked really hard, and I hope it payed off and everyone
likes it!

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HAPPY 100 THREADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks AWESOME JR!!!!!!!!

Some presents:

"If you ever want to talk about anything, I' m h e r e."
"I really appreciate that."
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Great OP!

Congratulations Peeps!

We did it! We did it!
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"If you ever want to talk about anything, I' m h e r e."
"I really appreciate that."
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MY STUPID COMPUTER HATES ME! Froze as soon as I opened the thread but OMGOSH IT'S 100TH!! & my title was used on the 100th thread so I feel pretty awesome Now I have to finish looking at it BRB. I haven't been able to yet.
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Congratulations for the 100 threads.
"I told Chuck he doesn't have my heart anymore.
I realized it belongs to someone else."
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^ Shauna (some mad hope) made these
"If you ever want to talk about anything, I' m h e r e."
"I really appreciate that."
...Ace & Nancy...
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oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!
The OP looks sooooo amazing!
Fantastic job Jr!
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Originally Posted by +supernova+ (View Post)

^ Shauna (some mad hope) made these
Very nice!
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This is amazing! You guys did such a beautiful job!!! You guys are all awesome!!
We finally made it guys! 100!
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100 FREAKING THREADS! This is amazing, and the OP, JR, is just beautiful. It's amazing. I also loved reading the other testimonials of the top 5 scenes.

We did it guys!
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